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Ill met by moonlight, proud Titania.

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Describe Oberon and Titania both physically and psychologically. What are they fighting about? Do they remind of any other people or characters you have met either in real life or in books?

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30 thoughts on “Ill met by moonlight, proud Titania.

  1. Mylesn

    Oberon strikes me as large, tall and muscular. Though under all that he is a child. He is petty and wants what he can’t have. I do not believe he wants the boy because he truly likes him or some real reason, but more for the fact that Titania won’t let him have the child. Though supposedly these fairies are the same level socially speaking I find that Titania seems to be more elegant. She seems more upheld and when she gives the speech about what Oberon is causing and the reaction of Oberon just shows that Oberon believes he is in the right. The Queen of The Fairies strikes me as the opposite of Oberon. While he is large and muscular she seems to be thin and smaller. While on the other hand Oberon seems like a child and Titania seems like a parent chastising him. I believe that as the story goes on we will see that Oberon and Titania are very contrasting characters.

  2. jane

    In “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, I picture the character Oberon as being a big, strong, muscular man. He probably has facial hair too, which just shows that he is manly and tough. On the other hand, I imagine Titania as being thin, small, and dainty. Her name reminds me of the word tiara, which are beautiful but delicate and small, which is pretty much how I invision Titania. I think that psychologically, Oberon is not as strong as he is physically. He probably believes that he is too manly to talk about his feelings, which is the main reason why he is so frustrated with the fact that he can’t have the boy for himself. But Titania is probably the stronger minded one of the couple, and is true to her promise she made to the little boy’s mother. Oberon and Titania are both very upset that they can’t leep the boy for themselves. Titania wants Oberon to realize that the boy is forever hers, but Oberon can’t seem to rest. He will probably worsen their relationship by trying to use trickery to snatch the boy, but I don’t see any plan like this working.

  3. Laila

    Oberon and Titiana are two fairies that are constantly bickering with one another about the tiniest issue. In Act II, scene i, we find the faries arguing about Titiana’s Indian serving boy. While Oberon wants the boy to serve as his assistant, Titiana cares too much about the child and his parent that she is close with. Before his mother died, she asked Titiana to care for the Indian serving boy. The two fairies continue to argue and begin accuse one another of different things. Titiana stood her ground, hoping that Oberon Being childish, Oberon decides to make a plan to have Titiana fall in love with a beast as his form of revenge. The two fairies remind me of the Capulet and Montague families from Romeo and Juliet. They’re both constantly fighting for no good reason and have an ongoing feud. It is almost difficult to believe that Oberon and Titiana are married to one another.

  4. angelicac1

    Titania strikes me as a fairy with a fair complexion and long hair. She seemed like an intelligent person because she knew that she should leave her husband in order to stop the fighting over the Indian boy and to prevent something they would both regret. Like a mother would, Titania protected the boy and she refused to hand him over to Oberon because she was friends with the boy’s mother. She also gave off a jealous vibe when she started accusing Oberon of cheating on her with Phillida and for loving Hippolyta. Oberon strikes me as a fairy with authority and determination. He told his wife that he wanted the boy as his own page and he sounded really persistent about it.

    The relationship between these two characters reminds me about the relationship between Zeus and Hera. All four of these people have powerful positions and authority. Titania and Oberon remind me of Zeus and Hera because both of these couples bicker over the same topics. In Greek mythology, Zeus is known for being a player and for cheating on his wife multiple times. Hera was always known as a jealous goddess who would accuse her husband every time he would go behind her back. The similarities shared between these individuals struck out to me the moment I started to analyze Oberon and Titania’s relationship so I thought that maybe Shakespeare decided to incorporate some of Zeus and Hera’s relationship into this story that involves some Greek mythology.

    1. Mikayla Friedman

      I really like the connection you made to Greek mythology, and I completely agree! Zeus and Hera are constantly arguing, just like Oberon and Titania. And they definitely have similar issues with love and trusting each other.

  5. Emily

    Oberon and Titania are fighting about about an Indian boy that Titania has.
    Oberon wants Titania to give up the boy, but she refuses to give into him.
    Physically, Oberon is tall, strong, and what is typically masculine. He probably looks intimidating and like he would be powerful. Titania on the other hand, is the opposite of him, dainty, skinny, and typically feminine. I picture Titania to be the fairy that most people are familiar with. In contrast to their physical appearance, Oberon is actually weak inside. He is subjected to the power of Titania who is fierce and independent.

  6. johnh1

    I think Oberon is a large guy for a fairy. He seems like this because he uses intimidation to get his way. However, since they are Fairies he could be small just have very powerful magic. Whatever he is he is powerful in some way because he is still king and no one has killed him. I see Titania as a very tall Fairy as well, she seems like this because she stands up for herself against Oberon. I imagine her as being able to physically look down at people to intimidate them and show how powerful she is. That is how I imagine them as looking but their personalities are very distinct as well. Oberon is a more aggressive person who demands what he wants. Titania on the other hand tries not to be as aggressive. She sticks to her business. However, when she needs to she can stick up for herself. Their marriage doesn’t seem to be going too well and maybe their personalities and differences in personalities could be the reason.

  7. stephaniec

    Oberon and Titania have been married for a long time and are in conflict over Titania’s adopted Indian boy. Based on what we have read so far, I believe Oberon is insecure. He believes that Titania loves the Indian boy more than him, which is why Oberon is scheming to bring the boy on his side. However, on the outside, Oberon is strong, tall, and muscular. On the other hand, Titania is strong-minded and independent, as is Oberon. Both Oberon and Titania are determined to claim the boy as their own. I think Titania is tall, slim, and has long hair. She wants to keep the boy as her own after being asked by the mother of the boy to take care of him. Even though boys usually go to Oberon, Titania plans on taking care of him on her own and giving him the affection and love a mother would. Therefore, in order to keep the boy, Titania accuses him of infidelity to make him stop.

  8. Kate Ma.

    Oberon and Titania are the king and queen of the fairies. The two are fighting over a little Indian boy that Titania has stolen. Titania is calm and collected. She stays calm even when Oberon is yelling at her. Oberon is more short tempered and quick to get angry. Oberon likes to get what he wants and is happy only when things are done his way. Oberon is also jealous of the little Indian boy. Titania and Oberon remind me of an old married couple with the way that they fight. Their fighting is causing the human world to become messed up. “The seasons alter: hoary-headed frosts/ fall in the fresh lap of the crimson rose.” (Act II scene i ll 110 -111). The seasons are now opposite and the flowers are dieing because it is too cold. Their fight is over a petty thing, but it is still doing a lot of damage.

    1. Emma Garbowitz

      I agree that the only time Oberon is happy is when he gets his way. Also, I agree that they are like an old married couple because they bicker and don’t give in to the other person’s way.

  9. maxwellw

    Oberon strikes me as tall and powerful, and having lots of influence. But, Titania appears to be just as headstrong as Oberon, and they seem equally matched. We know they have had a good relationship up until now, as he and Titania would “dance our ringlets to the whistling wind” (Act 2, Scene 1, 86). But since Titania refuses to give Oberon her changling child there relationship has faced turmoil. Oberon has asked Puck to get the juice from a herb he once showed him and pour it in the eyes of Titania so that she falls in love with something ridiculous. Oberon is angry with his queen for disobeying him and exacts a kind of revenge, but it is quite harmless and humorous in its intent.

  10. Emma Garbowitz

    Oberon and Titania are the king and the Queen of the fairies. When I picture Titania, I see a strong, calm, independent lady. Titania seems intelligent when she talks but at the same time she seems slightly immature. In a way she is acted like a child bickering with her sibling but not giving in. In a way, I picture Oberon similarly to Titania. He also seems to be a very strong person with a very strong personality. He seems very stubborn and only wants to get his way. For example, when Titania doesn’t give in, Oberon is very arrogant and decided that he needed to get revenge on Titania just because he didn’t get his way.
    In the beginning Titania and Oberon were fighting over a little Indian kid to join their crew. Titania was given him after his mother died. She told his mother right before she died that she wanted Titania to look after her child and that’s exactly what Titania is doing. Although Oberon really wanted the child for himself, Titania did what she thought was right and kept the child as the mother asked. In a way, this shows how Titania really cares and keeps her word. She is a respectable person who did what she felt was right. However, at the same time, she could just be doing this so Oberon doesn’t get his way. Their fight also shows how Titania is stubborn and will not give in. This could be both a good character trait or a bad one that causes a lot of problems. As well as Titania, this fight reveals a lot about Oberon too. This shows that he will do anything at any cost to get his way because he would cast a spell/potion on his wife and cause her to have misery just to get the little Indian child for himself.
    Both Oberon and Titania remind me of stubborn children (maybe even siblings) fighting. They both don’t want to give in to the other person and will do anything in their power to get their way. Just like children who always want to get their way at any cost.

  11. Mikayla Friedman

    As many have said before me, Oberon is probably a tall, intimidating, and ‘manly’ looking fairy. I picture Titania as being almost the same size because of the way she acts. She is not a pushover, and she is not willing to give Oberon what he wants. It is because of this that I don’t think of Titania as a small and dainty fairy. She might very well be elegant and polite, but she does not give in to Oberon easily. The first time we meet Oberon and Titania they are fighting over possession of a little Indian boy. I was a little taken aback at how silly this argument is to begin with! These are two fairies, and they are the king and queen. They are the top of the social hierarchy in the play, and I’m sure they can have whatever they want! But they are fighting over a boy, a boy who probably doesn’t know who either of them are. This boy won’t be an extremely useful addition to either Oberon or Titania’s posse, but for some reason, they both want him for themselves. Oberon is jealous of Titania because she got the child in the first place. I think that Oberon is only fighting Titania for the sole reason of annoying her. I don’t think that he actually cares about having the child. This demonstrated his pettiness. Titania’s unwillingness to give him up reveals that she is a devoted, trustworthy, and strong queen. She won’t give in to her husband, which shows her strength of character.

  12. caseyz

    Oberon is a very strong and intimidating, yet childish fairy. He uses this intimidation to his advantage by trying to convince Titania to give him the child. Titania, obviously not willing to give Oberon the boy, completely ignores Oberon’s attempts at intimidating her. This shows that she is stronger than Oberon mentally. She feels that it was her duty to take care of the boy after his mother died. Titania felt very close to the child’s mother before she died, and the mother’s last wish was for Titania to care for her child. Titania feels very attached to this child because of this. Oberon is childish and selfish and only wants the child for himself, purely because Titania has him and he doesn’t. This shows that Oberon is extremely immature. Even though he has plenty of fairies in his train already, he is jealous of Titania because of this boy. Oberon doesn’t really care about the boy, he only cares about the fact that Titania has something that he doesn’t. This whole fight reminds me of the fighting in Romeo and Juliet. Similar to Titania and Oberon, Montague and Capulet continued to fight even though their ancient grudge was probably something they couldn’t even remember.

  13. Madi R.

    Oberon and Titania, both royal fairies, are fighting over a little Indian boy that Titania promised her friend she would adopt. Oberon and Titania are married. Oberon is tough on the outside. He is a big, burly, muscular man. Yet, delicate on the inside, becoming overdramatic, angery, and jealous during and after his conversations with Titania. On the contrary, Titania is delicate on the outside and tough on the inside. I see Titania as slim and frail but beautiful. She is the complete opposite on the inside. Psychologically she appears intelligent, fierce, independent, and strong minded. If they stopped bickering their differences would probably make them stronger.

  14. Sunna

    Oberon and Titania are both fascinating characters. I visualize Oberon as strong, muscular, but very childlike on the inside. Titania is much more put together and mature, and I can imagine that people can sense her power when she walks into a room. They are arguing over a young Indian boy, who Titania saved. It is clear that underneath Oberon’s tough exterior, he is very insecure, which is why he wants the boy for himself. He believes that the boy loves Titania over him. They are both a bit arrogant and immature, with the way that they’re quarreling like children. I think that they will continue to clash since they’re both extremely stubborn.

    1. Hannah Pitkofsky

      I agree with your thinking, however, I believe that he isn’t insecure, but he has a soft spot for babies and little children, which caused him to want a child to love and care for as his own.

  15. Hannah M.

    Oberon is stubborn and demanding and gets what he wants when he wants it. He isn’t very willing to work things out with Titania, even though she’s his wife(their not in love though). He isn’t going to reason even though Titania explained why she can’t give up the Indian boy, he still won’t move on. I see Oberon as someone who is selfish and holds grudges.
    Titania is calm given her situation. Oberon, her husband continues to ask for the Indian boy, even though she swore to keep him. She was heavily disrespected by her own husband, and yet she manages to stay within reason. She picks her battles, and knows when it’s time to just quit. On lines 149-150, she says “Fairies, away. We shall chide downright if I longer stay.” She doesn’t want to start a confrontation, even though she knows she’s right. She does what’s best for her and Oberon’s relationship, even though it doesn’t make her happy.

  16. Hannah Pitkofsky

    I picture Oberon as a big, strong fairy who all the others obey otherwise something bad might happen to them. I picture him as a tall, muscular fairy who has a soft spot for children, which is why he wanted Titania’s Indian boy. Titania, on the other hand, I imagine as a kind sweet fairy with a flowing dress and a glowy smile. She keeps her promises and chooses her own fate instead of the one that Oberon might want for her. Titania is a strong female character, and Oberon is more masculine, however, they are both loving and protective, which is why they were fighting over who should protect the little boy.

  17. josepha4

    In A Midsummer’s Night Dream, Oberon and Titania are the king and queen of the fairies. I picture Oberon muscular and large which is odd considering fairies are often portrayed as very small and fragile. Titania on the other hand I picture a more normal fairy who is petite and delicate. Oberon is a petty and mischievous. His plan to make Titania fall in love with the next thing she sees is very immature. Oberon is doing this because he wants the little boy who is on Titania “side” to become part of his “side” But Titania won’t give him up. Oberon and Titania are comparable to the feuding of Capulet and Montague in Romeo and Juliet. If Oberon’s doesn’t get his way I wonder how their arguing will affect the other characters in the novel.

  18. Zoe

    Oberon and Titania are a strange couple with a strange fight going on between them. The two fighters remind me a lot with the parallel story of Hippolyta and Theseus. Titania and Oberon are starting to fight at the beginning of Act II. The fight is merely over a little Indian boy who Titania had and Oberon became incredibly jealous of the boy and was willing to do anything to win Titania over and get the boy. Theseus also wanted to win a girl over, but for a different reason. He wanted to fight Hippolyta, not for something she has, but for Hippolyta herself. Both Oberon and Theseus wanted to win something from a girl, either the girl herself or a possession of the girl. The two men are very similar, however, the girls are different. Hippolyta could be won over, however, there is no way Titania would ever let Oberon win.

  19. Sophie

    Oberon and Titania are fighting about a little Indian boy that Titania wants to keep, but Oberon wants to use for his own royalty benefits. Pretty much, Oberon is jealous of Titania’s relationship with the little boy, but is too embarrassed to admit it. He says that he’d rather the boy be a working class servant. The reason why Titania loves the little boy so much is because his mother died shortly after childbirth and Titania promised to keep him safe. While caring for the little boy, she developed a strong love for him and now cares for him very deeply. Physically, I picture Oberon being a large, strong, and tough looking man. However, the personality within himself is neither strong nor tough. He seems immature and selfish. Titania, seems like a very fair, dainty, beautiful royal woman. However her insides are stronger than her husbands body could ever be. She has a heart of gold and is stands confident for what she believes in. She is not once ever persuaded or controlled by the man in the relationship, and sticks with what she knows is right – caring for the little boy.

  20. Maddie

    Oberon, though a fairy, strikes me to be strong and large. He is stubborn and an annoyance to Titania and her group of fairies. His goal is to make the Indian boy his first servant, to help him in all of his tasks. He has no connections with the boy, he only wants him to do work for him. Titania on the other hand is tall, thin and beautiful. She personally knew the Indian boy’s mother, and she said that they were friends. She knows that the boy’s mother died after giving birth to him, so she finds it right to take him in. The two characters are fighting over who should be in control of the boy. These two characters remind me of Capulets and Montagues because they were in a huge argument over something that started years ago that they probably don’t even remember or care about. Overall, the fight that Oberon and Titania are in is foolish because it doesn’t matter who has control of the boy since they were both able to operate before he came along. Also, Oberon is just bothering Titania which is stopping her from dancing with the other fairies. This is causing bad weather to occur when that could have easily been avoided.

  21. trinityt

    Titania strikes me as a young woman with a fair and gentle complexion, wearing a long, flowing white dress, and wings on her back. She seems like the type that’s mature and independent, someone that everyone turns their attention to when she enters the room, and gives off a powerful vibe. As for Oberon, physically, he seems to be strong and muscular. Yet, psychologically, he’s not as mature and independent as Titania.
    Titania and Oberon are fighting over a boy, whom mother was a friend of Titania and has passed away. Titania had taken in the boy and raise him, but Oberon wants the boy for himself. When Titania didn’t give the boy to him, Oberon didn’t gave up, and he keeps forcing her to give the boy to him, yet Titania still refuses to give up the boy.

  22. Brishti

    When I picture Oberon, I see a large, stout, and strong man who acts very tough, stubborn, and somewhat condesending. He tries to intimidate Titania. But in actuality, he gets jealous very easily. Titania, on the other hand, seems very gentle, kind, and true. When the mother of the Changeling boy dies, Titania felt kind enough to bring him up as her own. She was true to her word, and raises this boy as a mother figure. But, she can also be brave, confident, and independant and she sticks to what she believes in. She stands up to Oberon, and defends the Changeling boy. They are fighting over this young boy from India, who causes them to quarrel because Oberon only wants him as part of his group to do his work, and Titania wants to raise him like a son. The character of Oberon reminds me of the head of the houses (Montague and Capulet) in Romeo and Juliet, but more tough. Titania is somewhat similar to Hermia, in that they are both kind, yet confident in standing up to others.


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