“I will never stir from your side,” said I, “when I am suffered to be near you. Please God, I will be as true to you as you have been to me!”

Please read chapters 54-56 of Great Expectations, then write your response to these questions:

How has Pip’s attitude toward Magwitch changed?  Why has it changed?  What does this tell us about Pip’s development?  How does this contribute to our understanding of various themes woven into the text such as loyalty, parentage, justice, etc.

Remember to include specific details from the novel to support your opinions and to respond to at least one other comment in this thread.

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44 thoughts on ““I will never stir from your side,” said I, “when I am suffered to be near you. Please God, I will be as true to you as you have been to me!”

  1. Pip’s attitude toward Magwitch has changed from the first time he met Magwitch, to when Magwitch came back into his life to reveal himself as the secret benefactor, to now. His feelings toward Magwitch contributes to our understanding of Pip, and certain themes in the novel. Pip’s feelings have changed because now, he realizes how important Magwitch is toward his life, and how ignorant he was toward Magwitch. Also, Magwitch was captured again, but only after drowning Compeyson. However, he is seriously injured. Pip before felt that Magwitch was not a huge part of his life, and that he did not owe anything to him. He was was scared of him. “ …instead of abhorring him…instead of shrinking from him with strongest repugnance”( pp. 322 – 323). Pip hated him, and looked at him with a strong distaste. Now, Pip feels obliged to him, and has changed his thoughts. He is kinder to Magwitch, although it is a little too late, and he sees it himself. “ No…while we had been there side by side. No…his possessions would be forfeited to the crown” ( pp. 447). This shows that Pip has a real heart in him, and he had just never showed it ever since he became a gentleman. As for the theme, one here is parentage. Magwitch mentioned earlier to Pip that he was his father, and Pip was his son. This reveals the love Magwitch has for Pip, by calling him noble and honorable. Magwitch, truthfully, is like a parent to Pip. He put all that work in, just for Pip. Everything he did was just for Pip, just because in the very beginning of the novel, Pip supplied him with food and a file. Now we all know Pip didn’t deserve it, but the least he could do was return the love back. This goes into the theme regret. Now, he realizes his mistake, a little too late, and shows Magwitch his gratitude and emotions. He regrets he did not see how important Magwitch was, instead of just dismissing him, and always wanting to get rid of him. He now feels differently. “ For now, my repugnance had all melted away”( pp. 446). Pip also feels loyal to Magwitch. “ I will never stir from your side..”( pp. 447). After all Magwitch has dodge, he might as well, right? Pip is not the snotty gentlemen we once saw. He is now more mature, and understands more. Pip feels that there is a lot he has not told Magwitch, even visiting him everyday in his cell, until all of a sudden, Magwitch dies. Pip did not have enough time to thank him.

    • Nice response, Jacky. I agree with the part where you said Pip didn’t really deserve what Magwitch gave to him. Another great example of that would be Joe.

    • Good job jacky. I agree when you say how ignorant Pip was toward Magwitch. Now that he is grateful we see Pip maturing.

    • Nice analysis of the chapters. I also agree that Pip did not deserve Magwitch’s affection. I agree with you that it is a little to late for Pip to be good to Magwitch when he is on his deathbed, yet this shows a sign of maturity in Pip that has not been evident before this as he is trying to reciprocate Magwitch’s feelings. Nice analysis and evidence to back it up. Happy Birthday, by the way.

  2. Great events happened during our reading today. During Magwitch’s escape attempt, they are followed by another boat. When Magwitch realizes Compeyson is in the boat, he jumps after him and kills him. Later, the police take him to what Pip knows is a death sentence. After this has taken place, Pip’s attitude toward Magwitch completely changes. “For now, my repugnance to him had all melted away, and in the hunted wounded shackled creature who held my hand in his, I only saw a man who had meant to be my benefactor, and who had felt affectionately, gratefully, and generously, towards me with great constancy through a series of years.” Pip now sees Magwitch as only meaning to help Pip, instead of that man who had frightened him at 7 years old. Now, Pip feels obligated to stay by his side until he must die. He realizes how much good Magwitch had done for him to become a gentleman, and wishes to return it to him for as long as he can. “I will never stir from your side, when I am suffered be near you. Please God, I will be as true to you as you have been to me!” Finally, Pip also compares himself to Magwitch, in that Magwitch had been much more loyal and faithful to him than Pip had been to Joe. “I only saw in him a much better man than I had been to Joe.” From this, we can see that Pip has grown a lot. He now sees someone for their loyalty and virtue, and knows the qualities that make up a good person . Evidently, loyalty is a large theme involved in this scene. We can see that loyalty is an important factor in a relationship. Magwitch had been so loyal to Pip all this time, that he has no choice but to love him. Pip had also failed to be loyal to Joe, and now their relationship has weakened. If you treat someone well (with loyalty), then they will treat you the same way. “Please God, I will be as true to you as you have been to me!”

    • Your response was great, and I agree that Pip grew up to understand the true meaning of being good. Your response helped with my overall understanding of the chapters we read.

  3. In the beginning of the novel, we were not told who Pip’s convict was and how their past was like. Pip also was unaware. Pip then discovers that Magwitch, the convict, was his benefactor. Pip’s attitude had changed since then. He feels the need to repay him for all he has done. At first Pip feels upset and angry that the benefactor wasn’t Miss Havisham, but was Magwitch. Spending more time with Magwitch, and getting to know him better, he now feels the need to stay by his side. Magwitch has done so much for Pip. He has made Pip into a gentleman and worked hard just for Pip. Without Magwitch, Pip would probably be still working with Joe. Parentage says a lot about their relationship. Magwitch is like Pip’s father. “‘ Look’ee here, Pip. I’m your second father. You’re my son,—more to me nor any son. I’ve put away money, only for you to spend. When I was a hired-out shepherd in a solitary hut, not seeing no faces but faces of sheep till I half forgot wot men’s and women’s faces wos like, I see yourn.’” (page 320) Even though Joe is Pip’s “father figure”, Magwitch is like Pip’s “father away from father”. Pip hasn’t seen Joe for a while now, and it is because Pip feels the same way toward Magwitch. Magwitch takes care of him, and now Pip is warming up to him and starting to realize that Magwitch truly does care for him. Pip has developed into a strong and mature gentleman, who now knows to think before judging. He knows that Magwitch is a “good” man towards him, but at first, he never considered the possibility of him being good. Because Magwitch was a convict, Pip never thought that he’d do anything to help him. At the end of chapter 56, Magwitch’s love towards Pip is shown through his actions in the prison before he dies. “With a last faint effort, which would have been powerless but for my yielding to it and assisting it, he raised my hand to his lips. Then, he gently let it sink upon his breast again, with his own hands lying on it. The placid look at the white ceiling came back, and passed away, and his head dropped quietly on his breast.” (page 460). Magwitch wanted to be with Pip the last moments of his life, and had kissed his hand before he passed.

  4. In chapters 54-56 Pip interacts with Magwitch a lot. As they start to escape they feel as if they are being followed. They stop at a motel for the night and are told that there is a boat in the distance. They are freaked out. The next morning they set off again. They realized that they are being followed. Magwitch sees Compeyson on the boat and pulls him into the water. After a struggle Magwitch emerges and Compeyson doesn’t. Magwitch gets taken to the police station and is put in jail for trying to escape. Pip visits him and one day Magwitch dies. We see Pip really caring for Magwitch when before he kind of didn’t even want him in his life. As the authorities take Magwitch,Pip tells him he will never leave his side. Also the whole part where Pip tries to help Magwitch escape. Before Pip wouldn’t have cared if he escaped safely. Pip’s feelings towards Magwitch changed because he realized how nice Magwitch was to him. Pip even started to feel bad about using his money because Pip knew how hard Magwitch worked for it. This shows how Pip is understanding how good Magwitch has been good to him. It shows maturity in that Pip appreciates what Magwitch has done for him. This once again shows the theme of karma and that what goes around comes around. Magwitch was nice and caring for Pip and then Pip cared about Magwitch in his last days.

    • I really enjoyed reading your blog and liked how you mentioned karma like how you explained in class today. Good job!

  5. In the novel Great Expectations, Pip’s attitude towards Magwitch changed very much from the moment where Pip found out that Magwitch was his benefactor, to when Magwitch was in prison. When Magwitch revealed to Pip that he gave Pip all his money and made him a gentleman, Pip was disgusted. He was horrified that some convict like Magwitch would want to help him. Pip also felt mad at Magwitch in a way for making him abandon Joe and Biddy. “The abhorrence in which I help the man, the dread I had of him, the repugnance with which I shrank from him, could not have been exceeded if he had been some terrible beast….I recoiled from his touch as if he had been a snake…O, that he had never come! That he had left me at the forge – far from content, yet, by comparison, happy!” (319-320) Pip hated him and wanted to get rid of Magwitch as soon as possible. Now, thought, Pip felt ashamed that he had ever wanted to send Magwitch away. Pip cares for Magwitch now. They have spent a lot of time together, and Pip feels protective and affectionate for Magwitch. Pip is very sad now that Magwitch died. He feels as if he should have told Magwitch how much he cares about him. Magwitch doesn’t need telling though. He knows that Pip cares for him. Before he died, Magwitch told Pip, “‘…you’ve been more comfortable alonger me, since, since I was under a dark cloud, than when the sun shone. That’s best of all.’”(459) I’m hoping that Pip will fix his relationships with Joe and Biddy just as he did with Magwitch.

  6. In chapters 54-56 of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, Pip changes his attitude towards Magwitch completely, while further developing his character. This changes because Pip develops as a person and character. His perceptions on things differed, and he realized how important Magwitch was to his life. It all begins with Magwitch, Pip, Herbert, and Startop set up to transport Magwitch across the river. After parking their ship at a filthy inn, they find out that a sketchy boat for found (via servant). Pip worries that this is either Compeyson or the police. In fear, Pip and Magwitch sneak out of their boat at the inn in the morning and rejoins the boat further down the river. Later on, another rowboat appears, and the policeman calls for Magwitch to be arrested. Magwitch recognizes Compeyson on the other boat and dives into the river. They fight under water, but only Magwitch came out on top of the water. After that, Magwitch was accused of drowning Compeyson (which he says he would have liked to). Magwitch is sentenced to jail. Now completely loyal to him, Pip takes his hand and promises to stand by him. The text states,”I will never stir from your side..”(pg. 447). Pip constantly visits Magwitch who is sick and imprisoned. When Magwitch is found guilty and sentenced to death, he tells the judge that he believes God has decreed his death as an act of forgiveness. On the day of his death, he is too ill to speak, and Pip finally talks about the child he believed to be lost—is alive, well, and a beautiful lady. Magwitch dies in peace, and Pip prays over his body, pleading with God to forgive his lost benefactor. This events above show that Pip really does after care for Magwitch and he clearly shows it. Magwitch gave Pip all his fortune just for feeding him and providing him with a fil. I feel as i reality struck because theoretically Pip was being stripped of Magwitch’s wealth due to his imprisonment. This is important because Pip didn’t really deserve this wealth in the first place, but seem to care less about it in the previous chapters. He doesn’t really care about money and being a gentleman as much as he did before. Whether Magwitch really did drown Compeyson or not, that would definitely go with the theme of revenge. As for Pip’s development, Pip has blossomed into this very kind and caring person that he once was. In contrast Pip used to be ignorant towards Magwitch and ignore, and neglect him for his life.
    At first, Pip just wanted Magwitch out of his life, but as of lately he really cares about his benefactor Abel Magwitch.

  7. In these chapters 54-56, we see Pip become a little bit more comfortable with Magwitch and grateful for him. In chapter 54 especially, we see that Pip saw the light of who Magwitch is and all of the amazing things he has done for Pip, even if Pip really didn’t deserve it. During chapter 54, we read as Magwitch got hurt when convicts were trying to steal the boat Pip, Magwitch, Herbert and Startop were on. Magwitch gets pulled into the water and needs assistance getting out because he is hurt. So, Pip, Startop and Herbert all work together to help him out and bring him back on board. After this Pip says, “For now, my repugnance to him had all melted away, and in the hunted wounded shackled creature who held my hand in his, I only saw a man who had meant to be my benefactor, and who had felt affectionately, gratefully and generously towards me with great consistency through a series of years. I only saw in him a much better man than I had been to Joe.” (pg 446) This quote is a big deal for many reasons. First of all, it is one of the first quotes we can find that mentions Pip actually saying that he sees Magwitch’s reasoning, and that he accepts him for being a kind hearted man who wanted to give all he had to Pip. For so long, Pip treated Magwitch as though he was ashamed or embarrassed of him and now he has realized that he has no reason to be embarrassed because this man has such a good heart. Another reason this quote and chapter are important is that it mentions how Pip sees Magwitch as a “…much better man than I had been to Joe.” This shows that Pip wishes he had been a kind man to Joe because all Joe wanted was the best for Pip and for him to enjoy life and succeed. But, as Pip was growing up and learning his place in the world, he became ashamed of Joe and his own history of where he came from that he pushed them all away. This all has to do with the theme of regret because Pip regrets not having been there for Joe when Mrs. Joe passed after Joe had been there for Pip all throughout his life whenever it was needed. Pip lost a part of himself when he left the forge, he left behind a lot of the good things that joe had taught him, and picked up some of the rude habits that Miss Havisham had taught him. But now, being an older man, and looking back on his life, Pip wants to make a change and do what is right for Magwitch because it will give Magwitch the thank you he deserves and fill Pip with the satisfaction that although he didn’t treat Joe right, he wasn’t going to act that way anymore.

    • Great Job! I loved how you encourparated a various amount of details and quotes but you didn’t write overboard. Keep up the great work!

  8. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this before, but after tonights reading, I saw that maybe Magwitch and Joe could be a foil. They both wanted what was best for Pip and for him to have a good life, and they also are both very selfless. Just a thought!

    • Maybe because they both loved Pip and tried to make other’s lives better even if it means that they are alone. For Joe alone would be after the death of Mrs. Joe and how Pip isn’t with him. For Magwitch it can be how he was alone as a kid and even know in jail. Guess we just have to continue reading to find out if this foil is true!

  9. One of Dickens greatest coming- of age novel, Great Expectations, conveyed the theme of change. In the beginning of Great Expectations, when Pip first meets his convict, he is scared of him and and doesn’t like him. As the book progresses, Pip starts to become closer with Magwitch (the convict) yet Pip still dislikes him and wants to be alone especially when he finds out that Magwitch is his benefactor. Now, Pip is closer with Magwitch. For instance Pip makes a plan for Magwitch to return home safely. By doing this, Pip, puts himself in risk of getting in trouble just to return Magwitch so he can be safe. When Pip gets caught and Magwitch is put in jail, Pip tried to visit Magwitch. On page 459, it said “the daily visits I could make him were shortened now and he was more strictly kept”. This shows how Pip honestly tried daily to see Magwitch. In the meantime, Magwitch is hurt and is having difficulty breathing which is when he died. The recurring theme that was being shown here is love. The novel said on page 460, “he smiled, and I Understood his touch to mean that he wished to lift my hand, and lay it on his breasts”. In other words, Magwitch put Pip’s hand on his heart for the symbol of love and how he will lay their forever in Magwitch’s heart. Also, before Magwitch died he said, “She lived and found powerful friends. She is living now. She is a lady and very beautiful. And I love her!” THis showed how Magwitch loved Estella and somehow he knew that she was alive and he spent time looking to see that she is living the life she deserves.

    • Noy, I like that you added the part about Estella being alive. It shows that Pip finally cares enough to tell Magwitch that his daughter is alive and well since he loved her so much and he did not know if she was alive. Good job.

  10. Wow! Another great night of reading. Pip’s view of Magwitch has greatly changed over time which connects back to the theme of appearance vs. reality. Initially, when Pip found out that Magwitch was his benefactor he was horrified that he was a mere criminal. He had wished that anyone else was his benefactor other than Magwitch. However, Pip’s main concern now is for Magwitch’s safety and everything he does is to ensure this. Pip realized that Magwitch generally cares for him and only wanted the best for him. Pip verbalizes “For now my repugnance to him had all melted away, and in the hunted, wounded, shackled creature who held my hand in his, I only saw a man who had meant to be my benefactor.“ (page 446). Pip no longer sees Magwitch as an abhorred convict rather as a “Much better man than I had been to Joe.” (page 446). He now appreciates all that Magwitch has done for him, and the sight of him in this terrible predicament drives Pip to vow that he will never stir from his side. Thus, meaning he wants to reciprocate Magwitch’s affection towards him. Pip has finally seen the light and has matured tremendously. Through his actions in tonight’s reading we see him more as a gentleman than any riches in the world could ever buy. He showed great compassion and love for Magwitch, something I hope he can do for Joe in the future, too! While I look forward to seeing what happens in the upcoming chapters, I am kind of sad that this amazing novel is coming to an end.

    • I really like the quote you found on page 446, Matthew. I like the way you described Pip’s development in terms of his relationship with Magwitch. And how they tied into our themes and motifs. Great work!

  11. Pip’s attitude toward Magwitch has mostly been hatred for most of his life, but has slowly and gradually changed over time. Pip now realizes how unpleasant he had been toward Magwitch, and how unappreciative he had been toward his benefactor. Pip had kept trying to find ways to push Magwitch, and the thoughts of those days on the marshes out of his mind and his life. But, at the very end of Magwitch’s life, Pip finally learns to love and be comfortable to the person who got him to where he was. “…my repugnance to him had all melted away, and in the hunted wounded shackled creature who held my hand in his, I only saw a man who had meant to be my benefactor…I only saw in him a much better man than I had been to Joe”(Pg. 446). Pip no longer sees only a criminal in Magwitch, but he now only sees a man who devoted most of his life and work to help Pip become a greater man. In this quote, we also see Pip mention Joe. For the first time in a while, we see Pip recognize that he mistreated somebody from his past. Now, we will probably see Pip try to become the person Magwitch was toward him, and may try to mend his old relationships with the likes of Joe and Biddy.

    • I like and agree with what you said, especially when you include how, when nearing the end of Magwitch’s life, Pip only can see the good in him.

  12. In chapters 54-56 Pip attempts to get Magwitch out of the area using a boat. Unfortunately, Magwitch is apprehended,“You have a returned Transport there,” said the man who held the lines. “That’s the man, wrapped in the cloak. His name is Abel Magwitch, otherwise Provis. I apprehend that man, and call upon him to surrender, and you to assist.” When a person on the other boat attempt to grab Magwitch we see, “ the prisoner(Magwitch) startup, lean across his captor, and pull the cloak from the neck of the shrinking sitter in the galley. Still in the same moment, I saw that the face disclosed, was the face of the other convict of long ago” Magwitch seeing the convict(Compeyson) pulls him into the water and goes with him tipping the boat. When Magwitch comes back up and goes into a neighboring boat with Pip we realized he killed Compeyson! Sadly the boat Magwitch and Pip are now on still arrest Magwitch and later send him to prison. This has to do with the theme of revenge. Compeyson trying to have his revenge for what Magwitch did in the swamp all those years back ends up dying. It was either Him or Magwitch and he died. This can teach us, revenge-wise, that stoop it when it starts. If even further back Compeyson didn’t trick Magwitch or make up for his using of Magwitch he might still be alive and Magwitch might not have been imprisoned and also died. We learn more about another theme before Magwitch is executed. As soon as Magwitch is taken onboard the second ship Pip feels very guilty and sad. Pip didn’t appreciate Magwitch until now when it is clearly to late. We can learn about love here Pip loves(maybe to strong of a word) Magwitch now but its too late, love while it can last. I hope Pip can survive the depression and lack of money he has now fallen into.

  13. Pips’s attitude towards Magwitch had changed drastically in chapters 54-56. He now has sympathy for him because he has now realized how hard Magwitch’s life has been, and he can’t escape his fate no matter how hard he tries. “It occurred to me as inconsistent, that for any mastering idea, he should have endangered his freedom and even his life…” (pg.437). Pip never thought about how much Magwitch had to sacrifice to do anything with his life. Because he is a convict, people don’t trust him and he is always trying to do better. Pip had never realized how much Magwitch has put on the line to make Pip a gentleman. That must be the reason Magwitch was an anonymous benefactor, he didn’t want to get his name involved in money business. Magwitch told Pip when they were on the boat, “Dear boy, I’m quite content to take my chance. I’ve seen my boy, and he can be a gentleman without me.” (pg.447). He told Pip this after he allegedly “drowned” Compeyson after fighting underwater, and he was being arrested by the police. Magwitch didn’t drown Compeyson, but because he is a known convict, people assume everything he does is bad. This is unfair, and Pip sees the struggles Magwitch faces in life, which has changed his attitude towards him.

  14. Pip’s attitude toward Magwich has changed from the beginning of the book, to when he realizes he is his benefactor and till now. At first, Pip is terrified from this absurd convict who scares Pip from half to death. When Pip gives Magwich his food, he mistakes his actions for nobility and honor. When Pip finds out Magwich is his benefactor, he describes his feelings for Magwich with strong words of hate such as regugnant. He pushes him away, refusing his money, kindness and sincerity. However, eventually, he sees Magwich as a good man who only looked out for the best in Pip. Magwich was like a second Joe. He was his third father, metaphorically speaking.“For now my repugnance to him had all melted away, and in the hunted, wounded, shackled creature who held my hand in his, I only saw a man who had meant to be my benefactor.“ (page 446). Pip really matures as a gentlemen. This should make Magwich proud, knowing all his hard earned money didn’t go to a lost case. He realizes the importance of Magwich and the impact he had on Pip’s life. That is really the big “wow” moment here in these chapters. I still can’t believe we’re almost done with this book. I am so excited to see what happens next.

  15. Pip’s attitude towards Magwitch has changed from the first time Pip met him, to when he returned and told Pip that he was Pip’s benefactor, to now. When Pip first met Magwitch he was in the churchyard. Magwitch had just escaped and needed food and a file. Pip was threatened to be killed if he didn’t get Magwitch these things. “Your heart and your liver shall be tore out, roasted and ate” (Pg. 6) Pip was extremely afraid of Magwitch at this time of his life, to the next major time that we meet Magwitch. The next major event (besides Magwitch being caught with Compeyson) that occurred between Pip and Magwitch was when Magwitch came to Pip’s home and told him that he was Pip’s benefactor. When Pip first recognized Magwitch he was still afraid of him, but once Magwitch revealed himself as the benefactor, Pip wasn’t afraid of him anymore. Pip knew that id Magwitch funded Pip, then he won’t kill him. Pip was very upset that Miss Havisham wasn’t his benefactor, so he didn’t recognize all that Magwitch had done for him, was kind of annoyed and was definitely unappreciative of Magwitch. We see a change in Pip’s attitude when Pip saved Magwitch after being thrown off the boat by convicts trying to raid it . “For now, my repugnance to him had all melted away, and in the hunted wounded shackled creature who held my hand in his, I only saw a man who had meant to be my benefactor, and who had felt affectionately, gratefully and generously towards me with great consistency through a series of years. I only saw in him a much better man than I had been to Joe.” (pg 446). At this moment Pip realizes that Magwitch impacted his life in the greatest way possible. Without Magwitch Pip would still be back in his small hometown metalworking. Magwitch gave him the opportunity to go to London and become a gentleman. This realization on Pip’s part is a huge development. It shows him growing up and being grateful for what he has been given. When he wasn’t as grown-up all he wanted was for Miss Havisham to have set him up with Estella, but now he is extremely grateful for, and happy with Magwitch

  16. As we come closer to the end of the novel, “Great Expectations”, we can see Pip change for the better, and become a true gentleman. I especially noticed Pip having more gratitude toward Magwitch in chapter 56. In this chapter, Magwitch is very ill, and is on the brink of death. Pip visits Magwitch in jail, and he consistently goes to the court during Magwitch’s trial. “For several days and nights after he was sentenced I took no rest except when I fell asleep in my chair, but was wholly absorbed in these appeals.” (Page 458) I think that Pip’s turning point was really when he was held captive to Orlick and almost faced death. He didn’t realize what he had, until he almost lost everything. I would like to specifically point out how Pip suddenly seemed to really care about Magwitch when he was attacked by Compeyson and got really injured, because Pip almost lost him. Then at the end of chapter 56. “I pressed his hand in silence, for I could not forget that I had once meant to desert him.” (Page 459) Pip now looks back on how he treated Magwitch, when Magwitch treated him like a son. This ties back to our discussion in class on regret. “O Lord, be merciful to him, a sinner!” (Page 460) Pip has regretted things in the past, but he seems to have actually learned to be loyal towards people after this event.

  17. The chapters 54-56 reveal significant changes in Pip’s attitude toward Magwitch, and thereby within Pip himself. We see throughout the chapters that Pip has more than forgiven Magwitch, feels very grateful towards him, and wishes he had no pushed him away as he once did. “For now, my repugnance to him had all melted away;”(p447). This could have happened for a number of reasons. It could be that Pip has simply developed his thought process and reasoning with age. This is unlikely, though, as Pip has already outgrown the age of having a fully developed brain (21), and Pip couldn’t have held Magwitch secret for more than a year. Another reason for this change could have been that Pip was really affected by Orlick attacking him. If so, as we discussed in class, that event has a solid purpose for being there. It could also have worked in combination with the event right after it, where Pip is saved by his friends (and Tabb’s boy, who up until then had been his adversary of sorts). It could have shown Pip how great it truly is to have friends and how much of a difference to make. While it does not mention any evidence in the text, it would stand to reason that the impact Orlick’s attack has on Pip could be amplified, if not caused by his realization that Magwitch has only tried, with his greatest and fullest efforts, to help Pip as honestly as possible, and then risked it all just to see Pip again. This shows us that Pip has become more sensible in the way that he judges people. He would judge people less based upon their appearance, class, or even past actions, but rather by their true intent. This definitely applies to many themes seen and identified throughout the novel. There is the theme of guilt that applies here, for instance. We see Pip no longer feel guilty and sort of let go of it upon realizing that Magwitch, (almost) all of his life he has known Pip, has only meant well for him. We also see the theme of appearance v reality, which could also be linked with knowledge. Pip is disgusted by Magwitch at first, judging him by his appearance, and then, slowly coming to realize exactly how much he has staked for Pip and how he had meant so well of Pip.

  18. Pip’s attitude and feelings for Magwitch have changed throughout the novel. When Pip first meets Magwitch at the churchyard, Pip is terrified of him. Magwitch threatens Pip and tells him that he will kill Pip if Pip does not get him food and a file. As a young boy, he did not know any better and thought that a young man would get him if he did not follow the commands of the “man with the iron leg”. After several years, Pip eventually finds out that Magwitch is his secret benefactor. When Pip comes to know of this, he describes Magwitch as repugnant, abhorrent, and as a terrible beast. Instead of being grateful, Pip acts unfriendly and rude towards Magwitch. He no longer wants the money and feels like his life is ruined because this means that he and Estella are not meant for each other. Before Magwitch is killed, Pip finally realizes that he is truly a good person. “For now, my repugnance to him had all melted away, and in the hunted wounded shackled creature who held my hand in his, I only saw a man who had meant to be my benefactor…I only saw in him a much better man than I had been to Joe.” (pp. 446). Pip understands that Magwitch is a good man that always meant good for Pip even if Pip did not feel the same way about Magwitch. Pip realized that he should not hate Magwitch and that he should not be upset about Magwitch being his benefactor. Pip can only hope that “O Lord, be merciful to him…” (pp. 460).

  19. From the beginning of the book up until chapters 54-56, the relationship between Magwitch and Pip has developed and changed dramatically. Pip has grown to care for Magwitch a lot and kind of accepted him as almost a second father. Pip finally realizes how much Magwitch has done for him and how much he should appreciate Magwitch. Pip even says in the text, ” ‘For now, my repugnance to him and all melted away… I only saw but a man who had meant to be my benefactor, and who had felt affectionately, gratefully, and generously, toward me with great constancy through a sense of years. I only saw him a much better man than I had been to Joe.’ ” Pip is not love repulsed by Magwotch and finally understand the magnitude of what Magwitch did for him. I see it as Pip trying to make up for how he treated Joe through Magwitch. When Magwitch is severely ill with broken ribs in his jail cell, Pip visits him every single day. He also reads to him and makes sure to see him. At the end of chapter 56, Pip gets to hear Magwotch utter his last words in a very powerful and Magwitch learns he has a daughter who has thrived in life as he dies.

  20. Chapters 54-56 show a change in Pip’s attitude towards Magwitch. When Pip was a little seven-year-old, of course he was terrified of Magwitch. After all, he did threaten to kill him by having a carnivorous boy rip out his liver and eat it. After becoming a gentleman and learning that Magwitch is his benefactor, Pip hates him. He had still hated Magwitch for when he was a child and getting him involved in all this convict business. “The abhorrence in which I held the man, the dread I had of him, the repugnance with which I shrank from him, could not have been exceeded if he had been some terrible beast,” (319-320).Obviously, Pip had some pretty strong feelings toward him. Now, however, we see evidence of Pip really caring for Magwitch a lot, and he has come to appreciate the magnitude of what he has done for him. He also realizes that the way he had treated him before was wrong. It wasn’t Magwitch’s fault that he and Estella weren’t meant to be. It wasn’t Magwitch’s fault that the only payoff from Pip going to Satis House all those years was just for 25 pounds. “Mindful, then, of what we had read together, I thought of the two men who went up into the temple to pray, and I knew there would be no better words I could say beside his bed, than ‘O Lord, be merciful to him [Magwitch], a sinner!’ ” (460). This also ties in with themes like loyalty and guilt. Obviously, Magwitch was loyal to Pip. All those years he worked as a shepherd, all the money he made went directly to funding Pip. However, when Pip first saw Magwitch after he became a gentleman, Pip definitely wasn’t loyal to Magwitch. He wanted to get rid of him right away. However, Pip also thought of how he had been to Joe. “I only saw in him [Magwitch] a much better man than I had been to Joe,” (446). This is interesting because now he is contrasting his relationship with Magwitch to his relationship with Joe. Magwitch is loyal to Pip, and (at first) not the other way around, and Joe is loyal to Pip, but not the other way around. This makes him realize that he was treating Magwitch very unfairly, which leads into the theme of guilt. “ ‘Thank’ee dear boy, thank’ee. God bless you! You’ve never deserted me, dear boy.’ I pressed his hand in silence, for I could not forget that I had once meant to desert him,” (459). Pip feels guilty for how he used to feel about Magwitch. He used to be ungrateful and unappreciative, and he regrets that. At least now he knows to be more thankful for what he has (I hope). In conclusion, tonight’s reading was able to demonstrate how Pip has changed as a person and then tie in with recurring themes.

  21. Some very sad events take place in these chapters. As they were leaving, Pip and Magwitch, shortly accompanied by Herbert and Startop, they were caught and taken back to London. Magwitch was then put on trial, and sentenced to death by the judge. But luckily, before they were brought back to London, Magwitch was able to finally get his revenge on Compeyson, for he drowned him. Compeyson’s body was found, but utterly, and completely lifeless. While he was drowning Compeyson, Magwitch had gotten some injuries, broken ribs, a cut on the head, and a few bruises from the steam boat. Pip feels bad for Magwitch, for he now loves him, and wanted to succeed in saving him from a death in London, as a convict, and Magwitch will receive this death anyway. Pip carers for Magwitch the days before he is to be executed, and by cares, I mean visits and talks, every second that he can. He no longer thinks of him as the s ary convict, but more like a loving friend, or even possibly a father. If he could I believe, Pip would have spent all of his time by Magwitch’s side, just like Clare and her father. But because Magwitch is a convict he needs to be under surveillance, so only gets to visit him at certain hours. But Pip uses all of this time on Magwitch, never wasting any of it. Magwitch was getting weaker by the day and I believe that he is dead, not by execution, but from his injuries. “With a last faint effort, which would have been powerless but for my yielding to it and assisting it, he raised my hand to his lips. Then, he gently let it sink upon his breast again, with his own hands lying on it. The placid look at the white ceiling came back, and passed away, and his head dropped quietly on his breast… ‘O Lord, be merciful to him, a sinner!” (pg.460). Here Pip is asking the lord, God, for mercy. He asks God to forget the sins that Magwitch has done, and to not let Magwitch be confined to the depths of Hell. Magwitch cared for Pip, and now Pip has cared for Magwitch before he dies, which ais all Magwitch wanted.

    • Remy, I like how you compared Magwitch and Pip to Claire and her father. You have a great analysis of the text as well! Keep up the good work!

  22. In Chapters 54-56, Pip started to feel a close connection to Magwitch when he was suddenly near his death. He was hurt badly after his fight with Conveyson, who is now dead. When it came to the point that he was most likely going to die, Pip realizes everything that Magwitch has done for him after all these years. “For now, my repugnance to him had all melted away; and in the hunted, wounded, shackled creature who held my hand in his, I only saw a man who had meant to be my benefactor, and who had felt affectionately, gratefully, and generously, towards me with great constancy through a series of years. I only saw in him a much better man than I had been to Joe.”(p. 446) Pip would visit Provis daily at the infirmary sine he was too hurt to remain in a jail cell. He was tried, and was found guilty. Pip’s visits were shorter, for Provis was near his death bed. The day that he was about to pass away, Pip knew it was the day to tell him about his daughter, Estella. That way, he can be content with his life.

  23. Pips attitude towards Magwitch has clearly changed throughout the whole novel. From the start when Pip was a small boy he was terrified of Magwitch. Pip was so scared that he was willing to steal food from Joe since the convict threatened him. Later on Pip really didn’t think much of Magwitch until he was found out to be Pip’s Benefactor. Pip clearly hated and wanted nothing to do with Magwitch after this.“The abhorrence in which I held the man, the dread I had of him, the repugnance with which I shrank from him, could not have been exceeded if he had been some terrible beast,” (319-320). Pip thought that Magwitch ruined his chance with being with Estella. Magwitch also made Pip feel as though his money was not true gentleman’s money. The only reason Pip let Magwitch hide was because Pip thought Magwitch was going to hurt Pip. Soon however Pip realized Magwitch’s true character and that Magwitch had a far better attitude than Pip. In fact Magwitch would make a better gentleman than Pip has ever been. Pip felt almost sympathetic towards Magwitch and grateful too. He didn’t want Magwitch to get caught and wanted him to go back and enjoy his life. “ O Lord, be merciful to him, a sinner!’ ” (460). Pip ties this in with the fact that he thinks it’s his fault that Magwitch got caught. In conclusion Pip has gone from hating Magwitch to almost having the same affection towards him as Joe.

  24. Throughout Great Expectations, we see a slow and subtle change in Pip’s feelings towards Magwitch. In the beginning, Pip was terrified of him, because here he was in a graveyard, being threatened by a convict saying that he would eat his liver! He did what Magwitch asked and brought him a file and some food, but only out of fear. Later on, when Magwitch reappeared in Pip’s life and revealed himself to be his benefactor, Pip was repulsed by Magwitch, and didn’t really want anything to do with him. “The abhorrence in which I held the man, the dread I had of him, the repugnance with which I shrank from him, could not have been exceeded if he had been some terrible beast.” (pg 320) Even though it was Magwitch who had provided for and made a gentleman out of Pip, Pip was very ungrateful at first, though I can understand why he would be that way, on a certain level. He had thought that it was Miss Havisham who was his benefactor, and he believed that Estella was being “saved” for him, all this time. Now, all of his former thoughts and understandings are going out the window, because he is now being told that Magwitch, his former convict, is his benefactor. Towards the end of the novel, Pip’s feelings for Magwitch change considerably. He is seeing him in a new light, and is now very grateful for all that he has done. Pip sees all that Magwitch has put on the line to help him, and he returns the favor by keeping him safe and hidden in London. At the end of chapter 56, we see the end of Magwitch’s life, as he dies in prison after being recaptured, while trying to escape with Pip’s help. Pip visits him every day, and just reads and talks, so Magwitch knows that someone cares about him. During his dying moments, Pip tells him that his daughter, Estella, is alive and well, and that he is in love with her. “‘She lived and found powerful friends. She is living now. She is a lady and very beautiful. And I love her!’” (pg 460) I think this is a beautiful way to end your life, because you are going with a wonderful thought and feeling in your heart. It distracts you from all of the bad in your life, when you leave the earth thinking something so happy. I enjoyed seeing how positive Pip’s feelings for Magwitch became, especially at the end of his life. He went from being snobby and rude, to appreciative and kind. Another wonderful character development on Dickens’ part.

  25. Throughout the end of the second section and the third section, we see how Pip’s bond with Magwitch changes. At first Pip finds out that Magwitch was his benefactor, and is disgusted. Then Pip slowly becomes more fond of him, and Magwitch becomes a sort of father figure. Magwitch was move d to Clara’s house after telling Pip about the police being after him. Throughout his stay, he softened, and and Pip began to like him more. It came the day to help Magwitch escape, and Pip really understood Magwitch and saw him as a good person, despite his years in and out of jail. When. It was time to transport Magwitch, Compeyson was there and has informed the captain. Magwitch had a final battle with Compeyson and killed him. In the end, Magwitch had a severe lung and rib cage injury which led to him dying while being in jail and in court. Pip stood by his side till the day he died. This shows how Pip and Magwitch’s friendship had evolved.

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