March 14

Holy Saint Francis!


Tonight, please paraphrase and then analyze the speech below.  For your analysis, be sure to tell who said the quotation, to whom, and under what circumstances.   Be sure to focus on characterization, plot development, and theme.

As always, be sure to follow the rules of standard written English and don’t forget to respond to the analysis of your classmates as well.

Holy Saint Francis, what a change is here!
Is Rosaline, whom thou didst love so dear,
So soon forsaken? young men’s love then lies
Not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes.
Jesu Maria, what a deal of brine
Hath wash’d thy sallow cheeks for Rosaline!
How much salt water thrown away in waste,
To season love, that of it doth not taste!
The sun not yet thy sighs from heaven clears,
Thy old groans ring yet in my ancient ears;
Lo, here upon thy cheek the stain doth sit
Of an old tear that is not wash’d off yet:
If e’er thou wast thyself and these woes thine,
Thou and these woes were all for Rosaline:
And art thou changed? pronounce this sentence then,
Women may fall, when there’s no strength in men.

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  1. Hannah Pitkofsky

    Paraphrased Friar Lawrence Speech:

    Oh my goodness! Much change has occurred.
    Have you already forgotten about Rosaline, the one who you wanted to be with?
    Young boys like you love from their eyes and what they see, rather than in their hearts, and what they feel.
    Why did you waste your time on Rosaline?
    So many tears were cried over nothingness to try to mend what cannot be changed.
    The sun has not yet gone away in the sky,
    And its groans are heard from miles away.
    Here, upon my cheek, there is a tear that has not fallen down.
    If this tear was you, and all the problems you had with Rosaline were still here, have you really changed?
    Recite this sentence aloud to me so I know you understand:
    Women may fall, when there is no strength in her loved one to be found.

    Friar is telling Romeo that his love for Rosaline was fake because he loved her because of how she looked, not how her personality was on the inside. From what Shakespeare tells us, Romeo tended to choose a potential lover based on the way he chose Rosaline: if they look pretty, then they are an option for him. However, his true love was found another way. When Romeo met Juliet, it was originally also because of her looks. However, as he got to know her, he began to love her personality more as well. The Frair is emphasizing on the fact that love should not be chosen by looks, rather chosen by the heart and who he (or she) truly is, like the way Romeo found Juliet and fell deeper in love with her than any other girl he had met before her.

    1. stephaniec

      I think it’s very important that although Romeo and Juliet’s love story started out based on their appearances, they got to know and understand each other, which really moved their relationship forward.

      1. Mylesn

        I disagree. Juliet did not see Romeo’s face at the party, only Romeo saw and fell for Juliet’s face. Juliet fell for his personality.

        1. Zoe

          Although Romeo may like Juliet at first because of her looks, once he got to know her he loved her from her personality. Great analysis!

  2. Emma Garbowitz

    During Friar Lawrence’s speech, he was basically trying to tell Romeo that if he moves so quickly from one woman to another that his love doesn’t mean anything. Friar Lawrence was telling Romeo about how he wasted so much time (or tears) on Rosaline and then moved on to Juliet so quickly. The text states, “So soon forsaken? young men’s love then lies
    Not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes.” This shows how Friar Lawrence believed that Romeo just loved someone (or at least in the beginning) based off of their beauty and not their beauty within. In today’s world, people date each other for months or even years until their ready to get married. However, Romeo and Juliet just met each other last night and have decided to get married the next day! Friar Lawrence thought that Romeo was way to hasty to marry Juliet so quickly without even getting to know each other.
    I think that Romeo is making a poor decision to marry Juliet so quickly. Therefore, I agree with Friar Lawrence. He should get to know Juliet more before he marries her. I think this because Romeo dropped Rosaline so quickly for Juliet so couldn’t he do that to Juliet as well? One day he might find someone prettier than Juliet and try to go for her instead. Romeo should love Juliet because of her personality and not based off of their first time meeting when he thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world. He never would have noticed Juliet in the first place if she wasn’t more beautiful than Rosaline. In conclusion, Romeo should wait before he marries Juliet because he is making an executive decision that will change his life and Juliet’s life forever without getting to know her too well.

    1. Emma Garbowitz

      Here is the paraphrase:
      Oh my, what a great change is here
      Wasn’t Rosaline the one you loved so dearly
      So soon disregarded, your love then lies
      Their love isn’t true, rather they are focused on beauty
      What a waste of time!
      I still hear you complain of her
      So much time crying and agonizing over her love
      The sun is not yet up until the clouds clear
      And groans can be heard from far away
      and an old tear on your face has not yet be wiped away
      So much woe was wasted all over Rosaline
      And did you change, if so then repeat after me:
      Women may fall when men aren’t there for them

  3. Emily

    Gosh, how much of a change!
    I thought you loved Rosaline,
    you forgot about her already? Men love
    appearances not personality.
    You cried so much over Rosaline!
    All in waste.
    The sun is not set from your past love,
    I still hear you complain of her;
    Here on your cheek
    is a tear that hasn’t been washed away:
    If all of this sadness was for Rosaline;
    what changed? Repeat after me,
    Women fail because men are unreliable

    This quote is spoken by Friar Lawrence to Romeo in regards to his love life. At this point in the play, Romeo has just asked the Friar to marry Juliet and him today, and this is his shocked reaction.
    From this interaction between Romeo and the Friar, the readers are able to come to the conclusion that Shakespeare is casting the character as an indifferent source of reason for Romeo. Although we do not know much about the pairs relationship so far, it is fair to say that they are close and that Romeo trusts him. Romeo feels safe enough around him to confide about personal things such as his love life as well as even going as far as to ask “Thou consent to marry us today”(p. 87). This is significant because earlier on in the play, it was assumed that Romeo is not close with his parents because they do not know about his whereabouts. Romeo’s own mother had to ask “O, where is Romeo? Saw you him today?”(p. 17) Since Romeo does not confide into his parents, we now know who is his voice of reason.
    The readers know that he is impartial and not on a side of either the Capulets or the Montagues because of his objective view about the “forbidden” love between Romeo and Juliet. Whereas a biased opinion would say that Romeo should try to love someone else that is not a capulet, Friar Lawrence does not share this opinion. Although he is shocked at Romeo’s sudden change of heart, he is not appalled like others would be. He is shocked not because Juliet is a Capulet, but because it is all very sudden. Along with him being a voice of reason, he now want to make sure that Romeo is certain that he actually loves Juliet and that it is not just a phase.

    1. caseyz

      I agree, it doesn’t matter to Frier Lawrence that Juliet is a Capulet, he’s just worried that Romeo will cause more problems for himself if he continues to fall in love so fast.

    2. Emma Garbowitz

      I agree that Friar wants to look out for Romeo and just make sure he is making the right decisions in his life.

  4. stephaniec

    Oh my, so much has changed since we have last talked.
    What about Rosaline, the one you loved so much.
    What a sudden change. Boys like you only love what they see, rather than what’s in their hearts.
    What a shame,
    So much time has been wasted
    The sun has not yet cleared the fog from your sighs,
    And your groans still ring in my ancient ears.
    The stain of a tear still sits upon your cheek,
    From the unwashed tears you’ve cried.
    If you were yourself, and these tears yours,
    Then this was all for Rosaline.
    This is my understanding, and I want you to repeat this to me:
    Women may fall, when the love of the man is not strong enough.

    In this speech, Friar Lawrence is telling Romeo that love is a tricky thing. It’s not something you rush, not something based on appearance, but rather something that requires devotion and time. He explained to Romeo that his attraction for Rosaline was solely based on appearance, and was not strong enough to truly be considered love. In addition, although his love for Juliet may be pure and strong, it is moving too fast.

  5. Maddie

    Oh my gosh! Look how much has changed!
    Is Rosaline, who you used to love, so soon forgotten?
    This shows that boys love others for their looks, not their personality.
    You used to cry so many tears for Rosaline.
    You wasted tears on someone you no longer love.
    I was not aware of this new love, I thought you still loved Rosaline.
    You still have a stain on your cheek from crying over Rosaline.
    All of your sorrow was because of Rosaline.
    Have you changed? If so, repeat this sentence:
    Woman cannot live without men.

    This quote was said by Friar Lawrence, to Romeo. It is a response to finding out that Romeo is in love with a Capulet. He is explaining to Romeo that he had spent so much of his life thinking, talking, and even crying over Rosaline, and now he has moved on very quickly. He thinks that if he was going to fall in love with someone else that fast, then he shouldn’t have wasted so much time on Rosaline. Rather that being immediately mad that he loves a Capulet, Romeo’s father seems more concerned that Romeo left Rosaline behind.

  6. caseyz

    Wow! Your feelings have changed so much!
    What about Rosaline, I thought you loved her
    This happened so fast, boys like you only care about looks
    rather than her inner beauty
    I can’t believe how much time you wasted
    You cried so much over her
    Such a waste of tears.
    You probably still care about Rosaline
    You couldn’t have possibly moved on that quickly
    You loved her so much
    Have you really moved on? Repeat this so I know for sure.
    The women you love will be crushed it you don’t fully love them.

    In this speech, Frier Lawerence is shocked to hear that Romeo has moved on from Rosaline and is now deeply in love with Juliet. Frier Lawrence doesn’t think it is possible to move on so quickly the way Romeo did and truly love the person. He thinks that Romeo is only loving these women based on their looks. He claims that Romeo was so distraught about Rosaline only because of her looks, since he had never talked to her even once. He fears that the same thing is happening with Romeo and Juliet. he wants Romeo to fall in love based of the women’s inner beauty rather than their appearance, or he will end up hurting them.

    1. Laila

      I agree. I think Friar Lawerence is telling Romeo this for his own good. He doesn’t want history to repeat itself.

  7. Mylesn

    Oh my god, a big change,
    Didn’t you love Rosaline so dear,
    So soon forgotten.
    Young men’s love is not by their heart but by what they see.
    What a great amount of tears
    That washed over your cheeks over Rosaline
    What a waste of tears
    For something you did not use
    The sun though has not left the sky
    And your complaining is still audible
    Oh look, on your cheek
    A tear for Rosaline, not yet cleared
    If this is you and your sadness was still here
    You and all your tears were for Rosaline
    Women fail because men’s love is unreliable

    This is a quote of Friar Lawrence talking to Romeo about his new found love. He is telling him that Rosaline was once the girl he had desired, but on the same night he had his heart set on her he fell for Juliet. He tells him that he still shows the signs of falling for Rosaline, the tears. If Rosaline was the love of your life and you dumped her out of your mind in seconds, whats to stop you from doing the same to Juliet?

    1. Mikayla Friedman

      I really like the last sentence of your analysis? That is a very valid point, and it is almost as if the Friar is not only trying to protect Romeo, but also Juliet!

  8. Laila

    Wow! You’ve changed so much!
    Is Rosaline, who you loved, now forgotten about?
    Men fall for looks
    You cried so much for Rosaline
    Many tears have gone to waste
    Your love is still there
    You still complain for her
    There are still tear stains on your cheeks from her
    All of this sorrow was from Rosaline? What changed?
    Women will fall if a man doesn’t love her fully.

    Today, we were introduced to yet another new character: Friar Lawrence. He says this speech to Romeo after Romeo claims to no longer care about Rosaline. In last night’s blog, many people spoke about how Romeo was being irrational and Juliet was talking some sense into him. I believe that some of the same rational qualities found In Juliet, can be found in Friar Lawrence. Although, Juliet and Friar Lawrence are telling Romeo two completely different things, they both are trying to get him to think realistically. Juliet told Romeo that their relationship was risky, and could cost his life. Now, Friar Lawrence is telling Romeo that it is impossible to move on from Rosaline so quickly after how much he loved her. I do agree with Friar Lawrence, that it is impossible to completely forget about Rosaline so quickly, but, I do believe that Romeo loves Juliet. It is interesting to see how many times people will try to convince Romeo something, but he doesn’t even bother listening. Once he has his mind set on something, there’s no changing his mind or going back.

  9. Kate Ma.

    Oh my, the change!
    Do you so quickly forget Rosaline, who you cared for so deeply?
    If so, then your love takes root in your eyes, not in your heart.
    My god, how many tears
    you’ve cried for Rosaline!So many wasted tears, on one you loved with eyes alone
    Your old hurt and tears are still audible, still visible
    If you were yourself and your tears were true, you and all your tears were for Rosaline
    Have you changed? Then tell me this:
    When men are weak, the women they love may fall away

    In this scene, Friar Lawrence is talking to Romeo about his new love for Juliet. Friar Lawrence seems to be wondering, like many of us, how Romeo has supposedly loved Rosaline so dearly, but then turned around and loved Juliet. It seems that Romeo trusts Friar Lawrence, and has unburdened his romantic troubles to Friar Lawrence in the past. After all, Friar Lawrence seems to be saying that he has witnessed all the tears shed over Rosaline and he doubts that Romeo could have fallen so quickly out of love with her. Friar Lawrence thinks that Romeo should not have moved on so rapidly, and based on this, doubts that Romeo’s love for Juliet is really true love. From this monologue, I can tell that Friar Lawrence is very wise, is looking out for Romeo, and wants the very best for him. He is reluctant to marry Romeo and Juliet, because he is not certain that Romeo is truly in love with her, after moving on so fast from Rosaline.

  10. angelicac1

    Oh my goodness, what kind of change happened here?
    You used to love Rosaline dearly,
    and you forgot about her so soon? Young men love
    through their eyes rather than their hearts.
    You cried for her so many times,
    and you’re already over her?
    So many tears wasted,
    over dull love.
    The sun will not get rid of your sighs that heaven cleared,
    I can still hear your cries of sadness
    The stains on your cheeks
    of old tears that have not been washed away
    If you are yourself and this sadness is yours,
    All this sadness for Rosaline
    Have you changed? Say this then,
    Woman do not like weak men.

    In Act II, scene iii, Romeo told Friar Lawrence that he had gotten over Rosaline and he had fallen in love with Juliet. Friar Lawrence responded to Romeo’s sudden confession with this speech. Friar Lawrence felt uncertain about this new love and he expressed those thoughts to Romeo. He asked how Romeo could possibly be in love with another girl when he had just weeping about Rosaline not so long ago. Friar Lawrence made the point that no girl would ever remain faithful to Romeo if he doesn’t remain faithful to them. Friar Lawrence’s thoughts show that he is a rational person that wants to make sure that Romeo doesn’t forget about his feelings about Rosaline when he is suddenly jumping into a new relationship. In addition, this scene shows readers that besides Benvolio, Friar Lawrence is someone that Romeo is close to. They must share a deep friendship if Romeo is willing to share his secrets with him.

    1. trinityt

      I agree. I think that since Romeo and Friar Lawrence have a close relationship, it supports the fact that Friar Lawrence cares about Romeo enough to share his thoughts and concerns about Romeo’s change of heart.

  11. jane

    Oh my, look at the difference
    Rosaline, the one you loved yesterday,
    is forgotten? Men love
    women’s looks.
    A lot of tears
    Have been cried over Rosaline!
    How many tears have been wasted
    On someone that you don’t really love!
    Your sighs have gone away at last,
    I can still hear your complaining.
    There is still a stain on your face
    From your tears over Rosaline.
    If you were true and your woes were true,
    You were then in love with Rosaline.
    And if you’ve Changed? Listen:
    Women are weak when men aren’t strong

    In Act II scene iii, Romeo goes to Friar Lawrence. They are in the garden of the monastery, and Romeo asks the friar to marry him with Juliet. Friar Lawrence basically tells Romeo that he is crazy for wanting to marry Juliet. From the friar’s perspective, a young man comes to him one morning, says he has forgotten about the girl he was madly in love with the day before, and wants to get married to the daughter of his enemy. The friar is able to put the readers in check, mainly because when seeing Romeo’s journey with Juliet, we find it sweet and romantic. But hearing the friar makes the readers take a step back and realize how crazy Romeo actually sounds. I believe that Friar Lawrence is an important figure in the book because he is able to see and tell Romeo how risky his plan is. He also is able to bring in the fact that if Romeo marries Juliet, he will definitely get in trouble, and possibly killed. Later in the scene the friar changes his mind and decides to marry the two lovers. I wonder if the friar is going to tell the Capulets and the Montagues about Romeo and Juliet’s plan to get married. If so, what will their families do to stope them?

  12. Mikayla Friedman

    Oh my, so much has changed!
    Have you already forgotten about Rosaline, whom you loved so dearly?
    Clearly, the love that young men feel
    Is only based on what you see in a girl’s appearance, not about how they make you feel in your heart.
    Jesus, so many tears were wasted on Rosaline
    So much salt water was thrown away for nothing,
    Even though you never knew Rosaline at all!
    The sun is still in the sky,
    And your groans are still fresh in my old ears;
    On your cheek there is still a stain
    Of tears that have not been washed off:
    If you acted like yourself and this sorrow was yours,
    You and your sorrow were for Rosaline:
    And now you’ve changed? Well then say this sentence to me,
    When men are unstable and weak, women are expected to fall.

    In this quotation Friar Lawrence is talking to Romeo. After Romeo asks the Friar to marry him and Juliet, the Friar questions Rome. This is understandable, and it is exactly what I did when Romeo decided he was over Rosaline and now in love with Juliet. The Friar tells Romeo that he loves for what he sees, not for what he feels. I thought the exact same thing about Romeo, that he only loves a woman for her appearance. The Friar makes a good point by saying that Romeo’s tears for Rosaline were recent, therefore how could he have already found a new woman to love? I noticed that if the Friar knew about Romeo’s love for Rosaline, he must’ve loved her for some time, which leads me to believe that Romeo is less dramatic than I thought. If he really loved Rosaline, and it seems like he did because the Friar knows about it, he must love Juliet a thousand times more to have forgotten about Rosaline so quickly. In this scene we are introduced to the Friar, and he seems like a father to Romeo. Firstly, they call each other Father and Son! Also, I think that because Montague is so rich, and so caught up in his feud with Capulet, he probably never had the time to be a good father to Romeo. This explains the relationship Friar Lawrence and Romeo have. I am curious to see if Romeo and Juliet marry, and how long their relationship will last.

  13. maxwellw

    Oh my! What a drastic change!
    Did you give up on Rosaline, who you
    loved so much?
    Youngs men’s love lies not in their heart,
    but in their eyes
    How many tears have you cried
    for Rosaline
    How many tears did waste
    On a love you never had
    The sun hasn’t dried the fog
    from your sighs
    Your groans still ring
    in my ears
    I can still see tear stains
    on your cheeks
    If you ever really suffered
    this sadness
    and this sadness
    was for rosaline
    and you say you changed?Repeat
    after me: Women can’t be blamed when
    men are unrealiable

    In our most recent scene, we meet a new character named Friar Lawerence, who is a monk. We meet because Romeo comes to him looking for a way to wed him and Juliet. The writing above is from Friar Lawerence and it provides some themes for this scene.
    He says:
    “Is Rosaline, whom thou didst love so dear,
    So soon forsaken? young men’s love then lies
    Not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes.”
    This text shows how Friar lawerence, rather than wedding them immediatly, questions how Romeo could truly love this girl he just met after being “in love” with Rosaline the day prior.

  14. Zoe

    Holy Saint Francis, Look how much has changed!
    Wasn’t Rosaline the one you loved.
    That was so soon forgotten. Young men’s love is never real.
    The love isn’t from the heart, but only because of looks
    Why did you spend so much time on her?
    So many tears are created when you never really loved her.
    The sun is not yet shining through the clouds.
    Old groans ring in my old ears.
    I myself still have a tear where the stains have not yet gone away.
    These woes should be for Rosaline.
    Have you changed so much? Pronounce this sentence then:
    Women may fall if they have no support from men they trust.

    This paragraph that Friar Lawrence says to Romeo seems very angry at his decisions with his love. He only hears the word of another girl and has already made up his mind that Romeo had made a mistake by giving up Rosaline. He seems so passionate about Romeo loving Rosaline while he says this to him that it feels like he had some sort of connection to Rosaline or must have been involved in a lot of Romeo distracted by love. Although he feels very passionately about this he ends up giving in and agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet. There are still some questions I have about this scene, however, like What is the connection between Romeo and the Friar and how does the Friar know so much about Romeo and Rosaline? This scene didn’t seem too important for the entire story, but it was definitely good to see the amount of duality in the paragraph.

  15. Brishti

    Oh my god, there has been a lot of change!
    Is Rosaline, the girl you loved so much
    already forgotten? Young men
    Don’t love for their inner beauty, but in what they look like.
    Jesus, so many tears you cried over Rosaline!
    All of the tears gone to waste over
    someone you didn’t truly love.
    But the day is not over
    And you still whine over Rosaline
    There is still an old tear which you haven’t washed away yet.
    If you are honest, and you truly loved her,
    You and your sadness was all for Rosaline.
    And have you actually changed? Then say this:
    Women will leave if men aren’t strong enough.

    Here, Friar Lawrence is telling this to Romeo, after Romeo comes to ask the Friar to marry him and Juliet. Confused, Friar Lawrence presses Romeo on this. He askes him why was he so suddenly over Rosaline so quickly after so many tears and so many endless days and nights of whining over her. Friar Lawrence also tells Romeo that the problem in boys is that they fall for looks over the person. Both characters have a father-son dynamic, which extends to them even calling each other father and son. I noticed how both Romeo and Juliet’s parental figures are too caught up in other business (i.e. the feud) to really do much to nurture their childnren. Juliet has the Nurse, and Romeo has Friar Lawrence. The fraught relations each one has with their parental figures creates their death as more of a wake-up call when the parents realize that they should have been closer to their children.

  16. Sunna

    Oh my, look at what change is here!
    Is Rosaline, who you loved so much,
    So quickly forgotten? Young men’s love is from
    What they see in appearances not in their personalities
    Such a shame
    So many tears you cried
    It all went to waste,
    You did not even use it!
    The sun has not left the sky,
    I can still hear your old complaining;
    Look at your cheek
    The tears have not yet dried
    If your sadness is still here,
    This sadness was all for Rosaline:
    And you changed? Say this then,
    Woman will fail without the guidance of men.

    In this speech, Friar Lawrence is talking to Romeo about his change of heart. He does not seem to believe that Romeo could love Rosaline for such a long time, but then move on so quickly to Juliet. Friar Lawrence feels that Romeo spent so much time loving Rosaline, but it no longer means anything to Romeo at all. He may feel that Romeo is being rash in his decision to move on from Rosaline. However, I don’t think that he would ever stop supporting Romeo, no matter what he decides in the end.

  17. Hannah M.

    Oh Saint Francis. so much has changed! Have you forgotten the on you loved, Rosaline? Young mens love is fake and only for looks. Why did you waste your time on her. the many tears created, all for nothing? The hasnt yet shined through the clouds. In my elderly ears I here elderly groans. I have a stain from the tears on my cheeks that have not yet gone away. These tears should be for Rosaline. If you have changed this much, pronounce this sentence: If women have no support from men they trust they may fall.

    In these lines Friar lawrence seems to be very upset with Romeos desicion to love another Capulet. He wasnt as upset about Rosaline but Juliet is Capulets daughter so that makes hi very upset. He says that women arent worth his time and that Romeo should regret falling out of love with Rosaline. Although he was upset at first he eventually decides to help Romeo and Juliet marry.

  18. Sophie

    Oh my goodness, there has been a change in you!
    Not long ago it was Rosaline who you loved.
    You changed your mind that quickly?
    Sometimes looks can be deceiving, you know.
    Before, you seemed to be deeply in love with Rose!
    What a waste of time,
    To commit to love, but not follow through.
    The sun is still in the sky,
    And I can still hear your old lovesick complains.
    But there on your cheek,
    Is an old tear that hasn’t been wiped away!
    All of your energy wasted on her,
    But now you’ve changed? Repeat this please:
    Women do not stay with men who are weak.

    Friar Lawrence says this quote to Romeo after he tells Friar about his desire to marry Juliet Capulet. Friar’s words are his spur of the moment reaction to Romeo’s change in heart. He responds as kind of shocked and almost angry at Romeo for falling in love with two different women. More importantly however, within Friar’s speech, we see part of his purpose in the play. He seems to be standing as another parental figure for Romeo. The first person who Romeo tells his newfound lover to is Friar, and Friar is the person who Romeo asks for permission to marry. Also, based off of what Friars response was, it is clear that Friar also knew about Romeo’s crush on Rose. Romeo even refers to him as “Father”. This stands as another form of duality, Fathers and Sons. The way Romeo is looking up to him for approval and the way Friar responds with guidance. This moves the plot along quickly because Romeo and Juliet’s relationship is no longer a secret from everybody. Romeo convinced one of his family members to agree to their marriage, and hopefully we can see if their marriage works out soon!

  19. Madi R.

    Oh my goodness, this is a huge change!
    Is Rosaline, the one that you loved so much,
    So soon forgotten? Young men, like you, their love lies
    They do not love with their hearts, but based on beauty and appearances.
    Are you kidding me, how many tears did you shed for Rosaline!
    All for nothing, what a waste.
    Your sighs over her has not yet been cleared from the sky,
    Your groans are still ringing in my ears;
    The stains on your cheeks from your tears are still there.
    If your sadness is still here,
    It was all for Rosaline:
    And you have changed? Say this to me then,
    Woman will fall when men are not there.

    In the speech above, Friar Lawrence is talking to Romeo about his sudden change in love. Romeo asks Friar Lawrence if he could marry Capulet’s daughter, Juliet. Romeo has been in love with Rosaline for a long time and now he suddenly loves Juliet. I think that Friar Lawrence makes a good point saying that Romeo has moved on far too quickly. In the end Friar Lawrence changes his mind and sides with Romeo anyway.

  20. josepha4

    How much has changed!
    I thought you had loved Rosaline.
    Well young men love looks more than anything else.
    You had cried over her.
    What a waste of tears.
    Finally your sighs have passed.
    But you loved Rosaline only yesterday.
    You have greatly changed.
    When men are weak their women fall away.

    This paragraph explains to Romeo how his actions may be rushed and not thought out properly. His point is love that is something not solely based on appearance and cannot be forgotten within the such a short time frame. Friar Lawrence is attempting to explain to Romeo that if he discarded and forgot his love for Rosaline, what stops him from doing the same exact thing with Juliet. Also, for the benefit of Romeo loving someone from a family other than the one he’s feuding with would be easier and more desirable. One question I have is if everyone goes and talks to Friar Lawrence or if Romeo and he have a deeper connection.

  21. trinityt

    The paraphrase:
    Oh my, what a big change this is!
    Is Rosaline, the girl that you love so dearly,
    Already forgotten? Then young men’s love is
    Not based on inner beauty, but is based on appearances.
    You cried so many tears
    Down your cheeks for Rosaline!
    So much time and tears has been wasted
    For a love that wasn’t true!
    The sun did not clear away your sighs,
    Your old groans is still ringing in my ears.
    The tear stains that is on your cheek
    Is from an old tear that has not been wash away yet.
    If you are yourself, and all these sadness are yours,
    All of these for Rosaline.
    Have you changed? Say this
    Women may fall when men aren’t strong.

    The speaker is Friar Lawrence, and he’s speaking to Romeo. He was talking about Romeo’s change of heart. He doesn’t seem to believe that Romeo could love Rosaline for so long and moved on so quickly to Juliet. Friar Lawrence said that Romeo, and young men, loves women because of their appearances and not because of their personalities. Friar Lawrence also pointed out to Romeo that women won’t love men that don’t love them truly.

  22. johnh1

    This is such a change! Have you forgotten Rosaline so soon? You love on looks not heart.You’ve cried so much over Rosaline. I still hear your groans in my ears. Your problems were all for Rosaline. Repeat after me: When men aren’t strong Women are weakened.

    These lines are spoken by the friar to Romeo. He is talking about how Romeo is switching from “loving” Rosaline to loving someone else. I think this shows a bit about both characters. It confirms how quick Romeo is to switch loves and also shows some about the Friar. He is a bit of a father figure for Romeo. We know because he talks to Romeo to try to better him and also because Romeo actually comes to talk to him. Benvolio mentions earlier that Romeo would rather not talk to his parents. The fact that he comes to talk to the Friar shows that they are very close. I think the Friar will be benevolent overall due to the fact that he and Romeo are this close. I think he just wants the best for Romeo.


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