The course of true love never did run smooth. (MND #9)

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Tomorrow in class you will write a thematic essay on a topic of your own choosing about A Midsummer Night’s Dream.    This evening, please prepare for this essay by thinking about the aspects of the play that you find the most intriguing.  That way, you are more likely to find a topic that fuels you and about which you can contribute some real insight.

You may choose to prepare an outline this evening, so you can use the full period writing tomorrow, but please do not over prepare!  This is meant to be a 45-minute flashdraft, not a complete finished product, and I will assess it accordingly.  This essay will count as a quiz, not as a full test grade.

For any students who were absent in class, we read and commented about a number of literary critics in class today and I have shared that document on the handouts page of our website.  You should certainly take a look at them before you choose your topic or plan your essay.

MND blog #9

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  1. My topic for my thematic essay will be dreams vs. nightmares. After the teens wake up, they think that they had a dream, that nothing what happened to them was true. I agree with the fact that they think that it didn’t happen, but wouldn’t their experience be more of a nightmare than a dream? In dreams, mostly good things happen, while in nightmares, the characters have bad things happening to them. For Helena, the “dream” that she woke up from was not pleasant. Her friend was in a conspiracy with her crush and friend to mock her. For Hermia, the boy who loved her and she loved him suddenly now is loving her best friend. Demetrius and Lysander both were under the influence of the nectar and did not love who they really had feelings for. Hermia and Helena, who were like sister, were now threatening each other. Hermia even told Helena that she would claw her eyes out. They were very close, and the nectar turned them against each other. What happened to them would not be considered as a dream at all, but a nightmare. Although they kept describing the events following Puck putting the nectar onto their eyes as a dream, they really aren’t.

    • It makes sense to say that it was a nightmare. I think you need to find something else to put it against though. Someone could easily disprove your essay by saying that a nightmare is a type of dream. It’s a good job, nice idea!

  2. In class, we have discussed the difference between when the mechanicals (civilians) talk and when the mythical (higher class) talk. We noticed how the mythical characters talk in poetry most of the time and it rhymes. However, when the mechanicals talk it is confusing and it isn’t poetic. This shows the difference in class. I will be writing my essay on this topic. I will also write about how even though Shakespeare establishes a difference between these two classes, he brings them together when the mechanicals put on the play. This shows how comedy can unite people because it doesn’t matter what class you’re from, comedy is funny. Shakespeare also brings together many beliefs in this play. He brings fairies, and mythology into this play. People may get offended it was under different circumstances, but the play is funny and we see that Shakespeare isn’t disrespecting these different beliefs. He is simply putting them all together in the name of comedy. So my essay will be on the topic of how Shakespeare uses comedy to unite different classes and beliefs.

  3. In my essay tomorrow, I am pretty sure that I would like to discuss Shakespeare himself. Not just Shakespeare, but his beliefs on women. In a lot of his plays, Shakespeare makes strong women. Women that defy their fathers, and women that live perfectly fine without a lover. Shakespeare also creates some women that demand being loved, they don’t take no for an answer. This kind of women is kind of like a more modern version of the man constantly being that one chasing after love. A lot of the time, it is the man who has to beg, and the man who has to figure out a way to get the girl to fall in love with him. Shakespeare kind of defies everyone else’s way of thinking and creates his own strong, independent women.

    I will discuss why Shakespeare creates his women the way he does. Dose he truly believe that women should be stronger, and more independent. Does he truly believe that women should be more respected, and that they should have more rights?
    Or did Shakespeare possibly think otherwise?

    • This sounds like a really nice idea Remy, hope that it turns out the way you want it to tomorrow. Good luck, I’m sure you’ll do well with it!

  4. The challenge of love is a common theme in this story. Many different pairing go through many different difficulties and obstacles throughout the story. Whether it is a person being forced to marry another person, two lovers clashing and disagreeing heavily, or being in love with somebody that doesn’t love you back. Magic also affects these lovers, as a perfect relationship was also messed up due to a faulty spell. First off, four different teenagers are involved in a complicated love situation. Helena is in love with Demetrius, who loves Hermia. Lysander also loves Hermia, which results in some conflict. Luckily, Hermia also loves Lysander back, but this is soon to be broken accidentally. Helena desperately tries to get Demetrius to love her back, but even giving away Hermia and Lysander’s plan does not work. Puck, one of the fairies, is tasked by Oberon to make Demetrius love Helena, but Puck instead makes Lysander love Helena instead. Now, nobody is in love with the correct person, but this is eventually fixed by Puck after a big scene between the four teens. Oberon himself is also involved in a sour relationship, with the fairy queen Titania. The two of them are at a disagreement over a boy that Oberon wants. Titania refuses to give him up, and it causes Oberon to drug her in order to get what he wants, and this mends their relationship. Finally, the last example is with Theseus and Hippolyta. Theseus, the Duke, had fought for Hippolyta’s love for a long time, but she never loved him back. But, she is instead forced to marry Theseus, and this is the only pairing with a sour ending (for Hippolyta).

  5. For my thematic essay tomorrow, I will be writing about love and reason. These two ideas are seen thrust against each other throughout the play. When one character loves another, they see past all logic and reason. Love drives them to do things they wouldn’t have provided they had better judgement. For example, when given the choice between death and marrying Demetrius, Hermia risks her life and defies her father, running away instead with Lysander. In addition, as Hermia said in the beginning, her choice is affected by “eyes,” and not reason. Moreover, at the end of this same scene, Helena states that love sees with the part of the mind that has no taste of judgement. This is but one example of the conflicts between love and reason in our characters.

  6. For my in class thematic essay that we are writing tomorrow, I am thinking about writing it about status and the way that Shakespeare divided the lives of the fairies and the mechanicals and the way that they were so very separate except for only Puck. I am going to make points about how everything that the leaders and fairies did, affected the lives of mortals and people like the mechanicals. When Titania and Oberon would fight, it changed the lives of the people lower that we being led by them. Today in class, we also saw how the prologues (Quince’s) speech and his grammar was a lot more uneducated and seemed to show how he was lower than Puck when it came to speaking or education in general. We also saw how greatly affected Bottom’s life was when Titania loved him and had her fairies to tend to him and his needs. All of the actions of the people higher to them impacted the lives of the people who were lower than them in status. A lot of writing in general deals with status, we saw this with Dickens and with Shakespeare before in Romeo and Juliet and we see that again with A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We also see that today in our very own lives when people are for some reason seen as better people if they have more money. Or, the choices of our leaders who are above us, affect our lives. I want to bring these points forward and shed light on the topic of status in Shakespeare’s writing and our daily lives. (who knows if this idea will change though by tomorrow… we’ll see how I’m feeling haha)

    • I think this can make a great essay! I love how you added that we also saw status in other novels, and relating it to today, that will be great. Nice work!

  7. For tomorrow’s essay I was thinking I would do a compare and contrast essay between the fairies and the mortals. I want to talk about the writing style Shakespeare uses and how their decisions affect others to say how they are different. Shakespeare makes the mechanicals have bad grammar, and their sentences don’t flow or make sense. On the other hand, the fairies speak flawlessly. Also, the decisions that the mortals make, only affect the people involved in the situation, whereas the fairies actions affect everyone. I will show how the fairies and the mortals are similar by talking about how the problems that the fairies are having are a similar to the problems of the mortals. The mortals main issues are the love triangle between Hermia, Helena, Lysander and Demetrius. The fairies issues all have to do with Oberon and Titania. The love triangle between the mortals had issues because they were all fighting with each other and betraying one another in order to get the love of someone else. Similarly, Oberon and Titania are having issues because they are fighting over the little indian boy. Although the fairies and the mortals may seem so different on the outside, deep down they are not so different.

    • Great response Hailey! The idea of the contrast between the mechanics and the fairies is a prevalent idea throughout the play, so this is a great topic for your essay.

  8. Like most of my peers, I am thinking about writing about status. Throughout The Midsummer’s Night Dream, Shakespeare constantly contrasts the differences between the mechanicals, and the fairies. Shakespeare writes the mechanicals as low class men, the mortals, and the fairies as creatures with high status. From the way that Shakespeare writes, and the interactions between the characters, we can see the difference between the two. When the mechanicals speak, it is more of a casual speaking, rather than poetry. Physically, their words are phrased in paragraphs. The fairies however, speak in poetry, and their sentences are separated into lines. In addition, the mechanicals decisions do not affect everyone, while all the decisions the fairies make decide the condition of the mortal world. Maybe Shakespeare is accenting the importance of high class people? However, in my essay I would also like to include Puck. He balances the difference between the two classes, as he interacts with the fairies, and the mechanicals. He can jump between the two “worlds” and he is the essential part to tie the two worlds together. Shakespeare is able to contrast the two status, while keeping the balance (using Puck).

    • I really like your idea, Ellie! It seems like you have a very good understanding of this part of the play, and you provided good details in our blog, that I’m sure you will use in your essay. Great job!

  9. All evening I’ve been thinking very hard on what my thematic essay should be about. Some ideas that I’ve come up with are author’s craft, the use of imagination and magic, and maybe interaction of characters. The last one is crummy, so I’ll explain my thinking for that one first. We know that Puck plays a large role in affecting the main characters, and Oberon and Titania’s fights affect the seasons. Also, when Helena and Hermia were fighting, Helena would bring up their childhood memories and how they’ve changed. This was something in the play that just interested me, and I can’t really see myself being able to create an organized essay in 45 minutes. Next, the use of imagination is very important in the play. There are loads of lines about their creations, and impact of these fantasies. I also really like the idea of Theseus’ speech about imaginations, and how Shakespeare mentioned the lunatic, lover, and poet. I thought it was so interesting that those three adjectives are so general, and yet it pertains to Shakespeare’s life. Just really the “why” of the use of fantasies in the play, why did Shakespeare make it all a supposed dream at the end, or why is he emphasizes dreams in the play at all. For now, I think that I will write about my last idea about the “why” of how Shakespeare used imagination in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

  10. There were many interesting points in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, but I would like to discuss the contrast between love and reason. We see these two conflicting ideas arise throughout the play. We see it when Helena tries to plot against Hermia because the one that she loves is in love with Hermia. We see it when Demetrius falls in love with Hermia, even though he was betrothed to Helena. Reason dictates that he would go to the one who loves him back, but he doesn’t. At least, not until Puck ruins everything. Later on, Demetrius is back in love with Helena because of the magic flower, but Helena thinks it’s a hoax. If Helena was sensible, then she would’ve taken Demetrius back, but after so long of being ignored, the prospect of being loved was just too foreign for her to comprehend. And Hermia, given the choice between marrying Demetrius or risking her life, chooses Lysander, because that’s the person she really loves. If she was being logical, she wouldn’t have went with Lysander, because what’s the point of choosing what you want if you’re going to die anyway. Logic dictates that she should choose Demetrius, because that way she still gets to live, and she is still with someone who loves her. And when Hermia can’t find Lysander, she instantly says that she is going to kill herself. I mean, hold your horses! Just because you can’t find someone for one second doesn’t mean you should go ahead and suicide. Theseus sees that lovers are irrational in his famous speech, comparing lovers to lunatics. He is talking about how lovers are totally irrational. And he’s completely right! But that doesn’t mean that love isn’t good. In the end, the idea of Reason vs. Love is one that Shakespeare demonstrates throughout his entire play.

    • Interesting topic! I agree that love and reason would be a great topic to conduct a thematic essay about. I believe this may also fall into impulsiveness in some cases. Keep up the great work!

  11. In my essay tomorrow I want to talk about imagination. I specifically want to analyze certain speeches, like the one Theseus makes about lovers lunatics and poets, and the speech made by Bottom about the dream he had. I think by focusing on specific details in the play that prove an overall theme, I will be able to be a lot more organized and diligent. I think Shakespeare is an artist, and the mind of an artist is very different than the mind of other people. Artists see the world as a blank canvas, and to me, I think there are many elements in this play that show how the mind can do magical things. This whole thing seems like a dream with fairies, lovers, a donkey, silly men doing the story of Pyramus and Thisbe as a comedy, and characters from Greek mythology. This is all very chaotic, but to the mind of an artist, it is beautiful. I think Bottom’s speech shows the perspective of a normal person seeing peculiar things and simply saying that it makes no sense and never will. Theseus’s speech on the other hand explains that artists see that as beauty and they would want to expand on that dream. After all, Shakespeare is the man who came up with this dream-like story. Some people have great imaginations, and others don’t. I think this will be fun to analyze and this topic will make for an interesting essay.

    • I just realized that instead of doing the theme of imagination, I want to talk about author’s craft and how Shakespeare put his own views on imagination into this play.

  12. For my thematic essay for A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare, I am thinking of writing about the overarching theme of love. Shakespeare explores how people tend to fall in love with those who appear beautiful to them. People we think we love at one time in our lives can later seem not only unattractive but even unlikeable. For a time, this attraction to beauty might appear to be love at its most intense, but one of the ideas of the play is that real love is much more than mere physical attraction. Also, love is portrayed as very powerful, and capable of making people foolish. In the play, the magic love juice causes characters to fall strangely in and out of love as they chase each other around the woods. Titania, Fairy Queen, fall in love with a literal jackass. Love shaped this story and was a major aspect and theme of it. After all, “The course of true love never did run smooth.”

    • Great choice! I agree with you that love is an important part of this play and the idea of love being in the heart versus the eyes is important. Keep up the great work!

  13. For my thematic essay tomorrow I’m going to write about how love appears in different forms. I will explore the different ways that love appears such as true love, unrequited love, parental love, and love created by magic. Lysander shows true love to Hermia in the beginning and towards the end of the play. He doesn’t need any potion to make him love her and he even goes through these crazy plans such as running away to the wood, so he can be with her. Helena demonstrates unrequited love to Demetrius. When someone experiences unrequited love, they can appear kinda desperate which is exactly what Helena is doing. She betrays her best friend and tells Demetrius Hermia’s secret. She told on her best friend just in hope that Demetrious will love her. Parental love is shown by Titania and Egeus. Titania doesn’t want to let go of the little Indian boy and Egeus doesn’t want Hermia to marry Lysander but instead Demetrius. They both took a long time to let their kids be free because they wanted the best for them, but they discovered that what’s best is happiness, and let them free. Lastly, love created by magic appears when the flower potion is put on Lysander and Demetrious.

    • For the Romeo and Juliet essay, I wrote about a very similar topic. I know I learned a large amount about the different types of love and there symptoms from that essay. I hope you also learn much about the complex topic of love and how Shakespeare is using it to convey a message.

  14. One topic I am considering is rules and order. This play shows a constant contrast between the orderly city-state of Athens and the lawless woods nearby. Shakespeare intentionally crafts the events in these places for a reason. It is clear there is a lesson to be learned, but what? I also was thinking about writing on status. It is interesting how people speak and what people believe in the different classes. Is Shakespeare trying to inform us of problems in a class system? In the end, I may not choose the idea because of the overwhelming amount of fellow classmates that are also doing that topic. The final topic I was considering was on world issues. Shakespeare blames many problems on the fairies, because of these I think the fairies represent something else and I am interested in finding out what. All of those topics interest me for what I may find. I hope that we all discover something important on our topic and that new insightful information is shared with the class.

  15. For my thematic essay for A Midsummer Night’s Dream, I am planning on writing about the theme of appearance vs. reality. After thinking for a long time, I realized that appearance vs. reality goes hand in hand with the play especially because what is real and what is not real are really hard to realize. First, this happens when Puck puts the magic potion Lysander because he appears to be Demetrius in Puck’s eyes since he has Athenian clothes. In reality, we know that it is Lysander who is affected. Then, when he wakes up, the first person he sees is Helena. Lysander appears to be in love with Helena when he is really in love with Hermia. Then, Helena believes that Lysander is mocking her although, in reality, he is in love with her because of the potion Puck gives him which is really just magic although in reality, without the potion, his love is not for Helena. Another way appearance vs. reality is important to the play is when he turns Bottom’s face into a donkey. Everyone is scared of what Bottom appears to be, a monster to them, a donkey to the reader, when in reality, it is just a prank that Puck plays on him for some extra fun when Titania wakes up from her sleep. Then, when Titania wakes up, she appears to be in love with Bottom although, in reality, she is already married to Oberon and they are in a relationship. There are many other ways of this theme’s influence on the play, but these are just a few that might appear in my essay tomorrow.

  16. For my essay tomorrow, I want to discuss how love’s challenges, how it affects the plot and what Shakespeare means by adding humor to such deep topics. In Oberon and Titania’s case, they have a struggling marriage, as they both have no interest to save it. When they fight, they not only abuse themselves, they abuse their people. Their people suffer from the different climatic changes. However, when Titania wakes up from the nectar’s influence, she realizes how much she does need to be with Oberon and how he is her perfect soul mate. In addition, the story of the four Athenian lovers clearly shows how love is complicated. Love affected Helena and Hermia as well. They had a long lasting relationship that was healthy; however, it was ruined due to their love of Demetrius and Lysander. This story shows how young individuals are still trying to find the right path in life. I think that this will be an interesting topic to analyze as well as write about.

  17. It seems like we are on the finishing side of A Midsummer Night’s Dream sadly. However, I am interested to write a thematic essay on the the play and it’s ideas. The topic I have decided on will be understanding. There are many moments that characters don’t understand, and these events contribute greatly to the characters trying to find an explanation.

    The first situation is clearly the lovers. The four have no real idea as to why their emotions change so rapidly. However, when Lysander and Demetrius are trying to explain why their feelings change, they fabricate an explanation of logic. This is the first example of humans not understanding a event or topic, so they develop a concept to understand it.

    Also, Shakespeare’s creation of Puck is an idea of understanding. Puck is playing Cupid throughout the whole novel, and is causing events that we can’t explain. Humans can not explain love, but we still have to fabricate an explanation for how love works. We say that it is based on similarities and that it’s chemicals, but on reality we have no clue what makes people love each other.

    Finally, we have Theseus’ final speech. Here, he talks about the madman, lover, and poet having imagination. However, the poet himself takes ideas and concepts and turns them into images, and gives them names and backstories. This is another example of human nature not understanding natural phenomenons. In my previous blog, I explained how the poet is similar to those who created Greek and Roman mythology. There are stories to explain how and why things happen. It is human nature to try to understand different topics.

    Sorry to keep this blog short, but I probably shouldn’t write my whole essay here! Can’t wait to develop this concept!

  18. A topic that really intrigues me from this play are the reasons why people fall in love. Each pair of lovers on the play, have different reasons for being in love. For some people they were manipulated by a magical flower, others because of convienence, and some because it’s the right thing to do in that situation. Going off of that general idea, I think I’d also want to discuss Lysanders speech to Helena about love and reason. How much does logic and reason play into who we choose to love. For example, Hermai loves Lusander despite knowing she could be killed for it. The logical choice is to do what her father says and love Demetrius. Helena’s logical choice would be to give up on Demetrius and find a man who actually loves and appreciates her as a person, but she doesn’t. However, characters like Titania and Oberon choose to maintain their love because it’s the logical thing to do. Fixing their manage despite how they treat one another, mends all their problems. It’s the logical thing to do. I think I’m going to try to assess why these characters fall in love and if reason and logic is important to who you choose to love. What is Shakespeare saying about people who love others because it’s the logical choice despite how they truly feel.

  19. I have chosen to write my essay on the theme of Change in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Throughout the entirety of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, we see this theme of change and lack thereof. We see it when “The FLower” is used on the eyes of the lovers, and again when Puck changes Bottom’s head to that of an ass. As well as this, I noticed the exceptional ability of a person to adapt to changes. When Lysander suddenly loves Helena, he attributes it to a sudden burst of Reason and Maturity. When Demetrius suddenly, loves Helena he attributes it to him finally finding the better maiden. Similarly, when Bottom’s head is transformed, he does not have any sudden outburst or exclamation, he simply begins to sing. When he finds out that Titania is in love with him, he simply accepts it, saying that love and reason have little in common these days. We also see that when things are set to their previous state (Except Demetrius’ love) that the common thought is that changes of loyalty had never happened and that it was all simply a rather complicated dream.

  20. I have decided to write my essay on love. Love is the main focus throughout the whole play, and it has been shown that love has many different meanings, depending on the person itself. Helena thinks that love is blind, has no sense of judgement, foolish, and variable, while Bottom thinks that love has little reason. Puck seems to find love amusing, as he seems to enjoy messing with the love of the four lovers. It almost seems like Puck is Cupid. He couldn’t find the difference between Lysander and Demetrius, he has no reason for their love except for his amusement, and can be foolish at times. Love is also displayed between Oberon and Titania, and Hippolyta and Theseus. It seems to be that Oberon and Theseus has both succeeded in charming Titania and Hippolyta. Love is a big concept in this play, and I think it would be worth it to talk about it.

  21. For my thematic essay, I think I’m going to write about the balance of the whole play. The critic Anne Barton said something about Oberon and Titania eventually blessing the marriages and being responsible for the seasons, but they also have the power to cause extreme damage all across the world. This is a good example of the balance of their characters, as they sort of teeter-totter between the two sides of their power, and end up finding a good balance. Puck’s character is also one of great balance, as he is very troublesome and often annoying, but he also has the ability to do some good and help out. Oberon pulls him down to earth in a way, as he pushes him to wreak havoc in the lovers’ and mechanicals’ lives, but then commands him to fix the mistakes and make everything right again. Puck is told to collect the magical flower that will cause Titania to fall in love with a monster and the lovers to be messed with, but then uses the other flower to fix everything and restore the peace between them all. The balance of it all is finding an equal part of being troublesome and helpful at the same time, which Shakespeare achieves in a perfect way. Bottom’s character has balance as well, as he is very much an ass, but also makes some surprisingly intelligent remarks that apply not only to the play, but to everyday life. If he didn’t have that balance, his character would most likely be so awfully annoying and ass-like, that he wouldn’t come off as funny, just overbearingly terrible and dumb. His speech about his dream is very intelligent when analyzed, but has parts that still add to his humorously unintelligent personality. All of these are just examples of balance throughout the play, and hopefully I can find enough of them to use throughout my essay.

  22. Throughout Midsummer Night’s Dream, love is brought up repeatedly, but rarely in a good sense. We start with a relatively negative love affair while Hermia and Lysander love each other, Demetrius loves Hermia, while Helena loves him. We also see a negatively toned relationship between Oberon and Titania. They continually argue over possession of an Indian boy. It makes no sense, however, for Oberon want this one boy so bad, as he already has likely dozens of followers. This is likely because Oberon wants to express his dominance over Titania; he only wants the boy because she has him. As things in love affairs are negatively poised in every direction, Oberon makes the first, and possibly the most careless move possible. He tells his servant, Puck, to apply the nectar of the magical flower to a man, and tells him “thou shalt know the man
    By the Athenian garments he hath on.” Essentially, Oberon, while trying to spite Titania with the flower, pities the lovers, and tells his not-so-bright servant to find an athenian man.

  23. For my thematic essay, I have chosen to write about the concept of feminism in this play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This theme is abundant throughout the play, however I’ve decided to focus in on three different areas: the characterization of Helena, the characterization of Hermia, and the portrayal of men as being more foolish than women. First, Helena, who is clever in her plan of trying to win over Demetrius, although it doesn’t work out. She takes charge to try to get what she wants, and chooses to sacrifice her friend in the process. I think Shakespeare did this on purpose as he was certainly forward thinking in regards to women. He chose to characterize her this way to make her stand out in comparison to other characters. She is also clever, as even when both Demetrius and Lysander are in love with her, she suspects something is up, and doesn’t trust them. She is always wary, until she has what, (or who, rather) she wants. This is similar to Hermia, who instead of Demetrius, loves Lysander. Hermia is incredibly smart, and puts this on display when she agrees to marry Lysander in the forest. She looks ahead, seeing this is her only real option if she wants to stay with Lysander. Hermia agrees so that she won’t have to be married off to Demetrius. In truth, she actually hates Demetrius, so eloping with Lysander is the only road she can use to escape him. She also shows courage when Lysander is put under the spell, forcing him to love Helena. She immediately threatens this girl, who was once her friend. She tries to salvage her love, Lysander who is in love with Helena. Lastly, Shakespeare shows feminism in his general attitude towards men in this play. He shows Demetrius as a jerk who ignores Helena and goes for the impossible goal of Hermia. Bottom is just a downright idiot throughout the play, and then turns into a fool after his head is turned back into a human one. While the men are stupid, the women are courageous and clever. Overall, feminism is clear, and I hope it will provide a great topic for this essay.

  24. For my essay I have many ideas I want to write about but two main ones I have decided to choose the appearance of love and how it is portrayed in the play in the play. Love is a key role in this entire play and it is portrayed through many characters differently. Firstly through the the four lovers and Bottom love is blind and seen as a thing of little reason. As we know their love is swayed by the magic nectar of the plant that makes the person they see their knew love. This nectar makes people love no matter how they look or what they do. This creates a sort of false love between the recipient the nectar and the person they see. If this is truly the case the Demetrius current love for Helena would be false as well. This blind love is especially emphasized when Titania falls in love with the mechanical Bottom even though his face is a donkey. When she falls in love with Oberon again she is disgusted and confused on how she could ever love a literal “ass”. Love is also portrayed as a struggle or challenge that can be overcome especially seen with Oberon and Titania. Finally Love is seen as a toy through the eyes of Puck. All in all shakespeare highlights on how important love actually is.

  25. My thematic essay is about the underlying message of the play. The message I wanted to convey was that the play inspires the audience to take control of their destiny despite the circumstances. Even if the mortals were in a way, controlled by the fairies, they still ended up with a happy ending. This theme shows that the play, is not just fluff and comedy, it has a serious undertone that brings people up, unlike Romeo and Juliet where it is depressing and more like a cautionary tale. In the end, this play inspires many people. Including me.

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