He stirred his rum and water pointedly at me, and he tasted his rum and water pointedly at me. And he stirred it and he tasted it; not with a spoon that was brought to him, but with a file.

Tonight please read chapters 10-11 and then respond to any plot developments, characterizations, themes, literary elements or other ideas here.

As always, please proofread your writing carefully for grammar, spelling, and punctuation and remember to reply to at least one other comment in this thread.

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43 thoughts on “He stirred his rum and water pointedly at me, and he tasted his rum and water pointedly at me. And he stirred it and he tasted it; not with a spoon that was brought to him, but with a file.

  1. In the chapters 10-11, many new characters are introduced, and some characteristics and thoughts of current characters change. First, when Pip finds Joe at the bar, there are also 2 men with him. One of them is Mr. Wopsle, who Pip had already met. But the other man is someone who Pip doesn’t know yet, and someone who looked secretive and mysterious. After talking for a short time, the strange man was able to gain enough information to tell that Pip was Pip. He then proceeded to find a way to only show Pip the file, and let everyone else continue to be oblivious. The convict that Pip had helped out earlier in the book somehow made himself free again. After this encounter, Pip is quickly ushered off to Ms. Havisham’s house to play for her again. When Pip is greeted by Estella, instead of being a brat, Estella asks him questions about what Pip thinks of her. She doesn’t make fun of Pip this time, but still does not talk to him in a friendly way when they play cards for Ms. Havisham again. Estella does allow Pip to kiss her cheek at the end of Pip’s visit, either in a mocking way to say that Pip has gained the permission to kiss her, or Estella might actually be warming up to Pip.  At Ms. Havisham’s house, there are 4 more adults there besides Ms. Havisham. When Pip is helping Ms. Havisham walk to where she will lay when she dies, they meet these 4 adults. These 4 adults talk to Ms. Havisham, but not in a friendly way. Camilla, one of the adults, seems to tease Ms. Havisham and make fun of her. I think that these 4 adults and Ms. Havisham are longtime companions, but have grown apart since Ms. Havisham closed herself off to the rest of the world. Finally, one more character is introduced at the end of the chapter. A boy who Pip had never met before comes up to him and asks for a fight. This boy is assumed to be the same age as Pip, but is much taller and bigger in size. So, it is a surprise to both boys when Pip comes out the victor in the fight. I think that this boy is another rich kid, but will become Pip’s friend instead of thinking that Pip is below him.

  2. In Great Expectations, chapters 9 to 10, we are introduced to many new people, and new thoughts and characteristics. Two new people Pip meets are Mr. Wopsle and an “unknown man”, after seeing them at a bar with Joe. Mr. Wopsle’s great-aunt teaches a class. The “stranger” makes himself known to Pip as his convict, when he shows the file only to Pip, and no one else. He has somehow escaped from prison, again. Pip is shocked and scared that the convict is back in his life, as in his dream, a file is coming at him. Shortly after, he goes to Mrs. Havisham’s house again to play. There, he meets Estella, who is nicer to him than before. She still speaks the same to her during the card game, and allows Pip to kiss her on the cheek when he goes home. She is probably beginning to change her original perspective of Pip. We also meet 4 adults and one boy. While going to the place where Mrs. Havisham was going to be laid to die, they bump into them. They are not friendly to Mrs. Havisham, probably because she cut herself from the rest of the world. Mrs. Camilla mocks her and teases her. It is also apparent that Mrs. Havisham does not want to see them there. After, a boy comes at Pip and asks him to fight him. The boy is also young, like Pip, but bigger. Not knowing what to do, Pip follows him. Surprisingly, Pip comes out on top. What was also surprising was that the boy was not sour about it, just plainly admitted that Pip won.

    • Nice job on this, Jacky. However, I don’t think that Estella is changing her view of Pip, or that the boy who fought Pip actually could not win. As stated in my blog, I think that Miss Havisham ordered them to make Pip feel better. Apart from that, great work.

    • Great job Jacky, you went really in depth with this. You did a great job analyzing the new characters introduced in these chapters.

  3. In chapters 10-11, many new things happen such as the advancement for the plot, characterizations, etc. In the beginning, Pip decides to become uncommon by asking Biddy, one of Miss Havisham’s servants, to teach him and other students. He realizes that it would take a considerable amount of time, but is determined to achieve his goal. Pip’s sister then commands him to fetch Joe from the bar, where he finds Joe, Mr. Wopsle, and a strange man. The man is peculiarly interested and focused on Pip, a bit too interested. This is so much so that Pip feels like he is aiming a gun at him alone. He then shows Pip a file, which he knows is Joe’s. He discerns that the man has some sort of relation with his convict, whom he gave the file to. Then for some reason, he then gives Pip some very valuable money. I think this is to make sure that Pip knows the man has his eye on him. Next, Pip travels back to Miss Havisham, where Estella leads him to a room with four people who he sees later. Estella escorts him to Miss Havisham, who eventually leads him into a dilapidated room, which had been a room containing Miss Havisham’s bride cake and table. This goes along with the idea that once something happened with Miss Havisham’s marriage, her whole life changed, as evident by the horrible rotten cake she had not removed for years. One of the questions I have is: Why does Miss Havisham ask Pip to walk her around the room? I could not find any clues about the reason behind it. Disregarding that, Miss Havisham and her guests have a heated talk about Camilla’s love. I also wonder what and why they are talking about this. Finally, Pip is challenged to a fight by a stranger, who Pip surprisingly easily beats. From Estella’s being nicer to Pip and letting him kiss her, I can infer that Miss Havisham has asked her employees to do this to raise his self esteem. Pip also states that the kiss felt worthless.

    • Great Job, Tony! You explained all your points very well and wrote a great response. To answer your question, I think that Miss Havisham asked Pip to walk her around the room because she probably was unable to do so because of her age, and health. Otherwise, fantastic job.

  4. In chapter 10, Pip, Joe and Mr. Wopsle meet a stranger at the bar. The stranger had a pipe in his mouth and his eyes looking into an invisible gun, I immediately thought of the convict. The stranger also rubbed his legs which reminded me of the convicts iron leg. “…nodded to me again when I had taken my seat, and then rubbed his leg- in a very odd way, as it struck me.” (page 75). The stranger buys Joe and Mr. Wopsle drinks, and then the stranger asks about Pip. This was yet another clue that the stranger has a relationship with Pip’s convict. Why else would he be so interested in Pip? Aha! The stranger starts to stir his rum and water with a file. This action confirmed my thoughts that the stranger has some sort of relationship with the convict. At first, I thought the stranger was the convict that Pip met, but the stranger was described as a stranger, meaning that Pip had never encountered this person before. I think that this stranger is one of the convict’s helpers that may have helped him escape prison the first time. Pip’s convict must have gotten some help from somewhere, and I think this stranger is the answer. One of the convict’s enemy might be another option, but then how does he recognize Pip? I think as a helper or ally, the convict told the stranger about Pip and how he had brought him food.

    • “There was a clock in the outer wall of this house. Like the clock in Miss Havisham’s room, and like Miss Havisham’s watch, it had stopped at twenty minutes to nine.” (page 80)
      I think that Miss Havisham’s wedding was supposed to be at nine o’clock years ago, but her lover left and she never got married. Time is frozen, and she still wears her bridal gown, and her wedding cake untouched. Also, when Estella first insults Pip, I know think it is the “sandbox syndrome”. This is when you like someone so you are mean to them. Like in kindergarten, when you throw sand at your crush, This is why Estella may have asked Pip if she was pretty and asked him to kiss her if he wants to. Also, they are approximately the same age.

        • Ellie, this is a really good response, and you made some really interesting points, I loved the part about the “sandbox syndrome” because I thought of the same idea, while reading. Does anyone else though, think that maybe Estella and Pip have to end up together from Ms. Havisham’s wishes? I don’t know if it’s enough to go on, but Estella herself and Ms. Havsiham have asked Pip multiple times if he thinks Estella is pretty, just a thought. Anyways, great response Ellie!

          • I never thought of that Ryan! It would make so much sense as to why Estella asked Pip to kiss her. Maybe Miss. Havisham wants Estella to get married because she wasn’t able to. I will be sure to watch out for more clues towards this suspicion.

          • Ryan, I agree with your idea about how Miss Havisham may have asked Estella to warm up to Pip and try to get him to like her, which may have explained why she was blushing when she came out of the manor to lead Pip out. Maybe Miss Havisham had just finished asking her to tell Pip that he could kiss her cheek, which could have embarrassed her, or if Ellie’s prediction about Estella secretly liking Pip is correct, then maybe she was blushing because she was happy about the fact that Pip was kissing her cheek. Great hypothesis either way!

          • I had constantly thought of that. Miss Havisham is a “Miss”, proving she never married. She wears a wedding dress always possibly indicating that she really wanted to marry, and regrets not having done so. To make it right (as I speculate), she notices Estella and does not want her to have the same fate. Miss Havisham then asks around to find a boy for Estella and is now working on building a relation between her and Pip. Or at least I think. I could be grossly wrong in all entirety.

  5. In chapters 10 and 11 a lot of interesting events occurred. The first is when Pip is meeting Joe at the bar. There is a strange man who later pulls out the file and stirs his rum with it (page 77). The other two convicts were captured so this must be a third. Maybe this was a convict who also escaped. Then Pip’s convict could’ve given him the file. But how would he know Pip? Suppose he had been hiding when the Pip’s convict and the other convict were captured. Then as Pip is leaving he gives him papers. I didn’t quite understand what these were but from what I could understand they were money. Why in the world would the convict give Pip money. Maybe to be silent about seeing him with the file. Then at Miss Havisham’s house there were guests. Pip was in a room with a large table that was look like it was set up for a feast. I presume this feast was to be after or during Miss Havisham’s wedding that never happened. Miss Havisham makes Pip walk around the room with her and then stops. And say show when she dies they shall feast on her. Will they eat her?!! I was very confused at this part. Then Pip and Estella played cards just as the day before. When they were finished Pip went down to the court yard. He then fought with a boy who he beat up. In these chapters a lot of confusing events conspired.

    • I liked what you wrote I think Ms Havisham meant when she said she would die on the table was not metaphorical. However I didn’t think she would be eaten I thought it seamed like she wanted to die as close as she could to her fiance and the cake was all she had left.

  6. In chapters 10-11 of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, we are introduced to many new characters. First, Pip feels as if he needs some schooling in order to become uncommon.
    Since Mr. Wopsle’s great aunt’s teaching hasn’t seemed to work, Biddy becomes his teacher. Biddy agrees to teach Pip everything she knows about everything academic. After his lessons, when Pip accompanies Joe and Mr. Wopsle at the bar at the Jolly Bargemen, he sees a strange man. This strange man is extremely interested about Pip and eventually makes it clear to him that he has some relationship with “his” convict. The man does this by constantly staring at Pip and pulling out the file in which Pip had given to the convict. Pip knows this, and leaves with Joe with a gift of money from the strange man. I think this man had given Pip the money to seem friendly towards him, and let him further notice him. Pip had nightmares all night due to what had happened. Next, Pip proceeds to Miss Havisham’s house or the Satis House as scheduled. There Estella guides Pip to a room where there are four other people. Pip was instructed to wait until he was wanted. These people were conversing of some Matthew Pocket character. They quickly notice Pip, and Pip feels as if his every move is being watched. After that, Pip is quickly taken up to Miss Havisham. There Pip is shown to place where Miss Havisham was to be laid dead soon. She explains that the table is as old as she is, and that it somewhat represents her health. Next, Miss Havisham grabs hold of Pip’s shoulder and tells him to walk, so she can move around the room. She does this because it might be hard for her to walk. Soon later, Estella and the relatives come into the room, but Miss Havisham is not too interested in them, even though they spend a lot of time telling her how they’re all worried about her. Pip then played more cards with Stella, but Estella seemed much nicer to him. After that, Pip was on his way out but meet some pale boy that wanted to fight. This boy was about the same age but taller and bigger. It seemed obvious who would win the fight, but somehow Pip easily won. Finally, Estella comes out of nowhere and tells Pip he can kiss her on the cheek. Pip kisses her, but he claims that is felt meaningless. I feel to either Estella is starting to warm up to Pip, or that this whole scene was set up. To conclude, we are introduced to many new characters, and the plot is increased in chapters 10-11.

  7. In chapters 10-11 in “Great Expectations” we met a few new characters. Pip went to Mr. Wopsle’s great- for a class, then Pip went to pick up Joe at a bar. When Pip got there he found a new person, who somehow showed Pip the file he got without showing anyone else. This new character might be Pip’s convict, who escaped a second time. Then Pip went to play at Ms. Havisham’s house. He walked Ms. Havisham around the room she was buried, because she was weak and coil not walk well on her own. Estella was not that mean to him that day and actually let him kiss her on the cheek after his fist. Before Pip left, though, he was invited to a fight by a red haired boy who was noticeable taller and bigger than him. It was surprising that Pip won the fight. When Pip came home, it was very late.

  8. In the chapters, 10 and 11 we meet a lot of new characters, Mr. and Mrs. Camilla, Sarah Pocket, Cousin Raymond, The light red haired boy and The stranger that talked with Joe. With these new characters, brings multiple new plot lines, and chances for other possible plot lines. With the stranger, we read how Pip thinks that he must’ve known Pip’s convict because he had Joe’s file. I think that something big is going to happen with the stranger and that maybe he gave the shillings to Pip from the convict for a payment for the food he made Pip steal. Ms. Havisham is crazy as ever, and she is celebrating a birthday. I am a little confused as to how it is her birthday, if time doesn’t change there, unless it is always her birthday. But anyway, she has friends with her and they all get to see where she will want to lay when she dies, and that when she does die, she wants to be in her bridal dress, near the bridal cake. I still think that we are going to see more from that side of the story and that the wedding theme will pan out even more than it has as we continue to get deeper into the story. I’m eager to learn more about why Ms. Havisham is so caught up with the wedding and why time is stuck where it is. We got to see and meet a lot of new characters which led us to get to know their ideas in these two chapters. I think that the story is definitely going to unfold way more, or fully as we get closer and closer to putting all of these ideas together.

    • Good job Ryan! I liked how you included your thoughts and I am also excited to see why she wants the be in a wedding dress when she dies.

  9. After reading these chapters my perspective of Pip has really changed. Prior to his fight with the pale boy he met at the greenhouse, I imagined Pip as a frail, tiny little boy with no muscle or gumption in him at all. Yet he somehow was strong enough and able to take down this boy and I think he even surprised himself. Pip once again shows that he has a conscience as he feel incredibly guilty after the fight and is certain he will pay for his actions. I believe this is a sign of maturity in Pip. During these chapters I also think that Estrella’s view of Pip has changed for the better. I get a sense that she may have spied on their fight and was impressed with Pip’s triumph. Thus, that is why she let him kiss him as a reward. However, Pip is fully aware that their kiss is of no significance or true value. “I felt that the kiss was given to the coarse common boy as a piece of money might have been, and that it was worth nothing.” (page 93). Pip knows deep down that Estrella still views him as nothing more than a common boy. Initially, I believed that Pip was miserable at Miss Havisham’s but after this visit I am left wondering if this place will be the path to Pip’s future.

    • I totally agree with you. Pip really has changed. I didn’t even notice that Estella may have spied on him and had seen the fight. I also loved how you said that going to Miss Havisham’s house will be a path to his future. Great job.

  10. In the book, Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens, in chapters 10 and 11 we meet new characters and develop new plots. During the beginning of chapter 10, Pip goes to the bar to meet Joe, there, Joe is talking to two people. These people are Mr. Wopsle and a new guy with an unknown name. This guy, recognised Pip and showed Pip secretly the file that Pip gave to him. This showed us that this man was Pip’s convict. Pip freaked out. He was curious on how the man escaped from prison again. As time goes by, Pip goes to the Satis’ home to go play with Estella as scheduled. To Pip’s surprise, Estella is nice to him. This made me think if there is a possibility that Estella’s emotions are changed for Pip. When Pip arrives, they play cards but, Pip then tells Miss. Havisham that he doesn’t want to play. Miss. Havisham then insists that he should work. As Pip goes to work, he meets four adults who are named, Sarah Pocket, Georgiana, Camilla, and Matthew. We can infer from their actions that they don’t like Miss. Havisham. These actions were mimicking her and sarcastic tones. After we meet the four adults, we meet a boy, this boy insists on fighting Pip. This boy is very tall and was expected to win yet Pip won. The boy’s attitude when he lost was understanding and very professional by being a good sport. This showed Pip how looks can be deceiving. Lastly, Estella sees the fight and tells Pip to kiss her.

  11. In chapters 10-11 of Great Expectations we read about two topics. We read about the file and Miss. Havisham. When Pip goes to jet Joe from the bar he meets a strange man. From the moment that Pip walked in he was felt that the strange man was being very mysterious towards Pip. Pip finally sees a connection with the strange man when he has Joe’s file. Pip was supposed to get a file and give it to the convict. Also The man gave Pip money at the end of their meeting. This must have been to pay him for what he did for the convict. The other topic discussed was Miss. Havisham. In this chapter we meet four new characters; Mr. and Mrs. Camilla, Cousin Raymond and Sarah Pocket. Just like last time the clocks were stopped at ten to nine and Miss. Havisham was wearing a wedding dress. Along with that she shows Pip her wedding cake. This makes me believe that Miss. Havisham never got married, and since he clocks are stopped at ten to nine, she must have been supposed to get married at nine o’clock. Whether her spouse-to-be cancelled the wedding or something happened to them is unknown, but I am sure we will find out in the future. Along with the clocks being suspended in time Miss. Havisham does not know the date, and does not want to. Also she had her entire funeral planned. This leads me to believe that she wants it to feel like her wedding day until the day she dies. Also, adding more confusion to the whole situation it is apparently Miss. Havisham’s birthday. I wonder if she knows it is her birthday because Mr. and Mrs. Camilla, Cousin Raymond and Sarah Pocket came to her house and they only come on her birthday, or if she is acting like it is her birthday every day because she was supposed to get married on her birthday, and she wants it to feel like her wedding day until the day she dies.

  12. In chapters 10-11 of “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens, the reader learns about new developments, characterizations, and themes. First of all, we learn that Joe smokes. Also, when he was smoking, there were two people with him. One was Mr. Wopsle, and another was a stranger that Pip thought was dangerous, mysterious and creepy. At the bar, they all ordered rum, and the entire, the stranger was looking at Pip in a creepy way. Finally, when they had all got their rum and water, the stranger mixed the rum and water with the same file he gave to the convict. It was Joe’s file. The stranger is super mysterious and he is somehow related to Pip’s convict. I believe that Dickens added a great twist to the story by doing this. My only question about this is: how did he get the file in the first place. Also, we meet new characters at Miss Havisham’s home. They are Mr. and Mrs. Camilla, Sarah Pocket, Cousin Raymond, and the light red haired boy. Each person creates a new plot line and feels to the story itself. They are as weird as Miss Havisham, but they are weird in different ways. When Pip is able to beat up the boy, my perception of him changes. At first, I think of him as weak, but now I think of him as strong. In these chapters, we learn a lot about Pip’s interactions with other people.

  13. In Chapters 10 and 11, several events had occurred, and Pip met new people. After his experience at Miss Havisham’s house, he felt the need to “become uncommon.” He asks Biddy to help him “get on in life,” and to help Pip, she gave him information on her little catalogue of Prices, under the head of moist sugar, and an English D that he was to copy at home.
    On his way from school, Pip was to go to the Three Jolly Bargemen to bring Joe home, ordered by Mrs. Joe. He found Joe at the bar, chatting with two people: Mr. Wopsle and a stranger. The stranger seemed to scare Pip, as he imagined that he was aiming an invisible gun at him when he merely look at him. He seemed to try to get information about them and their town. He seemed quite intrigued about Pip, as he kept looking at him, as if he was trying to tell him something. Suddenly, the stranger did something mysterious. When the rum-and-water were brought, he stirred it, but not with the spoon given to him. He was stirring it with the file, Joe’s file, and he made sure that only Pip could see it. I have a feeling that this stranger knew Pip’s convict, and he got the file from him. If he was acquaintances with Pip’s convict, he wouldn’t have seem so threatening to Pip. I also know that the stranger knew about Pip knowing the convict, so he possibly spied on them, and possibly found the file on the ground while the two convicts were fighting. Furthermore, when they were about to leave, the stranger gave Pip something: a shilling and two One-Pound notes. They put the notes aside for the man to take back. From this experience, Pip started having nightmares with the stranger, the file, and the invisible gun.
    When Pip went back to Miss Havisham’s house, he met 4 people: Camilla, who reminds him of his sister, Cousin Raymond, supposedly Camila’s husband, Sarah Pockets, and Georgianna, who interests me, since Pip’s mother’s name was Georgianna, wife of the above. They were, as Pip would say, her “birthday visitors.” Although they seemed friendly, Miss Havisham seemed upset. The only thing she seemed to look forward to was getting one step closer to dying, so she can “finish her curse upon him,” who I assume was her to-be husband.
    After playing cards with Estella, Pip met this young gentleman, who looked around his age, yet taller. He made Pip fight him, which made Pip uncomfortable, since he seemed so intimidating. Despite that though, Pip came out to the top. It was a bit difficult though, since the man kept standing back up, and for that, Pip respected him. Eventually, he gave up, letting Pip claim being the winner. From the fight, I could tell that the man couldn’t even win to begin with. He was just intimidating him to get him to become scared. Yet, he didn’t to seem to hit him too hard, as if he wanted him to win. It is pretty difficult to be knocked down from someone as scrawny as Pip. Honestly, I would’ve thought that it was a set up, especially when Estella let him kiss her on the cheek. I think that it was all a scheme to boost Pip’s confidence. This is definitely something to think about.

  14. In chapters 10-11, many important events occur, and many new characters are brought into the book. The first thing that happens is Pip asking Biddy to teach him to be uncommon. She agrees and tries to teach him everything she knows. After this, he goes to a tavern to find Joe so they can return home together. However, upon arriving, he notices Joe has some new company. Along with Mr. Wopsle, a strange man is sitting with them. This strange man is most likely a convict, since at one point pip saw him scratching his leg, possibly indicating that he has an iron cuff. Furthermore, when he is stirring his rum-and-water, he takes out what he was using to stir in a way so only Pip can see, and Pip sees that it’s a file. And not just any file. It was the same file Pip took from Joe and gave to his convict in the beginning of the book. After Pip finds out, the man seems to bribe him into staying quiet by giving him two one-pound notes and a shilling. Pip is haunted by this because just when he least expects it, he could just possibly be dropped into another convict situation. The next day, he visits Miss Havisham’s manor. There are many new characters that are introduced, but they do not yet seem important in any way to the plot. These new people are Mrs. Camilla, Mr. Camilla (Raymond), Sarah Pocket, and Georgiana. However, there is one more character who has not yet done anything in the story but whose name we have heard mentioned several times: Matthew. Judging by the amount of times his name is mentioned, he is most likely an important character. During his visit, Pip walks Miss Havisham around a room with a large table in the center. We learn that Miss Havisham was going to get married, but we do not know to whom and what happened to ruin it. Also, if I had to guess, I think that the brewery and the abandoned home right outside the manor used to belong to Miss Havisham’s bride-to-be. Although, this is just a guess and it may turn out to be incorrect. Miss Havisham also says that the table in the middle of the room is where her body will be laid to rest when she dies, and that the others will feast on her body (Ewww!!!). Additionally, it was Miss Havisham’s birthday. After Miss Havisham was satisfied with the number of times Pip has walked her around the room, she tells he and Estella to play cards, and this time Estella isn’t nearly as mean. After he has eaten and is wandering the premises, he comes across a person slightly older than he, and this person challenges Pip to a fight. The man was extremely persistent, and would almost always get up after Pip knocked him down. Surprisingly though, Pip ends up winning. Later, he finds Estella and she walks him out. Before he leaves, though, she asked him if he wanted to give her a kiss. He accepted. He claimed that he would do a lot for just a kiss, but then he realizes that to her it meant next to nothing. To summarize, chapters 10-11 were very important in the sense that we learn a lot about Miss Havisham and many more characters are introduced.

  15. In the beginning of chapter ten we see Joe, Mr Wopsle, and Pip at the bar with a stranger. The stranger “tasted his rum-and-water pointedly at me. And he stirred and tasted it: not with a spoon that was brought to him, but with a file.” This section tells us that the convict escaped from prison and in fact was sitting right there in front of him. The convict leaves but not before giving Pip two one-pound notes. One or two mornings later Pip is sent to Ms Havisham’s house where he stands next to a window watching three ladies and one gentleman talk. Soon after he is brought to Mrs Havisham where he is asked would he rather work or play. Pip states he would rather work and receives the job of helping Mrs Havisham walk around. While walking around she shows him the table where she will lay when she dies. On the table is her wedding cake. This tells the reader the reason she is like this is because on 8:40 on her wedding day something happened causing her not to get married and she kept all this as a memorial. Pip afterwards enters a garden and has a fight with a really athletic but weak person. After winning he finishes off his day by kissing Estella. I am curious on the convicts intentions for appearing and want to know what he will do.

    • I agree with your last statement. I too am interested in what will happen, and whether Pip will get caught in another convict scene. Great job and keep up the good work.

  16. In chapter 10-11 in Great Expectations, Pip is in a bar with Joe, Mr. Wopsle, and a stranger at the beginning. The stranger is stirring his drink with Joe’s file, which let’s us know that Pip’s convict yet again escaped from prison. “And he stirred and he tasted it: not with a spoon that was brought to him, but with a file.”(77) After the bar, Pip goes to Miss. Havisham’s house again. There he meets a few new people, such as Camilla. Miss Sarah Pocket, Georgina, and a young boy who Pip fights with. What’s weird is that Estella isn’t as cruel and rude to him as she was before. This time, she let Pip kiss her cheek. I’m not sure she is growing to like him, but something in her definitely changed. During his visit, Pip and Miss Havisham walk to the place where she says she will rest when she dies. Pip I’m sure is very confused at why she would be showing him this. I am also not sure of her reason for showing that to Pip. The boy that Pip fights later on does not tell him his name, but looks to be around Pip’s age. Pip had a small satisfaction in beating the boy, probably because he has been beaten so many times by Estella at cards. I think that Pip should be more worried about the convict going after him. The convict probably wants revenge on him of Joe for “turning him in”. Pip should definitely watch his back from here on.

  17. In the chapters, 10-11 in Great Expectations, we meet a lot of new characters and are open to the many possibilities of different plot lines. In chapter 10, Pip goes to the bar to see Joe. With Joe, we see an intriguing stranger, casually offering Joe and Mr. Wopsle a drink. When they get their rum, we see the stranger mix his drink with a file. During the eye- opening scene for Pip, everyone else is oblivious to the file. THE file, Pip gave to the convict. So, the question is, how did he escape? But the truth is, the convict did do it once, so he could’ve easily done it again. In chapter 11, Pip, Estrella and 4 other adults, Mr. and Mrs. Camilla, Sarah Pocket, and Cousin Raymond, are called by Miss. Havisham to see the place and order of how she wants to be buried. In my opinion, she seems a bit insane. I have a feeling, her fiancee died the day before or the day of her wedding or he disappeared. Or (this is a wild prediction) Pip’s convict was Miss. Havisham’s fiancee and he was used like a “tool” by the other convict and was brought to jail. So ever, since that day, Miss. Havisham;s mind has been stuck on that day and hasn’t moved a day past since. Also, when Pip is about to leave, he encounters a red- haired boy who is persistent of fighting Pip. Suprisingly, Pip won the fight. Later, when he finds Estrella, she offers him to give her a kiss. When I was reading Matt’s blog, I also have a suspicion that Estrella saw the fight or she set the boy up to see Pip fight and see if he was strong enough or masculine enough. However, the kiss had no significance to Pip because on pg. 93, “I felt that the kiss was given to the coarse common boy as a piece of money might have been, and that it was worth nothing.” To Pip, he is still just a common boy. He is not uncommon yet.

  18. Many very important things were revealed in chapters 10 and 11 that add to the characterization of Pip, Estella, and most significantly Miss Havisham. Firstly atThe Jolly Bargeman, Pip sees a man with the file he gave to his convict, meaning that this is someone with a relation to the convict or maybe the convict could be out again. Or maybe this man stole from the convict, either way the issue with the convict has not yet resolved itself. Pip has nightmares that night of the file coming out of the door at him, and screams himself awake. Pip is a very fearful young boy, with a very imaginative mind. He imagined Miss Havisham hanging in last nights reading and now he’s imaging being a attacked by a file. It seems Pips fear manifest themselves in the form of dreams. I’m starting to think that Pip is afraid of Miss Havisham. But who wouldn’t be. Miss Havisham is even more disturbing now than in chapter 9. Miss Havisham seems very infatuated with death. She has a room where she wants to be laued to die in her yellowed bridal gown on her bridal dress, with a man named Matthew and all her colleagues layed down next to her. I think it’s possible Matthew is her former husband, I believe that he’s dead and she’s grieving. Her wedding cake is in the room she wants to die, and it’s covered in cobwebs. She also wants to die with all the memories of her marriage/wedding (i.e.,she’d wants to die in her bridal gown). I also think maybe the wedding never happened and he died before. Nevertheless I think Miss Havisham is very possessive and has a deep meaning for all the items she has. I think Miss Havisham is just living out her days meaninglessly until she can join her husband in the afterlife. She has Pip over to watch him play, which I think is a desperate attempt at giving her existence meaning. But Miss Havisham seems bored with life, hence she had Pip walk her around her room over and over again. Now Estella seems interested in understanding Pip, the common boy. She wants to know what he thinks of her, which also tells me despite her looking down on him, she cares a great deal about how he sees her. Estella seems to be insecure in herself. As for Miss Havisham’s colleagues/ friends they seem very oblivious to her suffering, like Camilla saying she looked lively when that was so far from the truth. Camilla also was mentioning Matthew, and if he is Miss Havisham’s former partner, it’s quite insensitive to bring him up when she’s right there, when she’s clearly still grieving. I also think Miss Havisham feels comfort in greiving , like maybe it gives her a purpose in life. Like honoring her husband is her reason for being alive. This chapter gave me a lot to think about regarding Miss Havisham’s character and her past.

    • Very well written! I like how you stated there was more than one possibility of why the stranger had a file. However I don’t believe that Mathew was ever Miss Havishams husband, but that is just my opinion.

  19. In chapter 10, Pip goes to the bar to meet up with Joe, and he meets a very suspicious character. This character keeps staring at Pip, and asking Joe, how Pip is related to him. But then the man pulls out a file and stirs his rum with it, and Pip sees that it’s the same file that he gave to his convict. So Pip thinks that this man must know his convict somehow, and so do I. At the end of the night, this man gives Pip some coins wrapped in paper that Mrs. Gargery told Joe to return it to the man, but Joe could not find him. Then Pip joins Estella, Sarah Pocket, Mr. and Mrs. Camilla, and cousin Raymond to see Miss. Havisham. She has to tell them how she would like to be buried. She gets very personal with Pip, telling him that it’s her birthday, and telling him that’d sh’d like to laid out on the table when she dies. Just the fact that Pip is there for this discussion is so peculiar. At the end of the chapter, I think Pip has really matured. When he kisses Estella, the kiss isn’t that important to him, but the Pip from the beginning of the novel would’ve freaked out. Also, I have a prediction that Miss Havisham’s wedding must’ve taken place at 9 o’clock, but her groom to be left her or died, twenty minutes before, which is why all the clocks in the house are set to twenty minutes until 9.

  20. Beginning with chapter 10, we are told of some sort of relation with Pip and someone named Biddy, who may have had something to do with dealing bibles. I am pretty lost as to why Biddy is included and would like to know more if possible. The next event of significance is that Pip meets a stranger at the bar who shows Pip the same file Pip gave to his escaped convict. It confuses me at the moment as to why he would make such a move, but I trust it will be revealed. Turning to the topic of who he might actually be relevant to the rest of the story, I believe he is the convict’s associate who could potentially have helped the convict escape. Perhaps he was simply hired by the convict to reward Pip for providing him with food and drink without resistance (although he did threaten him to achieve this, so this theory could all be baloney). In chapter 11, Pip returns to Miss Havisham as he was instructed. He is put into a courtyard with some other guests who were talking about things for quite a while and then again in the basement with Miss Havisham. I understood little to none of anything they said, so it could be nice to receive some clarity on that (or not, if it did not have much of a significance). All I understood of that chapter is that it was Miss Havisham’s birthday, and that she was going to be laid at the table in the basement when she dies (it also confuses me as to why that is said, but, oh well).

  21. In chapters 10 and 11, we meet a lot of new characters with very different personalities, and even some humor. The first new character is the mysterious looking stranger at the bar talking with Joe and Mr. Wopsle. He smokes a pipe the whole time they’re there and one of his eyes is constantly squinting, “… as if he were taking aim at something with an invisible gun.” (pg 75) This “invisible gun” of his seemed to be pointed towards Pip almost the whole time he was there. The most astonishing thing that happened when they were at the bar, was that the stranger revealed to only Pip that he had the file that he had given to the convict nearly a year ago. This shows that the two men somehow know each other, and/or Pip’s convict has escaped again. As they are leaving the bar, the strange man gives Pip a shilling and 2 one-pound notes. This was a lot of money back then, especially if you weren’t very wealthy. Mrs. Joe was very surprised when she saw the two notes, and Joe ran back to the bar to try and see if the man was still there so he could give him back the large sum of money. He wasn’t still at the bar, however, which makes me think that he really did give Pip the money on purpose, either as a way to show off his wealth, almost as a power move, or maybe to thank Pip for helping the convict, if the two men were friends. This could also lead to the possibility that the two men were enemies, and the stranger was thanking Pip instead for getting the convict caught, even though it really wasn’t Pip’s doing. 2 more characters we were introduced to are Miss Camilla and Miss Sarah Pocket. They both were at Miss Havisham’s manor, because it was Miss H.’s birthday. Camilla quickly revealed herself to be quite annoying and in constant need of attention, sympathy, and gratitude. She kept going on and on about how sensitive she was with family matters, especially with Miss Havisham and someone named Mathew. She said that her feelings kept her up at night and sick with worry during the day. However, every time Camilla tried to gain gratitude for her worries, Miss Sarah shot her down, by saying, “‘You see my dear… the question to put to yourself is, who did you expect to thank you, my love?’” (pg 87) I found this quite funny, because Miss Sarah was calling out Camilla on her nonsense while still using endearing terms, like “my dear,” and “my love.” Overall, in chapters 10 and 11, there are some very interesting new characters and new character developments.

  22. In chapters 10-11 many new characters with characteristics are introduced. A few characteristics are developed and changed in some characters as well. First off Pip meets a stranger at a bar. Pip was also with Joe and Mr. Wopsle when he came to the bar. This new character seemed to be intrigued with Pip at the the very beginning of this confrontation. Pip then realizes that the stranger has Joes file. This meant that the stranger new the convict. This absolutely terrified Pip, also this means we haven’t seen the last of the convict in the book. Furthermore Pip meets four new characters at the Satis house. These characters seemed to be pitiful while talking to Miss. Havenshan. Also these characters showed rude traits towards Pip. We can see a character change in Estelle in the Satis house as well. She wasn’t as rude as she was to Pip before, instead she wound up asking a lot of questions. Finally Pip meets a younger boy who wants to fight him. Pip very much liked the boys spirit while fighting, but Pip won the fight. I believe that this fight was a test made by Estelle to see if Pip was worthy of her because right after the fight Estelle let Pip kiss her. All in all many new characters and character developments were shown.

  23. In my opinion, Chapters 10 and 11 were very interesting. It starts in the schoolhouse where we meet Biddy, the old lady who runs the schoolhouse. I’m gonna assume it is not the nicest schoolhouse, because the bibles are illegal and they let anyone come in, including Joe. That is not the safest idea. Later that night, another character was introduced. Mr. Wopsle brought in a mysterious man to smoke a pipe in the house with Joe. The man was described as “…a secret-looking man whom I have never seen before….one of his eyes was half shut, as if he were taking aim at something with an invisible gun” I think this man will eventually develop the plot of the story, for I found it very interesting how he gave Pip a strange look when he was talking about the convict. I have a feeling he has something to do with the convict. Additionally, in chapter 11, Pip went back to “play” at miss. Havisham’s house. Even more characters were introduced, Camilla, Miss. Sarah Pocket, and Raymond. I am pretty sure they were friends of Miss. Havisham. Miss. Havisham once again did something strange. She had a wedding cake! I think Pip was even more confused then I was. Another turn of events happened when Estella slapped Pip in the face, but he wasn’t upset and he didn’t cry. I was so happy he stood up to Estella.However, yet another character was introduced. A little boy came to play. Pip said he had lots of respect for the boy since he never once knocked Pip down, and every time he was knocked down, He got up again. I hope to see the boy more throughout the story.

  24. In chapter 10-11, we meet plenty characters. In our first scene, we are with Mr. Wopsle, Joe, and a stranger. We know nothing of this strange man and he has a tough-guy vibe right off the bat when we meet him. With only half of his face showing, his broad-brimmed hat, and his one-eye-open look, he definitely can be pictured as a tough person. He asks a lot of questions, which would suggest he is trying to figure something out in particular. He asks “Do you find any gipsies, now, or tramps, or vagrants of any sort, out there?” on page 76. Every question he asks, it seems as if he has another one planned right after to draw a final conclusion on something. And they also all have a connection with escaped convicts. I assume that it is Pip’s convict who is there, and nobody even bats an eye when he uses the file to stir his rum and water. Maybe files become a motif in the story? Later on he is brought over to Miss Havisham’s residence where we meet plenty more people. In the start, Pip is brought to a different section where we meet three women and one gentleman. They all also appear to be wealthy and look down at Pip. Also, we meet a stranger while Pip and Estella are walking the stairwell. We don’t learn his name, but he does say he has bad experiences with boys of Pip’s age and not to behave poorly. I certainly would like to make note that strange characters that we do not know of come up again and again in this novel. Towards the end, we find a boy that is around Pip’s age. He asks Pip to fight and Pip actually wins, surprisingly. Definitely not the result we expected from him!

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