March 15

It is enough I may but call her mine.

This evening, please paraphrase and then analyze Romeo’s speech below.  Next, you must then compare it to the Friar’s speech beneath it.

What perpetual truth does each speaker express in his lines?  What possible outcome does the imagery foreshadow in each quotation?

Don’t forget: you must analyze both speeches and comment on the analysis of your classmates as well.

Amen, amen! But come what sorrow can,
It cannot countervail the exchange of joy
That one short minute gives me in her sight.
Do thou but close our hand with holy words,
Then love-devouring death do what he dare –
It is enough I may but call her mine.
These violent delights have violent ends
And in their triumph die, like fire and powder,
Which as they kiss, consume.
The sweetest honey
Is loathsome in his own deliciousness
And in the taste confounds the appetite.
Therefore love moderately; long love doth so;
Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow.
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27 thoughts on “It is enough I may but call her mine.

  1. Sunna

    Amen, Amen! But what sadness comes,
    Still cannot stop our joy
    I feel happiness in one moment with her
    We close our hands to pray
    If hate dares to stop us –
    I will still be happy that she is with me.

    In this speech, Romeo is only thinking about the positives of loving Juliet. He is an optimist that doesn’t think about the consequences of his actions. He is constantly happy, his head in the clouds, and can’t seem to come back down to Earth.

    These love stories have tragic endings
    And their love dies
    As they kiss,
    The tastiest honey
    Is hateful by its own good taste
    And the deliciousness confused the hunger
    So live carefully
    Love arrives to quickly as lateness too slow

    Friar Lawrence, on the other hand, is afraid that Romeo and Juliet’s love story could end tragically. He isn’t so much a pessimist, but instead a realist. He knows how dangerous Romeo and Juliet’s love is, and doesn’t think that a happy ending is guaranteed.

    This is where Romeo and Friar Lawrence differ. From Lawrence thinks with his head, while Romeo thinks with his heart. This is very similar to Romeo and Juliet. Romeo is impulsive and ignorant, while Juliet is logical and grounded.

  2. angelicac1

    Oh well. Whatever disasters occur,
    They cannot compare to the happiness I feel
    when we are together.
    Please close our hands in marriage,
    Then love-destroying death may do what he pleases–
    There is nothing I desire more than for her to be mine.

    Romeo displays his reckless and impulsive behavior through this speech by quickly deciding that he wants to be married to Juliet without taking into consideration what would occur after they are wedded. Romeo pushes Friar Lawrence’s words aside of telling him about the possibilities of what might happen if he and Juliet are to be married. Instead Romeo decides to be wedded after less than a day into his relationship with Juliet without thinking of the negatives of this decision.

    These love stories have brutal endings
    And in their victory they disappear, into flames.
    Which as they kiss, they combust.
    The most delicious honey
    can be disgusting
    When too much of it is eaten.
    So love considerably and slowly;
    Those who are too quick are just as terrible as those who are too slow.

    Through this speech, Friar Lawrence makes an attempt to warm Romeo to take things slow in his new relationship with Juliet. He notices that Romeo is quickly entering this relationship with too much eagerness. He just wants Romeo to understand that loving someone too much at a quick pace is like eating too much of something delicious such as honey.

    1. trinityt

      I agree. Romeo is too hasty and eager about his relationship with Juliet. They shouldn’t rush things when it comes to a love-relationship. Instead, they should take it slow and steady.

  3. Mylesn

    Romeo’s speech:

    Amen, Amen! But what sadness could come.
    It cannot counter the joy
    That a small amount of time can bring
    Please marry us now
    Then death may do what he wishes
    It is enough that Juliet is mine

    He is saying to the Friar that he does not care of the outcomes of Romeo this marriage. He says as long as Juliet and him are together he does not care if he dies. The negative consequences are outweighed by the positives that this marriage could bring. In this speech we see the impulsive and careless behavior that Romeo had displayed when meeting Juliet and asking her to marry him. Juliet thought of the consequences while Romeo just wanted to be married.

    Friar Lawrence’s Speech:

    These love tales have violent ends
    And in their triumph die, like an explosion
    Which as they kiss, they burn.
    The sweetest honey
    Is hateful of its own sweetness
    And in the taste confuses the appetite.
    Therefore love moderately; love long
    Being to fast could also be as bad as being too slow.

    In the Friar’s speech he is warning Romeo about the hastiness of his marriage. He warns becoming married to fast could just be as bad as if they were married to late. Friar Lawrence knows Romeo’s ways and how he moves on too quick. He wants Romeo to understand if you use something too much it will become worn out and you will not enjoy it anymore

  4. jane

    Amen, Amen! But how sad,
    It won’t stop our happiness,
    That I see her for a minute.
    You close our hands for prayer,
    We can face and stand up to death-
    It will be enough if she is mine.

    Friar Lawrence:
    These great things have terrible endings
    Like fire their love ends,
    As they kiss.
    Sweet honey
    Is hateful because it is sweet
    The taste confuses the appetite.
    Love moderately; long love will;
    It will be bad to be quick, but also to be slow.

    Romeo is ecstatic to get married to Juliet. He says in his speech that he is so in love with Juliet, but he does talk about death. He is willing to face death as long as he can love Juliet, and Juliet will love him. Friar Lawrence is happy as well, but he warns Romeo how these things can end. He says great love has a bad ending, and by comparing love to honey, says not everything is as good as it may seem at first. There is foreshadow in both of the speeches. Both discuss how strong and good love is, but how it can have terrible endings and not be so amazing. This foreshadows Romeo and Juliet’s suicides because they both love each other very much, but because they love each other, they decide to end their lives in a very tragic way.

  5. stephaniec

    Amen, amen! But what sadness may follow,
    It will not counter our happiness
    From the feeling I get when I look at her.
    We will now go into prayer,
    And dare to challenge anything that faces us
    It will all be worth it, because she will be mine.

    In this speech, Romeo is about to get married to the lovely, Juliet. He is very enthusiastic of their new love and is willing to stand up to anyone who disagrees. As long ad Juliet is with him, nothing else matters. As readers, we can tell that Romeo is an idealist and is not paying attention to all the consequences that will come.

    Friar Lawrence:
    With good, comes bad.
    In your triumphs, there will ultimately be death.
    And as they kiss, they will fall
    The sweetest honey,
    is not as good as it may seem.
    The taste surprises the appetite.
    Take love slowly.
    But not too slow.

    In this speech, Friar Lawrence is warning Romeo about what comes with marriage. He warms him to take his love slowly, because love is not meant to be rushed. However, Friar is still happy for Romeo, and will still marry them because he believes it will end the feud. Although, he does not think marriage is a good idea for Romeo and Juliet’s cause.

  6. Laila

    Amen! Amen! Whatever sadness is to come,
    cannot trump the happiness
    I get from being with her in this short moment.
    Please marry us in holy matrimony.
    And if any death or hate dares to get in our way,
    I will still be happy because she is mine.

    Friar Lawrence:
    All triumphs have tragic endings.
    And during their success, will burn.
    As they kiss, they begin to break down.
    Even the sweetest honey,
    can be so sweet that it is bad.
    And the taste confuses the appetite
    Therefore, love carefully,
    not too fast nor too slow.

    Romeo and Friar Lawrence’s speech’s contradict one another. In Romeo speech, he talks about how he wishes to marry Juliet immediately and how nothing will be able to rattle his joy. Romeo is so happy in this moment, that he believes that there’s no way it can ever end. Friar Lawrence attempts to bring Romeo back down to earth by saying that eventually, your happiness will fade. He claims that joy can be deceiving sometimes and soon enough, it will die. He warns Romeo to be careful with the pace he is moving at.

  7. trinityt

    Amen, amen. No matter what sorrow comes,
    It cannot outweigh the joy
    That I feel when I look at her.
    If you will join our hands in marriage,
    Then love-devouring death can do what he wants,
    It is enough for me to call her mine.

    In his speech, Romeo doesn’t seem to worry about anything. All he thinks about at the moment is that he loves Juliet and that they’re getting married, and nothing is going to stop them from loving each other. Like before, Romeo doesn’t think of the consequences that could happen because of his and Juliet’s love. This shows that Romeo is an optimistic. He’s way too positive. He doesn’t think logically. His head is in the clouds, and he isn’t down to earth.

    Friar Lawrence:
    These love stories have bad endings
    Their love ends like fire do,
    As they kiss. The sweet honey
    Is hated because of its sweetness
    The taste confuses the appetite.
    Love moderately. Love slowly and carefully.
    It won’t be good to go too fast nor too slow.

    In his speech, Friar Lawrence is setting a warning about Romeo being too hasty in his relationship with Juliet. Romeo enters this relationship with Juliet with too much eagerness and isn’t quite realistic. Friar Lawrence said that Romeo and Juliet should take it slow and steady, because you shouldn’t rush in a relationship, which could result in a bad ending. In this case, Friar Lawrence is the realistic one, unlike Romeo, who is the optimistic one. This is where Friar Lawrence and Romeo differ. Friar Lawrence act on his brain while Romeo act on his heart. Still, Friar Lawrence marry Romeo and Juliet, believing and hoping that their marriage could end the hate between the Montague and the Capulet.

  8. Emily


    Amen, Amen! What sadness can come,
    Can’t compare with the joy I feel
    When I get one minute with her in my sight.
    If you can marry us,
    Then anything can try to keep us apart-
    But it will not matter because I can call her mine.

    Friar Lawrence:

    Unexpected happinesses have unexpected ends
    When happinnes dies, it burns up like fire,
    When they kiss
    It is as sweet as honey
    Witch is bad within being incredible
    The taste confuses you
    So you should love in moderation
    Because it arrives just as fast as it can leave

    With these speeches, the readers experience how Romeo feels about the wedding and also the contrasting opinion of Friar Lawrence. Romeo wants nothing more than to marry Juliet, and he is blinded by his love. He is so in love that he does not care about any of the negative repercussions that could come as a result. This exemplifies the youth that is seen in Romeo, which is a crucial element throughout the play. Shakespeare casts Romeo and Juliet as young characters because it increases the effect of his message of accepting everyone no matter who they love. In contrast you have the opinion of Friar Lawrence, who is older, and more experienced with life. Although he does not doubt that Romeo is in fact in love with Juliet, he also says that he should be careful with his newly found love. He cares about Romeo and he does not want him to ruin this love by rushing into it.

    1. Emma Garbowitz

      I really appreciated the way you thought of Friar Lawrence and Romeo explaining their perspectives on love. It is really insightful and I agree with you completely.

  9. Maddie

    Amen, Amen! Even all the sadness
    cannot overpower the joy
    that I feel when I am with her for one minute.
    We close our hands and pray,
    let death do what it will,
    as long as she is mine.

    In this speech Romeo is explaining his joy of being married to Juliet. Any sadness that he may be feeling is overpowered by the happiness that he feels. He is still overwhelmed with the thrill of being married. I feel that he is blinded by his love and cannot see the problems that may approach in the future. He doesn’t seem at all worried of what his parents or Juliet’s parents will think when they find out. I would be full of guilt if I were in Romeo’s situation.

    This dangerous love will have a tragic end.
    And the happiness will end as well.
    Its gets worse as they kiss.
    The sweetest honey
    Is hateful to its own taste
    And the taste satisfies the hunger
    Therefore, live simply, as love does
    Love arrives as quickly as it leaves.

    In this speech made by Friar Lawrence, Romeo is warned to be cautious with his love, as it is a massive danger to himself and his family. He is moving too quickly with his love, and Friar Lawrence is just warning him to be careful, because he senses something bad will happen.

  10. Emma Garbowitz

    Romeo’s Speech Paraphrase-
    Amen, Amen! Let the sorrow come
    Nothing can compare to my feeling of joy
    For the short time I see her.
    Please marry us so we are binded together
    Then love will overpower death, but it doesn’t matter
    As long as she is mine.

    In his speech, Romeo is only thinking about the positivity between Juliet getting married to him. He believes nothing bad could possibly happen during this moment and nothing can ruin the joy of seeing Juliet. Romeo thinks that their love will overpower the chance of them dying for love and that their marriage could possibly end the feud between the Capulets and the Montagues. All Romeo cares about is marrying Juliet. He is blinded by his love for her (as if he is in his own world where nothing can hurt him and Juliet). Therefore, Romeo has a very positive outlook on their love and marriage and thinks nothing can tear their love apart.

    Friar Lawrence’s Speech Paraphrased-
    This tragic love will have a deathly end
    And in their win, death will occur like fire and ashes
    When they kiss they consume this.
    The sweetest honey,
    is hated because of its own deliciousness
    And its taste satisfies hunger
    Therefore, you should use love in moderation
    because it could move too quickly, or come late and slowly

    Unlike Romeo, Friar Lawrence has a completely different perspective about love. He is much wiser and more experienced than Romeo. Friar Lawrence believes that Romeo should be careful and considerate about his love with Juliet. Without a doubt anyone reading this play can see how in love Juliet and Romeo are but they are a little bit hasty and are moving quickly. I mean they just met one full day and already decided to get married! Friar Lawrence thinks they should take things slower between one another and get to know each other better before they get married. There are still many things they don’t know about each other that can ruin their marriage and cause problems. However, even after all of this I think Friar Lawrence still believes in Romeo.

  11. maxwellw

    Amen! Amen! Whatever misfortune
    It cant ruin my joy
    That I feel with one look
    at her.
    All you must do is join our hands
    with holy words,
    Then love-devouring death can do what it wants
    It is enough for me to call her mine

    Romeo’s speech is an expression of love and defiance of death. It shows how all Romeo need to spend his life with Juliet is the holy words of Friar Lawerence. In contrast, Friar Lawerence offers a cautionary speech. He tells of the danger of loving to strongly and how,, ” The sweetest honey is loathsome in his own deliciousness.”
    Which means that even the sweetest love can become sickening when overindulged.

    1. Mikayla Friedman

      Yes, I agree that Romeo is defying death. Also, I like your interpretation of the Friar’s speech, I wasn’t sure what the honey had to do with love in moderation but now I understand that because it was too sweet, it was loathsome, therefore too much love can have the same effect.

  12. Brishti

    Amen! Amen! Let whatever sadnesses come!
    It cannot interfere the happiness I feel when she looks at me.
    Say all of the prayers to marry us together,
    Then death will try to tear us apart,
    But it would be enough to call her mine

    In this speech, Romeo thinks of love as something beautiful, and his naive mind is clouded with childish fantasies of young love. The lines where he mentions death foreshadows how he knows not of the true turmoil that their love will cause them, which will ultimately result in their premature death. This also shows how he takes everything too fast. In the one day that they have known each other, they are already in love and getting married. Instead of having death try to tear them apart, it is actually their love that results in death.

    This dangerous love will have a dangerous end,
    No matter how hard you try to keep this love together, it will die
    As you kiss, it will explode
    Even honey, though it is very sweet, hates its own sweetness,
    And like how a bad taste of food ruins the appitite.
    So love wisely and carefully, and as long as you can.
    The end will come as quickly as the beginning of the love.

    Friar Lawrence has a more realistic and wiser opinion of love. Being much older and much wiser, he has seen the effects of love on a person. He thinks that Romeo is taking their love too fast and therefore it will end faster. He wants them to take their time, since they have their whole lives ahead of them. He wants them to be careful about how much rash and reckless desicions they will make. This foreshadows all of the rash choices the couple will make which is all due to the fact that they couldn’t take their time.

  13. Mikayla Friedman

    Romeo’s speech:
    Amen, amen. Sorrow can come,
    It cannot dampen the joy
    I feel when I look at her.
    You just have to marry us with holy words,
    Then ravaging death can do what he wants-
    All I need is to call her mine.

    Romeo’s love for Juliet is so strong that no matter what happens, it will be alright, because they will be married. In this short speech, Shakespeare is foreshadowing the end of the story. He has already told us the outcome in the prologue, but here he is again showing that death will be the downfall of these two star-crossed lovers. This speech gives insight into Romeo’s feelings. When he first fell in love with Juliet, I was sceptical but now I am convinced that he truly does love all aspects of Juliet and would do anything for her. I find it interesting that Shakespeare says “love-devouring death,” because even though death destroys Romeo and Juliet’s love, it also destroys the hatred between the Capulet and Montague households. Death destroys everything, not just love.

    Friar Lawrence’s Speech
    These sudden delights have deathly endings
    Their triumphant win will die like fire and gunpowder,
    As they kiss, they consume the fire.
    Sweet honey
    Is disgusting and revolting because of its deliciousness
    The taste surprises and confuses one’s appetite.
    Therefore you should love in moderation; long love is in moderation
    Too fast comes just as late as too slow (too fast is equally bad as too slow)

    Just like Romeo can be considered a dreamer and Juliet a realist, in this relationship Romeo is again the dreamer while the Friar is the realist. In this speech the Friar is warning Romeo about his love. He says that love in moderation is the key to a long-lasting relationship. Romeo is definitely not loving in moderation – he just met Juliet and they are already getting married! I think the difference between the speeches shows the difference in these two characters. I see Romeo as bold. He is basically looking death in the eye and saying he doesn’t care about being killed, everything will be okay as long as he is married to Juliet. On the other hand, the Friar is predicting and foreshadowing the tragic ending of this love story. He is only willing to marry them in hopes of ending the family feud, but he knows that this marriage will not be as inconsequential as Romeo believes. Once again, Shakespeare is foreshadowing the end of the play. I wonder why he does this often, considering that the readers already know how the play will end. What is the point of this foreshadowing? Is Shakespeare making positively sure that the reader is aware that things won’t end as well as they are going now?

    1. Kate Ma.

      I agree with your point on how Romeo is the dreamer, as all he says is how lovely it will be, and Friar is the realist when he knows that marriage is hard and it may not work with Romeo and Juliet as they’ve only known each other for one day.

  14. Hannah Pitkofsky

    Romeo: Amen, amen! But come what sorrow can,
    It cannot countervail the exchange of joy
    That one short minute gives me in her sight.
    Do thou but close our hand with holy words,
    Then love-devouring death do what he dare –
    It is enough I may but call her mine.

    In this piece of dialogue from the end of Act II, we see Romeo’s excitement about the upcoming wedding to Juliet. He shows his excitement and his love when he says to the Frair, “But come what sorrow can, it cannot countervail the exchange of joy that one short minute gives me in her sight.” He is showing the Frair that they might be part of opposite families, but their love defies the boundaries that their families had put into place.

    Friar Lawrence: These violent delights have violent ends
    And in their triumph die, like fire and powder,
    Which as they kiss, consume.
    The sweetest honey
    Is loathsome in his own deliciousness
    And in the taste confounds the appetite.
    Therefore love moderately; long love doth so;
    Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow.

    Frair Lawrence, on the other hand, is a little more wary about their plans because of the issue that is beyond their control, however, he is still happy for the two lovers and eagerly gets them married in the church where Act II comes to a close.

    Both Romeo and the Frair, though both excited for the wedding, have different ways of showing it. Romeo can only think about his future with Juliet, while the Friar is also thinking about their futures, but being a little more cautious than Romeo/Juliet would be during this special event for the two of them to share together.

  15. Kate Ma.

    “Amen, amen. Regardless of anything negative that is to happen,
    it cannot take away the happiness I get from admiring her.
    You just need to join us together in marriage,
    then life can take whatever course it will.
    I am satisfied with just saying she is mine.”

    In Romeo’s speech he explains to Friar Lawrence that he will take any hardships provided by love now that he has Juliet. He is claiming that nothing will be unbearable, even though they face many potential dangers. This bold statement is matched with a more negative outlook by the Friar.

    Happiness comes with tragedies
    This happiness won’t last
    When one eats too much honey, it will ruin their appetite even though it’s delicious
    Go slow with love and don’t rush into it or else you will ruin it

    Friar Lawrence warns Romeo about his love and marriage. He mentions that their marriage could be a catastrophe, even though it appears to have such benefits. He explains that the sweetest things can hurt you in the end, which seems to be true in our daily lives. To everything we enjoy doing, there is some negative outcome if it is taken too far. Their impending death is certainly foreshadowed by their speeches, as Romeo is not considering the danger and Friar Lawrence is strongly cautioning him about it.

  16. Zoe

    Amen, amen! How much sadness comes,
    yet it cannot stop our joy
    That this one moment with Juliet has created
    If we do pray with holy words
    Then let anyone try to stop our love
    For this one moment with her is enough for me

    Friar Lawrence:
    Love like this has horrible endings
    So when couples triumphantly die, they disappear into flames
    And when they kiss,
    there is the sweetest honey
    which can taste horrible
    if they don’t have the appetite for it.
    So when you love, love slowly, for the love will last longer
    Yet love that goes too fast is just as bad as the love that goes too slow

    The two speeches Romeo and Frair Lawrence give during the wedding are very inspiring and relate a lot to the love story of Romeo and Juliet. Both of them address what happens in the end and both know that the ending will come too fast because of their feuding families. Romeo addresses Juliet with the fact that people may try to stop their love, but this moment would be enough for him.

    ” Then love-devouring death do what he dare –
    It is enough I may but call her mine”

    Friar Lawrence also told them how to love like the kind they had would not end well for them.

    “These violent delights have violent ends”

    The two speeches warn about the effects of their marriage on them and how each of their families would react and try to separate them. Although all of this would be a good reason to split apart, the two of them are so in love they’re willing to go against both of their families.

  17. caseyz

    Amen, amen, but sadness still comes
    But our happiness overpowers the sadness
    I am so happy when I see her
    After you marry us,
    No one can separate us
    All I want is to be able to call her mine

    In this speech, Romeo is expressing how desperately wants to marry Juliet. He knows that he is putting himself in danger just by talking to her, but that is a risk he’s willing to take if it means he gets to be with the love of his live. He is sad because he knows that he is probably going to get killed by the Capulets, but the small ray of sunshine that is his love for Juliet is enough to drown out his worry and sadness. He feels that as soon as he is married, this will all be over.

    Frier Lawrence:
    This isn’t going to end well
    Love is great at first, but will eventually burn out
    As the relationship goes on, the end will become worse
    Just like honey, love can be very sweet
    If you eat too much honey, it won’t taste sweet anymore
    The taste of honey will become sickening to you
    Don’t let this love take over you life, If you want it to last, remember
    Going too fast is just as bad as going too slow

    In the Frier’s speech, he’s trying to get Romeo to understand that his relationship with Juliet will end up disastrous if he isn’t careful. He wants Romeo to take a step back and realize that he is only going to make things more difficult for himself if he continues to rush into marriage with Juliet. The Frier believes that love should be used in moderation, rather than being used up all at once.

  18. Madi R.

    Amen, amen! Even in the bad luck that may come,
    I will still find happiness in your presence.
    All you have to do now is join us in matrimony,
    Then death may do whatever it likes-
    Because now she will always be mine.

    Friar Lawrence:
    These unexpected delights have unexpected endings.
    They will die in your triumphs, just like fire and gunpowder,
    When these two forces meet, as in a kiss, they explode.
    A lot of honey is delicious, but too much makes your stomach sick.
    Therefore love each other with self-restraint,
    That is the most important thing to a lifetime of love.
    Being too fast is just as bad as being too slow.

    In Romeo’s speech he is portrayed as carefree and eager. He loves Juliet and wants to marry her. He thinks that this will complete his life. Friar Lawrence’s speech is very different from Romeo’s speech. Friar Lawrence gives Romeo valuable advice on his circumstance. His words lead to many predictions and allow the reader to imagine future events. There is a foreshadowing of the danger that is to face Romeo and Juliet and perhaps a hint that their love may lead to death.

  19. josepha4

    Amen,Amen! there’ so much sadness
    but it can’t overcome the joy of when
    I am with her.
    Marry us now please.
    Whatever hate comes our way will be worth it,
    because she will be mine.

    In Romeo’s speech he is conveying his love for Juliet to Friar Lawrence so he can marry them. While Romeo and Juliet are in love they don’t fully comprehend the severity of the consequences that could follow. Romeo’s plan is that his love will conquer all of their hardships, this bold statement turns out to not be true.

    These love stories often have violent ends.
    Like fire their love must extinguish.
    When they kiss it’s the sweetest thing but may
    be too sweet.
    The taste may surprise the appetite.
    So take your love slowly or else it will be ruined.

    While Romeo is very audacious and bold, Friar Lawrence is the voice of reason in Romeo’s life. He considers the consequences and gives Romeo advice about love in general such as to take it slow and even the sweetest things can end up hurting you. The Fate of Romeo and Juliet is obviously foreshadowed in both of their speeches and if Romeo took the Friar’s advice maybe there lives would end up differently.

  20. Sophie

    Amen amen. But even when sadness comes,
    It cannot stop our joy.
    I cherish our time together.
    And when we are married,
    If death decides to come in our way,
    It will be worth it to call her mine

    This dangerous situation might lead to a bad ending.
    Even in their victories, there will be hate somewhere.
    When they kiss, it is like the sweetest honey
    That hates it’s own sweetness,
    Which can ruin ones appetite.
    Therefore, love within reason
    Not too slow or too fast.

    In Romeo’s speech, he expressed his feelings towards Juliet and the future. He spoke about his desire to be married as soon as possible because he loves her so much. Also he has a lot of motivation. He said that no matter what gets in their way, essentially it won’t matter because he got to be with her. Overall, his speech is very positive and uplifting. Their unique family situation is not easy, but he is making the best of it. On the other hand, Friar Lawrence’s speech is more realistic. He warned Romeo by reminding him that the universe never meant for them to be together, and he gave Romeo advice for how to make his relationship the best it can be. He advises not to move too fast, because it could catch family members off guard and start fighting. But he also says not to move too slow, because they are so in love with each other and the feeling of restriction would not be very enjoyable for them!

  21. Hannah McK

    Amen Amen! sadness and sorrow cannot interfere with this happy exchange love. In only one moment I canb feel happy when with her. Closing our hands to pray, let love devour us and do as it pleases. I am happy to be with her and call her mine.

    In this paragraph Romeo is telling the Friar he doesn’t care about the consequences of this marriage. His love for Juliet is too big to care about the outcomes and cons of this marraige. He is more then happy to have Juliet and claim her as “mine”. This is very sweet of Romeo, but when the time comes he will realize he should’ve cared more about the consequences.

    These gifts such as love carry bad things and come to an end like how a fire goes out on a cold winter night. When they kiss, consume the sweet honey which its sweetness confuses the hunger. Therefore love each other, but carewfully for love comes in quick as late as it is slow.

    In this paragraph Friar Lawrence is worrying about the consequences of the marraige FOR Romeo. He says he doesn’t want Romeo to be heart broken so he warns him that most love and relationships come to and end. He says that being too caught up in love confuses the mind and its hard to get out of it.


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