So I called myself Pip, and came to be called Pip.

What are your impressions of Pip at this point in the novel?  Use many specific text-based details to support your response.

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76 thoughts on “So I called myself Pip, and came to be called Pip.

  1. At this point in the story, Pip seems to be very small, frail, timid, and shy. My first impression of him was that he was a nervous and apprehensive child. Typically, a child, even as young as Pip, that has gone through an ordeal as tragic as losing both his parents has to grow up quickly. But, Pip still seems as young in his personality as any 5 or 6 year old. This is shown once he meets the frightening man at the graveyard. As any other 5 or 6 year old would be, Pip was very scared. He was terrorized and started stuttering. Also, he seemed genuinely scared that the man was going to cut his throat or take his heart and liver out. Lastly, Pip also seems very innocent. Whatever the man asked him, Pip would answer right away. For example, when the man asks Pip where he lives, Pip automatically points to his village. He also tells the man that he lives with his sister. This might not have been the best idea, but again, most 5 or 6 year olds don’t know when to not say something.

  2. In my opinion, Pip seems like a small, naive little kid, but can be brave at the same time. He’s always described as answering timidly, and by the way the older man picks him up, he’s probably really small, physically. Yet you have to consider, all of his family died, except for his older sister, who’s old enough to be his mom, and seems really mean and inconsiderate. So far, he doesn’t have any real friends mentioned; so I think that Pip is probably a lonely little boy without any real childhood. He also seems really brave, because he came back the next day with food for the guy at the graveyard. Most people, if they met some scary looking, probably homeless, possibly crazy man, whose leg is made of metal, wouldn’t come back the next day to give their own food. Especially considering Pip’s age, he went back alone too, even when he knew that convicts were missing from a local prison. He sworn himself to secrecy, and myself, I would have a hard time keeping a secret about a creepy man who walks around in a graveyard, threatening little kids with stories about people who tear out children’s internal organs if they don’t give them food. If you’ve ever read Oliver Twist, another Charles Dickens book (I read it over the summer), Pip seems to be just live Oliver too, tiny, orphaned, mistreated, and brave. Now I’m wondering if Dickens grew up like that too.

    • Agreed! Pip is just like modern kids, considering similarly to you, I would never be able to keep such a large secret from my family! He feels the same emotion of guilt, just as I would!

    • I definetly agree with you about Pip being very brave. I find it amazing how somebody as young and unhappy as Pip would be able to go back to the place that he was almost killed at, and meet the SAME scary and mysterious stranger that he met the previous day to bring him food and a file. I also agree that Pip is very lonely. The only person who actually cares about him is his terrible sister’s husband.

    • How is stealing because you’re scared a brave action? To me he let fear get to him. If he was brave he would’ve turned the man in to the police.

  3. The first two are excellent replies! But remember to include information from the reading you did at home, as well as the reading we did in class!

  4. My impression of Pip is that he, although having lived in a different time period, is like any modern kid today. He obviously has a wonderful imagination – just by viewing his parents’ graves he already had a vivid description of their appearances. Now, kids let their imaginations run freely, therefore proving that Pip is just a normal kid. Also, Pip is quite quick to be mischievous and daring. So far, he has defied numerous rules, yet has been conscious of his wrongdoings. Pip defied his older sister, Mrs. Joe Gargery by visiting the graveyard when he should have been home. Alongside that exhibit of poor behavior, he stole various belongings from his sister’s home. These included liquor, pork pie, bread, and cheese, which is incredibly bad, for as previously stated, Pip’s family is by no means that of an abundance of food. Lastly, he felt the shyness and timid aspect of personality when he spoke with adults. Pip was easily intimidated by his older sister, and incredibly so of the scary man who attacked him in the graveyard. Dickens highlights a very important theme in this book – children and adults will always be at odds. Also, Dickens allows one fact to stand proudly – kids are kids! They are going to do foolish things, yet he widely broadcasts the fact that this should be acceptable. Having read Tom Sawyer, I think Pip is quite comparable to Tom himself.

  5. So far in the novel I feel Pip is a very cowardly, frail, and unhappy child. Not only has he been attacked and robbed by a convict but also he lost both his parents at a young age and is taken care of by his brutally malevolent sister. One way Pip is cowardly is when the iron leg convict attacks him. Pip is riddled with terror when the man threatened to cut out and eat his heart and liver. Another way that Pip shows his cowardice is during Christmas dinner when Mrs. Joe brings Uncle Pumblechook the stone bottle of tar water that was supposed to be brandy. He grips onto his chair tightly; scared of the oncoming punishment when luckily he got away with it without any punishment. One way I can tell Pip is frail in the story is how easily the convict scared him into telling him where he lives and forcing him to get him wittles and a file. He scared him so easily that there wasn’t a slight hesitation in answering any of his questions. Lastly Pip seems unhappy because of the way he describes his sister and the way she takes care of him. When both her husband and the child are scared of her you know how tyrannical of a guardian she truly is. It really is sad to see because Pip is very young and doesn’t deserve to be mistreated especially after the death of his parents. You’d think his sister would feel just a little sorry for him considering they were her parents too.

  6. At first I believed Pip to be timid and scared. But in the three chapters we read at home I saw him be brave. He stole the food and went to see the man from the graveyard. He knew how much trouble he could get in and that he would probably get in that trouble. He was brave in his own way, which is surprisingly based on fear. When he was scared of the man, he did what he was told, even though he was also scared of his older sister, Mr. Joe. I also think he has a strong-soul. He has been through a lot for and five or six year-old. His sister beats him and his brother-in-law, and nobody knows about it except for them. He doesn’t realize that nobody knows because they all tell him about how she raised him “by hand” and he assumes that to be the hand that hits him. Pip has a very distinct way of being brave and strong but I think he might get stronger as he grows older.

  7. At this point in the novel, I feel so bad for Pip! First of all, his parents and most of his siblings are dead. Second, the only living sibling he does have seems to be the meanest person in the world. I feel that Pip is shy and timid. Throughout the entire dinner conversation, Pip did not interject once, not even when his sister and her company were insulting him as if he wasn’t even there. I know that if people were saying things like that about me I would have a very hard time keeping quiet. Though it is also possible that he is just extremely well disciplined because of being brought up “by hand”. I also feel that Pip is young, naïve, and innocent. In his encounter with the man in the cemetery, Pip was willing to get food for the man, regardless of the fact that he would get in serious trouble if his sister found him stealing her food. Had Pip been a bit older, he may have gone to the authorities and reported this man instead of following the man’s orders, despite the man’s threats to “tear out his heart and liver”. In a way it is depressing to think that a poor innocent child should have to live without at least one living family member who cares for him.

  8. At this point Pip seems to me like a very interesting character in Great Expectations. If I had to guess I would say that Pip is no older than 5 or 6, and he is very worldly for his age. I feel terrible for Pip for a variety of reason. One reason being he lost his parents at very young age. Another reason is because his sister (also his guardian) brutally hits him. Finally, while he went to see his parents’ tomb stone he was beat up by a mysterious beg to differ I think he is brave. The main reason why I believe he is brave is because if I were to get robbed at the young age of 5 or 6 I for sure would’ve cried and not know what to do. Another adjective that describes Pip is unhappy. I believe that Pip is unhappy for practically the same reasons why I feel bad for him, he got robber, he lost his parents, and his sister beats him. Next, Pip is very worldly for his age. I think that he is worldly because he walks around his village and beyond every day. The time that he is living in may also contribute to how he walks around his village alone. It seems to me as if the only “family” member he has that likes him and cares for him is Joe.

  9. So far, I see Pip as a quiet child who is fearful of his elders. I believe that this is so because it stems from his up-bridging. He was brought up “by hand” by his older sister, Mrs. Joe Gargery, the blacksmith’s wife. I think she uses this terminology to describe how she raised Pip by herself without any official parental help. This is probably why she is so harsh on her younger brother, and a very strict and stern parental figure. I feel that this is why Pip is so timid and quiet. He is afraid to speak or disobey because he is fearful that he will get scolded as badly as Mrs. Joe does. I also believe that this is caused by his abnormal living situation. I bet Pip is a little bit upset that he is not like other children who are living at home with their parents. On top of that, I’m sure he must miss his parents even the slightest bit. Although he never got to meet them, a mom and dad are a very influential part of a child’s life. Thus, I feel that Pip is a very shy and quiet 5 or 6-year old that has a lot to offer, but is just very scared. He will always obey adults, no matter if it’s life-or-death or a simple favor.

    • I agree that Mrs. Joe Gargery’ treatment on Pip caused Pip to be a timid child. I think that Pip would have received a much better treatment if his parents were alive. And I also agree that his living situation impacted Pip’s character. I like your ideas!

  10. At this point in the novel, Pip seems to be a timid and brave child. In the first chapter Pip seems very shy when the mysterious man forced him to bring him food and a file. Being so young, you would expect Pip to cry and be very scared. However, he went home and acted as if nothing happened and had enough confidence to go back to the marshes the next day and meet the mysterious man that had threatened to kill him. However, in later chapters Pip seems to still be shy, as he said nothing during the dinner, but very brave. Even though Pip seems to be a young child, maybe seven or eight, he has stolen from his very mean sister and he has run out of the house numerous times. Also, even when Pip’s sister is threatening to hit him, he seems calm but still a little frightened, as anybody would be. This shows that Pip is used to be yelled and hit. This is terrible because he is so young and has gone through so much. It is also terrible how Pip is very unhappy, and only one person actually cares about him. This person is Joe and he is not even related to Pip. It is very weird why Pip’s sister doesn’t care for him at all. After all, they are siblings and you would expect them to get along, especially because their parents died. I think that throughout this novel Pip will change and mature very much.

  11. My first impression of Pip was that he was timid, shy, and frail. He also didn’t seem to brave either. Just like any normal five or six year old might have, though, in the graveyard when the man with iron on his leg came up to him. He was scared and very afraid to the point where he did everything that he was told, and even told the man where he lived and who he lived with. However, I think Pip is very brave too, because he went out to bring the food to the man and then he was able to keep the secret from his sister all the next day. Pip also seems to have good morals and know the difference between right and wrong because stealing from his sister weighed heavily on his conscience and he felt terrible for doing it.

    • I feel incredibly sympathetic to Pip as a small child who has gone through a terribly scarring experience in chapter 1. Being assaulted by someone that looks and acts so frightening and threatening. He also has my sympathy for putting up with a spineless “father” and a self-pitying sister who always complains and thinks so little of her brother’s worth. However, there’s nothing that he’s done or choices that he’s made that makes me sure of his character. He could easily turn out to be a brave, righteous hero or a malicious cowardly villain. Your defined not by the situations you find yourself in, but how you react to the situations and the choices you make. From what I’ve read, he seems like an innocent, kind boy. I’d like to read on to see what kind of person he becomes.

    At this point in the story, I think of Pip as being a quiet, mousy boy that can be brave when he wants to. Personally, if I was in his situation near the end of today’s reading when he finds the other man, I would’ve been screaming and crying, and ran away. It surprises me how a boy who can seem so afraid and timid at some points can be so brave and calm at others. I think Pip is only scared in his mind, but he’s really a brave person.

      • I believe he was being brave because he could not really help himself. If the man was turned in, the other man would be fully able to hurt him, as Pip had given the men loads of information about him at the churchyard. By doing so, I believe this makes him also mentally tough.

    • I would’ve been freaking out too, I have no idea how that kid wasn’t in hysterics. Think about it, you’re at your parent’s graves, and a homeless, crazy guy with a metal leg comes over, flips you upside down, and demands food, or else a person will come in your house and take out your internal organs. And what does Pip do? Go back the next morning, alone, and gives the crazy man food. Don’t tell anyone, don’t even bring a baseball bat or whatnot. That’s some bravery ya got there.

  13. At this point in the novel, Pip seems to be quiet and vulnerable, but also brave. He is mistreated by his older sister, Mrs. Joe, who “raised him by hand” because their parents died when he was just an infant. She is rough and tough with not only Pip but also her husband Joe, the blacksmith. I think Mrs. Joe is the main cause of Pip being so timid. Although he has those character traits, Pip is also brave. He returned to the old man with the iron leg and brought him food, in order to protect himself from getting his liver and heart ripped out. It was very dangerous because that man was threatening to kill Pip and convicts were running loose. Pip also dared to steal the food for the man from Mrs. Joe, which was a big feat considering the way she treats him. Lastly, I think Pip is lonely. Although he has Joe to care about him, one person is not very much. He doesn’t have any friends, at least none have been mentioned so far. When guests were over they all bashed Pip at the table, even though he could hear everything they were saying. These are my thought on Pip so far. I’m looking forward to seeing him mature as the story goes on.

  14. I feel that Pip is a scared small boy who is very innocent, but at the same time, is somewhat oblivious to his actions. In chapter one, not once does it mention how Pip should be at home. This shows that Pip does not realize that his absence is concerning to his sister , and that he should probably return home. I do not think Pip is brave. He may have stopped himself from breaking down in the first chapter, he speaks hesitantly and is scared of the man’s false threat of a partner out to get him. He also hints paranoia when he mentions that he can’t sleep because he thinks he will be arrested for stealing the food. If Pip was brave, he would’ve talked to the police and had that man arrested. Him stealing the food brings me back to my point that he does not consider the consequences of his actions because he does not think that the food would be importa

    • I disagree with you. I believe that he was brave because he stole the food because, in my opinion, he could not help himself. By turning the man in to the police, the young man would end up finding him, since Pip had given so much information to them at the churchyard, and who knows what would happen to him once he was found. He is also brave, as he is a very mentally tough boy who can stand his sister’s beatings as well as the abuse towards him from the man with the iron leg.

    • I think that Pip is very brave for dealing with his situations the way he did. Therefore, I disagree. There might have been other options for him, and maybe better ones, but he was under pressure and he is only 5 or 6. Having your life threatened is a lot to handle and I think his actions were very brave, especially accounting his age.

  15. nt and that his family would need the food. To me, Pip seems like a scared young boy who does not yet know to think rationally.

    Sorry for the really long post.

  16. My impression of Pip in this point of the novel is that he is a sad, mistreated, ignored, and helpless small boy. We find out that pip is an orphan and is now living with his sister. The rough man that threatens him in the church graveyard is a real fright to him. The man treats him like he is nothing while, he picks him up and demands food from him the next morning. Pip stills faces hardship at home with his sister, Mrs. Joe and her Husband Mr. Joe constant assault. Pip is, even then still loving toward his sister and his conscience kicks in when he steals food from her to give to the strange man at the graveyard. Pip shows a different side to him while at the graveyard, making sure that the man is well fed and happy for at least a few minutes. Even though Pip does not have a very good life right now, he tries to turn things around and be happy for his blessings. He believes that being “brought up by hand” will later help him and make him stronger. I believe that Pip also feels awkward sitting at the Christmas dinner table with all the adults. I think that Pip could use a good friend in this time of his life. (Besides Mr. Joe the half child, half man.)

  17. My first impression of Pip was a shy, timid boy that really doesn’t know better when it comes to convicts and the “real world”. By the “real world”, I mean the world that is beyond Pip at this young age; the world where you must survive and cope with convicts like the men Pip met. I believe that even if he is timid, he is also mentally tough. He was able to not lose his mind when confronted by the man, and also, can tell the difference of when or not to tell his sister about things. He can also stand his sister’s beatings. All in all, I think that Pip may be a young, timid child, but he also can be a very brave person.

    • I agree with your observations. Some people might disagree with you think that Pip is brave. However, I like comparing characters to myself, and that would make Pip very brave compared to me. I can’t wait to see how Pip will react to the soldiers.

  18. Based on what I have learned about so far, I believe Pip is very different than I am. While we share some similarities, illustrated in his fear and timorous behavior shown while being threatened in the churchyard by the mysterious man or while his sister, Mrs. Joe, is beating him, I think our behaviors contrast greatly. Firstly, I would never be naïve like Pip and been careless with the information I gave the man, such as where he lived, even at the young age of 5 or 6. One thing I envy Pip for is his ability to keep secrets, such as keeping his story of the scary man from Mrs. Joe and Joe. Also, I wouldn’t have been able to keep my mouth shut at the Christmas dinner table when everyone was being so needlessly rude to Pip. It must have been much more challenging for Pip to be a child than it was for me, as it seems that he had little to no childhood. All of his family, other than his sister who hits him and treats him almost like an animal, died before he even met them and his only friend appears to be his brother-in-law, Joe. I can tell that children were not to be childish, but mature and well-mannered. Overall, Pip appears to be and innocent, naïve, shy, yet sometimes brave, quiet little kid.

  19. After reading the first four chapters of Great Expectations, whenever I think of Pip many different ideas go on inside my head. To me Pip seems like a rather frightened and timid boy. I think this due to reading the first chapter when he encounters the man who threatens him and asks him for a file and food. He seems scared and does exactly what the man tells him to do in order to avoid the man’s threats. When Dickens is describing how Pip talks it seems quite clear that he answers people in a tentative way. When I think of Pip I think of a boy who is no more than eight years old. After further reading I also can derive that Pip is valient in taking food from his home, facing multiple consequences from his sister, Mrs. Joe Gargery. I also believe that Pip is good-hearted in the fact that at the dinner table during Christmas dinner he feels guilt toward the act of steeling from his sister. This feeling of guilt and terror ate him up as he was waiting for Mrs. Joe to discover what he had done. Eventually he cracks and runs from the table, where he comes face to face with soilders at the house door. I hope that later in the book more of Pip’s personality will be revealed so that I may understand him and the book more.

  20. My impression of Pip is not a very strong one. At first he seems to be the typical five year old boy. But Pip can’t be completely normal, because he has already experienced quite a bit of grief in his life. With Pip’s entire family, (except for his mean sister) dead, his daily life would be filled sad memories or thoughts. I think Pip is very timid and also shy because he is almost moved to tears when the mysterious man was talking to him in the graveyard. I also think that his past sad experiences have also toughened him up a bit, as Pip obeyed the man and was brave enough to come back to him the next day. If I was Pip, given that I have not been in this kind of situation before, I would immediately run away and scream for my sister, instead of putting up with this intimidating stranger. Another aspect about Pip is I believe that he has the potential to be a very good friend. Just like his bond between Joe and himself, Pip could become a very loyal, truthful, and great friend. I think Pip would spill his secrets (about his parents and family) to this friend which had been confined in his mind for so long. Additionally, I think that Pip can be very self sufficient. If he has to break a rule, or confiscate an item that he needs, Pip will most definitely go out into a world of danger and complete whatever task he needs to. This statement is backed up with the fact that Pip went to the graveyard on his own ,then was scolded, hid buttered bread in his trousers and once again came back the next day to feed the man who threatened to eat his heart and liver. Over all, I think Pip is a good kid and am predicting that he will grow up to be a kind man, and one to care for others.

    • very well written paragraph and i also think Pip is very self sufficient because he is probably used to doing things by himself

  21. I’m having trouble really understanding the book so far but I think I have some down. Correct me if I’m wrong!

    I think Pip acted brave in some moments, like when he was confronted by the convict the first time. How would you of acted? He also seemed calm when his sister threatens him, even when he is scared. I think its brave that he has that self-control, if thats what it is. However, I think he is a Pip-sqeak (see what I did there?) and should hopefully learn to stand up for himself. I feel very sorry for him due to the abuse at such a young age. He is in a awful environment with a sister who doesn’t really care for him. Not to mention, dangerous convicts! He seems very innocent, but I think the hardships he is dealing with are shaping him into a more stable person-or at least I’m hoping. I mean, he only really has Joe that cares about him! I love it that they get along so well and have codes and hand signals. I think he is playing a very fatherly role. I believe and predict that Pip will become more mature and maybe a little less timid.


  22. From what I’ve read so far, I think Pip is a shy child who is brave and strong. When he returned to the man, he was brave. Even though Pip knew the man was dangerous and thought that he wanted to cut his throat, he didn’t cry and replied to what the man said. If I was in that situation, I think I would have broken down just at the sight of the man. Also, he managed to keep the secret about the food he stole. In this aspect, he is strong. However, he is still young and being young, he can only take so much. In this aspect, he is weak. So, although Pip is still young, shy, and hasn’t been exposed to the real world, he is still a brave person considering what he has been through and how he dealt with the man.

  23. In the first four chapters, you can see that Pip’s character has many qualities. He is a meek and shy kid but he also is brave in some ways. He is very young, about 5, but he has gone through a lot. His parents died and now his dictatorial sister is “taking care of him.” In her eyes, it seems that Pip is a burden. All he has close to a parent is Joe, who kinder to Pip than his sister. For a child of his age, he is very mature. When the frightening man in the graveyard threatened him, Pip decided to do as he said. Others kids his age would have screamed in terror, in fact, that’s what I would probably do. It takes someone who is brave to keep what happened in the graveyard a secret from his family. Nonetheless, he stole the food fully aware of the consequences. Yes, stealing is a bad thing but that was what his situation caused him to do. Pip is not at all a bad kid. When he stole the food, he repeatedly felt guilty. On his way to the graveyard, he became a little paranoid because he was always thinking he would be caught. I also think that he is very lonely. Yes, he has Joe but he is only one person. He shouldn’t have all the troubles he is having at this age. He should be playing with others kids. Pip has no one to confide his secrets to. It is only the first 4 chapters of the book so we can’t say he will be shy and brave throughout the book. As we do in real life, Pip will realize who he is as a person at a very early age. Pip’s character will surely deepen as the book continues.

    • i agree with you about him feeling guilty and paranoid. When he was walking to the Battery and he felt as if the cattle were coming upon him and saying “Holloa, young thief!” It really shows how innocent he is because of his guilty conscience.

  24. So far in the novel, Pip seems to have gone through a lot, his parents are dead, and so are five of his siblings. He was taken in by his sister who was more than 20 years older than him and who as the neighbors said “raised him by hand”. In the novel Pip seems to be frightened of her, or more specifically of her hand. Another person he was frightened of was the man in the churchyard (Who wouldn’t be?). Pip also seems to be very small for his age because man could pick him up easily. In the novel we also see that even though he’s shy but he’s also curious because he asks a lot of questions and always wants to know more, like on Christmas Eve he first asked Joe what the great guns were, then Joe when replied there’s another convict off, then he asked another question and so on and so on. He is also very brave because even though he was in such a bad circumstance after returning home from the churchyard, he never told his sister or Joe instead he thought of a plan to get the food for the man stole food (of course this was in fear of what the man would do to him if he didn’t) for the man in the churchyard, and then he went back to the churchyard and gave food to the man even though he knew there was a convict that had escaped from prison on the loose. I think Pip is a boy who is frightened sometimes (like all children), but also brave, and curious.

    • i overlooked him being curious(like every kid) but that’s the good thing about reading with other people. Other people realize things that you might have not realized so you learn more. 🙂

  25. At this point in the novel, I feel pretty bad for Pip. It appears that he has only true friend, which is his sister’s husband. His parents are dead, and the last remaining guardian to take Pip in is his cold-hearted sister, who not only pushes Pip around, but virtually treats her husband like a slave. The reader can infer that Pip is also physically not a giant person, considering the ease it took for the man to tilt Pip over and push him around. However, Pip seems to be a relatively brave person, as he not only had the courage to steal the food from the pantry, but also hang around talking to the man and not drop the food and run. He did not freak out, as I probably would have if I was confronted with a situation like this, even when he found out that the man he had given the food to had no relations whatsoever with the man who threatened Pip into getting the food in the first place. Added to all the terrible things that Pip is forced to deal with, at the end of chapter four, it appears that Pip’s family is in a trouble of some sort with the government. I am awaiting to see if, in this rough patch of Pip’s life, he emerges an improved person.

  26. At this time in the story, I find Pip to be a timid and shy person. At the same time, I feel that he is brave and strong. In my mind, Pip definitely has a reason to be shy and afraid. Most of his siblings died, as did his parents. Now he is living with his sister who is mean and abusive. The only person who cares about Pip is Joe, his sister just feels burdened by him. When Pip goes to the cemetery to gain some insight about his parents a scary old man approaches him and makes him promise to bring him food, otherwise he will be killed. In this situation I have no idea what I would do. I know that I wouldn’t have remained as in control of myself as Pip did. Pip steals food to bring back to the man, and I think that was a very brave move. I wouldn’t have the guts to face the man again, or sneak out with stolen food. At dinner that night, I think that Pip handles himself very well given the circumstances. He is very fearful because he stole food that was going to be used and he replaced the brandy with tar-water. He is also under instructions not to talk while his elders are insulting him. At this point I would have ignored my orders and tried to defend myself. Although I have only read four short chapters, I fell that Pip acts shy around adults but is a brave person.

  27. Throughout the reading, Pip seemed quite courageous to me. He takes the file, even though he might get caught by his sister. Truly, he knows that Mrs. Joe (his sister) treats him cruelly. He knows what will happen to himself if he gets caught. But Pip risks the danger and starts heading to the old Battery, early in the morning of a Christmas Day. If I were him, I could not have done the same. The thought of how Mrs. Joe would punish me would have kept me from stealing the file. Pip’s courage can also be reflected from another event. When he comes back home, Pip dines with the visitors- Mr. Wopsle, Mr. and Mrs. Hubble, and Uncle Pumblechook. During the dinner, Pip worries about his crime. He holds tight by the table’s leg with so much terror. Ultimately, Pip runs for his life. But, all along the dinner, he stays and continues to dine with the adults. If he was not courageous, Pip could not have stayed on his seat. Rather, he would have been sick earlier and dined no more. In these ways, I believe that Pip has courage in him. I have another impression; Pip is a child with a lot of conscience. Of course, he steals a file, knowing that he is not supposed to do so. But, all along his wrongdoing, Pip has conscience in him. His conscience is shown in this way; as he goes downstairs in the morning, Pip thinks that every crack in every board calls after him, “Stop thief!” and “Get up, Mrs. Joe!” It is his conscience that provokes his terror. Because of his terror, Pip runs for his life at last. If a young child like him has such terror, I think Pip is full of conscience. These are my impressions of Pip at this point in the novel.

  28. At this point in the novel, Pip appears to be a small, respectful, 5-6 year old. I imagine he is small mainly because a man with an iron leg is able to place Pip on a tombstone with ease and the man is able to turn him upside-down. Pip also seems to be a very respectful child. In the olden taught to be obedient and respectful to his elders. In addition to that, he times children were usually strictly was raised by his strict older sister, Mrs. Joe Gargery, who taught him to do what he was told or punishments would follow. For example, at the diner table when he was told talk, he didn’t talk. I think that he is a brave kid because he had the courage to steal food from the pantry and bring it back not to the big scary man who threatened to cut his throat, and tear out his heart and liver. He was brave to do that with the risk of his sister, but he wasn’t brave enough to go to the police because the scary man told him not to tell anyone. Pip simply did what he thought he had to do in order for his throat to stay intact and his heart and liver to stay inside his body.

  29. At this point in the novel I think Pip is a shy kid. He is mistreated by Mrs. Joe (his older sister) as a young kid and I think that that will lead to more incidents of nervousness throughout the novel. Mrs. Joe prides herself in raising Pip by hand. Pip doesn’t know what this expression means, but he thinks it means that she raises Pip by hitting him as he is growing up (which isn’t a bad guess because she hits either him or Joe almost every day). Even though he is a shy kid, he displays courage by coming back to the scary, threatening, homeless man in the graveyard to give him food and a file. Pip was very brave to steal food from Mrs. Joe’s pantry considering what she does to him already, even without stealing. Not only does he steal food, but he also sits through almost the entire Christmas dinner without uttering a word about the stolen items. To me that shows a lot of bravery. Towards the end of Christmas dinner during dessert, his little boy side shows through and he can’t handle the stress anymore so he runs straight to the door. There is a good cliffhanger at the end of the fourth chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • I agree that Mrs. Joe prides herself in raising Pip by hand. It seems like Mrs. Joe feels proud of herself when “raising Pip by hand” is mentioned by others.

  30. Pip seems like a shy, small, little boy. I can tell he is imaginative when he described what his parents looked like, even thought he has never seen them. At the graveyard scene, when Pip meets the scary man, I thought Pip was a frightened, innocent child. Pip is probably around six to eight years old, since the man was able to pick him up and flip him. I can also tell his age by the way he was reacting at the graveyard. He was stuttering and was very scared. I later saw that he is rather brave. He stole food, pretended everything was normal, and went back to give the man with the metal leg the food all alone. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  31. Pip does seem cowardly in many scenes, yet he also seems like a brave boy. He seems so helpless, small, and shy when the convict approaches him. But let’s all be honest- we would all be crying if we were threatened to get our heart and liver cut out by a scary man, scarier than the convict. Pip, seeming to be only 8 or 9 years old, held back his tears, unlike something I would do. Pip is also evidently a kind sweet boy. When he gave the convict the file and victuals, Pip kindly asked if the food was good and spoke to him kindly. He wasn’t as scared of him at the moment (until the convict picked him up again when Pip mentioned the “young man”). Also, Pip’s bravery is evidently shown when Mrs. joe scolds him, and almost beats him with Tickler, yet he doesn’t cry, cower, or anything. He just simply answers her questions in a calm tone of voice (or so it seemed when I was reading it- Correct me if I’m wrong!) I agree with many that maybe Pip does seem cowardly since he’s so small, innocent, and shy, but although he may show cowardliness on the outside, on the inside, I think Pip is a brave boy.

  32. At this point in the book, I see Pip as a small, brave, timid, composed and boy. Pip’s childhood, so far, has not been a pleasant one. His parents died when he was a small baby. The encounter at the graveyard with the man with an iron leg didn’t do anything to help make his childhood any better. However, he is very brave for taking on the task that this man has given him and for not running away when he was obviously in trouble. The fact that his sister raised him “by the hand” made him very shy and timid because he had to be pretty self-sufficient starting from a very young age. On the other hand, I think is also what made him so brave. I think this because, being self-sufficient at a young age can make you more independent and less scared to go into an unknown situation with no friends or adults. He can also be very calm and collected in times of trouble or punishment. For example, in the graveyard, he is obviously scared but he doesn’t really show it does he? Please correct me if I’m wrong. Also, when he steals the food and the file for the man with the iron leg, while he was very scared and worried that his sister or Joe would wake up and find him and some food missing, he kept at it the whole time and never looked back. At this point, Pip is a courageous, shy, and calm young boy.

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