How-to Basics

Today you are going to learn how to access our class blog, log in, and comment on a post.

Hey!  Guess what?  If you are reading this, you have already accessed our blog!

First, you need to log in.  Look over on the right.  You will see a section called Meta in with various links below it.  Please choose Log in.

Now, you will of course need a username and a password.  This should be your usual school log in, however, if you don’t know what that is, try this:

Your username is your first name, the first initial of your last name and usually a number.  Please start without a number, then with the number 1, if that doesn’t work, try number 2, and so forth until you figure out which it is. So!  My name is Elizabeth Quinson.  My username would be elizabethq, elizabethq1 or elizabethq2.

Your password is your student id number.  If you already know it, try to log on.

If none of this works, I’ll be around with this information for you.

After you are logged on, try commenting on this post. What you are reading here, by the way, is a post!  Most of your work on the blog will be as a comment, and not as a post.  Generally, I post the topic or question (or even just leave it open) and then you comment on my post.  In addition, you may comment on each other’s comments!

32 thoughts on “How-to Basics

  1. A favorite character from a book I read this summer is… Freya from “Valkyrie” and I forgot the author sorry. I love how Freya always sticks by her friends even when she is risking her life. She puts herself in danger to keep others out of danger. Her determination and loyalty is amazing. This book was really interesting and I can’t wait for the second one to come to the library so I can pick it up and read it! 🙂

  2. my favorite character from a book I read this summer is Mare from Red Queen. She is just so brave and determined and cares so much about those she cares about. She is a complex character

  3. One of my favorite characters in a book are Melody from Out of my Mind. She is an intelligent girl who is in a wheel chair and in special ed classes, however, she is truly on of the brightest students in the school. I think that she is truly inspiring, and a role model for others. I personally believe that the book breaks the wall for what a real role model is. These people that we look up to don’t have to be beautiful or a certain race because they can contain characteristics that are very worthy.

  4. A favorite character I had over the summer from a book was O-lan from “The Good Earth”. The Good Earth tells the story of a man named Wang Lung who is a farmer in 1930s China. The story tells of how him and his wife build up their farm and become wealthy over the course of the book. Wang Lung’s wife is a woman named O-lan. O-lan is a selfless woman and spends her whole life devoted to Wang. Although “plain” in the words of her husband, O-lan does many things for him. She cooks and cleans for him, and although he is thankful, he never really appreciates her. O-lan is my favorite character because she truly works for others and I admire her for that.

  5. Over the summer I read the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. The main character in the series is Eragon, but my favorite character is his cousin Roran. Unlike Eragon, Roran is not able to use magic or has a dragon on his side. He has no powers of any kind, but he is a tough fighter and in many ways stronger than Eragon. He is also a very good leader. After all, he was able to round up almost all the villagers to leave their village to get away from an oncoming danger. Overall, I think that Roran is the most interesting character who managed to overcome the most difficult of challenges.

  6. My favorite book character is Ender Wiggins. He is a child genius who is brought to rigorous training in space when he is six. In the first book of the quartet, Ender’s Game, he has a long struggle to overcome the brutal competition and be at the top of the rankings in a training game using genius tactics and generally revolutionizing the game in ways nobody had thought of. What I appreciate most about Ender, however, is that he has a very thorough method of seeing every single possible view of any argument and has a very strong moral compass.

  7. A favorite character from a book I read this summer is…Kaidu from “The Nameless City” by Faith Erin Hicks. Kaidu is a boy who is from the Dao homelands, and he is training to be one of the elite warriors of the Dao empire in the Nameless City. His father is one of the elite warriors in the empire, so Kai never meets his father until he is in the city. The day Kai started training, he met his father for the first time. Many people would be overjoyed to meet their parents for the first time, and some would even detest meeting their parents for the first time. They would usually feel some emotion towards them. However, Kaidu does not give much thought to it. Later, Kai spots a girl named, Rat, who runs on rooftops. Kai knows that he will never be able to fight, however, Kai finds running to be interesting. He is very convincing and is able to persuade Rat to teach him how to run. Throughout the book, Kaidu makes a new friend and overcomes an unusual obstacle. An obstacle that Kai surpasses is learning how to run, but more importantly, Kai overcomes the obstacle of learning what his true talents are. Not only does he break barriers between the Dao and the people in the city, otherwise known as the Named.

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