September 13

He stirred his rum and water pointedly at me, and he tasted his rum and water pointedly at me. And he stirred it and he tasted it; not with a spoon that was brought to him, but with a file.

Tonight please read chapters 10-11 and then respond to any plot developments, characterizations, themes, literary elements or other ideas here.

As always, please proofread your writing carefully for grammar, spelling, and punctuation and remember to reply to at least one other comment in this thread.

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46 thoughts on “He stirred his rum and water pointedly at me, and he tasted his rum and water pointedly at me. And he stirred it and he tasted it; not with a spoon that was brought to him, but with a file.

  1. emmag5

    Starting in chapter 10, the plot definitely thickens. This is because while Joe and Pip are at a bar with Mr. Wopsle they meet a stranger there and are conversing with him. However, this stranger seems to be very focused on Pip and is trying to get his attention. But, Pip is trying to avoid making eye contact with the man. After a small while of sitting with everyone and after the stranger ordered everyone drinks. Once again, the stranger begins to try to get Pip’s attention after observing him for some time. Eventually, Pip looks at the stranger and he shows him an object that Pip has most definitely seen before. The stranger shows him Joe’s file; The exact one Pip gave to his convict. As soon as Pip saw this he knew that this man had something to do with his convict, however he doesn’t know how.
    I think that this is going to be another piece of the puzzle Pip is going to have to solve to become closer to finding the convict once again. This man could be the key of getting some answers that Pip should know… such as what crime did the convict even commit? Or even Why did the convict cover for Pip when he had the opportunity to rat Pip out?

    As well as this, in chapter 11 Pip ends up going back to Miss Havisham’s house. Once he arrives at the house, Estella was there once again ready to bring him inside. Just as before, she was very harsh towards Pip and possibly worse than last time. This is because she hit Pip right across the face and was making fun of him for crying before and once again. Her character is really starting to progress and show us some key traits about her. However we still do not know much about Estella and need to find out more. Estella then walks Pip to a different room in which four other individuals are conversing with one another while keeping a close eye on Pip. They are talking about a man named Mattew who the reader does not know much about yet. However I think Miss Havisham does have a connection to Mattew. Soon, Pip is then taken to Miss Havisham to “play”. There, he is asked to go into another room with Miss Havisham where there is only a table with cloth and the room is dark and there are cob webs in the corners. Miss Havisham has Pip lead her around the room walking in circles. She then tells Pip that this is her death bed and it is where she will die. When the four people from before come in, it seems as though they were all talking about Mattew with Miss Havisham. She seems to have a bit of an obsession with him because she said, “Mattew will come see me at last, said Miss Havisham, sternly, when I am laid on that table.” She sounds almost desperate for him. Even after this things seem to get even odder. Miss Havisham tells each of the people in the room where their spot is to “feast upon her”. I am unsure if she means to actually be eaten.

    As well as what I stated above I had a few thoughts that I wonder about. I wonder why all the clocks in Miss Havisham’s house are stopped at twenty minutes to nine. It is a very odd time and it must have a significant meaning to Miss Havisham. Also, I think that Mattew and Miss Havisham might have been past lovers but something happened to their relationship. I am predicting that maybe they were supposed to get married but he bailed or even died and Miss Havisham never even took off the dress and left everything at the exact time before Mattew left her or died so that she would always live in a time before the bad event occurred in her life. However, this is only a prediction and I am very unsure if this is true. Therefore, these two chapters left me with many thoughts about what happened and made me think about what could possibly occur later in the novel.

    1. mylesn

      I agree, the convict has escaped and had two chances to rat out Pip, but he doesn’t. I also wonder why he decides to show Pip that it is him.

    2. Laila Sayegh

      I find the theory that Miss Havisham and Matthew are past lovers really interesting. It would be a good explanation for Havisham’s behavior at sometimes.

  2. mylesn

    In chapters 10-11 Pip finds out that his convict has escaped. At first Pip doesn’t notice him until the convict stirs his drink with a file. I think the convict somehow wants to talk to Pip. I think the convict either has plans for Pip or is plotting another crime. I wonder why he hasn’t ratted Pip out, he has escaped so he’s had at least two chances to rat Pip out.

    1. mylesn

      Sorry this is the second part, I accidentally posted that.

      In the chapter 11 Pip finds himself back at Ms. Havisham’s house to play. He meets four other adults while he is there. One of the Adults teases Ms. Havisham multiple times. The Adults are also not that nice to Ms. Havisham. Pip is also challenged to a fight by a kid about his age, though he is a little taller than Pip. Pip wins the fight after repeatedly knocking the boy down. When Pip leaves he kisses Estella on the cheek, after she says, “Come here! You may kiss me, if you like.”This is a big change to how she treated Pip last visit.

      1. emilyr6

        I agree that when Pip kissed Estella on the cheek it signified a change in their relationship. When Pip first visited she was very mean and hostile to him but in this second visit it seemed like she was starting to warm up to him.

      2. jaclynl

        I agree I think that Pip kissing Estella’s cheek was not only something that I didn’t expect, but it may change things. I thought that Estella didn’t like Pip because of the way she treated him in the first visit and the beginning of the second when she slapped him, but I think she’s starting to like him more now

        1. Emma Garbowitz

          I think that when Estella kissed Pip it was a very shocking moment. At first, the reader thought that Estella does not like Pip at all. However, this does show that Estella does like Pip even the slightest bit. Therefore, I do strongly agree with this comment.

  3. emilyr6

    In chapter ten and eleven there are several huge plot developments that will probably change the course of the story. Firstly, when Pip goes to see Joe at the bar, there is another mysterious man who is talking to Joe and Mr. Wopsle. At first Pip does not think much about him, but once the man get drinks he notices that the strange man stirred his drink with a file. Not only did the man sturr his drink so that only Pip was able to see the file, but he used the same exact file that Pip had stolen from Joe for the convict. To further complicate things, as they were leaving, the man gives Pip what he thinks is a couple of shillings but is actually two one-pound notes, which is a lot of money for that time period. Although we do not known much about this man yet, it is pretty easy to tell that he has something to do with PIp’s convict. Maybe, the money that he gave Pip was supposed to be a payment for the food and the file.
    Furthermore, in chapter eleven, it is time for Pip to go back to Miss Havisham’s house. This trip was just as strange as the last one, but at least it was slightly less unpleasant. When he first arrives he is directed, by Estella, to wait in a room that was full of four other people. Once Estella come to bring Pip to Miss Havisham’s room, she asks him if he thinks she is pretty and if she is insulting. Pip responds by saying that she is pretty and less insulting than she was last time. After this answer Estella slaps him and then criticizes him for crying last time he was here. Once they get to Miss Havisham’s room Pip is asked to go into a different room across the hall, into a room that is covered in cobwebs and has a clock that the time is stopped at twenty minutes to nine. In this room Miss Havisham tells Pip that this is where they will lay here when she dies. After that, she orders Pip to walk her in circles around the room. Once they walk around for a while, the other four people from before come into the room, and they talk about a man named Matthew. They do not say much about him but I predict that Matthew has something to do with all of the strange things that happen in the house.

    1. Casey

      You make some good points. I think that Matthew will definitely play a role in the next few chapters. Especially because whenever his name is mentioned, everyone gets sort of quiet.

    2. mirandak

      I agree with your prediction about Matthew! Whenever his name is spoken it seems to cause quite a few melancholy/upset emotions to arise out of Miss Havisham herself as well as the company in her house, and so I definitely think that he has a big connection to Miss Havisham and the reason that her entire character and home are so bizarre.

  4. jaclynl

    In both chapters 10 and 11, there are some huge plot developments. In chapter 10, Pip, Joe, and Mr. Wopsle are a bar with a stranger that seems to keep looking at Pip, which makes him feel very uncomfortable. This seems to get worse when this stranger uses a file to stir his rum, which Pip recognizes as Joe’s file that he had stolen for the convict. This makes Pip start to think that maybe this stranger has some sort of relation with the convict, which got me as the reader wondering. I think that this scene is definitely going to relate to something later on in the story and that Pip is right. In my opinion, I do think that the stranger we met in this chapter will have something to do with the convict later on in the story

    In chapter 11, Pip went back to Ms. Havisham’s house and sees Estella, who is still rude to him just like before. We also meet four other adults in the house, who seem to be talking about someone named “Matthew Pocket.” Then, Ms. Havisham shows Pip a room with a table and a bunch of spiders. She tells Pip that when she dies, that’s where she wants to be laid. This is really unsettling and even makes the mood feel even darker and eerier. Pip meets another boy who asks to fight him. Pip ends up winning. Lastly, as Pip is leaving Ms. Havisham’s, Estella told him that he can kiss her. So he does, on the cheek, and then leaves. I did not expect this because I thought Estella would continue to treat Pip poorly, but this was not poor treatment.

    Overall, I think that there is so much information to be uncovered as I read the next few chapters about the file and the stranger, who Matthew is, and all of the things that were brought up in these two chapters. I have a lot of questions about what is going to happen next, and I can’t wait to find out.

  5. Kate Ma.

    In chapters 10 and 11 we find out more about Estella and Pip’s former convict. After school Pip goes to a place in which I assume that many townsfolk hang out, to get Joe. Pip immediately noticed a stranger sitting with him and Mr. Wopsle. At first Pip feels uncomfortable when the man continuously stares at him with one eye shut. Then Pip gets even more freaked out when the man stirs his drink with Joe’s file, the same one Pip gave to his convict. I think that the mysterious man wants Pip for something, after he didn’t rat him out and when he gave Pip money after he was just coincidentally having drinks with Joe. In chapter eleven we saw more of Estella’s character. When Pip first got there, Estella slapped him across the face for no reason. Then, there was a strange boy who fought Pip, resulting in Pip winning. Estella then went on to kissing Pip. I think that this is all part of Mrs. Havisham’s plan for Estella. She asked the girl to break Pip’s heart and I think that’s exactly what she’s doing. Estella doesn’t really like Pip, she’s just following orders. Chapter ten and eleven had me thinking about what’s going to happen next.

    1. stephaniec

      I agree that the stranger wants Pip for something and that is why he did not tell anyone about what he most likely knows about Pip.

      1. Hannah M.

        I agree with you on how the stranger wants something from Pip because he did not rat him out and I also agree that estella is just trying to break Pips heart and is just following mother’s orders.

  6. Brishti Sarkar

    Chapters 10 and 11 featured important and huge plot developments. In chapter 10, Pip goes to the bar to collect Joe. He finds Joe, Mr. Wopsle, and a strange man sitting together smoking pipes and drinking rum, and the strange man looks at Pip in a way as if he recognises him. Pip sits next to Joe, and the whole time the strange man is interested in Pip. After a while, the man pulls out the file that Pip recognises as the one that he stole from Joe to give to the escaped convict, and starts stirring his drink with it. This thickens the plot because we are left wondering who this man is, what he wants with Pip, and if he knows the escaped convict. The man gives Pip some change wrapped up in a piece of paper, and later he realizes that the paper itself is money. In chapter 11, Pip returns to Miss Havisham’s house to come back to play. Just as last time, Estella comes to the door and guides Pip down a different hallway to a different room to wait, filled with Miss Havisham’s relatives (three ladies and a gentleman) who talk about how they are worried for Miss Havisham and about a man named Matthew Pocket. Estella brings Pip into Miss Havisham’s room, where Pip is not in the mood for playing. Miss Havisham takes Pip into another room, where there is a long table with a blob and bugs that are crawling over it, which Miss Havisham tells Pip is her wedding cake. Miss Havisham tells Pip that it is her birthday, and that when she dies, she wants to be laid on the long table in her wedding dress. This creates an eerie mood, because this situation must make someone as young as Pip feel creeped out. Soon, Estella and the relatives come in, and they continue to express their worry for her and keep talking about how awful Matthew Pocket was, but Miss Havisham dismissed this and made the mood even more unsettling by telling them how Matthew Pocket will stand at the head of the table when she is dead. After Pip and Estella play cards again, a young boy asks Pip to fight, and Pip ends up winning. After all of this, Estella appears and tells Pip that he can kiss her on the cheek, and Pip does. I think this is a turning point in their relationship, and I hope to see it further develop. I think these two chapters had many moving plot developments, and I cannot wait to see it develop further.

    1. Zoe

      I agree that the fact that we never get to know this strange man’s name at the bar seems to thicken the plot and leave you on a cliff hanger. I also think when Pip goes to Mrs.Havisham’s house it is a bit strange that a random boy just walked up to Pip and sort of demanded a fight. Why do you think he was let into the gates, or do you think he wandered in there alone? I also am excited to see how Estella and pip’s relationship develop. Great response!

  7. Laila Sayegh

    Chapters ten and eleven of Great Expectations were filled with a lot of plot development. Starting with chapter ten, Pip meets Joe Gargery and Mr. Wopsle at a bar. While they are at the bar, Pip notices that when he arrived Joe was already in mid-conversation with a strange man. Throughout Pip’s experience at the bar, the stranger would continuously stare at Pip in an odd manner. This left Pip feeling worried. Eventually, the strange man takes out a file to stir his drink. It was the exact same file that Pip had given to his convict in previous chapters. The man holds the file in a way that only allowed Pip to see it. I think the man was attempting to subtly drop hints that he was, or had something to do with Pip’s convict. Before the night ended, the man gave Pip what looked like only a few shillings. When Pip arrived home, Mrs. Joe was able to find that the man actually gave Pip a lot more money than he had expected. This led me to believe that the man is actually the convict. He probably gave Pip the money to thank him for the food.

    In chapter eleven, Pip spends yet another day at Ms. Havishams house. Estella greets him at the door and again, she isn’t very nice. She leads Pip to a room where he encounters four adults conversing. They are speaking about a man named Matthew Pocket. Soon enough, Mrs. Havisham guides Pip to an extremely creepy room. There is a table in the room with loads of tiny little bugs crawling on it. Ms. Havisham explains to Pip that when she passes, she wants her body to be placed here. So far, I have noticed many connections between Ms. Havisham and death. I wonder if this is symbolizing or foreshadowing anything.

    1. angelicac1

      I agree about the many connections between Miss Havisham and death. I feel like it does foreshadow something that will happen in the story.

    2. trinityt

      I agree. I believe that these things in these chapters will relate to something that will happen later on. It acts as foreshadowing. I’m excited to see them uncover themselves as the story goes on. Also, when it comes to Miss Havisham, she gives me this eerie feeling since there seem to be connections between her and death.

  8. Casey

    In these chapters, we see how Pip’s personality is developing so far in the novel. We learn that he is sensitive because he felt the need to make himself seem less common after what Estella said to him. He gets advice from his friend Biddy on how to act like he’s in a higher class. We also read that Estella allows Pip to kiss him after watching him fight another boy. This shows the start of Pip and Estella’s relationship, which should evolve throughout the story. We also find out that Pip’s convict escaped, which causes him to worry because this adds to the weight of his lies. I predict that Pip will end up confessing his secrets about the convict, which might get him in trouble in the next chapters.

  9. Zoe

    At the start of Chapter 10 it feels like just another story, however an important part of the story is created. When Pip goes to bring Joe home on his way back from school, he sees that both Joe and Mr.Wopsle are talking to a stranger. Pip somehow doesn’t recognize the man, although he is still kind to Pip by offering a seat and paying for a glass of Rum for Joe and Mr.Wopsle. While no one is watching, the stranger stares down Pip and blatantly stirs his glass with a file, this finally gives Pip the idea of who this man could be. A man who knows of his convict. This makes me think; is this man the “young man” Pip’s convict had spoken of, and because Pip went along with the hunting down of the prisoners that he may think that Pip had betrayed him. If so, I know that chapter 12 will be an interesting one. However, at the end he gives Pip some money. This is a friendly gesture, but something in my mind still feels weird about it.

    In chapter 11, we go back to Mrs.Havisham’s house. This time, when Pip gets there, he is not taken right to the room but instead taken to a room with Mrs.Havisham’s relatives. When he gets there, they all seem to be talking about “the idea.” Would “the idea” that they’re talking about have something to do with Pip coming over to play? My inference is that Mrs.Havisham thinks Pip, with his child mind, will be able to finally get her out of the house; to become less than a rotting corpse in a wedding dress. Finally, Pip is taken to Mrs.Havisham and instead of playing games, Mrs.Havisham takes Pip to a room across the hall. She informs him that the table in the center will be where she lies when she is dead, and the corner of the room surrounded by cobwebs is where the wedding cake is. Later, when Pip has been asked to repeatedly take Mrs.Havisham in a circle around the room, her relatives come up and Camilla becomes emotional. During her crying fits, the name Matthew is mentioned and Mrs.Havisham talks about how he will come to see her at last. The room with all the bridal furniture and the fact that Mrs.Havisham says, “..which will be the final curse upon him-…” makes me think that Matthew had never come to Mrs.Havisham’s wedding day and that when he finally comes on her funeral day and sees all the wedding preparations that it will be the ultimate curse upon him; to know that your chance at redemption was lost.

    These two chapters where a lot to take in are very important to the storyline.

    1. mikaylaf

      I agree with the idea that maybe Matthew never came to Miss Havisham’s wedding, but i don’t think Pip will be the answer to getting Miss Havisham to come out of her house (but I could be wrong!). They have just met, and I think that Pip believes Miss Havisham is this strange woman who is stuck in time. I wonder if Miss Havisham will ever come out of her house.

  10. mikaylaf

    In chapter 10, the plot of the story becomes more intense. Pip goes into the bar to meet Joe, and he finds Mr. Wopsle and another unidentified man talking to Joe. Pip thinks nothing of the man at first, until he takes out a file to stir his drink. Pip immediately recognizes the file as the same one that he gave to his convict some time ago. Pip is unnerved, and he knows that this mysterious man knows his convict or at least has something to do with him. At the end of the night, the man gives the boy a shilling, which is not a lot of money, but when Pip gets home he finds out that it is actually two one pound notes. Mrs. Joe believes this is an accident, but I think the man knew exactly how much money he gave to Pip. Something strange is going on in the plot, and I think it will surely grow into something more as the book continues.

    In chapter 11, Pip makes another visit to Miss Havisham’s house. This time, Estella leads Pip down a different hallway to another part of the house. Before entering this knew room, Pip and Estella pass through a courtyard which has a clock. This clock, like all the other time-telling devices in the house, is set to twenty minutes to nine. This specific time must be very important to Miss Havisham. It could even be the time when she was supposed to get married, or when her relationship failed. When Pip enters the room, there are three ladies and a man. They give Pip the feeling that he is being closely watched. The four people are having a conversation, and they bring up a man named Matthew. This name appears throughout the rest of the chapter, but we never find out exactly who he is. After, when Estella is bringing Pip up to Miss Havisham’s room, she slaps Pip in the face and makes fun of him for crying last time he visited. I truly feel sorry for Pip. What did he do to deserve this rudeness from Estella? He can’t control what kind of family he was born into, and he has been nothing but polite to Estella. When Pip enters Miss Havisham’s room, he is once again asked to play. This time, when Pip says he doesn’t know if he wants to play, Miss Havisham asks him if he is willing to work, to which he responds yes. Miss Havisham brings him to a room with a long table covered with a white tablecloth. However, the tablecloth is no longer white, and it is covered with spiderwebs and ants. Miss Havisham tells Pip that the bugs are on what used to be a bride-cake. I think this room was once supposed to be the room of Miss Havisham’s wedding, and, like the rest of her wedding, she left it like it was so many years ago. Miss Havisham tells Pip to walk with her, so they walk in circles around the room. Miss Havisham also tells him that this table will be her death bed. Once again, Matthew is mentioned when Miss Havisham points out where he and the four other people will be standing when she dies.

    These two chapters were unnatural and a little bit confusing. I was confused when Miss Havisham told the four people that they will feast on her when she dies. I don’t think she means that they will actually eat her, so what does she mean? These two chapters had many plot developments, and I look forward to seeing how things play themselves out in the next few chapters.

  11. Sunna

    In chapters 10 and 11, there were many new plot developments, which made me think of new theories for the rest of the book.

    In chapter 10, Pip goes to find Joe at a bar. He sees a stranger who is using Joe’s file, which Pip knows that he gave to the convict. He realizes that the man must know the convict in some way. Later on, the man gives Pip money. This makes me think that the man is repaying Pip for giving the convict the file and the food. This man will most likely be a very important part of finding out who the convict is and what crime he committed.

    In chapter 11, Pip visits Ms. Havisham’s house again to “play”. Estella treats him just as horribly, and even slaps him when he says that she wasn’t as insulting as the last time. She clearly takes pleasure in making him cry. Pip also meets four other people, who talk about someone named Matthew, who will probably be important later on. Ms. Havisham also shows Pip the place where she says that she will die. After that, Pip goes outside to eat, and a boy that he’s never met before demands that they fight. Pip surprises himself and beats the boy easily. When he comes back, Estella doesn’t say anything about him taking too long. She actually blushes, tells him that he can kiss her if he wants to, and Pip kisses her cheek. I think that Estella may have seen the fight and been impressed with Pip, which is why she was blushing. It will be interesting to see if she develops feelings for Pip, despite her looking down on him.

    Overall, chapters 10 and 11 really changed everything, and I’m excited to see how this story will develop further.

  12. Hannah Pitkofsky

    As I was reading chapters 10 and 11, I noticed some very odd things occur throughout. First of all, the bartender was stirring Joe’s rum with a file, which only Pip could see. The bartender in this chapter seems very shady to me, and his character seems almost evil, in a way. Then, once he gets to Ms. Havisham’s house, there are some more shady people there. I’m inferring that these characters are not going to help Pip throughout the story, but we shall see in future chapters what happens next!

  13. stephaniec

    In chapters 10 and 11 the plot thickens. Starting in chapter 10, Pip met Joe and Mr. Pumblechook in a bar. When Pip walked in, he saw someone who he did not recognize sitting with them. The stranger kept looking at Pip, almost like he was trying to tell Pip something. With the stranger at a loss, he stirred his rum with something he knew Pip would recognize. The file! Pip recognized the file right way and immediately thought the stranger had something to do with his convict. When Pip was getting ready to leave, the stranger handed Pip what was supposed to be a couple of shillings, but turned out to be two one pound notes. Immediately thinking the money is a mistake, Joe takes it back to the bar, but the stranger is nowhere to be found.
    In chapter 11, it’s time for Pip to return to Ms. Havisham’s house. Like the last time, Estella opened the door for Pip and walked him to a room with four other people in it. It seemed that the other people were talking about someone named Matthew, a character who the readers have not heard of yet. Estella came back and took Pip to another room. On the way, she asked Pip if she was pretty and insulting. Pip told her she was pretty and that she was a little less mean than last time. Estella was not pleased with his response, and took her anger out by slapping Pip. Estella dropped Pip off at the room he went to days before. Pip walked in to Ms. Havisham exactly where she was before. She asked if he wanted to play but he declined, so she took him to a different room. The room was full of cobwebs and like the other room, had no daylight in it. She claimed that this is where they will put her down when she dies. The four people from before came into the room and talked to Ms. Havisham about Matthew. Although we do not know much about Matthew, we do know he has some connection or history with Ms. Havisham because she says he will be here when she dies. After all this, Pip meets a new boy who wants to fight him. Pip continuously knocked the boy down but the boy kept getting back up. Finally, the boy gave up and Pip went on his way. On his way out, Pip ran into Estella who tells Pip that he could kiss her, which he did. This was a little unexpected because she has never acted this way towards Pip.

  14. mirandak

    Throughout Chapters 10 and 11, it is clear that the plot of the novel is continuously growing and expanding, what with the wide range of different settings among the scenes, the odd behaviors of particular characters, the growth of importance and/or presence of certain characters within the book, etc.
    Firstly, in the very beginning of Chapter 10, Pip the narrator starts off by telling the reader that his younger self had still been dwelling on and been pestered by the fact that he had been referred to as a commoner when he visited Miss Havisham’s residence. Next, he proceeds to talk about Biddy (Mr. Wopsle’s great aunt’s granddaughter) and how he pleaded her to educate him with all of the teachings that she had knowledge of, so that he may eventually be considered uncommon by being so well educated. When this occurred, I found myself shocked, as Biddy was only briefly mentioned in a past chapter of the novel, but was now being brought up again, and even accompanied by a description of her personality by Pip. For instance, this is shown when in the text it states, “In pursuance of this luminous conception I mentioned to Biddy when I went to Mr. Wopsle’s great-aunt’s at night, that I had a particular reason for wishing to get on in life, and that I should feel very much obliged to her if she would impart all her learning to me. Biddy, who was the most obliging of girls, immediately said she would, and indeed began to carry out her promise within five minutes.” (p.73). While his given description of her was certainly short, it still gave us a better insight into Biddy’s personality. She was quite caring, kind, and helpful, as she didn’t hesitate to assist Pip. Although at this time, her presence in the scene had come to an end, this paragraph still leads me to believe that she shall become a more significant character as the story continues.
    Furthermore, other than Biddy’s character development, the story’s plot became even more intriguing when Pip went to the “Three Jolly Bargemen” to call Joe home. Once there, he proceeded to find Joe in the bar with Mr. Wopsle and… a strange man. Immediately after, this questionable stranger consistently tried to gain Pip’s attention, which definitely raised some questions for me. Who is this man, and why was he so interested in a young boy like Pip? Furthermore, after Pip had settled in at the bar with Joe, he continued to make certain bizarre gestures directed towards Pip. “The strange man, after glancing at Joe, and seeing that his attention was otherwise engaged, nodded to me again when I had taken my seat, and then rubbed his leg — in a very odd way, as it struck me.” (p.75). This caused me to make a prediction as to who the man was: I believed he was connected to the convict that Pip had crossed paths with and eventually committed theft for, as he too had rubbed his leg often due to the iron that had been attached to it. However, I was still unsure, and didn’t have enough evidence to prove it, and so I continued on. Then, later on, the man supposedly stirred his rum and water with a file! He utilized a file like the one Pip had given to the convict earlier on in the novel (if not the same one), and made a clear show of it to Pip to ensure that he saw it! Pip then determined that this man knew/was associated with the convict, but in terms of exact relations towards him, he had no clue. This entire bar scene led me to believe that this was foreshadowing of perhaps the reappearance of the convict later in the novel. Maybe then our questions will finally be answered about who the convict truly is, and what he had done in the first place to be charged with a crime!
    Additionally, in chapter 11, the plot only became even more unusual! Here we read along as young Pip ventured to Miss Havisham’s manor for the second time. Still uncomfortable from his first visit, he comes to the door, and Estella leads him to a room to wait by the window until he was called upon. He waited there for quite some time, and heard the conversations of company that Miss Havisham had had over in her house. Throughout their conversation, there was talk of such topics that I could not comprehend, but I suddenly became intrigued when they spoke of a man named Matthew. However, we did not hear much of this man, as Pip was then called to Miss Havisham in a different room across the manor. When he arrived in her room, and didn’t really want to play, Miss Havisham directed Pip to a room across the hall, where he would supposedly do work for her. However, the only “job” he did was walk her around in circles throughout that very room, which was extremely peculiar. It was shrouded in dust, cobwebs, and mold. Little creatures had even made homes for themselves within the old, untouched room. Miss Havisham eventually told Pip that this would be her resting place when she finally passed, and then proceeded to explain that her wedding cake was also in the room. Not long after, the company from the other room came into this “chamber,” and soon began to talk about Matthew once more, this time with an almost disgusted tone. “‘There’s Matthew!’ said Camilla. ‘Never mixing with any natural ties, never coming here to see how Miss Havisham is! I have taken to the sofa with my staylace cut, and have lain there hours, insensible, with my head over the side, and my hair all down, and my feet I don’t know where–‘” (p.87). By this time, I had a theory of who Matthew was that could possibly allow me to understand Miss Havisham’s situation better (if it was correct). Essentially, I believe that Matthew was Miss Havisham’s partner, or soon-to-be spouse, but just before their wedding, he disappeared, and so, Miss Havisham, heartbroken, couldn’t bare to take off her bridal gown after that event, and left everything associated with their wedding untouched (her wedding cake), perhaps with hope that he might return someday. Furthermore, Miss Havisham then decided to declare that Matthew will come back one day, and when he does, he, along with the rest of them, shall feast upon her when she is dead! I certainly hope that she does not mean this statement literally, but if she does, it causes me to have even more questions about her past and the tragedy in her life.
    Basically, while there were quite a few interesting scenes in these chapters, these were the occurances that stood out to me the most, and are making me want to read the novel even more out of my curiosity and unanswered questions!

  15. angelicac1

    There were a number of huge plot developments in chapter 10 and 11 of “Great Expectations”. The first plot development can be found in chapter 10. The chapter starts off with Pip, Joe, and Mr. Wopsle at a bar. They all meet a stranger and Joe and Mr. Wopsle start discoursing with him, but the stranger’s main attention seemed to be on Pip. He continuously tries to make eye contact with Pip, but Pip keeps avoiding to meet contact with the stranger’s eyes. Soon the stranger orders drinks for everyone and tries to meet eyes with Pip once again. Pip eventually meets his eyes and the stranger does something that catches Pip off guard. The stranger shows him the exact file that Pip gave to his convict. This gave Pip the sign the this stranger and the convict have some connection with each other. I have a feeling that this stranger will come back in the story and play an important role between Pip and the convict.

    In chapter 11, Pip goes back to Miss Havisham’s Satin House. Estella brought him inside once he arrived and acted harsh towards him just like last time. She hit Pip across his face and started to back fun of him because of him crying the last time he was there. Estella then leads Pip to another room where there are four people conversing about someone named “Matthew Pocket”. After Pip left the room, Miss Havisham showed Pip a room and inside was only a table with cloth over it. The room was very dark and it had many cob webs in the corners. Miss Havisham tells Pip that she wishes to be laid in this room when she dies. Soon, the four people come into the room and continue discussing about Matthew Pocket. Something that surprised was when Miss Havisham said, “Matthew will come see me at last…when I am laid on that table.” This tells readers that Matthew and Miss Havisham are somehow linked with each other.

    Later on when Pip is supposed to play, he meets a boy who convinces Pip to fight him. After fighting impressively, Pip wins. When it’s time for Pip to leave, something odd happens. Estella tells Pip that he can kiss her on the cheek so he does. My guess is that Estella saw Pip while he was fighting the boy and maybe she got impressed of his fighting skills so now she’s suddenly changing the way she sees him. Overall, these two chapters were very eventful, interesting, and everything will most likely make more sense to us as we continue reading the story.

  16. janem

    Both chapters 10 and 11 of “Great Expectations” reveal many significant details to the plot of the novel. In chapter 10, Pip makes a promise with a girl from his town called Biddy that she would teach him everything she knows. This is significant because Pip shares he wants to become an uncommon person, and to do that he will have to get a better education, and lessons with Biddy are his first steps. Secondly, in chapter 10 we see a mysterious stranger in the pub with Joe, who somehow has Joe’s file. I think the file is symbolic for Pip, every time he sees it, he is reminded of helping out the convict and the worry of anyone finding out.

    In the next chapter, Pip goes to Miss Havisham’s for a second time. During his visit, he meets strange people who one can assume are Miss Havisham’s relatives. He also finds out it is Miss Havisham’s birthday, but notices she doesn’t want anyone to give her any birthday wishes or compliments. The second visit is much more strange than the first, because Miss Havisham discusses plans for when she is dead and what her relatives should do. Something that stood out to me in particular was the mentioning of a character named Matthew. I wondered if he is another relative, someone that died, or maybe a possible groom for Miss Havisham?

    Lastly, when Pip is wandering in the garden he runs into another boy close to his age. He wants to fight, and Pip ends up beating him up. I wondered who this person is, and why does he want a fight so bad? How is he so peppy after getting up from every one of Pip’s blows? After winning the fight, Estella comes to Pip and allows him to kiss her cheek. Pip does, but feels bad because of how low she thinks of him. I wonder what’s going to happen during Pip’s next visit to Miss Havisham’s, will more relatives come to visit? Will Miss Havisham discuss her death more? What will happen between Pip and Estella?

  17. trinityt

    In chapters 10 and 11, there were huge plot developments along with shocking scenes as well.
    In chapter 10, when Pip was going to this bar where Joe is hanging out to get him, he saw Joe was talking with a stranger with Mr.Wopsle. Pip noticed that the stranger was constantly staring at him, which made him uncomfortable. To add to the tension, the stranger then stir his rum with the file that belongs to Joe, which Pip gave the file to the convict in the beginning of the novel. This make me starts to wonder that this stranger must know the convict somehow. Later on, when Pip was leaving with Joe and Mr.Wopsle, the stranger gave Pip money. To me, this feels like maybe the stranger was thanking Pip for something, maybe for helping the convict, or for something else. I have a feeling that this scene is foreshadowing that something will happen in the future that will relate to this. I also have a feeling that Pip will meet the stranger and the convict again in the future.
    In chapter 11, Pip went back to Miss Havisham’s house. Like before, he met again with Estella and Miss Havisham. However, this time there were other adults there as well. While Pip was walking with Miss Havisham, she told him that it was her birthday. Miss Havisham doesn’t seem to like her birthday very much, which makes me wonder why Miss Havisham doesn’t like her birthday. Did something happened on her birthday in the past to make her like this towards her birthday? Another thing is that Miss Havisham was talking about how when she die, her body will be laid in that room, which gives me this eerie feeling. Also, she was talking about this Matthew. This makes me think that Miss Havisham and Matthew must have known each other. How did they know each other? What is the relationship between Miss Havisham and Matthew? To me, Miss Havisham is a very interesting character. I’m excited to finding more about her as I read on, and excited to see these things explain and uncover themselves. Later on, it really shocked me when Estella said that Pip can kiss her, on the cheek, which he did. Before this, Estella was rude and mean to Pip as she made him feel low of himself and wants to make him cry. So it was surprising when she suddenly tell Pip that he can kiss her, since this doesn’t fit her rude and mean personality before.
    Overall, chapters 10 and 11 has lots of information that is to be explain and uncover in the future. I’m excited to find out more about what will happen and see things explain and uncover themselves in the future.

    1. Sophie

      I really like how you thought of the money gift as foreshadowing, I did not even think of that. I also totally agree with everything you said about Miss Havisham and Matthew.

  18. madilynr

    In chapters ten and eleven there are some major plot developments. Pip has a very surprising encounter with “someone who knew Pip’s convict”. It all started in a bar where Pip was meeting Joe. At the table, sitting with Joe, was Mr. Wopsle and a stranger. The stranger looks at Pip with one eye as if he were taking aim at something or someone with an invisible gun. Then the stranger buys the three men a rum and before he drinks it, he stirs it with the same file that Pip gave the convict. “I knew it to be Joe’s file, and I knew that he knew my convict, the moment I saw the instrument.”(page 77) Charles Dickens raises the intensity of the plot right off the bat in chapter ten. In chapter eleven the plot is developed even more at Ms. Havisham’s residence. During Pip’s second visit to the Satis house, Estrella takes him to a room full of Ms. Havisham’s relatives. Pip learns later that the relatives are all visiting for Ms. Havisham’s Birthday. Ms. Havisham calls for Estrella to bring Pip to her room. Pip refuses to play for Ms. Havisham, but he does agree to work for Ms. Havisham, which consists of walking Ms. Havisham through a dusty room full of spider webs and mice. Ms. Havisham explains to Pip as they walk around the dusty gross room that when she dies her corpse will be laid on the table and she will be wearing her old wedding dress and the wedding cake will remain in the corner half eaten by mice. Ms. Havisham calls her relatives and Estrella into the dusty room to explain to them where they will be standing when she is dead laying on the table. Ms. Havisham sends Pip outside where he meets a pale boy and they fight. Estrella rewards his win with a kiss. After this long visit Pip goes home to a dark house.

  19. Sophie

    In chapters 10 and 11, there are two big parts that stand out for me. In chapter 10, Dickens does a very good job of giving clues in the story that foreshadow the future. The reason why I say this, is because at first when it says the stranger in Pip’s house was eyeing him, I was confused. But immediately when it says the man scratched his leg in an odd way, I knew it was the convict. The man and Pip having such an unusual second greeting, including the file situation and Pip’s anxiety, could definitely lead to big changes in the story. Then in chapter 11, although Pip does meet some new important characters, the part that stood out most to me was when Pip met the man who asked him to fight. Pip very quickly observed the mans personality, and it really affected him. “His spirit inspired me with great respect…he was always knocked down; but, he would be up again in a moment…The more I hit him, the harder I hit him; but, he came up again and again and again” (pg 92). Pip watched his actions and thought about them. The way Pip was so deeply fascinated and touched, it changed his personality! When Pip won, he claims of it being a “gloomy satisfaction”, and offers to help the man after he hurt him so much. This small action could symbolize something, and possibly change Pip EVEN more, and maybe this time for the better.

  20. Hannah M.

    In chapters 10 and 11 we learn that Pip’s former convict is back and that he is developing a relationship with Estella, but is it real or fake? After a long day of school Pip goes to bar to meet Joe and uncle Pumblechook. Suddenly Pip noticed a stranger across the bar. The stranger stares at Pip with one eye shut, which gives Pip the chills. What made Pip even more uncomfortable was that he was stirring his drink with Joe’s file that Pip had given to the convict. It was clear that the eerie stranger wanted something from Pip, after not ratting him out and giving Pip money he walks over to where Joe and uncle Pumblechook are sitting and drinks with them. This makes Pip nervous. We learned more about Estella’s character in chapter 11. When Pip arrives at Ms.Havishams house Estella greets him in a rude and nasty manner. A little while later Pip picks a fight with another boy. After a victorious win for Pip, Estella gives him a kiss. Pip is surprised by her actions, for she is usually rude and unkind. I think hat the kiss Estella gave Pip is fake and that she is just following her mother’s orders and will break Pip’s heart so she can have the jewel. These chapters really have me eager to find out whats gonna happen next!

  21. Rcey Ortega

    In chapter 10 and 11 a number of things happen. During chapter 10, Joe, Mr. Wopsle and a stranger were having a conversation. Pip sees that the stranger continuosly looks at him and only him. The stranger asked Joe and Mr. Wopsle what drink they wanted. They both asked for rum. The stranger started to mix rum and water together, making sure only Pip sees, with a file. Pip knew the stranger knows the convict. The stranger then gives Pip some money but Pip is not sure why. I think the stranger is the convict but Pip doesn’t know if he is just yet.
    In chapter 12, Pip goes back to Ms. Havisham’s house. He meets Estella at the gate. Once again, she walks him to the house but another way this time. She tries to make him cry again but Pip told her that he will never cry for her again. When he meets Ms. Havisham, he finds out that she doesn’t like talking about her birthday. Ms. Havisham then tells Pip to call Estella so they can play half a dozen card games. While Pip ate his food outside, a tall, skinny and pale kid picks a fight him. Pip knocks him down every time he tries to make a move. The kid kept on getting up and wouldn’t give u so Pip told him that he wins. Before Pip left, Estella wanted him to kiss her on the cheek. Pip couldn’t resist so he did. I think that the fight Pip had with the tall kid made Estella think of Pip differently.

  22. maxwellw

    In chapter 10 and 11, the plot develops when we meet a strange new man. The man first appears when at the bar Joe brought Pip and is described as a “secret-looking man.” The man seemed to show a particular interest in Pip, so much so that he made an effort to find out Joe’s relationship with Pip. An interesting thing the stranger mentions is that he’s “not acquainted with this country.” I find this strange as he seemed to know that Joe was a blacksmith, despite not being in the area.

  23. josepha4

    While reading chapters 10-11, new characters are discovered and some characters are re- introduced with some interesting actions which advance the plot. The first character whom we meet has great influence on Pip. This is the convict with the file that Pip gave him. His reappearance inspires curiosity within Pip as well as fear. Why didn’t the convict “rat out” Pip? Or how did this new convict come across Pip’s convict? Are they friends? Many things are sure to be answered within the next chapters. Another unusual character we meet is a red-headed boy who “befriends” Pip in a boxing match. Even when Pip keeps hitting him, the boy gets up with no hesitation or anger. He acts innocent and fair. Because of the way Pip kept hitting the boy, harder each time, Pip felt it tainted his victory. Next, Estella’s character is developed, instead of her being totally nasty throughout Pip’s entire visit, she actually gives him some glimpse of kindness: she lets Pip kiss her on the cheek after his victory. This may be setting them up for a future complicated relationship.
    I think one theme is these chapters is that people can be very unpredictable. This builds suspense and sets the reader up for the next chapters

  24. Maddie

    In chapters ten and eleven, there are lots of plot development. One of which being about the man that Pip meets at the bar. The man is mysterious and strange, and talks to Joe, and buys him a drink. The stranger stares at Pip the whole time they are in the bar, and Pip notices that the stranger stirs his drink with a file, and not just any file, Joes file. He knows that this man must have something to do with his convict, or must know his convict. Another plot development was when Pip kissed Estella on the cheek. She said to him, “Come here! You may kiss me if you like.” And so Pip did. This proves that even though Estella was rude at the first visit, she actually likes Pip a little bit, and Pip likes her.

  25. johnh1

    I think these chapters are here to introduce new plot elements. The man who Pip met at the bar had Joe’s file meaning that the story of the convicts may not be over yet. I noticed how the people at Ms. Havisham’s house treat Pip so now we know that Estella isn’t the only awful person there. All in all I think that chapters 10 and 11 are there to primarily add on to storylines


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