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Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.

Tonight, please read Act I, scene i, of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (pp. 7-23, rectos only!)   Before you read, however, it would probably be a good idea to look at the summary on p. 6.  

Once you have finished the reading, please paraphrase Helena’s soliloquy below.  Then explain what this reveals about Helena and her experience with love?  What can we all learn from this?  Compare and/or contrast this to the  lessons we learned about love in Romeo and Juliet.

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Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind;
And therefore is wing’d Cupid painted blind:
Nor hath Love’s mind of any judgement taste;
Wings and no eyes figure unheedy haste:
And therefore is Love said to be a child,
Because in choice he is so oft beguiled.
As waggish boys in game themselves forswear,
So the boy Love is perjured every where:
For ere Demetrius look’d on Hermia’s eyne,
He hail’d down oaths that he was only mine;
And when this hail some heat from Hermia felt,
So he dissolved, and showers of oaths did melt.
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30 thoughts on “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.

  1. Hannah Pitkofsky


    Love should not be decided based on looks, but rather by their personality
    And that is which love, at times, can be blind
    Nor can someone easily determine one’s love for another
    Cupid, with wings and no eyes won’t help much in this case
    And that is why love can be refered to as a child
    Because he chose her due to her looks
    Some boys choose their love in this way
    Causing their love to appeal to almost every girl
    But that was the look I saw in Demetrius when he looked at Hermia
    He promised her things that should’ve been mine
    And when Hermia didn’t love him back,
    He never stopped, and neither did the promises.

    Helena is commenting on the fact that she is in love with Demetrius, however, he is in love with Hermia, who is in love with Lysander against her father’s will. Helena wishes that she could be in Hermia’s shoes and have the chance to be with the man she desires to be with. This shows that Helena has had previous times at love because she refers to the way she believes that a boy would choose a girl at the time: by her looks, and how Demetrius loves Hermia more because he views her as prettier than Helena. This is similar to R&J because before Romeo met Juliet, he loved Rosaline because of how she looked, however, he never spoke to her, similarly to Demetrius with Helena/Hermia.

    1. Mikayla Friedman

      Maybe Helena has had experience in love before, but I am not so convinced she has. If she had been in love with someone before Demetrius, she would have known how to get over him instead of trying to win him back. I think part of the reason why she isn’t willing to give Demetrius up is because she is afraid she will never find love again. If she had previously been in love, she would have known she can find love again.

  2. maxwellw

    Loved should be based on personality, not looks
    Which is why cupid is painted blind
    Nor does love have good judgment
    Cupid, has wings and no eyes, so he’s bound to be reckless
    That’s why they say love is a child.
    Because it makes such bad choices.
    Just as boys like to play games by telling lies
    Cupid breaks his promises all the time.
    Before Demetrius ever saw Hermia
    He showered me with promises and swore he’d be mine forever.
    But when he got all hot and bothered over Hermia
    His promises melted away.

    From this speech we can learn a lot about helena’s experience with love. As she is deelply in love with Demetrius, despite him not loving her back, Helena’s character emphasizes how fical and excessive love can be. Even though she knows she is making a fool of herself by pursuing Demetrius, Helena cannot stop the chase. She reminds us that love is blind. In Romeo and Juliet, a memorable quote that shows the opposite of Helena’s speech is when the Friar says, “boys see not with their, hearts, but with their eye.”

  3. jane


    Love sees the person, not their appearance;
    Which is why Cupid is blind:
    Love has bad judgement;
    Being blind and able to fly means Cupid will be careless:
    Love is seen as a child,
    Because it makes poor choices.
    As boys that play swear,
    That they love every girl:
    Before Demetrius saw Hermia,
    He promised me his love,
    But when he met Hermia,
    He didn’t keep to his promise.

    Helena sees that since love matches people based on their personalities, it can be difficult to be in love. Love doesn’t recognize how tricky it is to be in love with someone from a different social class, or someone that is supposed to be your enemy. But in Helena’s case, love can’t see how much Helena struggles to have feelings for someone that is in love with her best friend. Despite the fact that what has occurred so far has only been scene one, the reader can easily identify Helena as being a character that faces many obstacles. She appears happy and supportive for her friend, Hermia, but on the inside, Helena must be devastated to see the man she’s in love with trying to woo her companion. Helena has been through a lot in terms of her romantic life, and must be getting close to reaching a breaking point, meaning now she’s desperate to try anything that might win her the heart of Demetrius. This is why at the end of scene one, Helena decides that she is going to tell Demetrius Hermia and Lysander’s plan to escape at night. Helena isn’t a bad person for doing this. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but rather have Demetrius love her back.

    1. stephaniec

      I agree that Helena is not a bad person for wanting to tell Demetrius about Hermia and Lysander’s plan, because her reasoning is that she wants him to love her.

    2. trinityt

      I agree that Helena doesn’t want any harm to come to Hermia and Lysander. Helena just wants Demetrius to love her.

  4. stephaniec

    People are attracted to people’s mind not looks
    Therefore, wing’d Cupid is typically seen as blind:
    And Love doesn’t have any judgement
    Wings and no eyes set Cupid up for mistakes
    This is why Love is a child,
    Because it does wrong and makes mistakes
    Just as boys play games and lie,
    So Cupid makes his mark everywhere:
    Before Demerius realized he loves Hermia,
    He promised me he that he only had eyes for me;
    And when strong feelings for Hermia blossomed,
    His love and promises for me, dissolved.

    After reading this soliloquy, we learned that Helena believes that love is blind, meaning that it’s possible for Cupid to make mistakes. In addition, this could also mean that sometimes Cupid only shoots one person and not the other. Although Helena loves Demetrius, he doesn’t love her back and loves her best friend, Hermia. Similarly, in Romeo and Juliet, Romeo was in love with Rosaline because of her looks, however, Rosaline had no feeling towards Romeo because they had never even shared a conversation. As readers, we realize that Helena is heart-broken and desperate. After hearing about Hermia and Lysander’s plan to escape, Helena believes by telling Demetrious this, she could somehow win him over. She is so desperate that she is willing to betray Hermia, her best friend, for Demetrius.

  5. caseyz


    People fall in love with personality, not appearance;
    Which is exactly why Cupid is always portrayed as blind:
    But Cupid has bad judgement,
    With wings and no sight, he’s making bad decisions:
    And because of that, love is childish,
    And Cupid is often fooled.
    Boys often play games and lie,
    Similarly to Cupid.
    Before Demetrius loved Hermia,
    He told me that he loved me;
    But after he saw Hermia,
    He broke his promises.

    In this speech, Helena is talking about how she perceives love. She believes that love is completely blind, which is why she and Demetrius should be in love. She is mad that Demetrius isn’t in love with her, because he was before and he broke his promise to her. Demetrius has fallen in love with Helena’s best friend, Hermia, even though she is in love with Lysander. Despite all of this, Helena isn’t mad at Hermia. She realized that Cupid makes bad decisions sometimes and this isn’t anyones fault.

  6. Kate

    Love isn’t based off appearance, only off of mind and personality
    And that’s why Cupid is depicted blind:
    Nor does love make good judgements;
    Wings and no eyes make Cupid reckless:
    And therefore love is like a child,
    Because in choice he is so reckless.
    As boys play their games by lying,
    So Cupid lies all the time:
    Before Demetrius even looked at Hermia,
    He promised Hermia that he was forever mine;
    And when Hermia believed this,
    So he left, and promises were broken.

    This soliloquy tells the readers a lot about Helena. We see that she’s heartbroken and a little jealous of her best friend, Hermia that she has someone who loves her. As we know, Demetrius loves Hermia, but Helena loves Demetrius and Hermia loves Lysander. In this speech Helena shows her emotions towards love. She’s mad at love/cupid for not making Demetrius love her back. She says that Cupid is reckless and makes mistakes only having one person fall in love but not the other person. Helena is so desperate and heartbroken that she decides to betray Hermia and tell Demetrius about hermia’s plan to run away with Lysander. She’s only making this irrational decision because of how upset she is over Demetrius. She figures that if she tells him, he will finally love her back. This shows that Helena is also reckless. She doesn’t think of what Hermia will say when she finds out that Helena betrayed her. Helena is just desperate and is making an irrational decision of telling Demetrius based on this speech.

  7. Mikayla Friedman

    When in love you feel it in your mind, not in your eyes (you don’t love someone based on their appearance)
    That is why Cupid is often portrayed as blind.
    Love doesn’t judge anybody.
    Cupid’s wings and lack of eyes represent recklessness.
    Therefore, Love is said to be a child
    Because he makes bad choices and cheats.
    As mischievous boys swear falsely when playing a sport,
    The boy Love is untruthful everywhere.
    For, before Demetrius looked at Hermia’s eyes,
    He showered me with promises that he was mine;
    And when Hermia came in with her heat to melt the hail,
    Demetrius dissolved, and his showers of oaths dissolved.

    There was once a time when Demetrius was in love with Helena, and she was in love with him. But now, Demetrius has left Helena in the dust for Hermia, who doesn’t even reciprocate his feelings. To top it all off, Helena and Hermia are best friends. I am not sure who I side with here. One one hand, It was not fair or right for Demetrius to leave Helena when he said he’d love her forever. But on the other hand, Helena cannot blame Hermia (I’m not sure if she is actually blaming Hermia, though she is definitely mad at her) because Hermia doesn’t even love/want to be with Demetrius, she wants to be with Lysander.
    Helena’s soliloquy reveals how childish her thoughts are. Did she really think that she and Demetrius would live happily ever after? She thought nothing would stand in the way of their true love, but this clearly wasn’t true love because it didn’t last long. I think Helena is naive, but I also think she has a right to be angry. I am not justifying Demetrius’ actions, but I think Helena should have been a little more prepared for the ups and downs of life.
    This love triangle is very different than Romeo and Juliet’s love story. Romeo and Juliet loved each other, they married, they died for each other. This love story is a lot more complicated than that. In a way, this makes it more real. Yes, I believe it is possible to find someone who you love as strongly as Romeo and Juliet loved each other, but it is more realistic to have to struggle for love and go through hardships. It is believable to have a love story where the character doesn’t marry the first person they fall in love with, but rather they have to make sacrifices, go after those they love, and also go through heartbreak, because this is what happens in real life.

  8. angelicac1

    You cannot love someone with your eyes,
    But you must love them also with your thoughts.
    This is why love is blind.
    Love does not judge,
    And flow freely.
    Love is young,
    And appears sweet and innocent, but love is deceiving with its charm.
    As boys commit themselves in a game, but do so falsely for the time being.
    And therefore Demetrius loves Hermia,
    When he said that he loved me before,
    And his previous oaths to me now mean nothing.

    Helena’s soliloquy informed readers about many details involving Helena and her past with Demetrius. We know that Demetrius was once in love with Helena. However, after seeing Hermia, Demetrius forgot about Helena and went after his new interest. Demetrius had previously made many promises saying to Helena that he would only love her, but by going after Hermia, he broke all those promises. This situation is a little more realistic compared to Romeo and Juliet because not everything worked out. In Romeo and Juliet, both characters met and immediately fell in love. After falling in love, both Romeo and Juliet got married and were together until they died. Here, Demetrius was with Helena for some time, but then left her for another girl. This is much more realistic than Romeo and Juliet, in the sense that not everything will be perfect in real life. Also, one similarity is the connection between Romeo and Demetrius. Romeo loved different girls from time to time, one being Rosaline. Demetrius also loved different girls, a key example being his love for Helena and then switching to Hermia. It is interesting for readers to see how love impacts people’s lives in both Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream and how it affects different relationships between other people.

  9. trinityt


    Love shouldn’t be based on looks, but based on personality;
    Therefore Cupid is blind.
    Nor does Love have good judgement.
    Wings, and no eyes, represent reckless and hasty.
    Therefore Love is said to be a child
    Because he made such bad choices.
    As boys swear falsely in game,
    So Cupid often breaks his own promises.
    Before Demetrius lays his eyes on Hermia,
    He showered me with promises that he was only mine;
    And when he met Hermia,
    His promises for me melted away.

    From her speech, we readers can learn about Helena’s experience with love. Helena seem to be a character that goes through obstacles when it comes to love. The person that she’s deeply in love with, Demetrius, is in love with her best friend, Hermia. Hermia, however, is in love with Lysander, who also loves her back. Before Demetrius started laying his eyes on Hermia, he promises Helena that he will only love her, but he breaks his promises when he fell for Hermia. Despite Hermia not loving him, because she loves Lysander, Demetrius still chases after her. Despite that her love is in love with her best friend, Helena appears supportive and happy for her friend, Hermia, but at the end of Act I, scene i, Helena decided to tell Demetrius about Lysander’s and Hermia’s plan that they will run away together. Helena made that choice because she wants to win over Demetrius’s heart. She doesn’t seem to want to do any harm to her friends, Hermia and Lysander. Helena was just very desperate for Demetrius to love her back. Therefore, because of her desperation, she would do any for Demetrius.

    1. trinityt

      (I forgot to add this to my blog above)

      Like Romeo in the play of Romeo and Juliet, Demetrius has love different girls. In Romeo and Juliet, before Romeo met Juliet, he was in love with Rosaline, whom he didn’t even talked to, because of her beauty. Romeo even said that no other girls will ever replaced Rosaline in his heart, yet he later on fell deeply in love with Juliet. This is similar to Demetrius’s case from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Before he sets his eyes on Hermia, Demetrius promise to Helena that he will only love her, but he obviously broke his promise once he’s in love with Hermia. Both of these boys fell in love because of the girls’ (that they’re in love with) beauty.

  10. Laila

    Love is not based on looks, but is found through the mind
    And that is why Cupid is portrayed as blind
    Love does not care what a person likes
    Having wings and no eyes leads Cupid to be impulsive
    And so love is called a child
    because he makes bad choices
    As disobedient boys in their games,
    Love is often found guilty
    For before Demetrius looked on Hermia’s eyes,
    He promised me he was mine
    And when Hermia heard these promises too,
    All of the promises he made me were gone.

    In Helena’s soliloquy, she expresses how she feels about love. She claims that love, or Cupid, is blind. She says that he makes bad choices. We can see that she feels this way because Demetrius loves Hermia now, instead of her. She is holding a grudge, not on Hermia or Demetrius, but on love itself for being irrational. Romeo and Helena have similar qualities. Because Demetrius doesn’t love Helena back, Helena is now angry at the world and pities herself. When Romeo loved Rosaline and she didn’t love him back, he also became upset and was stuck on the thought of her. Maybe the similarities in these characters can be hinting from what type of decisions we can expect from Helena in the future.

    1. Emma Garbowitz

      I agree how this situation is similar to when Romeo loved Rosaline but Rosaline didn’t love him back. Also I agree with your idea that Helena feels more angry towards cupid (or the idea of love) rather than a specific person.

  11. josepha4

    Love is not based on looks. But rather personality.
    That’s why cupid is portrayed blind.
    Love brings poor judgment.
    Cupid fly’s blind and with haste.
    That is why love is a child.
    Due to his bad decisions.
    Boys play games and tell lies
    so they tell every girl they love them.
    Before Demetrius looked onto Hermia
    he was promised to be mine.
    When he loved Hermia more his promises
    to me began to melt away.

    We can withdraw her message of love. She thinks that love is blind and has no direction. Helena is having a dilemma with love because Demetrius is in love with Hermia her best friend. However, she doesn’t blame Hermia for this but rather blames Cupids young and hasty decision making. This story is similar to Romeo and Juliet. Romeo is in love with Rosaline who is an unattainable lady. Then as Romeo lays his eyes on Juliet all his feelings for Rosaline disappear in an instant and he immediately falls in love with Juliet. Romeo and Demetrius are similar in the way that they both had feelings for one person then began to love them instead. In Helena’s eyes Cupid is at fault and love is strange and Demetrius is blameless.

  12. Emma Garbowitz

    When you are in love, it is not because of their appearance but through what you actually think of this person;
    This is why cupid is portrayed as if he can’t see:
    Love doesn’t judge anybody;
    cupid’s wings and blindness are bound to be reckless and hasty:
    And therefore, Love is said to be a child,
    because he makes such bad choices.
    Just as boys like to play games and tell lies,
    Cupid breaks his promises all the time:
    Before Demetrius looked at Hermia’s eye,
    He made a promise to me that he was only mine;
    And when Hermia came with her beauty,
    Demetrius’ promise dissolved and his oaths no longer exist.

    In the beginning, Demetrius was in love with Helena and Helena was in love with Demetrius. However, as soon as he laid his eyes upon Hermia with her beauty and saw her personality he instantly fell in love with her. He is relentless trying to get Hermia to love him back but Hermia only loves Lysander. To top all this, Hermia and Helena are also best friends which causes the conflict to be even worse. It wasn’t right for Demetrius to leave Helena all of a sudden for Hermia. It isn’t fair for Helena especially because she is so hopelessly in love with him. However, at the same time, Helena cannot be mad at Hermia just because Demetrius loves her. Hermia doesn’t even love Demetrius back so it doesn’t make sense for Helena to be mad.
    Helena’s soliloquy showed the reader about how she feels about love and cupid. In a way, Helena almost felt betrayed and hurt. She thought that herself and Demetrius would end up together. However, she realized that love might not always go your way without a struggle or a fight. In a way, she almost blames Cupid for making Demetrius fall in love with Hermia. This shows how deep down, Helena knew that is wasn’t totally Hermia’s fault and she couldn’t be blamed for Demetrius loving her. Furthermore, Helena seems naive and innocent. She doesn’t realize that Demetrius doesn’t have to love her. It’s neither of their fault and they just have to find different people, or at least Helena.
    Just like Romeo and Juliet, Hermia and Lysander are in a similar situation. Hermia’s father doesn’t want Lysander to be with with her and prefers her to be with Demetrius. Although Hermia’s father knows about her and Lysander’s love their love is still forbidden and don’t want them to be together. Just like Romeo and Juliet neither of their families wanted them to be together. Furthermore, in this situation (excluding Helena), Demetrius is like the Paris from Romeo and Juliet. He loves Hermia although Hermia loves someone else just like how Juliet loved Romeo while Paris loves her. Therefore, this soliloquy reveals a lot about the characters that are in this play and how they act.

  13. Hannah M.

    “Love is not seen only with the eyes for looks, but knowingly with the mind observing personality; And that is why Cupid is shown and painted blind: Love does not care what a person wants; Having wings, not eyes, causes urgency: And that is why love is a child, Because he is usually misleaded. As boys play and tell lies, So Love lies as well and breaks its promise: So before Demetrius looked at Hermia, He said that he loved me; and when him and Hermia met, he was gone and so were his promises he had made.”

    In this speech Helena is saying that all love is blind like her and Demetrius’s love. SHe is mad that Demetrius broke his promise of being in love with her for he does not love her anymore which breaks Helena’s heart. She says that cupid having someone fall in love with you but then fall out of love is like cupid telling a lie and breaking a promise and trust. She explains how love can be misleading and that makes you need to have the person you love more and more. unfortunately Helena cant have Demetrius for he’s in love with Hermia, Helena’s Best friend

  14. johnh1

    Love doesn’t look with it’s eyes but with it’s mind
    that is why Cupid is painted blind
    and love doesn’t have good judgement
    and that is why love is a child
    because his choices are so bad
    foolish boys deny it
    so there love is tainted
    before Demetrius saw Hermia
    he hailed promises to me he was mine
    but when that hail felt Hermia’s heat
    he melted and so did those promises

    While the beginning of this does sound like the opposite of the friar from R&J saying that boys only love with their eyes it is actually quite similar. Helena goes on to say that Boys actually do love with there eyes and how Demetrius loved her until he saw Hermia. There might be a very simple thing that is being said through these two plays: Young boys are stupid and young love can just be attraction

  15. Brishti

    Love doen’t come from what you see, but what you feel;
    That’s why Cupid is painted blind:
    Love doesn’t have good judgement;
    The choices are made quickly and rashly:
    Love is like a child,
    Because he makes all the wrong choices.
    Just like foolish boys who play games and give up their word,
    Cupid cheats and lies all the time:
    Demetrius loves Hermia,
    He gave down the promises that he was only mine;
    And when he had seen Hermia,
    All the promises for me had disappeared.

    Helena’s expirience with love has not been a delightful one. She has had trouble finding love and having the one she love return the feelings. Whereas Hermia is in a loving relationship with Lysander, and Romeo and Juliet found love almost instanly, Helena undoubtedly has a rough time with love. She is in love with Demetrius, someone who loves her own best friend, Hermia. From this, we can learn several different things. One of these lessons is that the ones who leap headfirst into love don’t always finish first. Helena is frustrated that she is unable to find love which, as you can imagine, would probably make her feel worthless. Looking at other relationships like Hermia and Lysander or Romeo and Juliet, she most likely would feel jealous. But, it is important to remember that love will take time, and that time is different for different people. Helena is unable to be with Demetrius right now, but that doesn’t mean she will never be in love. And maybe, it’s for the better that she doesn’ rush right into a relationship. An example of a couple who took things too fast were Romeo and Juliet. They rushed into a relationship that was rash and carefree. How did they end up? Dead. This goes to show how we should let things work itself out when it should. This is the same problem Romeo faced in the beginning of the Tragedy: loving someone who doesn’t love you back. If Romeo gave things time to work out with Rosaline, he could have avoided his horrific end. The takeaway from these situations is that you should keep patient for a new love to blossum; just because the person you love doesn’t want you back, it will not stay this way forever.

  16. Mylesn

    Love is from the heart, not what you see
    And that is why Cupid is painted blind
    Love’s actions are rash
    Choices made quickly and hastily
    And that is why love is a Child
    Because his choices are often rash
    As young boys who play and go back on their word
    So young Love is cheating and unfair
    Demetrius loves Hermia
    He gave promises that were not his
    And when Hermia is seen
    All of his promises are gone

    This speech is talking about love. Decisions based on love are often not good ones. It portrays love as a child who cannot make decisions for himself. This is much like the love portrayed in both Romeo and Juliet. Lysander and Hermia plan to flee Athens for their love and Romeo and Juliet’s love lead to their deaths. It also says that love is not based on how someone looks but is based on the thoughts of a person. I predict that Lysander and Hermia’s relationship will end much like Romeo and Juliet’s, with their death.

  17. Emily

    Love is seen not with eyes, but with the brain;
    And that’s why cupid is drawn as blind
    The mind of Love does not have any judgment;
    Having wings but no eyes shows unneeded spontaneity;
    And so Love is a child,
    Because he often makes bad choices.
    As young boys cheat in games,
    Love as a boy is everywhere:
    Before Demetrius looked upon Hermia,
    He said to me that he was only mine;
    And then he felt the heat from Hermia,
    And as he dissolved so did his promises.

    In this soliloquy Helena is reflecting on her mishaps with love. She is madly in love with Demetrius, but Demetrius does not love her. Instead, he longs for the love of Hermia, who can never love him for she is in love with Lysander. In her speech, Helena says that “Love, at times, can be blind” since love draws people to make rash decisions. An popular opposing opinion is that Love is blind not because of the decisions it causes one to make, but rather that it is because love does not judge based off of appearances. While this is an interesting argument, it fails to account for the fact that in the play Romeo and Juliet, the pair falls in love off of mere appearances. At the Capulet party, Romeo and Juliet meet on the dance floor, and before they even say their first word to each other, Romeo declares that this is the most purest form of love he has ever experienced. Therefore, Love is blind because it leads people to make bad decisions. We once saw this in Romeo and Juliet both making the very rash decisions to kill themself in the name of love, and now the readers once again are experiencing it through the actions of Helena and her plan to stop Demetrius from pawning after Hermia.

  18. Madi R.

    Love is not determined by the way someone looks, but by the way they think and act;
    And that’s why Cupid is always painted blind:
    Nor does love have good judgment or taste;
    Cupid with no wings or eyes leads to Unnecessary haste:
    There for love is said to be a child,
    Because love is usually makes terrible choices.
    Just as boys lie in games,
    Love is full of broken promises:
    Before Demetrious ever looked at Hermia,
    He made promises and swore that he would always be mine;
    But when he got hot and bothered by Hermia,
    His showers of oaths melted away.

    From Helena’s speech it is revealed to the reader that Helena does not have a good experience with love. She believes that love is blind it is childish and full of lies. She was loved once and had fallen in love, but that person, Demetrius, made promises he could not keep and oaths he could not follow. Therefore, leaving Helena madly in love with him. The reader can learn from Helena that love does have its downsides. This perception of love, on the contrary to the perception of love in Romeo and Juliet, believes that love is not based on appearances but on the way one thinks and acts.

  19. Sunna

    Love does not depend on appearances, it depends on how they think;
    And so that is why Cupid cannot see:
    And love does not love;
    Wings and no eyes make hasty decisions
    And so love is childish
    Because he is so often seduced
    And boys play with people’s feelings
    And so love is everywhere
    For Demetrius is in love with Hermia
    He told her things that were meant for me
    And when Hermia did not return his feelings
    He was dismayed, but never stopped

    This speech shows that Helena values people’s feelings and mind over their looks. She also knows that Demetrius prefers Hermia over her. She knows how cruel love can be, but still never gives up on it. She knows that it is foolish to pursue him, but does so, anyway. In Romeo and Juliet, this was not the case. They fell in love with each other for their looks, without even knowing about the other as a person. They also had no self-awareness, and did not realize how foolish they were acting. At least Hermia knows how foolish she is being, and looks at the situation somewhat realistically.

  20. Zoe

    Love is not created from looks, but from loving someone’s personality;
    And so Cupid is always painted blind.
    Nor does love pick good lovers.
    A figure without wings and eyes
    And so love is like a child
    Because when he’s making a choice he is ill-advised by someone’s looks
    As foolish boys also do
    so this love is spread around
    For Demetrius looked at Hermia
    And told Hermia things that should have been for me
    And when these things were shot down by Hermia
    He still didn’t stop and never will.

    Helena clearly shows in this speech that she understands love can be cruel. She talks about how she is as pretty as Hermia but, just like Cupid, Demetrius is blind. Although she seems to understand this, she doesn’t seem to understand her chance at achieving Demetrius wanting her by allowing Hermia and Lysander to run away. Her idea of turning in her best friend not only sabotages her one and only want to be with Demetrius, but also ruins Lysander and Hermia’s plan to run away. Helena continues the theme of Romeo and Juliet, impulsiveness, and is bound to get many people in trouble.

  21. Sophie

    Love should be decided based on character, not appearance
    And therefore Cupid’s is often seen as blind
    Sometimes love can make bad judgments
    Which is why blind Cupid can be reckless
    And therefore love is said to be childish
    Their choices are rash and not well thought through
    Just like when young boys cheat in games
    Love can lie all the time
    Before Demetrius looked at Hermia,
    He promised to be all mine
    The heat from Hermia melted away the promises
    They now mean nothing

    When it comes to love, Helena has had an unlucky experience. First she fell in love with Demetrius who loved her and promised to stay with her. However, Demetrius moved on from Helena and fell for Helena’s best friend named Hermia. Helena must have felt hurt and betrayed that her lover is falling for somebody she is so close to. The ironic part about this all is that Hermia doesn’t even love Demetrius! Hermia and Lysander are in love with each other! In a way, this situation is opposite of Romeo and Juliet, in the sense of their family’s relationships. In R&J, both family’s were arch enemies and wanted nothing less than their children to speak to each other, but Romeo and Juliet wanted nothing more than each other! However in A Mid Summer Nights Dream, the families are encouraging Hermia and Demetrius to marry, but Hermia does not want to marry Demetrius!

  22. Maddie

    Love is based on personality not appearance
    therefore Cupid cannot see what people look like.
    And love is not judgemental
    It flies and cannot see so it is unbiased.
    Love is like a child
    It finds decision making difficult
    Young boys playing games know
    love is always everywhere.
    Before Demetrius looked at Hermia
    he said that he loved me.
    And when Hermia found out about this,
    Demetrius loved her instead.

    In this soliloquy Helena explains her hardships with love. She says that love sees with the mind, meaning that people fall in love not because of appearance, but because of personality. She says that Demetrius used to love her, but moved on and now loves Hermia. This could be because Demetrius thought that Hermia had a better personality and mind than Helena so Demetrius loved Hermia more. This contrasts to Romeo and Juliet because Romeo and Juliet loved each other for their appearances, instead of the idea of loving someone for who they truly are.


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