The Mona Lisa, also called La Gioconda or La Joconde, by Leonard daVinci

Tonight, please write in response to this famous work of art.  You may respond in many different ways.  Some of the ways we discussed in class are to describe what you see, tell a story based on the picture, give your opinion, discuss the use of colors and composition, describe what it reminds you of, or how it makes you feel.

But you are not limited to these ideas!  Come up with your own ideas!  Please remember though that you must write at least 200 words and use lots and lots of specific details to make your writing come alive.  You should also check out your classmates comments as well.


34 thoughts on “The Mona Lisa, also called La Gioconda or La Joconde, by Leonard daVinci

  1. When I look at the Mona Lisa, all I see is a women posing for a painting. I honestly don’t see the importance of this painting. I know that this painting was made by Leonardo DiVinci and that it is very famous. This painting is very dark, and I don’t like it. I like paintings that have brighter colors, and this painting has a lot of browns and darker colors in it. Plus she is barely smiling. It’s basically just a corner of her mouth turned up. Maybe if there were brighter colors and she had a bigger smile on her face, I would like it more. I know that to a lot of people, this is one of the greatest paintings that they have ever seen in their entire life. But for me, I don’t really care about it. I’m not saying that the people who like this painting are insane and have a horrible taste in art, I just think that this painting isn’t anything special and I don’t think that it should have that much value to it. It’s probably worth like a billion dollars, and that I think is unnecessary. Even if it is really old.

    • Many people agree with you, Maia, and ask what is the big deal. On the other hand, others specifically point to her smile as mysterious, especially the way it only goes up on one side. Very interesting!

  2. The Mona Lisa, La Gioconda or La Joconde no matter what you call it still is one of the most beautiful and famous pieces of art to ever be made. It was made by Leonard daVinci in circa 1503. Many people all around the world go to visit this exquisite piece of art displayed in the Louvre. It is one of the most well known pieces of art today. I think it a beautiful piece considering how old and faded the colors are. The colors aren’t the most vibrant, but it is still a pretty piece. It is a painting of a woman it looks to be on her balcony by some mountains and dirt roads. The piece of art no matter what I have said about it’s beauty or fame it still makes me feel a bit sad because it is so dark I think it should have been made with a bit brighter colors to make it more cheerful. It reminds me of my mom even thought they don’t look alike at all it reminds me of her, her beauty, and the fame that she holds with me. That’s what this painting reminds me of and what I think about it.

  3. The painting the Mona Lisa is not one of my favorites. However whenever I see this painting I just starting thinking of so many quest-ions. Who is this painting of and what inspired this painting. Was it just a sudden vision that the painter had. I think that this piece of art is amazing and this painter is very skilled but I think it is a little too dark for my taste. Her hair is straight, brown, long and flowing. She has no eyebrows which you don’t really notice until you stare at it for a while. Her eyes are curved towards the end and they are a deep cocoa brown. She is wearing a long flowing black, yellow and brown. I think that the background of the picture is extremely pretty. It looks like she is sitting on a chair on top of a mountain that is overlooking a pretty lake and trees. They sky above her looks very cloudy and muggy. It also looks like below her there is a road that was carved out of many small hills. The lake or river that is even farther away from Mona Lisa looks as if it have carved out the land over many years.

  4. When I look at the Mona Lisa all I see is a women. I don’t really get the importance to it. I always ask myself who it is? or why she’s so special? This picture was painted by Leonardo daVinci. He is a famous Italian artist who created things like The Baptism of Christ, The Adonation of The Magi, and many more as well as The Mona Lisa. Even though I don’t really get this painting it is still a beautiful and amazing piece. It’s very dark but still shows a lot of detail. Whenever I see this picture I think of a beautiful women surrounded by mountains and dirt roads. Its a very old piece and you can tell that by the way she’s dressed and her surrounding, like a said before. Its very deserted and it’s all just mountains, valleys, streams, and dirt. This piece is a very amazing and famous piece that will always be around and has inspired many people. This is what I think when I see the Mona Lisa.

    • Many, many people wonder who the woman was! She was married to Mr. Giocondo, and that’s why the name is sometimes is the Gioconda. Good response!

  5. When I see the Mona Lisa I see a very detailed painting. This was painted by Leonardo De Vinci. This painting can have many questions about it. Is she smiling and who was she? The background looks like an ocean and the colors are very dark. I know the picture is worth alot of money and is in a museum in Paris. She looks very dark in this picture. This painting is amazing and very famous. This painting is very old but is a great piece of history. To this day this painting is known as one of the most beautiful paintings ever painted. I don’t see that much value and it is not one of my favorite paintings. Many people sometimes forget how much detail is in the background alone and how real she looks in the painting. Leonardo Da Vinci became a very well known artist especially for the Mona Lisa. That is what I have to say about the Mona Lisa and how famous it was and all of the other great things it has in a part of history. This painting will never be forgotten and will always be important to art.

  6. When i look at this painting i see a very well drawn painting of a woman. she is just looking straight at you. i know that this is one of the most famous paintings ever and i know it was made by Leonardo De Vinci but i don’t get why its so famous. I mean its a really good painting thats descriptive but why is it so famous its just a woman looking at you. Like really though why is this painting so important and famous it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. And I’ve heard of Mona Lisa’s smile being famous i don’t get that ether. its just a smile like whats so special about that. And she’s barley even smiling its just a small smile. I don’t think this painting is very impressive i think a lot of artist today could do that if they put a lot of time into it. Overall i don’t like this painting cause its boring to me and i don’t see whats so great about it.

  7. The picture the Mona Lisa is a very beautiful picture I guess because you know it is in the Art Museum. However I have no idea of who it is supposed to be. I always wonder maybe it’s was daVinci wife, friend, or somebody important to him. The Mona Lisa is quit a wonderful painting. No ordinary man could of done this drawing. I mean just look at it the wonderful back round and beautiful accurate features.

  8. The Mona Lisa is a very important painting. The only thing that I understand is that it’s the natural beauty of the women that makes her so special. But then there’s all the questions like everybody else said. What is her importance in the painting? How did DiVinci decide to paint her? Was she ever a real person? The colors in this painting are very plain. They don’t grab your attention. The plain colors go with the facial expression on the women. Her smile is only small and her stance is that of relaxed pose. But even though this picture is plain many people around the world travel great distances to see this one of a kind piece by the great italian artist Leonardo DiVinci. This painting is mostly why people know his name. In Art class alot of the time the Art teacher will ask about artists and DiVincis name is certainly one of the first names I think of and though this isn’t one of the most captivating paintings by DiVinci it is certainly one of the greatest ever known to man.

    • Good response! Be careful, though. The singular is woman and the plural is women! Also, a lot is always two words and the painter’s name is daVinci! 🙂

  9. The Mona Lisa, also called La Gioconda or La Joconde what ever the name is it is still one of or is the most famous piece of art and the most well known piece of are in all of the world. This piece of art was made in 1504 in Florence Italy by Leonardo De Vinci. When I first saw this painting back when I was around seven years old a lot of thoughts seared through my mind who is that? Why is she so famous? Who painted this? Why was she painted? Well, I found out the answers to most of the questions about a few minutes ago when I googled her and then I looked her up on wikipedia. This painting is over $720 million dollars. Although the Mona Lisa is painted by an italian in Italy it is in France. When I look at the painting I am surprised that the painting is in almost perfect condition considering it is over 500 years old. I feel that when something happens to this painting or it finally breaks that no one will forget about this painting.

  10. I agree with Maia i really don’t understand the point. I mean who was this woman? I have no idea… Leonardo Da Vinci was so famous why???? I’m so lost on this. And is it just me or does she look like she’s made of plastic? Her skin is so pale she looks like a doll. It also looks like she’s wearing a hairnet…weird. And the colors look so depressing they are all dark shades of brown and orange and a little blue and green in the background. It’s like she’s not allowed to smile but shes still trying to. She looks as if she is trying extremely hard to sit up straight and look “perfect”. I actually think this i better than what most artists now get credit for. Some people can just paint lines on canvas and sell it for 5 million dollars. It’s so old why do people care so much now? Is the fact that it’s old the reason its worth so much? AND she doesn’t even have eyebrows did Leonardo forget them? Did he leave them out for a certain purpose? I find the Mona Lisa inexpressible it’s just hard to explain.

    • I think you have asked very important questions, Susan. Sometimes the best response is a question. It shows that you are really thinking! Good work!

  11. It’s a very nice painting. The color scheme is weird though, all browns and greens. It’s a very plain piece of artwork. I wonder why it’s called the Mona Lisa. Maybe it’s the girls name. There’s really nothing else about the painting.

  12. The Mona Lisa, a classic work of art. Well, I think the Mona Lisa is a very nice painting. And clearly a lot more people agree because it is hanging in a really popular museum. I wonder what it takes to have a picture of yours to hang in a museum. The Mona Lisa is a painting of a woman named Mona Lisa and she is sitting on what looks like to be an expansive chair. She is wearing dark green and brown, and has dark brown hair, or is it red? I can’t really tell but She is sitting in front of an amazing background with mountains and rivers and streams that I think are very cool looking. It’s an old painting and a great picture because there are a lot of questions about it. Is she smiling? Where is she? Who is she? Well, it looks like Leonardo daVinci took a lot of time and effort into this painting. There are so many details and little things. Just take a look at the background! And her clothes! Wow! There are just so many details. Well, let’s just say he’s an extremely talented guy, and it shows in his art work.

  13. This is a very nice painting. I like it because when your looking at the painting it looks like the eyes are following you. Except I don’t understand why it’s such a valuable painting it looks like any normal painting of someone.

  14. Everyone makes fun of this painting because they say that the mona Lisa isn’t smiling but she looks pretty happy to me. Actually her eyes are kind of weird and dull but it looks like she’s trying to smile. I think it’s actually pretty cool how different the Mona Lisa is compared to paintings in this time period. I’ve never seen anyone that looks like that. She’s all old-timey

  15. The Mona Lisa is a very nice panting. That’s the only painting that I know the name of. When an art to asks what paintings we know I would say the Mona Lisa. This art piece was made by a very famous artist named Leonard daVinci. He is one of my favorite artists other than Michael Angelo. Both of them are very good artists. Okay let get back on topic aout the Mona Lisa. When I looked at the Mona Lisa I think that I see something that is on her head and drips over onto her forehead. The other thing about the Mona Lisa that i find interesting is the background. What I like about the background is the water because I love the water. I also like what looks like mountains. When I look at the Mona Lisa the only thing i focus on is her. When I look at the background I concentrate because I feel like no one notices the background and just focuses on her.

  16. The Mona Lisa is a very intriguing painting. It is quite fascinating, especially the smile. You can’t really tell what she is smiling about. The coloring is very interesting. I like the rather dark and secretive mood Da Vinci has set for his painting. This is probably his greatest work, even greater than his Last Supper. I heard that Da Vinci painted this portrait for someone but liked it so much that he didn’t want to sell it or give it away. I wonder if there is a secret code embedded in it, like the Da Vinci code. I would like to figure out its mystery someday.

  17. When I think of the Mona Lisa I think of a painting that is very famous and a lot of people like but I do not understand why some people like it so much. To me its just a painting and any other painting by a famous artist is just as good but for some reason this one is favored. It is a good painting though because i know a lot of people cant do that I just dont get why it is talked about more then the other ones. I think in the picture she is smiling but I dont why she is smiling. In the background it looks like there is a road that turns a lot and it also looks like there is a river or something with a lot of water. One of the most famous mysteries is what is Mona Lisa staring at and I am wondering that to. Im sure that there are a lot of opinions for that mystery. Her hair is really long and it looks like it is taller than she is. I think it is pretty cool to have hair that is that long but that looks like it never ends and that is another mystery to the Mona Lisa.

  18. When I look at the Mona Lisa, all I see is a women posing for a painting, and I do not understand why some people like it so much. What I don’t like is that you can’t tell if she is smiling. My last question is, was this a real person? If so why isn’t she famous, which kind of answers my own question

    • The rest didn’t work so this is it. What is so interesting about this painting, it is really just a women, right? So why do people like it so much. I think it’s because of the way he uses bright colors in the back round, and because you can debate about the smile.

  19. When I look at the Mona Lisa all I see is a women sitting, posing for a picture. Even though it is one of the many famous paintings I don’t see whats so great about it. It doesn’t use many bright colors, only in the background. In fact I find it a dull painting it’s just a women sitting there posing. But what I find interesting that probably many of us do is that the eyes follow us everywhere we go. Her smilie isn’t like a usual smilie. It’s unique. But over all I don’t think this piece of art is all that interesting

  20. To me, The Mona Lisa is probably the most boring painting ever. I think it’s famous for being very boring and plain. It’s so boring and dull but it’s still amazing. I couldn’t paint like that to save my life. Her smile is very dull but it’s probably the most famous smile ever. Her eyes follow you so it’s also kind of a creepy painting. Yet, it’s also a very beautiful painting. It doesn’t have the prettiest colors, and the woman isn’t that pretty, but it’s still such a beautiful painting. Her smile is mysterious and her eyes are a little creepy, but that’s what makes this painting even more beautiful. I think the painting is very, very boring, but I also see it as the most amazing work of art ever. That woman compared to the women of today is very different. No one looks like that today. Even the colors used for this painting are different of how people paint now. They are very simple and dark. Now, everyone uses such bright and vibrant colors. I’ve never seen a painting as dull as this one, but I’ve also never seen such a beautiful work of art.

  21. The Mona Lisa is a very important painting. The only thing that I understand is that it’s the beauty she has that makes her so special. But then there’s all the questions like is she smiing, whats the purpose and mu ch more.. What is her importance in the painting? How did DiVinci decide to paint her? All very coomon questions. Was she ever a real person? i believe this painting really got divvinciis name out there

  22. When I look at the Mona Lisa, I dont really have much to say about it. In my opinion i think its sort of dull. The paint Davinci used was very dark and I didn’t really understand it. He should have used more brighter colors to make the painting look…better i guess. and i dont understand why she was smiling lie that because she looks bored the i’d feel bored. Also i dont understand why it is so famous. Maybe its because DaVinci is famous. I feel bad for Mona Lisa because it probably took him hours to make this art . What I find that’s crazy is how long she probably stayed in that position. Maybe that’s why she wasn’t smiling a lot in the painting.

  23. Okay, The Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci. His name is fun to say. The Mona Lisa is just an ordinary portrait. The only reason it is famous is because of who drew. I think its because Leonardo is famous, the Mona Lisa. Okay, lets talk about the actual painting now. It is a portrait of a woman who nobody. Some people think the girl is named Mona Lisa. Others think it is just a title and the woman is named some other name. I think the Mona Lisa is a very good portrait though it is not the best one I have seen. Personally, I like the portraits of Tiziano Vecellio. I’m not saying that the Mona Lisa is bad. It is a good portrait. I like the colors and the background is very pretty but I doubt it is real. I think Leo, I’m gonna call him that now, made it up so the portrait would look nice. I like the background. I think it is I only part of the painting I like. The rest, I’ve seen before and I’ll see again. That’s all i have to say about the Mona Lisa. Let me check the word count. Okay that’s 201 words so I’m done. 208 now.

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