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But now, my lord, what say you to my suit?

This weekend, please read Act I, scene ii, and then comment here.  Specifically, I would like you to summarize the plot developments we have in this scene and the new characters we meet.

As always, please edit your work carefully following the rules of standard written English and remember to respond to at least one other comment in this thread.

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26 thoughts on “But now, my lord, what say you to my suit?

  1. angelicac1

    In Act I, scene ii, we meet Paris, the prince’s kinsman. The scene begins with Paris asking Capulet for his permission to marry his daughter, Juliet. Capulet answers by saying that Juliet is too young to marry and if she were to marry it would be the man of her own choice. He also states that Juliet would probably be able to marry in two years. Capulet then decides to throw a party in his home and he gives one of his servingmen a guest list. Capulet’s directions were to have that servingman find each invitee and hand them an invitation to the gathering. However, the servingman was illiterate so when Romeo and Benvolio entered the scene, he asked if they were literate and since they were, the servingman handed the two of them the list of invitees. When Romeo finds Rosaline, the niece of Capulet, upon the list he automatically decides that he wants to attend the party while Benvolio tries to persuade his cousin to forget about Rosaline and find other ladies to take interest in.

    As previously mentioned, Rosaline is a Capulet which is probably the reason why Romeo had been avoiding to mention her name in front of Benvolio. Romeo wants to stay out of any trouble with his family and make sure that the fire between both Montagues and Capulets wouldn’t grow.

    1. trinityt

      I agree that Romeo doesn’t want the fire between the Montague and the Capulet to grow, because that’s something he would want based on how much we know about his character so far. Romeo doesn’t want anyone to know that he’s currently in love with Rosaline, who is a Capulet. He knows that both sides wouldn’t like it if they know a Montague is in love with a Capulet.

  2. Kate Ma.

    During act one scene ii, no major events happened although we did find out who Romeo loves and it is Rosaline, Juliet’s cousin. Scene ii did also move the plot along. The scene opened on a street in Verona with Capulet, a servant and Paris, who is a new character that wishes to marry Juliet. Capulet responds that Juliet is not even fourteen, and she’s too young. In two years she will be old enough and Capulet agrees that Paris is a good fit for Juliet. Next, Capulet hosts a feast/party and gives his servant a list of guests to invite. The servant goes yet he can’t read so he asks Romeo and Benevolio who happen to be standing by. They read him the names and Romeo reveals who his love is, Rosaline. The servant, grateful of Romeo, invites him to the feast, unaware that he is a Montague. Romeo accepts his invitation with joy, as it’s a great opportunity to get to know Rosaline. Benevolio see’s that the party is a great way to see other women Romeo might be interested in, that aren’t Capulet’s. This scene is important as it sets into motion Romeo and Juliet’s meeting at the feast. Also this scene shows how Juliet is constricted by her parents in terms of her love-life. This will obviously cause conflict later in the story when they find out she loves Romeo and how she’s going against her arranged marriage. Being a young female in Verona during those times gives Juliet no power in any social situations. Although no major events occurred in this scene, we did find out more about the Capulet’s and Romeo’s love for Rosaline and this scene moved the plot.

    1. Mikayla Friedman

      I agree that ultimately Juliet will have no control over who she will marry given the time that this play is set in, but I think Capulet told Paris he can’t marry Juliet in Juliet’s best interest. I don’t think she would want to marry him, anyway.

  3. Zoe

    In Act 1, scene ii, instead of continuing with the Montague family the scene changes to the Capulet family where we meet Paris who is the kinsman of the prince. He goes to ask Capulet to marry his daughter Juliet, however, Capulet responds by saying she’s too young to be married. Capulet agreed with Paris that they were a good fit, but he said it could only happen if they waited a few years. Capulet goes to his servant and hands him a guest list to a party he decides to host at his own house. The servant goes off with the list but is illiterate and couldn’t decipher the names to know who to invite. He sees Romeo and Benvolio who happen to be standing by and give them the names who will be invited. Romeo then reveals that Rosaline is his love even though she is a Capulet. He decides to go to the party to get to know Rosaline better.

    I think this scene is incredibly important because it shows that Romeo is in love with a different girl than Juliet at the beginning of the book. It shows an important characteristic of Romeo that because he’s still young he falls in love multiple times and doesn’t truly know what love means yet.

    1. Emma Garbowitz

      I agree that this was an unexpected twist. Who would’ve thought that a play called Romeo and Juliet would include another girl named Rosaline!

  4. Laila

    In Act I scene ii we meet Paris who is the kinsmen to Capulet. Paris asks for permission to marry Capulet’s daughter, Juliet. Capulet denies, claiming that Juliet isn’t even fourteen years old yet and Paris responds by saying that there are mothers younger than Juliet. We soon find out that Capulet is planning to throw a party. He gives an invitation to his servant, but his servant, being illiterate, wasn’t able to read it. When he sees Romeo and Benvolio he decides to ask them to read it for him. Romeo finds out about the event and that Rosaline would be there. We find out that Rosaline was Romeo’s love that he was referring to in the previous scene. Immediately, Romeo decides he will attend the party to see Rosaline. I think this may be dangerous because he would be one single Montague attending a Capulet party and he may get caught. After all, the servant did say, “if you be not of the house of Montagues, I pray, come and crush a cup of wine.” Also, I find it ironic that both Romeo and Juliet had different love interest at the start of the play. Romeo loved Rosaline and Paris was intending on marrying Juliet. They never initially were supposed to end up together.

  5. Madi R.

    In Act I, scene ii, Shakespeare moves the setting to another street in Verona. Capulet and Paris, the Prince’s kinsman, are having a conversation. Paris brings up his desire to marry Capulet’s daughter, Juliet. Capulet states that Juliet is too young and when she is to marry it will have to be for love. However, he does tell Paris that he favors him as a suitor and invites him to a party to get to know Juliet. Capulet then tells his servant to invite the people on a list that he hands to him. As Capulet and Paris walk away Romeo and Benvolio come down the street. The servant being unable to read the list asks Romeo if he could read it. Before leaving the servant invites both Romeo and Benvolio to the party. Rosaline, Romeo’s love, is on the list and Benvolio states that the feast is a perfect opportunity for Romeo to compare Rosaline to the other beautiful women of Verona.

  6. Myles Ng

    In Act 1, scene i, Shakespeare had introduced us to multiple members of the Montague house. In Act 1, scene ii he introduces us to members of the Capulet house. We are introduced to the Head of Capulet and he is in conversation with Count Paris. Count Paris says he wants to marry Juliet, but Capulet states that she is not of age, but does say that when she does become of age, he might have a chance at marring her. “But woo her, gentle Paris, get her heart; My will to her consent is but a part.” Capulet to show his favor of the Count says he will host a party and invite Paris to meet Juliet. Capulet gives the list of those invited to the party to an illiterate servant who, while walking, bumps into Romeo and Benvolio. He then asks them if they can read and they respond yes. He asks Romeo and Benvolio to deliver the invites and says as long as you are not Montagues you may come to the party as well. Romeo sees the name of the woman he loves, Rosealine, and mentions this to Benvolio who says that he should not focus so much on her. After seeing her name on the list he decides o go to the party.

  7. jane

    In Act I, scene ii, three new characters are introduced. On the first page, we see Capulet and Paris talking. Capulet is taking about marrying off his daughter Juliet, and he wants Paris to be her husband. The both of them want Juliet to marry Paris, but Capulet thinks Juliet should wait a few years before getting married and having children. While Paris, on the other hand, thinks Juliet is perfectly old enough to get married and become a mother. The third new character we meet is a servant. Capulet is throwing a party, and gives the guest list to the servant and tells him to find the people on the list. The servant can’t read, which is why on his way to find these people, he stops Romeo and Benvolio, and asks for help reading the list. After he leaves knowing all of the guests, Benvolio and Romeo realize that Romeo’s love will be at Capulet’s party. I wonder if Romeo and Benvolio are going to sneak into Capulet’s party. If they do, will they get caught? What would the Montagues and Capulets think about Romeo going to this party?

  8. trinityt

    In Act I, scene ii of “Romeo and Juliet”, new characters are introduced and the plot of the story continues. The new characters are Paris, the prince’s kinsman, a servant, and Rosaline, the woman that Romeo is currently in love with (for now).
    At the beginning of this scene, Paris asked Capulet if he could marry his daughter, Juliet. Capulet didn’t object to the idea, but Juliet was too young, so they have to wait for two more years, or until she is old enough to get marry. In addition, Capulet said that if Juliet were to get marry, she would marry the man that she chooses. After their conversation, Capulet invited Paris to come to the feast that he’s holding. Capulet gave the invite list to a servingman so that he could give the invitations out to the guests, but the servingman couldn’t read. As Romeo and Benvolio entered the scene, the servingman asked them for help. The servingman invited them to the feast, not knowing that they’re Montague. They decided to go to the feast because Romeo wanted to see Rosaline, who is the woman that he is in love with (for now) while Benvolio wanted to prove to Romeo that there are other women for Romeo to take interest in.
    This part is important because it moves the plot and it foreshadows what might happen next since Romeo and Benvolio (both are Montague) are planning to go to the Capulet’s feast. The feast could be the place where Romeo and Juliet might meet each other. Besides that, I wonder how the Capulet would react if they find out that Romeo and Benvolio are at the feast. How would the Montague react if they find out?

  9. Emily

    In this scene we were introduced to many new characters and we learned even more about our existing characters. To being, we met the character, Paris, who wishes to marry our Juliet. He asks Capulet if he can, and he does not say no, he does say that Paris will have to wait two years because Juliet is too young to be married. We also learn that the women that Romeo is in love with is not Juliet, for now.
    After this, Romeo and Benevolo are stopped by a servant who does not know how to read. He asks them to read a guest list for a Capulet party. After they do, he is thankful and so he invites them to the feast without knowing that they are Montagues. The boys realize that if they go to this feast then Romeo will be able to see his love. He says that he is in love with another character that the readers learn about in this scene, Rosaline.

    1. Maddie

      I agree with all of your points. Another thing to recognize is that Romeo will meet Juliet for the first time at this dinner party. Good job!

  10. maxwellw

    In this scene, we learn of a proposal of marriage between Count Paris and Juliet. While Capulet is the leader of his house and Juliet his daughter, Juliet’s status as a young woman leaves her with little power or choice in any social situation. Like any other female in this culture, she will be passed from the control of one man to another. In this scene, Capulet appears to be a kind-hearted man. He defers to Juliet’s ability to choose for herself “My will to her consent is but a part”. But his power to force her into a marriage if he feels it necessary is implicitly present. It seems like these details could be used to exhibit how parental influence might become a tool of Shakespeare in this tragedy.

  11. Emma Garbowitz

    In act I scene II of Romeo and Juliet, the scene begins with Capulet, a servant and a new character, Count Paris. The reader finds out that Count Paris wishes to marry Juliet. However, Capulet tells Paris that he doesn’t want Juliet to get married yet because she isn’t even 14. He doesn’t want Juliet to get married until she is at least 16. Next, Capulet announces that he is going to have a feast and gives his servant a list of people who he should invite. But, there is a problem because the servant cannot read. It just so happens that Romeo and Benvolio were standing nearby so the servant enlisted for help. While reading through all the names on the invitation list, Romeo comes across the name Rosaline when Romeo admits that is the person he truly loves. After reading this I was shocked because I thought the whole book was about Romeo and Juliet falling in love, not Romeo and Rosaline. Anyways, the servant was extremely grateful for Romeos’ help and invites him to Capulet’s feast. However, the servant had no idea that Romeo and Benvolio are Montagues creating a huge conflict. Knowing that Rosaline would be there, Romeo graciously accepts the invitation to the feast. This will give him the perfect opportunity to win over the girl of his dreams.
    I am really curious to find out how the feast will go down. Because the place is going to be filled with Capulets, it is going to be very difficult for Romeo and Benvolio to not get recognized. I predict that the pair will have to wear a costume to not get recognized. It is the only way they will succeed in getting close to Rosaline. Also, I think this is the time when Romeo meets Juliet. When else is he going to have the opportunity to be around all these Capulets without anyone fighting each other. This scene was very eye opening about the plot and foreshadowed possibilities for events occurring in the future.

  12. Maddie

    Over the weekend, I read Act I, scene ii of “Romeo and Juliet”. In this scene, we meet some new characters and see a possible plot development. We meet Count Paris, a man who wishes to marry Juliet. We know that this cannot work out, because Romeo and Juliet fall in love. Capulet tells Count Paris to come to his dinner party that night. Another important detail that the readers learn is that Romeo does not yet know Juliet, and is at the time in love with a girl named Rosaline. Romeo and Benvolio find out that Rosaline will be attending Capulets dinner party that night, so they decide that they will go. They did not listen closely to the servant, but if they had, they would know that as a part of the Montague family, Romeo and Benvolio were not welcome at the dinner party. This is foreshadowing two outcomes. One would be that Romeo and Juliet would meet for the first time. The other is that the presence of Romeo and Benvolio at the dinner party would start a fight once again between the two families, which would lead to the death of the head of Montague and Capulet.

  13. Hannah Pitkofsky

    In Act I, scene ii of Romeo and Juliet, we meet 3 characters that play an important role in the progression of the storyline of the play. We meet Count Paris, who approached Capulet, Juliet’s father, to ask him for her hand in marriage. Capulet and Paris both agree that Juliet will marry Paris, however, Capulet believes that Juliet should wait to be married because she is too young to become a mother. Paris, however, believes that Juliet is the prime age and is ready now to be married. Capulet then decides to throw a party to celebrate the Count. We then see Romeo and Benvolio show one of the servants at the party where the guests are. After this, Benvolio, as well as the audience, sees the beginnings of Romeo’s love at the party. The end of the scene brings up many questions: Will thry sneak into the Capulet home? Will they get caught? How will the Capulets react to a Montague in their home? These questions and others raise curiosity for the events coming in scene iii.

  14. Hannah M.

    After reading over the weekend we learn many things and see many things being foreshadowed. We also meet some new people such as Count Paris and we find out that Romeo has yet to meet Juliet and is actually in love with a girl named Rosaline. Count Paris’s purpose is to marry Juliet even thought they arent really in love. Also we all know that they never get married because Romeo and Juliet wind up falling in love. The Capulets are hosting a dinner party and Romeo and Benvoilo find out Rosaline is gonna be going to the dinner party so they decide to go but we all know that wont go well for they are both Montogues. This forshadows and fight that will break out…most likely. Also since they’re going to a CAPULET dinner it foreshadows Rome and Juliet meeting for the first time.

  15. Sophie

    In act 1 scene ii, Shakespeare introduces County Paris and the servingman. County Paris tells Capulet that he wishes to marry Juliet. However since Juliet is still two years away from marriage, Capulet suggests that he hold an “old accustomed feast” with friends and family invited so that Paris can get a chance to socialize with Juliet. In order to send out the invitations, Capulet sends a servingman to deliver the invite. Even though the servingman cannot read, it is not a problem because he happens to run into Romeo! While Romeo is helping his friend read, he comes across the name of Rosaline, who is Juliet’s cousin. Romeo immediately is taken by interest and insists that they attend the dinner. Romeo then finishes out the scene by expressing his newfound love for Rose. I’m really excited to read the next scene and see what happens at the dinner, as well as see if any Capulet-Montague drama starts up again by Romeo attending this feast.

  16. stephaniec

    In Act 1 scene ii of Romeo and Juliet, we are introduced to a few new characters as the plot continues to unfold. The scene begins with a conversation between Capulet and Count Paris. In essence, Count Paris asked Capulet for permission to marry his daughter, Juliet. However, although he gives his approval he believes that Juliet is too young for marriage. After this, Capulet mentions a dinner party that Count Paris should attend. Capulet then gave a list of guests to his servant. However, the servant is unable to read so he stopped Romeo and Benvolio who happened to be passing by. Romeo, who is able to read, reads over the names of the guests and realizes the woman he loves, Rosaline, is invited. He then decides that he will be attending the feast to connect with her, little does he know, this may be the first time he meets the real love of his life, Juliet.

  17. Brishti

    Act 1, scene ii begins with Capulet talking to Count Paris, a new character who is the prince’s kinsman. Capulet begins by talking about how both him and Montague are getting old and that maybe they should give up this feud. Paris then asks Capulet for Juliet’s hand in marriage. Capulet is skeptical at first and believes that Juliet is too young to marry, and he would like Juliet to marry to someone she has a say in. Ultimately, he agrees to let Paris talk to her at the party they are having. Later, he gives his servingman a list with all of the guests. He, however, cannot read, so he finds Romeo and Benvolio and asks him if Romeo can read. Romeo reads it and is happy to see that the woman he loves, Rosaline, is on the guest list. Romeo then decides to go to the party that the Capulets will be hosting to see Rosaline. Meanwhile, Benvolio would like to go to try and convince Romeo to find new love.

  18. Sunna

    In this scene, we found out that Count Paris wants to marry Juliet. He asks her father, Capulet, who tells him to wait two more years to marry her, as he believes that she is still too young. However, Paris believes that Juliet is old enough to be a mother. In the end, what is certain is that Juliet is to marry Paris eventually. Since she is a woman, she has no say in this at all. Her father and soon-to-be husband are able to make all of her decisions and force her into them. Capulet also throws a part in honor of Count Paris, and Capulet allows Paris to speak to Juliet there. Since the servant that Capulet gave the list of guests to cannot read, he stops Benvolio and Romeo, who are passing by. Romeo sees the list and realizes that Rosaline, the woman he loves, will be there. He and Benvolio decide to attend. It is clear that Romeo and Juliet will have some type of encounter there.

  19. caseyz

    In this scene, we meet a new character, Paris. Paris explains to Romeo that he is in love and wants t marry the daughter of Capulet, Juliet, but has to wait two years before he can marry her because she is too young. We also find out that the girl Romeo said he was in love with is not actually Juliet, but her cousin, Rosaline. Paris gets invited to a feast by Capulet, so he can win over Juliet. Romeo decides to come too because he realized that Rosaline will also be there. In the next scene Romeo and Juliet will finally meet.

  20. johnh1

    In Act I, scene ii we see more of the Capulets.We see Capulet talk to Paris. Both are relatively new characters. I believe Capulet is seen in scene i but we see more of him here he is telling Paris about how his daughter won’t marry Paris now because she is too young to be a bride but in two years she could be. He is just a father and an old man who loves his daughter. Paris is the man who is supposed to marry Capulet’s daughter. He seems very eager to be married to this girl. After this we see Benvolio and Romeo again. They enter talking and then see a servingman. He asks Romeo to read a note that I believe is a guest list after Romeo helps him with this, he invites them as well, however, the event is at Capulet’s home so technically they aren’t allowed to be there. I think this will set up later events and the meeting of Romeo and Juliet.


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