So I called myself Pip, and came to be called Pip.

What are your impressions of Pip at this point in the novel?  Use many specific text-based details to support your response.

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46 thoughts on “So I called myself Pip, and came to be called Pip.

  1. Pip is a character who I believe is a young character, who is very afraid and scared of anyone older than him. He seems to obey anyone who is older than him, and is always afraid when he gets in trouble with his sister, Joe, or any other elder. This is first shown when he is approached by the mysterious man, who intimidates him and asks him for food and a file. “I said that I would get him the file, and I would get him what broken bits of food I could, and I would come to him at the Battery early in the morning”(Pg. 6). Even though this man is clearly a bad person with bad intentions, Pip stills obeys him as he doesn’t want to get in trouble with him. The second case of this is when Pip’s sister, Mrs. Joe, comes home and questions where Pip was. “I had only been to the churchyard’, said I, crying and rubbing myself”(Pg. 12). His sister is angry at Pip for making her worried, and this makes Pip guilty and scared of what his sister might say, or do to punish him. As of right now, the main characteristic about Pip is that he is afraid of his elders, and always follows what his elders say, no matter who they are.

    • William, I think you did a great job explaining and backing up your points. However, I have to disagree with your saying that Pip follows all elders, and is afraid of them no matter who they are. Although this is true for his sister and the man with the iron leg, he is very friendly with Joe. He also disobeys Mrs. Joe Gargery’s rules and steals from her cabinet. Other than that, keep up the great work.

    • Great job, Will. I think you did an awesome job analyzing the text and using it to get your point across. I agree with your points and think that Pip is frail as well. Again, great job, Will.

  2. After reading the first three chapters of “Great Expectations”, I’ve gotten some impressions about Pip. First of all, he seems like a lonely, and not very happy child. He had never known a true family, and has to live with his strict and unforgiving sister. His step-mother treats him badly, as shown by “Tickler”, Pip’s regularly used cane. and always makes him thankful to just be alive by her. Although he clearly does not have much courage to stand up against the man demanding him of food, I think that he would always do the right thing if he was not as frightened as he is. This is evident of his conscience constantly telling him not to steal from his step-mother. Despite this, I feel like Pip tries to be as optimistic as he can in his situation, and is kind to others. He is curious to learn more, and is constantly fearful of the “Hulks” and the prisoners who had escaped from there, the man with the iron leg, and of himself, for the crime he’d committed. Another impression I’ve gotten is that Pip is fairly intelligent. When he was about to be punished for making Mrs. Joe Gargery, he stuck his food down his leg in hope of receiving a less severe sentence. He was also able to successfully steal from his sister uncaught. A question I have about these chapters is, what is the “file”? In order for Pip to live, he demands that Pip brings him wittles and a file. Judging from the name, I’d guess it contains information. The man seems poor, and needs food to survive, but why would he need some sort of file?

    • I agree with all of your thoughts Tony, but I don’t think the file is something that contains information. I asked someone and they said it was a sort of sharp edged object that could be used to cut through something. At the end of chapter 3 he uses the file to cut at his iron leg.

      • Yeah, I believe a file is a very sharp object which would be used to cut his iron leg off. This makes lots of sense because Pip got the file from Joe’s tools, and Joe is a blacksmith.

        • Yeah it said at the end, ” He was still working hard at his fetter…….the file was still going”( pp. 21). You can infer that it is a tool, that he is using to get the iron off. 🙂

          • What you guys are saying is possible, but why would he try to cut off his iron leg? I mean, if he was trying to run after this guy, why would he cut it off. I’m assuming he has an iron leg because he had some sort of severe injury of amputation, but then why mess with it?

            • I agree with most of you, that it makes a lot of sense for the file to be something that the young man would use to take off his iron leg. But I have to agree with Arjun, because it didn’t make sense to me, as to why he would want to remove his leg. Unless it was causing him pain or something along those lines.

    • Tony, I really like the way you described how scared Pip was of the man with the iron leg as well as showed Pip will break his sister’s rules to get the man food. However, I disagree that he only breaks rules, and listens to (possible) criminals. He still listens to adults and does not argue with them. He listens to the criminal, and he listens to his sister’s huge fit about her having to take care of Pip. He never argues with adults. Other than that, keep up the good work.

  3. Pip is a little child, who easily gets scared, frightened, and worried. He is afraid of getting into any sort of trouble, especially with his sister. “Where have you been, you young monkey?……. ‘I have only been to the graveyard’ said I..crying and rubbing myself”(pp. 9). As shown, he wants to avoid trouble. Also, when he meets the guy from the graveyard, he obeys his orders, even though the man is a complete stranger. “ I said that I would get him the file, and I would get him what broken bits of food I could, and I would come to him at the battery early in the morning”(pp. 6).Yeah, the man threatened him and all, but at the end, he is still a stranger. Plus, who knows if he was just buffing? The man was obviously up to no good. Pip takes orders from everyone, as it seems that he is scared of getting in trouble.

    • I agree! Pip does seem to be afraid of getting in trouble easily. In my opinion, I think the man is much more than a stranger. He seems like an escaped convict with the chains still on his legs. I feel as if this intimidated Pip even more to obey him.

    • I definitely agree. I mean, even if scared half to death, who would still listen to a complete stranger when he tells you to serve his own needs? Not me, at least. I hope that as the story progresses he develops more of his own personality and not as much of a “child servant,” since he is certainly easy to take advantage of.

    • Jacky I agree with a large portion of your thoughts and especially like how you argue Pip is afraid of getting in trouble. However, I don’t think Pip is as scared as you portray him. He bravely and politely talked to the man threatening to kill him and also was brave enough to break into his sister’s pantry and steal excess food for the man when he already had enough food to give him.

      • I think that Pip is very young, and without guidance from parents, is frightened by a lot of things. So he probably is scared of doing something wrong, because a lot of times he really doesn’t know right from wrong. All he understands is if he gets yelled at and abused by Mrs. Joe, he must have done the wrong thing

  4. I think that Pip is a lonely child, not knowing the real meaning of family. He lives his sister I also think he is very afraid of anyone who threatens him, like his sister, who threatens him with the “Tickler”. When he sees the man with the iron leg, he especially feels afraid when the man tells scary and frightening stories about the young man and the evil deeds he has done. For example, when he says that the young man thirsts for Pip’s liver and heart, Pip is so scared that he feels that he needs to get the food, otherwise he would die. He feels afraid and forced to take the food for the man. However, I think Pip has a good conscience. When he was stealing the food from his sisters cabinet, the entire time he was always thinking to himself how wrong it was. In my opinion, he always wants to do what is right, but when fear overtakes that gut feeling, he does the wrong thing. Pip is also a very curious. He always asks questions and wants to know more about the outside world, like the Hulks.

    • I agree, Pip is just an innocent and curious boy who just wants to learn. However, like you said, he is so afraid and is forced to do things he knows is wrong. I absolutely agree with your comment and also believe that he can do so much more if he can overcome his fear.

      • I also agree. Pip is just a little boy who needs a real family and people who actually understand him. Pip is still little and very scared. When he sees this scary man with a fishy feeling around him, I would definitely be scared, too. I understand Pip, because he probably has never been bombarded by a person like that before. If he could just learn to leave his fears in the past, it would be so much better for him. I agree with you completely, and I can relate because I have my own fears that I need to learn how to get over, too.

  5. From the first three chapters, I believe that Pip is a curious boy. Pip has a very imaginative brain, and is very creative. He is a boy with a big artistry and imagination, but is not encouraged to ask questions. His sister Mrs. Joe, is not a fan of Pip’s curiosity and out of fear, Pip tries to obey her request to stop questioning everything, but he can’t help his curiosity. After he has stolen food from his sister, Pip was processing his thoughts and inner feelings through his imagination. The text states, “The gates and dykes and banks came bursting at me through the mist, as if they cried as plainly as could be, ‘A boy with Somebody-else’s pork pie! Stop him!’ The cattle came upon me with like suddenness… ‘Holloa, young thief!’…I blubbered out to him, ‘I couldn’t help it sir! It wasn’t for myself I took it!’” (page 17). Pip has such a big imagination that he is able to communicate with his thoughts, and perhaps it may be a way to solve his problems. Pip is also able to imagine how his parents look like through only the words on their tombstones. His imagination may possibly help him through tough decisions in the future chapters, or possibly throw him off to the wrong path.

    • I agree, that Pip is very curious and he just wants everyone to know that he will keep a promise. On the other hand, I think that his imagination with hurt him in the near future due to him thinking of impossible things.

  6. My first impressions of Pip are very positive. Pip, the main character, is a very likable character that is extremely kind, intelligent and fearful. Pip’s parent died and he doesn’t know too much about the meaning of family. In the story, Pip lives with his overbearing sister and her husband Joe Gargery (blacksmith). When Pip is intimidated by a horrific man, growling, dressed in rags, and with his legs in chains, he is demanded to give the man food and a file. Out of fear, he checks his surroundings and bolts home as the man moves away. After that, when he arrived home he was afraid and cried when being confronted my his mom asking him where he was. He also seems to be afraid of the “Tickler,” and “Hulk.” Next, when given food he strategically attempts to stash some bread and butter in one leg of his pants for the man. To me, this adds to the idea that he’s kind as well. Later on, he sneaks out with the necessary supplies to the Battery to meet the man, without getting caught. Finally, when Pip was with the man he gave him the food and file while remaining very humble.

    • I didn’t even think about how Pip doesn’t know the meaning of family. It brings an entire new perspective of him to my mind. Great Job!

  7. So far in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens Pip is the main character. My first impression of Pip was that he was a trouble maker. On page 9 when Mrs.Joe cos home from searching for Pip and says “Where have you been, you young monkey.” Then Pip replies “I have only been to the churchyard.” This made me think Pip is mischievous and breaks the rules because he was out where he wasn’t supposed to be. Then as I read I realized Pip is the exact opposite. Pip respects his elders very much. After looking back on page 6 Pip obeys the man who is threatening him. “I said that I would get him the file, and I would get him what broken bits of food I could…” Pip listens to the man and doesn’t even talk back. Also, on the first page you can infer many things about Pip. For example “As I never saw my father or my mother… my first fancies regarding what they were like, were unreasonably derived from their tombstones.” Pip’s mother and father both died so we can tell he doesn’t really have much family. And his sister who takes care of him isn’t loving. On page 9 when Mrs.Hoes comes home after looking for Pip she uses a stick called Tickler to hit him. “Tickler was a wax-ended piece of cane, worn smooth by collision with my tickled frame.” Mrs.Joe has hit Pip many times with this stick because it is worn smooth because he has been hit so many times with it. Now I see Pip as a poor boy with no friends and a abusive step mother.

    • I totally agree with you. He should not be scolded for visiting the ones he loved. it must hurt him that his only sister didn’t want him. Also, nice work. It is very organized and set up, although you had a little mishap with Mrs. Joe’s name. 😉

  8. In the novel Great Expectations, I feel that Pip, the main character, is a sensitive, obedient, and easily intimidated young man. He’s most likely to be these traits due to his age and little experience with any “mean” encounters. For example, on pages four and five he “held tighter to the tombstone on which he had put me; partly to keep myself upon it; partly to keep myself from crying.” Clearly in this encounter with this man, he has no idea on what he should do and is terrified. Furthermore, when he finds out his sister is out looking for him, he is scared to death of what his consequence will be when she arrives home to find him. On page nine, when she questioned him of where he was, it says “I have only been to the churchyard,’ said I, from my stool, crying and rubbing myself.” He is easily scared of anybody that is older than him and I feel that this is due to the obedient way he is raised that is the backbone for his personality.

  9. After reading chapters one through three I looked at the impressions Pip gave to me. He seemed to be easily scared and naive. He is scared of his sister do to her use of a cane and her need of Pip to conform to society. Furthermore, Pip shows he is naive due to his belief that if he doesn’t give the man at the graveyard food a “young man will creep and creep his way to him and tear him open.” Pip unfortunately doesn’t have any family other than his sister which makes him a sad and lonely person. Pips seems not to have gotten over the death of his family because of the fact he still visits their gravestones. It is unlikely he ever knew his parents but he probably wishes they were there for him. The only other surviving member of his family, his sister, is only a source of traumatizing events and so only further dampens Pip’s mood. Pip has made a friend with his sister’s husband and they help each other when Pip’s sister is at her worst. Pip does try to be a good person however his fear of many people and things has so far only allowed Pip to do bad things. Pip shows that there is still hope for himself because of the fact that he is hurt by his conscious while naively doing what the man at the graveyard is asked him to do and is curious when curiosity is frowned upon.

  10. Pip seems to be this small, frail character who is intimidated very easily, both by the man and Mrs. Joe. It looks like Joe is the only one who really cares for him and his well being, and even protects him from his sister. “She concluded by throwing me — I often served as her connubial missile — at Joe, who, glad to get hold of me on any terms, passed me on into the chimney and quietly fenced me up there with his great leg. ‘Where have you been, you young monkey?’ … ‘I have only been to the churchyard,’ said I, from my stool, crying and rubbing myself,” (9). He also seems to be very sensitive and kind. The impression that the book gave me was that he did not end up giving the man the food only because he was threatened, but also because it seemed like he felt a little bad for him. “He was awfully cold to be sure. I half expected to see him drop down before my face and die of deadly cold. His eyes looked so awfully hungry, too, that when I handed him the file and he laid it down on the grass, it occurred to me he would have tried to eat it, if he had not seen my bundle,” (18). He seems to pity the man for the condition he is in, and also worries about him.

  11. I think that pip is a younger child, maybe 8 or around that age. He is young and it would be strange for someone around his age to be running around the way he does, if it wasn’t a much different time. I think Pip is kind of uncertain to about many things, I’m not sure if he gets an education but he definitely has many questions about the world around him. It seems to me that maybe his lack of parents and that his guardians aren’t the most loving, he might be missing out on some of the conversations and opportunities that most father and sons go through at his age. I also see that he might be lacking in love, I don’t know if he knows it but he does not have the support of his guardians as much as someone like me does, but it might just be the difference in time. I love Pip, I think he has a good heart and just needs to learn how to use it for the right things. Especially, because of the situations he might have to go through. I’m excited to see where the story takes him and how he will continue to grow throughout the novel.

    • I totally agree that Pip has really not had any guidance and doesn’t really know what he is doing in many situations. It must be really hard for him to not get much love from parents. What’s even sadder is he longs for love and attention from a parent. He wants his parents to be there for him, which is why he is seen in the beginning of the book in the graveyard. I really hope things turn out ok for Pip.

  12. Honestly, I love Pip. He is just so naive and hasn’t seen the world yet. I feel bad for him because he has no parents, just a mean older sister. He is always getting in trouble or what he thinks is being “raised by hand”. It is also pretty funny when he puts his buttered bread down his trousers. It is such a cute childish move that Mrs. Joe was not a big fan of to say the least. I just hope things turn out ok for Pip, but I really don’t know what is in store, because the whole situation with the mysterious man is very interesting and I wonder what is going to happen

  13. My first impression of Pip is that he seems to be weak, physically and mentally. He is physically weak when his sister throws him and he gets a bruise. He started crying on the floor since it hurt him so bad. He is mentally weak when it comes to being bossed around by any adults. He is frightened of the man in the churchyard and of his sister. I don’t blame him for being scared of the man in the churchyard… he seems super creepy, but his sister? He seems to be young judging by the fact that his sister was so worried about him (and Ms. Quinson’s reading voice for Pip), but if he was old enough to be alone in the churchyard in the first place, I certainly don’t think that he should have been afraid of his sister. Even if she is abusive I think that if he has been living with her since he was little he shouldn’t take a bruise as such a terrible injury. All in all I think that Pip is a young boy who is physically and mentally weak.

  14. After I read the three chapters in “Great Exceptions” I learned that Pip, the main character, is a very interesting boy. He has never had a regular family, a loving, gentle mother, or a strong supportive father who help guide him through life. Instead he has a cruel sister who raised him “By Hand” with the “Tickler” a wax-ended stick used to frequently beat Pip. I think Pip is a great person, although he is nervous, afraid and anxious because of his treatment, I believe that he is a good person, he is nice even to a stranger who threatened to kill him as seen here “I am glad you enjoyed it.”
    ” Did you speak?”
    “I said I was glad you enjoyed it.”
    “Thankee my boy. I do.” P.19 This shows that Pip is a very good person. Pip has a boundless imagination, and he is intelligent and certainly resilient.

    • I completely agree with you! Even though Pip was raised by an ungrateful and cruel sister, Pip is still polite and a good person inside. 🙂

  15. Pip is a young, creative, and intelligent boy. He is small and pretty weak, but he can be bold at times. In the marshes, he stood up to the men, unlike him at the graveyard, where he trembled in fear. Even though he stole from Mrs. Joe, he is still very loyal to her. He felt very guilty stealing from her sister, as he argued with animals in his own imagination.
    Pip is obedient to his sister, but is very scared of her. It has gone to the point where he calls her Mrs. Joe. With the rest of his family dead, the only family he has is Mrs. Joe and Joe. That affects his mental health a lot. It caused him to feel sad and lonely, especially since his sister isn’t very comforting. As I progressed through the story, I start to learn more on how sad his life is. In Ch. 1 Pip seemed so weak and got scared easily, but I learned that it came from it being a bad situation, and he actually is pretty bold, when in Ch. 3, he faced the two men without stuttering or much sign of fear.
    I figured that since his family died, it would make sense for him to brood about it. Yet, while reading the book, I learned that he didn’t seem to have any depressing thoughts at all. He seems optimistic and calm, yet sensitive. He doesn’t complain to his sister, and he seemed pretty calm at the marsh, but he did seem hurt when Mrs. Joe scolded him for going to the graveyard. If his family didn’t die, it seemed that he would have had a great life, even if they are struggling through life.

  16. After reading the first three chapters of Great Expectations, Pip gave me the impression of a scared and lonely boy who is probably the way he is because of his lack of a family. This boy doesn’t know how to stand up for himself because his sister beats down his self esteem. Literally. She beats him with a wax-ended stick. Pip is frightened but curious of the world around him. Sadly, when he does ask questions, his sister is reluctant to answer. “Drat that boy, what a questioner he is. Ask no questions and you’ll be told no lies.”(14) Probably because of his lack of understanding of the world, which is due to the lack of answers he gets from his sister, he gets so frightened of many things. Any sudden movement Pip gets all tense and thinks that it’s the young man out to get him. If Pip had a father and/or mother, I’m pretty sure that he would tell them about the stranger. Since Pip doesn’t exactly trust or love his sister, he wouldn’t tell her even if the stranger didn’t tell him to keep quiet. I think that Pip’s sister would have been mad at him for even visiting the graveyard, let alone talking and listening to a complete stranger! During the book, I really want to see Pip grow and learn how to stand up for himself instead of being ordered around by both his relatives and strangers!

  17. After reading the first three chapters of “Great Expectations”, whenever I think of Pip, different ideas pop into my head about him. Pip seems like a frightened, timid boy but one who is also brave. This thought comes to my mind after reading the first chapter where he encounters the man who threatens him and asks him for a file and food. Pip is clearly scared, yet he does not show his emotion when he returns home from the ordeal. However, he does exactly what the man tells him to do to avoid any harm. “I said that I would get him the file and what broken bits of food I could, and I would come to him at the battery early in the morning.” (Page 6). Pip also shows strength when faced with his older sister, Mrs. Joe Gargery who “raised him by hand” (Page 7). She is rough and tough and is his only surviving family member. He has no choice but to endure the terror of her hands, which contributes to Pip being such a timid boy. If I were in Pip’s position, I too suspect that I would put up with his sister’s brutality as some family is better than no family at all. As the novel continues, I look forward to seeing additional traits of Pip exposed.

  18. After reading the first three chapters of “Great Expectations”, the reader learns a lot about the character, Pip. Pip is young, lonely, scared, gives respect, intelligent, and gets in trouble frequently. He does not have a real family because his father, mother and five brothers died. Not only that, there is no mention of Pip having any friends, which leads me to conclude that he is a lonely child. Throughout the first few chapters, Pip is terrified of the man. When the man says that he will cut Pip’s throat, Pip says, “‘O! Don’t cut my throat, sir,’ I pleaded in terror. (P. 4)” This not only shows that Pip easily gets frightened by open-ended threats but also shows that Pip always respects his elders. He even respects a man who threatens to kill him! Pip is very intelligent. For instance, he is able to deceive his sister and is able to get away with the food by putting it in his shoe. Although Pip has a great personality, his sister is a mean and strict mother. She uses the “Tickler”, a cane, on Pip. Also, she throws Pip like a missile at Joe. She even gets frustrated when Pip asks too many questions. Pip is still a young boy who needs to be educated. She should answer all the questions he has. Pip does not get treated well by her own sister/mother. That is unfair. Pip’s only friend is Joe. Joe is an easy-going man who works as a blacksmith. Joe does not get mad at Pip for anything, and the two are always in it together. I have a few questions. Why does Pip not tell anyone that he met a guy that threatened to kill him? If Pip’s sister is also his mother, does that make Joe Pip’s father/brother in law? These are some questions that hopefully get answered on the blog or in class.

  19. At this point it the novel, I believe that Pip, the main character, is very fearful yet obedient. When we first meet Pip, he is by the graveyard looking at his parents grave. While reading this, I thought that Pip wanted to meet his parents. He imagined how they looked like, which makes me wonder if he truly wants to have a connection with them. Subsequently, we meet a man in which makes Pip panick. Pip seems to be very obedient to this man when he asks for a file and food. Even though Pip doesn’t know this man of why he wants a file, he still does it in a panic. At this point, I got a sense that Pip feels guilty if he doesn’t do what is asked, even if it means stealing food. While giving the man the food, he asks questions like how he slept and showed empathy towards the man. After meeting the man, Pip goes home and has to deal with his sister who is his very strict guardian. Pip was truthful when confronting his sister on where he was. His sister was constantly reminding him that she raised him out of love which is why feels guilty. Throughout the conversation between the family, Pip was curious. He seemed like he enjoyed learning when he asked politely who fired that canons. Once he got the answer of “Hulks”, he asks another question in which he asks who they are. All in all, I got the impression that Pip is a very obedient boy who gets easily scared and he shows empathy towards all.

    • Noy, I liked how you asked questions about the text to make the reader think, and I agree with when you say that Pip is very empathetic while also being obedient. Overall, great analysis!

  20. At this point in the novel, I can gather a few ideas as to what Pip is like, and why he acts the way he does. First off, like many other people have said, Pip seems to be a little of a “scaredy-cat”, in the way that he gets very frightened by even the littlest things. He also appears to have a very active and vivid imagination. When he was on his way to the churchyard to bring the old man the food and file, he says that the objects in the mist seemed to creep up on him, as if to say, “‘A boy with Somebody-else’s pork pie! Stop him!’” (pg. 17) The cattle also seemed to appear out of nowhere, and at one point, Pip apologized out loud to an ox for stealing the items, and said that he didn’t take them for himself. The night before he went to give the old man the food, Pip had a very sleepless night, but when he did sleep, he dreamt that he was floating down river to the Hulks, and there was a ghostly pirate who told him to come ashore so he could get hanged at the gibbet-station. I figure that it’s Pip’s wild imagination and ideas that make him easily scared of small things, like his sister, Mrs. Joe Gargery, or the oxen on his way to the churchyard. However, I can see why a child like Pip would be frightened by Mrs. Joe. As shown by the text, she is a very cold and hard woman, and isn’t very understanding or loving, even for her husband. According to Pip, “She was not a good-looking woman, my sister; and I had a general impression that she must have made Joe Gargery marry her by hand.” (pg. 8) This shows just how unloving Mrs. Joe is towards Pip, because he thinks that she made her own husband marry her “by hand”, or by using force. Pip has become so accustomed to living this way, that he’s now afraid of his own sister. From this early in the novel, it’s hard to tell a whole lot about Pip, but so far, I can tell that he is an easily frightened boy who has a very active imagination, which often gets him into trouble with his aunt.

  21. So far in the novel Pip manages to reveal a little about himself through his words and actions. He is currently shown to be a paranoid boy who also feels guilty of all the wrong actions he has took. First off the reader can see paranoia in Pip throughout his day after talking to the man in the churchyard. “ I set my face towards home, and made the best use of my legs. But presently I looked over my shoulder and saw him going on again towards the river … I looked all round for the horrible young man, and could see no signs of him. But, now I was frightened again, and ran home without stopping.” Pip was clearly terrified of what is suppose to be coming for him. The man’s words clearly clung on to Pip even after the conversation. Even though the convict clearly showed no acknowledgment towards Pip after the conversation, poor Pip still thought somebody was going to cut his insides out. Even with no evidence this boy the convict spoke of exists Pip still thinks the worse of the situation. Furthermore Pip shows that he feels severe guilt for lying to his sister and Joe. “Instead of my running at everything, everything seemed to run at me. The gates and dykes and banks came bursting at me through the mist, as if they cried as plainly as could be, ‘A boy with Somebody-else’s pork pie! Stop him!’” Pip clearly feels like he betrayed his family. The family that took in pip by hand and raised was deceived by Pip. However he did not do this willingly. Pip most likely strongly disliked every moment of stealing food and sneaking out, thus all the grief he is feeling. Pip knows that he didn’t steal the food for himself but for the convict instead. This boy was simply scared out of his mind. In conclusion Pip is shown to just be an innocent boy who has no intent to do wrong

  22. Pip is a somewhat dainty boy. He is afraid of being hurt, as he should, but gets hurt often, as portrayed by the “Tickler”. Perhaps due to this lack of power, Pip always knows what is right and will try his best to do so. In the recent event at the churchyard, Pip is confronted by a “fugitive with an ironed leg”. He is told that he has a companion who will tear out Pip’s insides if he does not bring them food and a file by “tomorrow morning early”, and made him say lord strike me down if I don’t. This situation is a difficult one for Pip, as he always strives to do what is right, but also will do anything to not be hurt. Ultimately, however, Pip decides to get the stranger what he wants. This proves his fear of pain is greater than his morale conviction, which yet still goes to show that he is weak and turbulent.

    • When Pip sets out to do this, however, he feels tremendous guilt, so as to prove he still has a relatively strong conviction with what is right and what is wrong.

  23. Pip is a very naive and pure young boy. He seems very obedient, he does not challenge the convict. He’s very afraid to go against Mrs. Joe, in fear of punishment. Pip is the type of guy who you instantly like when you meet him, he’s quirky, funny, and charming. But he also seems like he could be very easily manipulated, for example the convict lies to Pip telling him that a young man will eat his heart and liver if he doesn’t bring him food. Pip does not ever question this, he never sends for help, he does what he is told even though he’s helping a very dangerous person. This also tells me that Pip is kind of weak- minded. But also cares for others maybe he shouldn’t, which shows me he has a very large heart as well. Pip is still is likeable,funny, and sweet.

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