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Summer Reading Assignment

Blog your Summer Reading Assignment

You are expected to write a written response by answering one question below each for three of the books you read this summer.  You may not repeat assignments.  In other words, if you choose Question #1 for one book you may not complete Question #1 for any other book you read.

In order to complete this assignment successfully, you will need to write at least one fully developed complete paragraph for each question.  A well-developed paragraph usually contains 150 to 200 words.  Be sure your paragraph contains a topic sentence, many supporting details from the book you read as well as from your own outside experience, and a concluding sentence. Don’t forget to include the title, author, and genre of the appropriate book in your topic sentence!

Your final assignment will be written on our class blog.  Just cut and paste your response to whichever question you choose to answer into the comment box of the post for that question.    Your responses will be judged for content, writing style, mechanics and organization.

Question #1:  Choose one character from one of the books you read this summer.  How are you similar to this character?  Be as specific as possible both about the character from the book and about yourself.  Support your statement with as much proof from the book and from your life as you can.  This will not only allow me to see how well you read the book, but it will also help me to get to know you better!

Question #2:  Explain what you think is the most important theme or underlying message of one of the books you read this summer.  Why do you think this is the theme?  Give as much detail from the novel as you can to support your choice of the major theme.  Explain why you think the author chose this theme.  Does it appeal to you?  Why or why not?

Question #3:  Describe a critical event in one of your reading-list books.  Explain why that event was important to the development of the plot of the book in question.  Were there any events that led up to this critical event?  What effect did that event have on the characters in the novel?  What effect did this event have on you?

Question #4:  What do you think is the most important conflict in one of the books you read?  Explain why you have chosen this conflict and give as much supporting detail from the novel as you can.  Have you ever experienced a conflict in any way similar?  Explain.

Question #5:  Choose a passage from one of the books (copy it out and give the appropriate page number) that you think is particularly important to the book.  Explain why you think the passage is so important.  The importance might have to do with characterization, setting, plot development, other literary elements, or personal impact.

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“Summer Reading Assignment”

  1. September 22nd, 2011 at 9:29 pm      Reply maevew1 Says:

    Question #2
    In the book A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by, Betty Smith my favorite theme is life isn’t easy and you have to make the best of your situation. The title A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is a metaphor for the book. In Francie’s backyard there is a tree that has cracked the concrete, and grown up through it. The tree symbolizes Francie’s life. Francie comes from a poor family and doesn’t live in the best area, but makes the best of it. Both of her parents are children of immigrants. Her father is a drunk, so her mother has to support the family by cleaning houses. Despite these challenges Francie finds ways to have fun in her childhood. On Saturdays her and her brother Neeley would sell junk in exchange for pennies, and then buy candy and save the rest of the money. Growing up Francie works hard so she can get herself an education and live the “American Dream”. I think the author chose this theme because in this time period a lot of people didn’t have it easy, and the book shows what it was like to work through these challenges and many people can relate to it. I like this message because it is ageless, life was hard then and still is now and you have to make the best of it. Just like the tree was able to thrive in harsh conditions and flourish, Francie was able to become a successful, educated, and happy young woman.

  2. September 22nd, 2011 at 9:33 pm      Reply maevew1 Says:

    Question #5:
    Anne Frank, diary entry (19th November, 1942)
    Dear Kiity,
    Dussel has told us a lot about the outside world, which we have missed for so long now. He had very sad news. Countless friends and acquaintances have gone to a terrible fate. Evening after evening the green and grey lorries trundle past. The Germans ring at every door to enquire if there are any Jews living in the house. If there are, then the whole family has to go at once. If they don’t find any, they go on to the next house. No one has a chance of evading them unless one goes into hiding. Often they go round with lists, and only ring when they can get a good haul.
    In the evenings, when it’s dark, I often see rows of good, innocent people accompanied by crying children, walking on and on, bullied and knocked about until they almost drop. No one is spared – old people, babies, expectant mothers, the sick – each and all join in the march of death.

    I selected this passage because of the personal impact it had on me. Anne Frank conveyed the fear and loneliness of hiding with her family from the German soldiers. The Frank family is very fortunate to not have been discovered but it is a constant threat that they do not forget about for one second. It is always on their minds. I can feel Anne’s isolation being trapped in a secret annex of her dad’s old place of business. She takes a deadly chance just peeking out the window at night time. She sees with her own eyes her community being sent off to concentration camps. During the day and night they listen to trucks passing by full of innocent Jews being herded like cattle. They hear the soldiers seeking to find more hidden Jews never giving up the search. I am able to clearly visualize this gloomy setting. They rely on any news from the outside world which is always depressing. Despite the sadness of their lives Anne and her family continue to have faith and hope that justice will prevail.

  3. September 22nd, 2011 at 11:33 pm      Reply maevew1 Says:

    Question #3
    In Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell, Scarlett O’Hara is beautiful young woman who attracts the attention of all men. They often fall at her heels professing their love for her. Scarlett can be somewhat superficial but deep down she does possess some good and genuine qualities. Scarlett is not well liked and does not have a good reputation. Scarlett does not let this bother her. Her one true friend is Melanie. Melanie is an extremely kind and sweet person. She only sees the good in Scarlett and always defends her. Melanie’s loyalty is unwavering in the story and often Scarlett does not deserve such friendship. The one man that Scarlett wants is the man she can’t have. Scarlett loves Melanie’s Ashley and desires him for herself. Ashley rejected Scarlett and chose Melanie as his wife. This is unacceptable to Scarlett and she continues to wish that he will change his mind and leave Melanie for her. The critical event is when Melanie is on her death bed she begs Scarlett to watch out for Ashley and their children. After all the years of desperately wanting Ashley all to herself she realizes he is not the man she wants. Scarlett comes to her senses and sees that the man she wants is her husband Rhett. Rhett loved Scarlett very much at one time and accepted that she loved another man. Too much time has passed, too many things happened, and Scarlett is too late in telling Rhett how she feels. He no longer wants her. This event affected me by the truth of what unconditional friendship truly means (Melanie towards Scarlett) and how sometimes love is conditional (Rhett toward Scarlett).

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