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My only love sprung from my only hate!

Tonight you have a choice!  You must paraphrase and analyze one of the short speeches below AND comment on your classmates responses to the other speech, the one you did not choose.  After you paraphrase your chosen passage, analyze it carefully.  Please follow the SOAPSTone model, where you discuss the speaker, the occasion, the audience (to whom the lines are spoken, not the audience of the play), the purpose, and the tone.   Be sure also to think about characterization, plot development, and theme.   In addition, you must comment on one of your classmates’ analyses of the other short speech.  Naturally, you are welcome to comment as well on the analyses of the speech you chose for your response.


If I profane with my unworthiest hand

This holy shrine, the gentle sin is this:

My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand

To smooth that rough touch with a kiss.


Go ask his name – if he is married,

My grave is like to be my wedding bed…..

My only love sprung from my only hate!

Too early seen unknown, and is known too late!

Prodigious birth of love it is to me

That I must love a loathed enemy.

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32 thoughts on “My only love sprung from my only hate!

  1. Myles Ng

    Paraphrased: (Juliet’s Speech)

    Go ask his name – if be be married,
    Where I will die is where I will love
    The only person I have ever loved is the person I was born to hate
    To early to see the future, to late to know this information
    This unnatural love has been born into me
    That I must love a hated enemy

    She is talking to herself, almost summing up her feelings about her encounter with Romeo. The tone is one of melancholy and sadness because she knows her first love will be a love that cannot exist. She learns that Romeo in fact was of the House of Montague, but her feelings till do not change. She doesn’t base her feeling about others off of which house they belong to, unlike most of the members of each house. She acknowledges the fact that he is of the opposite house, that her love was one that was not meant to be, and that she still has feelings for her.

  2. jane


    Go see who the man is, if he’s married
    I will never marry anyone,
    The only person I love is a member of the only family I hate,
    I should have known sooner,
    I love him an enormous amount,
    But I am now loving my family’s enemy

    The passage was said by Juliet, a Capulet, after she kisses Romeo, a Montague. She says this to the nurse, but also a bit to herself, just saying her thoughts out loud. So much had happened so quickly in the prior moments, so Juliet needed a minute to think. She is saying this so she can really understand all of the circumstances of her being in love, especially since she is in love with a member of the enemy family. At first, the tone is kind of demanding, since Juliet is eager to find out more about her love. But once she realizes he is a Montague, the tone shifts to being tragic, since now she is in despair that she is supposed to hate Romeo. Here, the readers see that the plot is really unraveling, since the main characters have been introduced, but the major conflict is what is significant about scene v. Two people fall in love, but they can’t be since their families hate each other. This means Romeo and Juliet won’t be able to meet in public without any disguises. I wonder if any characters like Tuvalu will find out about their realationship. If so, he seems like the character who would snitch on them, which would lead to more drama and hate.

  3. Sunna


    Go ask his name-if he is married
    Marriage will be my death…
    The person u love is who I’m supposed to hate
    I wish I had known
    This love has overtaken me
    That I love someone who I am supposed to hate

    Juliet seems to be explaining her complicated situation to herself, as if trying to make sense of it. At first, she seems to be scared, but it quickly turns to sadness. She knows that she and Romeo could never be together, that is basically a death sentence. She is very different from the rest of her family, as she doesn’t care whether or not Romeo is a Montague, or the “enemy” of the Capulets. I think that Tybalt will find out about their relationship, but may not want to put Juliet at risk by revealing her secret. Perhaps he will attempt to get her to stop the romance on her own.

  4. Kate

    Ask him his name and if he is married.
    If he is married, I might never be married
    I hate his family so much, but I also love him so much.
    If only I had known before I fell in love with him
    This great love came out of nowhere
    I can’t stop loving him, even though he is a Montague

    These lines show a lot about Juliet and upcoming problems. The tone changes during the conversation. She begins to talk to the nurse in a pressing manner, then once she finds out that Romeo is a Montague, her tone is saddened. Although Juliet does interact with the nurse, it is believed that she is making this realization on her own, talking to herself. She realizes that she really loves this random boy, and she must find out more about him. Once the nurse reveals who Romeo really is, she is heartbroken. Everyone in her family hates the Montague’s, they’ll never accept Romeo to be her friend, let alone husband. This is a scene that really shows the main conflict of the story. They both fall in love with each other, but their families despise one another. They are torn in what to do, listen to their families or follow their hearts. This scene gives insight to all of Juliet’s troubling thoughts after just one kiss. She doesn’t even know Romeo yet and she’s already troubled with what to do. This shows how Juliet will get even more torn once she gets to know Romeo more. She either will pretend to hate him to please her family or turn her back on them and freely love Romeo.

    1. Mikayla Friedman

      I agree that Juliet already has troubled thoughts about Romeo because he is a Montague. Just like Romeo has fallen for her, she has fallen for him, but mostly because of their looks and the short conversation they had. She must really like Romeo to let him kiss her twice even though he is basically a complete stranger. I find it interesting that they both fell in love with each other so quickly and they’re both already crestfallen to learn that they’re of opposite houses, even though they literally just met!!

  5. Emma Garbowitz

    Juliet’s Speech:
    Go ask this man what his name is- and if he is married
    If I love or marry this man, there will be severe consequences, including death…
    My one true love originates in the family in which I hate!
    I shouldn’t have known this so soon, but at the same time I know too late!
    This love I feel is to a great extent and feels so unnatural,
    But that I do love a disliked enemy.

    This passage was said by Juliet, Capulet and Lady Capulet’s daughter, although she was raised by a nurse. She primarily said this to her nurse as if she needed to talk to someone about her feelings. However, I think at the same time, Juliet began to think to herself too. She needed to run everything through her head and think out loud a little bit. The nurse was just there for moral support. This is the first time Juliet felt this way about anybody and this was all new to her. She obviously doesn’t know what the future holds, especially considering she loves a Montague. Juliet clearly states that she understands the consequences of her love, but that doesn’t seem to stop her from loving Romeo any less.
    Earlier in class, we had a discussion about the subject of true love and this is the feeling in which Juliet is having. She never has loved anyone before this (maybe part of the reason is because she is 13) but Juliet really does seem to believe in love at first sight. She barely conversed with Romeo and instantly fell in love with him after a kiss or two. I think that love at first sight is a very interesting idea. Personally, I don’t believe in this idea and an example in this play proves it as well. All Romeo could think about was Rosaline for the beginning of the novel and after he saw Juliet, he instantly gave up on her. Romeo thought that Rosaline was his true love but is now saying Juliet is. Furthermore I think that Juliet thinks this is true love because she never felt this feeling before of “liking someone”. She has no past experiences of love and has to base it all off this one intervention with Romeo. Therefore, the idea of love at first sight and true love is a very controversial topic throughout the whole first act of the play.

  6. Madi R.

    Go ask him what his name is – if he is married,
    I will never marry anyone else in my whole life…..
    The only one I love is the son of the only one I hate!
    I have fallen in love with him to early without knowing him, and I have figured out who he was too late!
    How strange love is to me
    That I should fall in love with an enemy.

    The first line in this passage was spoken by Juliet. She asks her Nurse to find out who the person who she fell in love with was. Juliet ponders to herself if he is married and if he was, she decides that she will never marry. The nurse comes back and tells her that the person she has fallen in love with is Romeo and he is their family’s worst enemy, Montague’s, son. The purpose of the speech is to highlight Juliets frustration with herself for falling in love. The tone of the passage is despair.

  7. Laila

    Romeo’s Speech:
    My hand is unworthy of touching yours
    because your hand is too holy
    but instead our lips should touch
    to make up for my rough hand

    Romeo says this to Juliet at the Capulet party to convince Juliet to kiss him. You could assume this is in a playful, loving tone. It is also a moment of development and realization for both Romeo, Juliet and the readers. We see Romeo completely move on from Rosaline, and he seems happy. He realizes that this girl is far more important to him. We also see Juliet give in to Romeo’s words and kiss him. All along Juliet probably wanted to kiss Romeo. I believe this has to do the whole love at first sight thing. Their entire relationship will end up only growing stronger and it all started from this one kiss. After this kiss, they were both in too deep to ignore their feelings.

    1. trinityt

      I agree! They were so in love with each other at that moment that they didn’t even realize that their families are enemies, which until later on in the scene when they did realizes the situation.

    2. Hannah Pitkofsky

      I agree. They both forgot their families and left it all behind. All that mattered to them was each other in the moment they were in.

  8. Mikayla Friedman

    Romeo’s speech:
    If my unworthy hand offends you
    Your hand is a holy place to me,
    My lips are ready
    To make up for my unworthy and rough hand with a kiss.

    In this short speech the speaker is Romeo. The occasion is that he is trying to get Juliet to kiss him. Romeo is speaking to Juliet. The purpose of Romeo’s words are to be romantic so that Juliet will return Romeo’s feelings and want to kiss him. The tone here is mostly romantic, but it also has some humor (if I understand correctly), because Romeo is comparing himself to a pilgrim and Juliet to a saint in an effort to make her like him, and Juliet is playing along with him. In this scene we witness major plot developments! Firstly, Juliet and Romeo meet, and it seems as if they fall in love at first sight. Then, they seek each other out and talk to each other, and Romeo manages to kiss Juliet twice, even though they just met. Finally, at the end of the scene, both Romeo and Juliet are dismayed to find out that they are from enemy houses. This scene makes me question Romeo’s character. Just a few hours ago he was head over heels for Rosaline, and he thought he would never be able to love again. Now, he has fallen for Juliet. In both cases, he became attracted to the women for their looks. We don’t know if he ever even met Rosaline, but before he talked to Juliet he loved her for his beauty. This leads me to believe that Romeo is either extremely shallow and only loves girls for their outer beauty or his is extremely dramatic, and he never even loved Rosaline or any other girl before Juliet.

  9. caseyz


    Ask for his name and if he is married
    I will always be alone
    The one person I love is the one I am supposed to hate
    I wish I knew who he was before I fell in love with him
    How did I fall in love so quickly
    Why did I fall in love with an enemy

    In this scene, Juliet meets Romeo and instantly falls in love with him. In her speech, she describes how she has never loved someone like this before. She starts to realize the she has fallen in love with a Montague and that this could lead to some big problems in the future.

  10. Hannah M.

    Paraphrase for Romeo:

    My hands are not worthy enough to toush yours
    Your hand is holy
    Instead of hands our lips shall touch
    to make up for may hand that is not holy and unworthy

    In this speech Romeo is sweet talking Juliet into kissing him. He feels as if he is in love with Juliet and that she is holy and he is not hole ENOUGH for her. He says a kiss will show her he is holy. Juliet eventually as we all know gives in and kisses Romeo and its love at forst sight.

    1. Zoe

      I didn’t realize Romeo was saying he wasn’t holy enough for her, but I understand now. He’s saying this because he’s a Montague and she’s a Capulet and he knows he could never be good enough for Juliet. great analysis!

  11. Hannah M.

    Also, Romeo is saying that since his hand is rough and unworthy of holding her holy hand he sugests a kiss instead of her having to touch his un holy hands

  12. josepha4

    Ask his name, see if he is married
    I won’t ever get married
    My first love is the only one I hate
    I cannot see the future
    My love is so large
    Now I am in love with the enemy.

    This speech seems to be an inside look into Juliet’s thoughts. While she ponders, her emotions shift from unknowing, to sadness, and eventually the two combine with each other. Juliet understands that loving Romeo will cause lots of conflict due to the two feuding houses, and may lead to the death of Romeo. I think the tone for this entire scene is mystery because they both are unaware of who each other are but they are in love. After realizing their from opposite houses the tone is switched to danger, foreshadowing their death together. However, even after realizing their differences they still love each other and will risk everything so they can be together.

  13. johnh1

    (That was an Accident)
    Ask him if he is married
    A wedding would be like death
    The one I love is of my families enemies
    And I didn’t know before I fell in love
    It is strange to me
    That I have to love a hated enemy

    The thoughts that Juliet thinks here are similar to other thoughts about love. They act like love is something that they cannot control. This isn’t necessarily untrue but it shows the sort of irrationality that is in these characters heads. Juliet knows that Romeo is an enemy and that problems could come of this but she still thinks she is in love with him even though they barely know each other. These characters are kind of stupid at times but I think that is part of the point. They’re young and stupid falling in and out of love.

  14. Zoe

    Go ask for his name, and if he is married
    I will die when I wish to be married
    The one person I fall in love with is someone I am supposed to hate
    I saw him without knowing who he was, and now I know but it’s too late.
    It is a strange way to fall in love.
    Because he must be a hated enemy.

    At this moment in the scene, Juliet is speaking to her nurse and had just found out that the man she kissed is a Montague. She clearly at the moment is freaking out because she is being forced to love Paris and tries her best to truly fall in love, but the man she eventually really does fall in love with is supposed to be her enemy. Although she is glad she found “the one” she is scared for her own future.

  15. trinityt

    Juliet’s speech (paraphrase):
    Go ask for his name – if he is married,
    I will never marry anyone…
    The one that I love is the one that I’m suppose to hate!
    I should’ve known this sooner, but now it is too late!
    How unnatural is this love to me
    But I am in love with my enemy.

    In the first line, Juliet was talking to the Nurse, in a more demanding and eager tone to find out who is the mysterious stranger, Romeo, that has captured her heart. After that, she was more talking to herself as to go over what happened that night with Romeo. Once Juliet found out that his name is Romeo and that he is a Montague, the enemy of her family, the scene moved into a tragic and sad tone. Juliet is in despair and is frustrated with herself that she fell in love with her enemy. Knowing that she and Romeo can’t be together because their families hate each other, still, she can’t help, but fall in love with him like how Romeo can’t help it by falling in love with her. This scene unravels the plot by introducing the main characters and the problem that they have to face. Two people falling in love with each other, but can’t because of the hate going on between their families.

  16. Hannah Pitkofsky


    Go ask him what his name is, only if he is not married
    If I love him and marry him, death will be the penalty
    I was born to hate him, but instead, I love him
    The future is unknown, and my assumptions might be wrong
    The love for him was given to me from birth
    And I love my sworn enemy.

    Juliet is commenting on the fact that she fell in love with Romeo, who is a Montague, the sworn enemy of the Capulets. She is confused by her love for him, yet she believes that it was fate that brought them together when she says, “Prodigious birth of love it is to me”, which I interpret as “I was given the love for him from when I was born”, which indicates true love. She is also scared about the love that she feels for Romeo because she is soon to be engaged to Count Paris, who will be furious if he finds out she kissed another man. Juliet’s emotions in this section are twisting and confusing because part of her believes that finding Romeo was fate, however, she still is thinking in the back of her head about her family’s reactions, as well as Paris’s.

    1. Sophie

      I really like how you paraphrased one of your lines into “I was born to hate him, but instead, I love him”. It represents the whole story and their relationship, yet also goes along with what you said about the Paris confusion.

  17. stephaniec

    My hand is unworthy of yours
    You are holy, but the small sin is this:
    I am ready for our first kiss
    My lip’s tenderness is far greater than my hand’s.

    In this scene, the speaker is Romeo. He says this to entice Juliet into sharing a kiss with him. The mood of this scene is romantic, and a even a little religious. Essentially, he wanted consent to kiss her. However, he also talks about religion, calling their first kiss, a small sin. This is significant because they begin to fall in love with each other, just before finding out that they are on opposite sides on an ancient family grudge.

  18. maxwellw

    Paraphrase: (Romeo’s Speech)

    If I offend you with my unworthy hands
    Your hands, which are like a holy shrine to me, and my sin is:
    my lips, which like blushing pilgrims, ready to
    make things better with a kiss

    In this scene, and in Romeo’s speech, the religious overtones are heavy, and the conversation seems to imply that their love can be described only through the vocabulary of religion. In this way, their love becomes associated with the purity and passion of the divine. But there is another side to this association of personal love and religion. In using religious language to describe their budding feelings for each other, Romeo and Juliet tiptoe on the edge of blasphemy.

  19. Maddie

    What is his name- Is he married,
    Where I love is where I will die…
    The only person that I love comes from a family that I hate!
    I didn’t know it when I met him, but I found out after I already fell in love with him!
    This love is monstrous and unnatural.
    I love someone who I should hate.

    In this speech, Juliet is expressing how she feels after finding out that she cannot be with Romeo. She realizes that she has been led into a death trap, but it is too late to stop it now. She fell in love with him before she knew he was a Montague. She knows that she is the only one in her family who doesn’t hate all Montagues, and her family would never understand her love for Romeo. She is taking in the fact that she is not allowed to be in love with Romeo, but she cannot stop herself. Juliet is confused because she feels that Romeo is her true love and meeting him was fate, but it will never work out unless they keep their relationship a secret.

  20. Sophie

    If I touch you with my undeserving hand
    Your hand is so holy to me, it’s almost not allowed
    My lips are ready, and since we are here together,
    I will make up for my undeserving hand, with a kiss.

    In scene five, Romeo and Juliet meet! After Romeo comes to the party and looks around, he is totally over Rosaline and falls deeply in love with Juliet. Their meeting quickly moved the plot along and brought us to the beginning of their love journey. It also set the mood in many different ways. First off, it is clear that the romanticism has begun. I really liked watching the Zeffirelli version of the movie during that scene because it had music! The music turned it into more of a a magical experience that made the viewers feel happy and excited to see Romeo and Juliet finally unite with each other. It also set the mood to be very romantic when they were kissing. Another reason why this scene was so important is because now the relationship between the Montague’s and Capulet’s are about to escalate quickly. I’m excited to keep reading and see if the families get into more fights and if it will affect Romeo and Juliet’s relationship.
    Romeo’s purpose for the quote above was to convince Juliet to have the same amount of feelings as he had. Pretty much he praised her onto the level of a saint and downgraded himself to be unworthy, so that she could understand how highly he thinks of her. He told her that she is holy, and how touching her would be a sin because of how beautiful she is. I also kind of interpreted it as bribery. They literally had just met right then and there, and Romeo was already ready for the kiss. He pretty much tricked her into thinking that, even though they don’t know each other, their love is so strong that it doesn’t matter. The whole scene also reminded me of a typical Disney princess movie. The way that everybody was at a fancy dance, and the main characters fell in love at first sight.

    1. Emma Garbowitz

      I really understand your translation of Romeo’s speech. You did a great job analyzing it and making each sentence into the modern English we speak today.

  21. angelicac1

    Go and find his name- If it turns out he is married
    I will probably die before I marry.
    The only man I love is a part of the group of our enemies!
    I met him too early to know this and it is too late now, I love him.
    This huge love that is unusual has finally gotten to me,
    And my lover is an enemy all the same.

    Juliet recited this paraphrase because at the party that Capulet threw, Juliet and Romeo met and they eventually share a kiss. She is later told by the nurse that Romeo, the boy she loves, is from the enemy family. Juliet experienced inner conflict because of not knowing what to do. This love was all too new for her and it didn’t help that her first lover would be a Montague. This entire situation was challenging for Juliet and Shakespeare displayed her confusion and stress through this.

  22. Brishti

    I will ask his name and find out if he is married.
    I will die before I see my wedding.
    The only person I love comes from the only thing I was raised to hate!
    I met him too early and didn’t know who he was, but it’s too late now, once I realize I love him.
    This love is bad and unnatural
    That I love an enemy.

    The speaker here is Juliet, who is saying this after she realizes that her true love is from the enemy house. She is talking to herself, as to grapple with this internal conflict that she is having. She doesn’t know what to do about this situation and is unsure about it, until she realizes that there is no way that they can be together, from an unsure tone to a disappointed one.


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