Physical Science Chapter 5 Energy Vocabulary

Physical Science

Chapter 5 Energy Vocabulary

1. Energy – the ability to do work

2. Kinetic Energy – energy of motion

3. Potential Energy – energy that is

stored and held in readiness

4. Elastic Potential Energy – the

potential energy of object that can be

stretched or compressed

5. Gravitation Potential Energy

potential energy that depends on height

6. Mechanical Energy – energy

associated with the motion or position

of an object

7. Thermal Energy – total energy of

the particles in an object

8. Chemical Energy – potential energy

that is stored in chemical bonds that

hold chemical compounds together

9. Electrical Energy – moving electrical


10. Electromagnetic Energy – travels in

waves (light)

11. Nuclear Energy – potential energy

stored in the core of an atom

12. Energy Conversion – a change from

one energy form to another

13. Law of Conservation of Energy

when one energy is converted to a form

of another energy, no energy is lost in

the process *****ENERGY CAN NOT BE


14. Fossil Fuels – fuels formed by

geological process such as coal,

petroleum, (oil) or natural gas

15. Power – is the rate work is done or

the amount of work done in a unit of