Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain. — Joseph Campbell

Please describe a setting.   Take a moment to think about a place that is important to you.   You may choose your room or a particular part of your home or backyard.   Or you could write about a place you went this summer, perhaps camp or somewhere you went for vacation.  Once you have decided on a place, I would like you to do a short exercise I call “Making a Movie Behind your Eyelids.”  It works like this.   Close your eyes and imagine you are in your special spot.  Stay there for a moment.  Really take some time to be in that place.  What do you see?  Look around carefully.   What do you hear?  What do you smell?  What do you feel?  (This feeling could either be the actual sense of touch or more of an emotional sense.)

Once you have lived in this place for some time, open your eyes and write!!!  If you run out of things to say, close your eyes again and see what you notice that you did not already include in your response.

Generally, your response should be at least 250 words, but please don’t just aim for that.  Do the best job you can describing your setting.  Don’t just add more to get to the minimum number of words.  Make sure that each word counts!  I recommend that you write your response in Word or as a Google doc and then cut and paste your response into the comment box.  I encourage this, because in case something happens and your response doesn’t appear, you still have your homework!!! Good luck and have fun!

By the way, in order to comment on this post, you will need to click onto the title of the post.  This will lead you to a new page, where there will be a box for commenting at the bottom of the post. Once you are on the page that has the comment box at the bottom be sure to read all of the following instructions before you begin.

How-to Basics

Today you are going to learn how to access our class blog, log in, and comment on a post.

Hey!  Guess what?  If you are reading this, you have already accessed our blog!

First, you need to log in.  Look over on the right.  You will see a section called Meta in with various links below it.  Please choose Log in.

Now, you will of course need a username and a password.  This should be your usual school log in, however, if you don’t know what that is, try this:

Your username is your first name, the first initial of your last name and usually a number.  Please start without a number, then with the number 1, if that doesn’t work, try number 2, and so forth until you figure out which it is. So!  My name is Elizabeth Quinson.  My username would be elizabethq, elizabethq1 or elizabethq2.

Your password is your student id number.  If you already know it, try to log on.

If none of this works, I’ll be around with this information for you.

After you are logged on, try commenting on this post. What you are reading here, by the way, is a post!  Most of your work on the blog will be as a comment, and not as a post.  Generally, I post the topic or question (or even just leave it open) and then you comment on my post.  In addition, you may comment on each other’s comments!