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Lie further off…


Shakespeare did not leave us explicit stage directions with his plays, but obviously, they are scripts to be performed, not merely academic texts to be read. Think carefully not only about the words spoken in Act II, scene ii of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, but also about the staging thereof. Write a response describing movements or stage directions you think would be appropriate for this scene. Make sure you comment on at least one other classmate’s response in this thread as well.

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“Lie further off…”

  1. January 10th, 2012 at 8:59 pm      Reply johnk4 Says:

    First Titania would go onstage with her entourage and sleep while the fairies sing her a lullaby to make her go to sleep. The entourage leaves and soon after Oberon comes and pretends to anoint Titania eyes with the nectar from the flower. The entourage should not be there to see Oberon do this raid. As Oberon leaves Lysander and Hermia come and talk. Titania should also leave. They sleep on the ground and Puck comes. They should stay on the ground until they awaken. He stays invisible to Helena and Demetrius’s eyes as they come onstage. (By invisible I mean in camouflage.) Demetrius leaves and Lysander wakes up after Helena calls for him. As he is making a declaration of love to Helena, Helena leaves crying and running because she thinks that Lysander is making fun of her and her love. After Lysander leaves in pursuit of Helena, Hermia awakens to see that her lover is nowhere in sight. She should look around. She sets off to find Lysander and the scene ends with Hermia going offstage. This should have a forest scenery during the entire scene.

    • January 10th, 2012 at 9:08 pm      Reply anjuv1 Says:

      I also imagined this entire scene to be set in the forest and also how the scene ends with Hermia running offstage!

      • January 10th, 2012 at 9:54 pm      Reply Anton Says:

        I imagined Hermia wandering of stage. Now that I think about it she would probably have been moving pretty fast, at the speed that one moves when they are late for the bus and need to get something that rests in an unknown location. She probably feels sick with fear.

        • January 11th, 2012 at 7:10 pm      Reply Ben E. Says:

          I agree, if she went off stage at all. She could have wandered, and hidden herself off to the side, because soon she will back.

      • January 10th, 2012 at 10:01 pm      Reply shianak3 Says:

        Me too. If it was in the morning they would all see each other in the beginning and no one would be sleeping.

      • January 10th, 2012 at 11:08 pm      Reply amandaf2 Says:

        I imagined the scene to be in a forest too.

    • January 10th, 2012 at 9:09 pm      Reply innag2 Says:

      I love your stage directions! I wrote more about the scenery than the stage directions, but yours make a lot of sense. I agree with the fact that this should take place in the forest the entire time, like in the play!

    • January 10th, 2012 at 9:34 pm      Reply leonl2 Says:

      I just have a random question, why would Titania and Oberon have trains? Are they tiny trains? Are they levitating? The idea of them riding in small trains is so hilarious.

      • January 10th, 2012 at 9:51 pm      Reply Anton Says:

        Trains refers to (I am pretty sure) a line of servant fairies following her. The imagery you put in my mind there is funny.

      • January 10th, 2012 at 9:53 pm      Reply nicholasm14 Says:

        Shakespeare meant like a group of people following after them, not the kind of trains that ride on tracks. I think Ms. Quinson mentioned this in class.

      • January 10th, 2012 at 10:13 pm      Reply lucyl2 Says:

        You can think of it how Trains have the First car with the conductor, but there are usually many other cars after that. Just like Titania was the leader of the fairies, and the other fairies followed her!

  2. January 10th, 2012 at 9:08 pm      Reply innag2 Says:

    In Act II, scene ii, there are many things that you can make the actors do, and how you can set up the stage to make the play come to life. I would do many things. For one, I would make the stage a forest. There would be a dark, lush green carpet, with trees in the background, and some in the foreground, about two or three. I would make the stage dark, with just a spotlight shining on to make the scene as though it was real moonlight. There would be a brook running with water, and different plants and flowers, like ivy and such to make the forest look real. I would make sound effects play, like when Hermia and Lysander are talking; there will be crickets chirping and maybe some frogs croaking. When the fairies are on stage, I would turn on a gentle glow, and make the fairies hair billow, as though in the wind. I would float fairy dust in the air, and turn on some beautiful classical music (played by a professional orchestra, of course) when Titania’s main fairy is singing her to sleep. When something bad is happening, like Puck putting the nectar on the wrong person’s eyes, I would play scary music, like in Jaws, like dah duh dah duh DAH DUH DAH DUH DUMMMMM. Also, the costumes would be amazing! They would be breathtaking. All in all, my version would be very pretty!

    • January 10th, 2012 at 9:57 pm      Reply leonl2 Says:

      It sounds like a nice scene, but where would you get all the fairy dust? 8)

    • January 10th, 2012 at 9:58 pm      Reply nicholasm14 Says:

      I like how you are incorporating the music into the scene. Music helps you get into the mood of the play, and therefore I think it’s a very important part. I also like how you focused on making the stage actually seem like a real forest. The crickets chirping and the frogs croaking would contribute even more to the mood of the play.

  3. January 10th, 2012 at 9:24 pm      Reply coryannm2 Says:

    The stage is set up to look like the forest in this scene. There would be fake trees and actual moss and leaves covering the floor. The stage would be dark except for pale light filtering in through “branches”. Titania and her fairies would walk in with her. Titania would then go to sleep on a bed of leaves. Next Oberon will walk in and put the Nectar on her eyes. On the opposite side of the stage would be Hermia and Lysander. They are settling down to go to bed and they have their dispute about sleeping arrangements. Then they both fall asleep and Puck would come in and mistake Lysander for Demetrius and put the Nectar on his eyelids. Then Helena and Demetrius run in as Puck exits the stage, Helena following Demetrius. They would say their lines and then Helena will wake up Lysander. Then he shall get up and pronounce his love for her, and she will begin to cry and ask why he is mocking her so. Then Hermia shall wake up farther off and call for Lysander.
    I would add music and such to fit the forest and what is going in at the time. I would also add the rustle of leaves and movement of small animals and make the forest scenery three dimensional. All the scenery would be detailed and extremely realistic so that it would look like an actual forest.

  4. January 10th, 2012 at 9:29 pm      Reply briannab3 Says:

    In my mind, the scenery is the main thing! It is very majestic and takes place in the forest the whole time. By forest, i don’t mean trees everywhere, I mean a few trees and delicate vines with beautiful flowers. There is little bubbling brook where Hermia falls asleep and a little clearing where the fairies gather. The scenes should be very flowy, moving from one encounter to the next. T first, when the fairies are singing their lullaby, the music would but very light and classical, almost playful. It would get much more intense when Puck places the flower juice on Lysander, and the following actions. When Hermia wakes up distressed, the music should get sad and make everyone watching feel sad too.. The whole time it is dim with the moonlight as a spotlight. When Titania falls asleep, the other fairies should exit, but Titania should remain sleeping onstage, unseen by the other characters. Overall, this scene should be very flowy and thoughtful, with a lot of feeling.

  5. January 10th, 2012 at 9:38 pm      Reply anjuv1 Says:

    There are many different approaches someone could take to design a setting, choose sound effects, as well as costume choice. In Act II, scene ii, even through the whole play, Shakespeare doesn’t give specific details on what the actors/actresses do on stage. If I were to be able to direct this scene, the setting would take place in a forest. It would be filled with various, exotic colors from flowers. Also, the scene would contain a lot of greenery. There would be many trees, various in sizes, as well as a little opening in the center for Lysander and Hermia to sleep. The floor would be covered with a brown colored rug to symbolize dirt. There would be a moon suspending in the air giving off a slight glow to represent moonlight. It would be pretty dark due to the fact that the scene takes place at night, and since it does there should be little to no sound. The only sound should come from the animals. As Hermia and Lysander come on to set, they should act very calm and relaxed, but when Demetrius and Helena come onstage they should be running and acting as if they are out of breath. When Puck is “invisible”, he should be hidden so that the audience could see him but the actors/actresses couldn’t. The fairy costumes would have a nature feel to them. To me, fairies seem eco-friendly. The human actors/actresses would be dressed in some sort of royal outfit. They would look costly and nice. This is how my version of this scene would be like.

  6. January 10th, 2012 at 9:47 pm      Reply Anton Says:

    This is how I envision the acting of this scene. In the first part of Act II, scene ii the fairies sing a lullaby to Titania, a chant meant to draw away evils from her place of rest. Once Titania lies down, the fairies (or the actors who play the fairies) would gently jump around her in a circle, their bounds decreasing in size along with their voices. Then they all tiptoe out. Oberon would then peak in. Once he sees it is clear he would carefully tiptoe in, then carefully apply the nectar. He would then majestically, but silently, stride offstage. Midway between the end of the stage and Titania, he would stop, and while looking back at her and say his speech. He would then continue in his normal manner. Lysander and Hermia would then enter looking a little nervous, tired and lost. Then they would tiredly and gently argue about the bed, Lysander doing so while moving his arms about in front of him. Eventually he gives up and puts his arms down. (they sleep) Robin enters. He looks around and spots Lysander and Hermia. frowning at the sight of what he thinks is Lysander’s cruelty, he says his lines, shrugs his shoulders, and applies the nectar. He exits. Demetrius enters first, continuing to move, followed by Helena, who stops and falls on her hands and knees, out of breath. After Helena says her line, Demetrius stops temporarily to reply. Helena says her line, answered by Demetrius while moving. Helena recites her speech in a very sad and tired tone, until she sees Lysander. At that moment she strides to where his body lies. Helena shakes him while speaking the last lines of the speech. Lysander wakes up and stares admiringly at Helena. Once He says that he will kill Demetrius,she would look away in sadness and says her lines. After Lysander says he has realized that she is superior, Helena would drop (suddenly let go of him) him and step back. She angrily says her lines and stomps away. Lysander looks at Hermia and his face of longing is replaced with one of disgust. He exits in the same direction as Helena. Hermia suddenly wakes up clutching her heart and she looks around desperately for Lysander. Not finding him, she stands up and double checks. Worried, she wanders off stage.

    • January 10th, 2012 at 9:54 pm      Reply leonl2 Says:

      A very vivid description! 🙂 I could envision the scene take place just by reading your words. I think everything above-mentioned is appropriate. This is just me, but I would have Oberon say his lines in a low voice while he is anointing Titania’s eyelids, then have him leave. This is a very minor change however.

  7. January 10th, 2012 at 9:48 pm      Reply leonl2 Says:

    Most of the acting is pretty straightforward. The actors can enter, walk around, speak their lines with some wit and elegance, then leave the stage when they are directed to. Some actors like Bottom would dance around. The fairies can just quickly dash around (with wings on their backs!) doing their activities.

    One scene that is a bit troubling to act out is the sleeping of Titania. How do we make her invisible to the other actors coming and going and not make the scene seem really foolish at the same time? What I would probably do is to maybe let Titania sleep off to the side or something, or put a blanket over her, maybe dim the lights where she is sleeping. I would even go as far as to remove her from the stage until she is needed again, which at that point the audience will see her lying in the same place she was when she went to sleep.

    I personally would like to see this scene acted out. That way I could understand more on everything that is going on in that forest at night.

    • January 10th, 2012 at 10:03 pm      Reply leonl2 Says:

      I just had a fabulous idea. I would host my play IN an actual forest on a night where the moon is bright! That would save me so much resources and such, and it would match the scene perfectly. The forest would have to be a beautiful one, and obviously with no scary beasts that could potentially endanger the people there. That is if anybody goes in the first place…

      ~Midsummer Night’s Dream~
      ~You are invited~
      Location: Dark Forest at midnight.

      Bob: I’m not going.

  8. January 10th, 2012 at 9:50 pm      Reply nicholasm14 Says:

    For Act II, scene ii, I would start off with what the scenery on the stage would be like. Since this part of the play takes place within the forest, I would make the stage look as much like a forest as possible. The floor would be covered in green grass and various types of flowers would be scattered about the place where Titania falls asleep. There would be numerous trees scattered about in the foreground and background, and I would creek for good measure. The air would be filled with the usual sounds and sights that would be heard and seen on a midsummer night: crickets chirping as well as any other insects during the night and fireflies. A single huge spotlight would shine down upon the stage where Titania would be sleeping, which obviously represents the moon. The music would be soft and correspond with the lullaby sung to Titania by the other fairies. However, the music would change where Oberon would appear on stage to put the nectar on Titania’s eyes. It would sound devious to represent Oberon’s conniving actions. As he would sneak on stage, the other fairies would either have been offstage or not looking in his direction. When Hermia and Lysander enter the stage, the peaceful music that was playing during Titania’s lullaby would continue as they were speaking. When Puck enters the stage, the music would change once again represent the terrible mistake he was going to make. Lysander would wake up and pronounce his new love for Helena, while she would cry and ask why he is mocking her. They would run offstage and Hermia would wake up to Lysander not being there. As this is going on, the music becomes chilling and represents how terrible things are going to be now that Puck made the mistake of putting the nectar on the eyes of Lysander instead of the eyes of Demetrius. In terms of costumes, the four lovers would be wearing something regal that would have been worn during that time period. The fairies’ costumes would look natural and as if they were made from the leaves of the trees. I believe it mentions something about them having wings, so they would have wings as well.

  9. January 10th, 2012 at 9:51 pm      Reply nicolea4 Says:

    I think the scenery of a play is very important in setting the mood. I would set this whole part of the play in a forest, with a lot of greenery. There should be bushes with berries growing on them as well as budding plants and a rocky stream off to the side. The moon will be shining, casting a dim light over the forest, and shadows in some places. Titania would be sleeping about halfway back in the forest scene, off to one side while her train of fairies flies around her singing a sweet lullaby. The lights would then slowly go out in that clearing as Titania falls into a deeper sleep. I picture Hermia sleeping by the stream, which would resemble calmness at the moment, before everything gets chaotic. Lysander would be sleeping closer to the back of the forest in the scene, so he is not too close to Hermia. The music turns from calm to mischievous while Puck uses the magic flower on Lysander. The music turns from mischievous to suspenseful when Helena wakes Lysander and he falls in love with her. Helena then hurries off stage, hurt by what she thought was a cruel joke. The music becomes slow and quiet as Helena leaves the stage and the audience’s view is shifted to Hermia waking up from a bad dream. The water flowing over the rocks in the stream is the background noise while Hermia explains her dreams, then runs offstage weeping.

  10. January 10th, 2012 at 9:52 pm      Reply sarahb5 Says:

    In Act II scene ii, I would make the entire scene take place in a forest. The stage would have a backdrop that is all different shades of green and there would be bushes to divide the stage into 2 sections. The lighting would be dark because it is nighttime. First Titania and her fairies would come in on the right side of the stage. The fairies would sing Titania to sleep and then they will all exit except one who will fade to the back of the stage and seem like he’s not really paying attention. Titania will be asleep in the middle of the right side of the stage. Then Oberon will also come in on the right side of the stage and put the nectar on Titania’s eyes, say his lines, then he will leave off the right side of the stage. Lysander and Hermia will then come in from the left side of the stage and go to sleep. Then Puck will come in on the left side of the stage and he will see Lysander and put the nectar on his eyes and leave off the left side of the stage. As soon as Puck leaves the stage, Demetrius and Helena will come running in, also on the left side. Then Demetrius will exit off the left side of the stage and in the middle of Helena talking, Lysander will wake up. After their exchange, Hermia will exit off the left side and then after saying his line, Lysander will follow her. As soon as Lysander is off the stage, Hermia will wake up and after saying her lines, will leave off the left side of the stage. All through this, Titania will stay asleep on the stage.

  11. January 10th, 2012 at 9:53 pm      Reply lucyl2 Says:

    Titania and her fairy “possy” would first enter the stage. The scene would be set on a grassy plain, but at night. The stars (AKA twinkly light bulbs or something) would be hanging and the lights would be dimmed. Titania would be wearing a light (as in airy), pastel colored dress, with a headband of flowers. She’d be sleeping on a bed of pink tulips. On the other side of the stage Hermia and Lysander would be resting on the grass and after they fought over where each of them were sleeping Lysander would go upstage. Puck would come in to the scene then. He’d have a sling of leaves running across his chest, and when he saw Lysander he would put the nectar in his eyelids. Helena would run on stage and Lysander would suddenly wake up. Helena would enter, then leave the stage outraged after Lysander proclaimed his love for her. When Hermia wakes up she would see that Lysander was gone and begin to cry. No one would notice Titania sleeping on stage. When Hermia wakes up there would be violins playing a sad song. I would want the scene to be very dramatic.

  12. January 10th, 2012 at 10:00 pm      Reply shianak3 Says:

    In Act II scene ii there are many ways the script can be performed by the characters. I imagined it to be in the forest. It would be dark but loud with many people talking simultaneously in many small conversations. You would here the buzzing of the flies and it would be warm. First Titania and her crew enter. I imagine the fairies fanning Titania and treating her very delicately. Titania is probably resting down while the fairies sing a lullaby to her and after a while the fairies leave when they see she slept.

    A few minutes later Oberon comes in quietly, puts some nectar on her eyelids and sneaks away. At this point Titania is alone in the forest fast asleep. Then Lysander and Hermia stumble across here, talk for a while, and fall asleep. Then Puck enters but no one notices him because Titania, Lysander, and Hermia are all asleep. He sneaks some nectar on Lysander, who was wearing Athenian clothing, assuming he was the person Oberon was referring to.

    Then he sneaks away and Helena and Demetrius enter panting, running, and making a lot of noise. Helena kneels down from tiredness and begs Demetrius to not runaway. Demetrius refusing her walks away and exits the stage. Helena talks to herself expressing her jealousy of Hermia. She does this while pacing back and forth than she notices Lysander on the floor. She wonders if he’s hurt and calls him to wake him up. Lysander with the power of the nectar on him sees Helena and automatically falls in love with her. During the conversation between Helena and Lysander is on his knees on the proposing position with big eyes looking at her while Helena is resisting him and trying to change his mind. Then Hermia wakes up hearing a lot of commotion. When she is talking she is shaking Lysander’s arm but he won’t look at her but only at Helena. Hermia is yelling and going crazy and at the end when she says she will either die or have his love she says this dramatically and exits weeping. This is how I picture Act II scene ii.

  13. January 10th, 2012 at 10:02 pm      Reply nicolea4 Says:

    I think your stage directions are great. I love all the detailed outfits of the characters; that is how I pictured them too!

  14. January 10th, 2012 at 10:05 pm      Reply alwynp2 Says:

    Here is how I would set up the stage:
    The stage would be a big place with ample space for people to hide (when the fairies turn invisible). I would also include a source of light to have the effect of the moon. There would be a soft carpet as the grass. A brook or stream would have a soothing voice and will also muffle the sound of the trapdoor opening or closing. I don’t know if this is possible, but a trapdoor that will open for the fairies to seem like they are invisible and a fog machine, creating cover for the fairies to retreat to the trapdoors. When the fairies are going on, they will have glow-in-the-dark accessories. I will have Titania and the fairy that sings a lullaby look delicate and peaceful. When Oberon comes, he will tiptoe like those characters in a cartoon and have an evil smile on his face. When Oberon puts the “nectar” on Titania’s eyes, he would scan the area with his eyes for anyone who might witness this. Then, Oberon will tiptoe out of the scene. After that, Hermia and Lysander will come on stage and have their little argument about sleeping close to each other and then go to sleep. Then as Puck comes in, there will be spy music. He will put the “nectar” in Lysander’s eyes by mistake. After a plume of smoke, he will use the trapdoor. Demetrius will walk on stage, followed by Helena. They will say their lines and then Helena would see Lysander and go wake him up. Lysander will wake up and love the first thing he sees: Helena. Lysander will tell Helena that he is in love with her. Helena will start to cry and asks why asks him why he is making fun of her and runs off. Lysander will pursue Helena. Then, Hermia will wake up and tells Lysander about her dream. She is confused because she didn’t realize that Lysander had run off after Helena. Hermia’s face should look sad. Lastly, there should be fog filling up the stage as the light should dim.

  15. January 10th, 2012 at 10:11 pm      Reply amandaj3 Says:

    If I was the director of Midsummer Night’s Dream, I would have many different visions of Act II, Scene II. This is how I envisioned the scene.

    The setting for this scene is in a bushy forest with white moonlight lighting up the night sky. A thin fog wraps around the forest. Titania is getting ready for her peaceful sleep. Her bed is made out of the finest leaves out of the whole forest in a hollow tree. The fairies sing her a beautiful lullaby and she falls to sleep while they leave. They fly out into the mist (which is smoke on a stage).


    Oberon, king of fairies, flies up to his wife’s bed, says his lines quietly, not waking up Titania, and leaves.

    Lysander and Hermia are walking into the misty forest, holding hands. They decide to take rest for the night. Lysander wants to sleep with Hermia but she objects saying that they are not married yet. Lysander finally agrees and they sleep on the ground near the hollow tree, a few feet away from each other.


    Robin slowly flies in and sees Lysander. He decides that he is the Athenian man and anoints nectar onto Lysander’s eyelids.


    They are running in the dark forest. Helena once again admits her feelings for him. She is utterly desperate. Demetrius leaves her and exits.


    Lysander proclaims his new found love for Helena and Helena believes that he is making fun of her, runs off the stage.


    Lysander is truly in love with Helena now because of Robin. He hates Hermia now.


    Hermia goes into panic mode and wants Lysander. She has no idea where he went and believes that he has left her. She ends the scene with foreshadowing that she might kill herself.



  16. January 10th, 2012 at 10:40 pm      Reply anthonym9 Says:

    In these scene, many things can be added for the play. In the beginning, Titania would be on a treetop as her bed with the fairies dancing around her smiling and singing. Then, Oberon would come and anoint Titania’s eyes with the nector, looking very evil and then leave right away. Then, the scene should be in a forest with a creek behind where Lysander and Hermia sleep. There should also be holes in the top of the forest trees, so that the romantic moonlight can get through to the scene. Lysander would be sleeping under a tree, while Hermia is sleeping farther away on another tree. The scene would have Puck come along with the flower and spot Lysander and think of him as the only Athenian in the woods, but Demetrius should be seen in the background being chased by Helena. This image of Demitrius would add humor because the audience would know Puck anointed the wrong man. After this, Lysander would wake up and see a tired Helena chasing after Demetrius. He would instantly fall for her because of the nectar. While Lysander was talking to Hermia about how she is the one for him, Hermia would be crying because she thought he was making fun of her. After Helena leaves, Lysander would hate Hermia because he thinks she thinks she is the prettiest in the world. Hermia would be half asleep after Lysander leaves, calling his name because she had a nightmare. Hermia said her heart got ripped out by a snake, but this is ironic because she will find out that her heart was ripped out by Lysander.

  17. January 10th, 2012 at 10:49 pm      Reply harrisond1 Says:

    In Act II, Scene ii, I would have very specific stage directions. First of all, the scenery would include many fake trees and plants with a bright moon and dark sky. There would be many colorful and beautiful flowers. The sky would be clear and there would be many bright stars. There would be a grass-like carpet. In the back would also be a small stream in the back where you could hear running water in the background. You could hear crickets and other insects along with other sound effects. Also, the stage would have to be big to make it as realistic as possible. The fairies would wear natural clothes, anything other than manufactured clothes, as it would not look right. First, Titania would enter along with her fairies. The fairies would then sing their lullabies to put Titania to sleep. Oberon would sneak in and quickly and quietly anoint her eyes. The lights would dim, and Hermia and Lysander would come in. They would sleep on the grass. Later, Puck would come. Helena and Demetrius would come in, while Hermia and Lysander were sleeping, but Hermia and Lysander would be in the background. Demetrius would exit, and Helena would wake up Lysander. Lysander would pursue Helena and go offstage. Hermia would wake up and look around, looking for Lysander. She would start to walk offstage to find Lysander.

  18. January 10th, 2012 at 10:52 pm      Reply carlya1 Says:

    I envision the stage to look like a forest. There would be a few trees, an open field in the middle, and a small creek in the background. Titania would’ve asleep in the back by the creek, still slightly visible but blocked by a few trees. Hermia and Lysander were sleeping in the open field in the front right corner of the stage, lying their heads against a fallen tree. Helena and Denetrius come running in from the back left corner of the stage and she finds Lysander asleep and when he awakes, he follows her offstage in the front left corner.
    The fairies are rehearsing for their play in the open field and then Bottom exits in the back left corner, meets Puck, and returns with a donkey head, scaring off all the other fairies. This awakes Titania form her rest and she falls in love with Bottom and tells Peaseblossom, Mote, Mustardseed, and Cob web to do what ever Bottom needs. This is how I envisioned this scene in A Midsummer Night’s Dream to be laid out.

  19. January 10th, 2012 at 10:53 pm      Reply carlya1 Says:

    I envision the stage to look like a forest. There would be a few trees, an open field in the middle, and a small creek in the background. Titania would’ve asleep in the back by the creek, still slightly visible but blocked by a few trees. Hermia and Lysander were sleeping in the open field in the front right corner of the stage, lying their heads against a fallen tree. Helena and Denetrius come running in from the back left corner of the stage and she finds Lysander asleep and when he awakes, he follows her offstage in the front left corner.
    The fairies are rehearsing for their play in the open field and then Bottom exits in the back left corner, meets Puck, and returns with a donkey head, scaring off all the other fairies. This awakes Titania form her rest and she falls in love with Bottom and tells Peaseblossom, Mote, Mustardseed, and Cob web to do what ever Bottom needs. This is how I envisioned this scene in A Midsummer Night’s Dream to be laid out.

  20. January 10th, 2012 at 11:20 pm      Reply amandaf2 Says:

    At the beginning of the scene, Titania would enter with her train. I would have all of the fairies glowing, however, Titania would glow the brightest. Titania would have long flowing hair. To foreshadow the part with the flower the fairies would wear gowns with floral designs on them. The scene would take place in a forest. There would be background noises such as a river flowing, or the wind blowing. I would also make sure that the moon was visible during the scene. It would be important that when Oberon comes on the train of fairies leaves the stage. To symbolize that Lysander and Hermia can’t see Titania, the glow would turn off when he enters. I would leave Titania on stage while all of this happens. The scene would end with Hermia running off because she is humiliated.

  21. January 10th, 2012 at 11:23 pm      Reply michaelt10 Says:

    First of all, the fairies would definitely have wings. I have previously mentioned that there is no such thing as a wingless fairy. Accept it. The forest is a very important setting in the play. It has to fit the mood of the play. There are forests like the Forbidden Forest, with giants and spiders and bad guys, and then there are picture forests. The kind of forest where you stop and look at the mountains and trees and little ducks and take pictures. Based on the comedy type mood of the play, the story must take place in a picture forest. Also, the fairies would have some sort of distinguishing feature when they are human size. Like the pointy ears of elves. Another important part to me is the phase the moon is in. For a play like this, I think it should be a full moon on a clear night. It you add clouds in front of the moon it turns it into a Forbidden Forest. You need things to be happy, colorful, and funny for it to fit the mood.

  22. January 10th, 2012 at 11:24 pm      Reply Jesse Says:

    As Titania lay asleep up stageright, Bottom Quince and all the actors would come on andmove frely about centerstage, without noticing her, since she is invisible at that moment. They would enter from down stageright. Stageleft would be Lysander and Hermia, also asleep. Then the scenes would take place one by one. When one scene was going on, everyone else would be frozen in a position that made sence with what they were doing, and there would only be lights and those who were acting at the moment.

    For the scene when Bottom turns into a donkey, he would exits stageright and return from up stageright, scaring the fairies and wakening Titania and she would fall in love with him. In order to make it claer that Puck turned him into a donkey, Puck would come on stage seconds before bottom, laughing at his deed.

  23. January 10th, 2012 at 11:50 pm      Reply benjaminf Says:

    This coincidental scene all happens in the forest which is the hub of action so far in the play. It would have fake bushes and a dim light over top to resemble the moon, four weathered fallen columns from an ancient ruin would act as the beds for the characters in this scene. First of all on the right side of the stage, Titania comes into the forest with her group of fairies and falls asleep. Her group walks away to make it more believable that Oberon could sneak right up next to her and put nectar on her eye without her fairies noticing. Just a very short time after on the left side of the stage Lysander and Hermia will have their argument and the sleeping Titania wouldn’t notice. Lysander and Hermia will fall asleep and Puck will come in and make a disastrous mistake. Lysander would wake up first and pronounce his change of heart, Helena and Demetrius would come and then Hermia would wake up and the drama would start properly.

  24. January 10th, 2012 at 11:52 pm      Reply johnw2 Says:

    I feel that the stage directions should have been like this in act two sceane two. I feel that in the beginning Titania should have fallen asleep on house right up stage. I feel this way because it would give the fairies room to sing the lullabye and while she is sleeping she would not be in the center of the stage. When Oberon enters with the flower I feel he should move across stage from house left to right. This allows his approach to be seen by the entire audience. When Lysander and Hermia lie down I feel it shoul be house left but down stage instead of up. This way is so that they are easily spotted for their interaction. When Helena and Demetrius walk in it should be form house left up stage to down stage center that way their exchange can be seen. When Puck enters I feel it should be a slow lowering down by cable so that he appears like a fairy and is the center of attention. Helena and Lysander will walk off house left while the knaves walk in house right. They will practice center stage, and when bottom gets changed he will be seen partially from off stage. When Titania wakes up her and her fairies will be center stage with bottom. Lastly the sceane ends with a black out.

  25. January 11th, 2012 at 12:05 am      Reply elizabethp4 Says:

    Titania would walk, kind of dance into the forest scenery, followed by her fairies. She’d obviously moved very gracefully, since she’s a fairy, she can’t merely move like a mortal does; she has to be very fluid in her motions, the very essence of grace. She would lie down in a cat-like pose, surrounded by her train of fey. They would circle her and start singing to her, with very sweet voices. The forest itself would be very luscious, with plenty of flowers blooming all around, the colors startling the eyes with their jewel-like brilliance. After her loyal fairies depart, they would leave the same way that Titania entered, smoothly like the water.

    Oberon would sneak in, still having the same fluid motion as the rest of his race, but his would be slightly more abrupt (partially because he’s male). His voice would be menacing, with a hint of malice in it, his eyes burning with anger. Before he anoints Titania’s gentle eyes, he would be pacing around on his tiptoes, leaning forwards with the excitement of what he is about to do coursing through his veins. I can see his nearly crush the delicate flower but catch himself right before he made that fatal mistake. As soon as the King of Fairies leaves the scene, Lysander and Hermia would enter.

    They would be holding onto each other, grasping hands, hugging, and Lysander would pick Hermia up in that stereotypical love story move when he grabs her by the waist and hoists her into the air and spins her around and looks her in the eyes as if she’s the only person that has ever been in this world for him. Their conversation would have them holding hands, and when Lysander suggests sleeping together, Hermia would throw his hand away from hers with a smile, their eyes locked together. Finally, she lays down, pulls him close for a peck, then shoos him off for him to sleep farther away than her. They both lie down on their separate resting areas, then with a smile drift off to sleep.

    Helena and Demetrius would enter the stage, Demetrius stomping around with an angry stride, Helena fluttering around by his side, sometimes running in front of him to look him in the face (he turned his head promptly away), and then running behind him. Since it’s a stage, they would be running around in a circle. Lysander and Hermia would be in a corner of the stage farther away from Demetrius and Helena, and Titania would be in the opposite corner from the couple with stars in their eyes.

    Puck would enter. He, even though a fairy, wouldn’t move as gracefully as his fellow fey, for he is a mischievous spirit who causes more hurt than humor. He would see Lysander, then say his lines with an evil cackle, then depart after his duty was done.

    After Demetrius departs with his harsh words, Helena would spin around, lost, hurt, desperate, sad, broken. She would see Lysander, go to him and wake him, and then Lysander would spring up, nearly hurting himself in his eagerness to get closer to his new beloved. Helena would back away, her eyes filled with hurt and shame, and after she scolded Lysander, she would stalk off the stage angrily as Demetrius did, with Lysander following in her wake.

    Poor Hermia, who was sleeping through the loss of her love, would wake with a cry after Lysander departed. She would rise in a hurry after she realized that dearest Lysander wasn’t present, and she would run, run around in hopelessness off the stage.

    • January 11th, 2012 at 6:40 pm      Reply tylerf2 Says:

      I liked how you included a lot of detail and descriptions of how the characters would act. It was a nice touch to really set the mood for how the play should be acted.

    • January 11th, 2012 at 9:05 pm      Reply carak1 Says:

      Simply wonderful, my dear. You did not jest when you said ‘would be so.

  26. January 11th, 2012 at 6:09 pm      Reply bridgetd1 Says:

    The stage would be a forest with trees in the background and a few in the foreground. Titania would wander out onto the stage with her fairies following behind her. Then she would lie down on a soft bed of flowers and the grass would turn into flowers. The fairies would circle around her and start singing. As the song goes on they would shrink and the song would get softer with them as she falls asleep. The fairies would then fade away and Oberon would sneak in and put the fluid on her eyes and slip away into the forest. Then Lysander and Hermia would come onto the stage hand-in-hand. They would lie down a few feet from Titania and each other and fall asleep. Puck would come in normal human size. As he approaches Lysander he would shrink down so he does not wake him. He would apply the fluid and quickly fly away with excitement. Then Demetrius would enter the scene, walking swiftly, and Helena a few seconds later running after him, trying to keep up. Demetrius would stop and yell at Helena and then walk away, nearly stepping on Titania. Helena would spin around in despair and spot Lysander. When she wakes him he would jump up eagerly. Helena’s tone soon changes from confusion to anger. She scolds Lysander and hurries away. Lysander would look at Hermia in disgust and run after Helena. Then Hermia would wake abruptly from her dream and jump up in concern. She would look around wildly for Lysander and then rush away to find him.

  27. January 11th, 2012 at 6:38 pm      Reply tylerf2 Says:

    The stage direction in Act II, scene ii was very interesting, but I would write it in a different way. At the beginning, I would visualize Titania coming on stage, but in a graceful matter, almost like a dance. She would dance along the stage for some time until a sweet and gentle music comes on. At this, she would curl up on the stage floor, surrounded by her fairy followers as they sing her to sleep with their majestic lullaby. THen, she shall lay there motionless, and the stage will dim down. After this happens, the lights will come back on, and Oberon will walk onto the stage, but in a sneakily manner. He shall sneak over to Titania with the flower’s nectar in hand and sprinkle it over her eyes. This will make it so that when she wakes, she will fall in love with the first thing she sees. Then, Oberon will sneak off stage with a sneaky grin upon his face.

    After Oberon exits towards the left, Hermia and Lysander shall enter from the right. Thye shall say their lines and then enter into a deep sleep, with Hermia in the back stage and Lysander in the front to symbolise them sleeping apart from each other. After they are asleep, Puck shall enter from above center stage, attached to a cable so it looks like he is flying like a fairy. Once he landds onstage he shall apply the flower to Lysander’s eyes and be hoisted back up and off the stage.After this occurs, Demitrius and Helena shall enter from left stage. Demitrius will exit to right stage shortly afterwards, while Helena takes centerstage near Lysander. She shall wake Lysander, who will then fall in love with her and they will exit left stage. That just leaves Hermia, sleeping, not aware of the heartbreak that will come to her when she wakes. She soon does wake up, to find her love nowhere to be seen. She shall say her lines and exit the stage, running to look for her lost love.

  28. January 11th, 2012 at 6:41 pm      Reply sabrinak1 Says:

    A forest:
    To start the scene, Titania would walk onstage with her trail and fall asleep as the fairies softly sing her haunting lullabies. The fairies leave and then Oberon comes and drops the nectar on Titania’s eyelids, then seeing the sleepign fairies, tiptoes away. The “nectar” can be sparkly dust or colored water. Right as Oberon is starting to leave, Lysander and Hermia come onstage to and talk. A spotlight should be lit on them and Titania and the fairies should fade into the background. Lysander and Hermia fall asleep soon after, hidden by a bush. Puck appears, skipping onto the stage. Demetrius and Helena come onto the stage and cannot see Lysander, Hermia, or Puck. Demetrius leaves and Helena calls out loudly to him, waking Lysander accidently. As Lysander cofesses his newfound love for her, she turns away, then as he goes on, bursts into tears and runs offstage. Lysander runs off following Helena. Hermia wakes up to find Lysander not there, and looks around in confusion. She goes offstage, singing quietly and searching behind bushes for her love. The scene ends with Hermia walking off the stage.

  29. January 11th, 2012 at 6:55 pm      Reply nikital Says:

    At the beginning of Act II scene ii, Titania and her train, dressed in flowery costumes with iridescent wings, would come bounding nimbly into the forest scenery. The queen would then lie down in the middle of the stage and, after leaving directions for the fairies to follow while she is unconscious, would ask them to sing her to sleep. The fairies would comply, forming a semi-circle around her, and by the end of their enchanting song, Titania would be fast asleep. A fairy then would make an excuse for them all to exit, saying that the queen had, after all, left them with orders before she slept, and they should be fufilled. The group would then exit, the last fairy doing so right as Oberon, dressed in a similar attire, would step into the scene and anoit Titania’s eyelids with the nectar, taken from a vial he holds. He would wish her ill luck and leave the stage as well.
    The lights would go off, and in that moment, Titania would exit. As the lights go on again, Lysander and Hermia would stagger into the scene. After they fall asleep, Robin would enter, spread the nectar over Lysander’s eyelids, mistaking him for the Athenian man Oberon ordered him to find, and then leave. Demetrius, closely persued by Helena, would then pace quickly into the scene, soon leaving Helena behind and pushing ahead of her, exiting. Helena would see Lysander, awaken him, and then Lysander would fall in love with her and follow her off. Hermia, as Lysander exits, would awaken with a cry and, after calling for him several times, would realize he is not there and, worried, run off the stage to look for him.

  30. January 11th, 2012 at 7:19 pm      Reply Ben E. Says:

    The scene would have started in a forest, but not just any forest, a magical forests. Titania would be in the middle being lulled to sleep by her many servants. Surrounded by flowers she slowly falls asleep. Her servants, having done their duty bow to her and quickly skirt offstage.Then from somewhere in the back, Oberon sneaks forward. He curses her, and anoints her eyes. As he curses, the stormy skies flashed, and the winds howl. As storm calms, the actors on stage slink off into the darkness, and Hermia and Lysander enter. They stagger around, as if lost, looking for a place to sleep. Some of the audience may notice someone behind them. It is the crafty Puck mistakenly thinking that Lysander is the man his master wants him to put the potion on. As they fall asleep Puck does his duty, and just as he leaves from one side, from the other side Hermia calls for Demetrius, and Lysander awakens. He chases after Hermia who has, in an attempt to escape him, lost herself in the “forest” and ended up offstage. Slowly Hermia awakens, and searches for Lysander. As she walks around the scene ends, but the chaos has just begun.

  31. January 11th, 2012 at 7:20 pm      Reply Ben E. Says:

    The scene would have started in a forest, but not just any forest, a magical forests. Titania would be in the middle being lulled to sleep by her many servants. Surrounded by flowers she slowly falls asleep. Her servants, having done their duty bow to her and quickly skirt offstage.Then from somewhere in the back, Oberon sneaks forward. He curses her, and anoints her eyes. As he curses, the stormy skies flashed, and the winds howl. As storm calms, the actors on stage slink off into the darkness, and Hermia and Lysander enter. They stagger around, as if lost, looking for a place to sleep. Some of the audience may notice someone behind them. It is the crafty Puck mistakenly thinking that Lysander is the man his master wants him to put the love potion on. As they fall asleep Puck does his duty, and just as he leaves from one side, from the other side Hermia calls for Demetrius, and Lysander awakens. He chases after Hermia who has, in an attempt to escape him, lost herself in the “forest” and ended up offstage. Slowly Hermia awakens, and searches for Lysander. As she walks around the scene ends, but the chaos has just begun.

  32. January 11th, 2012 at 7:27 pm      Reply Autumn Says:

    If I was to direct the play I would have the curtains open with Titania laying in the meadow among shrubs.(There is forest scenery all around her) Her group of faires would sit around her softly singing the lullaby. I also sort of envision one of them plaiting Titania’s hair with flowers in them. Then, the fairies leave except for the one on guard. Oberon sneaks by while the fairy is looking away and carefully places the nectar on Titania’s eyes. Oberon leaves. The lighting over Titania changes so she is more in the shadows and the lighting spotlights Lysander and Hermia who enter. They exchange their words and then find a spot on the forest floor away from Titania. Puck comes and mistakes Lysander for Demetrius. Demetrius and Helena enter and Puck hides among the trees. Demetrius seems angry and annoyed and Helena seems hurt yet determined to get his love, and trying to keep up with his quick pace. The two wake up Lysander who professes his love for Helena, jumping up with eagerness. Demetrius looks on, disgusted while Helena becomes distraught thinking that she is the victim of his mockery. Demetrius leaves and soon after, Helena leaves and Lysander follows in pursuit. Hermia wakes to find Lysander no where in sight. She then walks of stage looking for him. The scene ends.

  33. January 11th, 2012 at 8:48 pm      Reply ashleys2 Says:

    The scenery in this scene is very important. It is set in a forest, so there must be trees everywhere. Also there are many flowers in a color scheme of light pink, lavender, pale yellow, and sea green. First the fairies come in and throw glitter around the stage so it looks like fairy dust. Titania is sleeping in a bed made of logs and has a moss blanket. I think that everyone in the scene should be on the stage at the same time since they are all in the same forest, but they are separated into corners. One corner is all of the fairies, in another corner are the mechanicals, and in another corner are Helena and Demetrius. In the last corner there are Lysander and Hermia. The stage lights shine on each character’s wear costumes that are earthy colors , except for the corner when it is their turn to perform. All of the characters will mechanicals, who will always wear black. There will also be light classical background music to match the mood of each scene.

  34. January 11th, 2012 at 9:02 pm      Reply kevinj3 Says:

    Act II, scene ii of the story is presented to me in a way that makes me see it in a sunlit forest. The forest would make visibility high and have few trees surrounding a flat clearing. The characters would act their parts out over a lusciously covered grassy ground. The scene directions would go as follows: The scene would begin as Titania and her group of small fairies come waltzing in and the fairies singing, eventually leading Titania to fall asleep with a lullaby. Oberon stealthily comes in the setting and dabs the nectar on Titania’s sleeping eyes. Oberon quickly leaves afterwards. Then enter Lysander and Hermia who converse quietly aside from Titania and fall asleep together. Then Puck comes and sees a man with Athenian garments and not knowing who it is, applies the nectar to Lysander’s eyes. Puck, who is camouflaged, is not noticed by Demetrius and Helena when they come in. Demetrius and Helena have a short talk and they shake Lysander awake. Lysander, who is under the power of the flower nectar, expresses his love or infatuation to Helena, realizing his “true” feelings. Helena doesn’t believe him and says in an angry tone to stop mocking her. Demetrius quietly exits and Helena does so as well. Lysander runs after her, leaving Hermia after she awakes to be confused and look around for her love. This whole scene has a quiet tone to it.

    • January 11th, 2012 at 9:51 pm      Reply leonl2 Says:

      The scene does take place in the night, but if you view the scene as sunlit then sure. 🙂 It doesn’t really seem that scary to me either, and I can’t picture a play taking place in pitch black. Even so you must remember it is night.

  35. January 11th, 2012 at 9:09 pm      Reply sharonm1 Says:

    I imagine the stage in Act II scene ii starting out as a forest lit by the glow of moonlight. Titania and her fairies would walk onstage and the fairies would sing to keep away the animals while their Fairy Queen sleeps. When the fairies leave, Oberon would anoint Titania’s eyes with the nectar, recites his speech then leave. Then, Lysander and Hermia enter the woods and after speaking with each other for a little while, they sleep. Robin enters and anoints Lysander’s eyes with the nectar, says his speech then exits the stage. Demetrius runs onstage with Helena behind him hurrying while trying to keep up. Demetrius asks Helena to leave but she refuses. Lysander wakes and on seeing Helena,” falls in love” with her. Helena gets upset because she thinks that Lysander is mocking her and leaves with Lysander following her out. Hermia wakes; scared because of a nightmare about a serpent eating her heart. When she sees that Lysander is not there, she exits to search for him.

  36. January 11th, 2012 at 9:44 pm      Reply carak1 Says:

    Titania comes in with her fairies. She is a beautiful woman, whom I imagine to be slender and dainty, like a ballerina. Even though she is meant to be small, it would not be possible to get that effect on stage. I would rather play with proportion in features, making her dainty and thin, and others larger. Her fairies would be young girls and I would cast ballerinas for all the fairies-in-waiting even if I was not making a ballet. All the fairies would sing sweetly in high pitched voices, hence the casting of young girls. I think Titania would be somewhat of a mother/friend figure to these girls and I would have them act it so. Titania would be sleeping on a mossy bed filled with flowers and lush greenery. Oberon would probably be wearing clothes like a male ballet dancer’s costume with a cape. He would be a wiry man with wispy, curly, blond hair. Comparatively tall and thin but regal, he would gracefully tip toe in and put the flower upon Titania’s eyes gently and leave sauntering with smugness at what he just done.

    Hermia and Lysander will be very in love, like Romeo and Juliet in the balcony scene of the movie. They will always be touching, randomly kissing, always two parts of a whole. Hermia will be stunning- tall and curvy with big eyes, full lips, red hair and pale skin. Lysander will be also very handsome with blue eyes, blond or brown hair, tan skin, peach lips. They might be over excited, jumping and moving animatedly despite obvious fatigue. Lysander will suggest that they sleep together while holding both her hands and being very romantic. The whole time they will be very in love, no matter what they say. When they “sleep” they will be holding hands, facing each other, and looking utterly peaceful.

    Puck will come skipping into the woods, holding the nectar and excited at the prospect of his task. I see Puck as having curly red hair or long red hair in an earthen ponytail. He will be in leggings and wearing a wreath. Puck will be animated and devious. When he leaves, he will be very happy.

    Helena and Demetrius come running in. Helena will have dark hair and rich olive skin. She will be very pretty in a natural way, not extraordinary like Hermia but beautiful all the same. Demetrius will be dark skinned and hair as well, and comparatively handsome to Lysander. Helena will be running after Demetrius, lifting her skirts speeding as quickly as she can. Demetrius will be walking quickly, agitated at Helena but with a purpose- Hermia. Their conversation will be very lopsided, Helena romantic but short of breath with much emotion. Demetrius will be quick with her, never saying much nor paying much attention to his follower. When Lysander wakes up, he will be very dreamlike. Lysander will not be able to take his eyes off Helena for more than a moment. He will trip over his own feet and things that would normally be simple to step over in his determination to get to her new love. When Hermia awakes, she will be distraught by her dream and unaware of the new developments. Until the scene ends she will be confused and sleepy.

    And so ends Act II, scene ii.

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