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Holy Saint Francis!

Tonight, please paraphrase and then analyze the speech below.  For your analysis, be sure to tell who said the quotation, to whom, and under what circumstances.   Be sure to focus on characterization, plot development, and theme.

As always, be sure to follow the rules of standard written English and don’t forget to respond to the analysis of your classmates as well.

Holy Saint Francis, what a change is here!
Is Rosaline, whom thou didst love so dear,
So soon forsaken? young men’s love then lies
Not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes.
Jesu Maria, what a deal of brine
Hath wash’d thy sallow cheeks for Rosaline!
How much salt water thrown away in waste,
To season love, that of it doth not taste!
The sun not yet thy sighs from heaven clears,
Thy old groans ring yet in my ancient ears;
Lo, here upon thy cheek the stain doth sit
Of an old tear that is not wash’d off yet:
If e’er thou wast thyself and these woes thine,
Thou and these woes were all for Rosaline:
And art thou changed? pronounce this sentence then,
Women may fall, when there’s no strength in men.

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  1. christophert3

    After reading the speech above, I believe Friar Lawrence meant this:

    Holy Saint Francis, what a great change in love Romeo has had!
    Is Rosaline, the one you loved so much before,
    So easily forgotten? young men’s love then is
    Not real love, but lust for beautiful women.
    Holy Mary, mother of God, how much salt water
    Did you use to wash your unhealthy yellow cheeks for Rosaline!
    How much of that is wasted,
    To season love, which doesn’t taste like love!
    The sun hasn’t cleared the clouds,
    I can still hear your old groaning;
    On your cheek,
    Is a tear that’s still fresh:
    If you were ever yourself and these sadnesses yours,
    You and your sadness were all for Rosaline:
    And you are changed? say this then,
    Women may fall, when men aren’t strong.

    From this, I can understand what Friar Lawrence is basically saying. Before, Romeo was all over Rosaline, saying his life was over simply because she didn’t love him back. Yet, now he has changed love right after all of this sadness over Rosaline, hence the,
    “Thy old groans ring yet in my ancient ears;
    Lo, here upon thy cheek the stain doth sit
    Of an old tear that is not wash’d off yet”.
    This shows that he did not really love Rosaline, and maybe does not even love Juliet. His reason for loving them was simply because they were pretty. I believe the meaning of he very last sentence that Friar Lawrence says in his speech means, “If men cannot continuously love one women for the rest of their lives, then women can also sin(lose their virginity?..).

  2. tarika1

    Holy Saint Francis, what happened!
    Is Rosaline not worth it? Young men only love women through their looks.
    But what about the amount you cried for Rosaline?
    How many tears thrown away in waste,
    To season love, but it does not taste like love!
    The clouds to heaven have not yet cleared,
    Thy old groans ring yet in my ancient ears;
    I still have the print of a tear that has not gone away.
    If you were yourself, the sadness has not gone away
    All of this sadness was all for Rosaline
    Have you changed? Say this then,
    Women will fail when men are weak.

    From this speech readers can see that Friar Lawrence has heard all of this from Romeo before. This leaves readers questioning if Juliet’s relationship with Romeo can be the same as Rosaline’s ( except for Rosaline not liking Romeo). Romeo could be taking this too far by marrying after one day when they still don’t know eachother that well. Friar Lawrence is questioning Romeo and he might know more about Romeo’s relationships than Romeo does because of Romeos petrarchan lover complex.

  3. faithw

    Holy Saint Francis! Oh what a change.
    Have you already forgotten of Rosaline? The girl whom you dearly loved?
    If so, young men love not what they feel in their hearts, but what they see.
    Jesus and Mary! You cried so much over her. Wasted many tears for a love you never had.
    The sun has not cleared away all your sighs.
    I still hear the groans you used to make.
    There is a stain on your cheek from an old tear you haven’t washed off yet.
    If you were ever yourself, and these sad feelings were yours,
    You and your sadness were all for Rosaline.
    And have you changed?
    Say this then: women may fall from grace when men are weak.
    Romeo goes to see Friar Lawrence whom he respects. Romeo tells him that he and Juliet are in love with each other and that he wants the Friar to marry them that day. Friar Lawrence can’t believe how quickly Romeo’s feelings have changed. He was just crying over his unrequited love for Rosaline, and he immediately replaced her with another love. Friar Lawrence agrees to marry them because he hopes that a marriage between a Capulet and a Montague might unite the two feuding families.

  4. maddy

    Holy Saint Francis, how drastic a revelation!
    Have your endearments for Rosaline been disregarded so suddenly?
    Why, the manner in which you loved her was indeed profound.
    Men young in age do not become enamored due to their sentiments, yet rather, by the splendor of a lady.
    In the sacred names of Jesus and Mary, how often did you wallow?
    Days upon days spent weeping for the sake of Rosaline!
    Quite a profusion of tears shed for a cause devoid of meaning,
    For you did not truly love her!
    It is evident that your desolation has not yet wholly ceased,
    Your bygone groans have just been induced;
    There remains a blotched tear upon your cheek from the anguish recently underwent:
    If you were to be your true self, and this misery was to be a true state of yours,
    You and your troubles were all for Rosaline:
    And now you have become different? Acquire these proceeding words to mind,
    How are women expected to be devoted when men themselves are so deceitful?

    This rephrased quotation was originally stated by Friar Lawrence upon an unanticipated request of Romeo’s. Romeo disclosed to the friar that he desired to be wedded to Juliet, the daughter of Capulet. One may have found it intriguing that rather than addressing Juliet being a Capulet kinswoman, Friar Lawrence touched upon the subject of Rosaline. He seemed to care more for how Romeo was able to move past his distressing infatuation rather than his wish to marry a considered adversary.

    Within this excerpt, it is conveyed that Friar Lawrence and Romeo have variant approaches in accordance to love. Romeo is one to quickly become enamored, and for these sentiments to be of great zeal. He is additionally quick to fall out of love; instantaneously disregarding his short-lived fervor. Friar Lawrence, in opposition, does not comprehend how Romeo is not only able to abandon his emotions so effortlessly, yet can acquire new ones as replacement shortly subsequent. This supports the conclusion that Friar Lawrence takes a while to fall in love as well as to fall out of love. He is prudent and cautious in contrast to Romeo’s character of spontaneity and vehemence.

  5. ilyssal

    Holy Saint Francis, such a tremendous change is this.
    What happened to Rosaline, who you fell so hard for
    So easily left behind, forgotten is the love of a young man.
    They love with their eyes, and not from their hearts.
    All those tears gone to waste for a girl just for you to move on oh so quickly.
    Yet there is still one tear left on your cheek.
    The pain you endured for Rosaline- all down the drain.
    Women may not love when a man can not love.

    In Friar Lawrence’s dialogue to Romeo, he is conveying that there is more to love that he should not be able to fall in and out of it at the speed Romeo does. The Friar is trying to teach Romeo the difference between loving someone and having lust for them. He is unable to comprehend how Romeo can move on with his life after being so heartbroken from Rosaline. I wonder what Juliet would think if she was aware that Romeo was still grieving from his past love.

  6. avae1

    Holy Saint Francis, you have changed your mind already.
    Rosaline was the one you loved so profoundly
    Yet have you already forgotten her? It seems young men’s love is not genuine,
    As they discover an interest for a woman solely on her appearance.
    Your face has gone raw, because of dear Rosaline.
    So many tears have been wasted,
    Over a love that was not true nor permanent.
    The remains of your grief have yet to disperse,
    I can still hear your recent groans in my ears.
    Stained is your cheek from a tear of previous misery,
    And it is deemed too soon to be washed off yet
    If you be true to yourself you will come to realize,
    That all of your sorrows were just for Rosaline, and a love that was never enjoyed.
    Have you since changed? If so then keep in mind,
    Women do not stay with men whom they cannot rely.

    In Friar Lawrence’s speech he addresses the quick recovery of Romeo. The Friar witnessed Romeo in such pain over Rosaline, he saw his tears and heard his groans. In this speech he states how surprised he is to see Romeo falling in love all over again, and so soon. Friar Lawrence notices that Romeo’s tears have had barely enough time to dry before he moved on to his next love. The Friar provides a lesson for Romeo, and teaches him to detect the difference between true love and mere attraction. Young men at this time were accustomed to searching for women without the honest intentions of their hearts, “Young men’s love then lies not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes.” The Friar does not suggest that Romeo follow this path as well, for the results are unsatisfied relationships.

    It has been made evident throughout the play that Romeo is quick to love. However, specifically in this excerpt the reader sees that Friar Lawrence’s approach to love is quite the opposite. In contrast, he believes love and affection take time to fully develop, and anything other than this is not true love. The Friar reminds Romeo not to be fickle with his love, because fickle men do not earn the trust of women.

  7. caias1

    Holy Saint Francis! What a dramatic change!
    Are you already finished with Rosaline, whom you loved so much?
    Then young men’s eyes are what love, not their hearts
    How many tears did you shed for her?
    The sun has not cleared away the fog created from all of your sighs
    I can still hear your groans
    Look, you still have a tear stain over Rosaline that has never been removed
    You were always so upset over Rosaline
    And now you have moved on?
    Just remember this: women can not be true to a man whom they can not trust

    After reading this, Friar Lawrence is asking a genuine question to Romeo; How are you moving on so soon after the woman you have been pining for? He brings up the groans and the tears that came from Romeo, and now he has moved on. This scene shows how different Friar Lawrence and Romeo are in their ideas of love. Romeo is very quick to move on to Juliet- and only after seeing how beautiful she was- while Friar Lawrence believes that true love, unlike lust, takes time to develop.

    1. alexo

      I am interested in how you paraphrased the line,

      “Is Rosaline, whom thou didst love so dear,
      So soon forsaken?”

      How you said this leads me to believe that you think Romeo is done with Rosaline and no longer wants anything to do with her. Although this is most likely true, I believe it to be true because of him never seeing her again, not attempting to see her once more. I believe that if he were to run into her a second time, he may just fall into Rosaline again! He seems to easily be caught and let go of love.

  8. willowm

    Holy Saint Francis, what a sudden change!
    Is Rosaline, the one you loved so much,
    already forgotten? Young men’s love is unsubstantial.
    Jesu Maria, all those tears shed for Rosaline!
    So many tears wasted for someone you do not love.
    I can still remember you groaning over Rosaline,
    you still have a tear stain on your cheek for her.
    All of this pain over Rosaline.
    And you have suddenly gotten over her and again fallen in love? Remember this then, women are dependent on men. When no man provides strength, women are weak.

    Romeo has gone to Friar Lawrence to ask him to marry him and Juliet. Friar Lawrence is very surprised because Romeo was just hung up on Rosaline. He can still hear Romeo’s groans for her. Still, he agress to marry Romeo and Juliet hoping that it will unite the Capulets and the Montagues.

    Friar Lawrence leads us to question the love between Romeo and Juliet. When we watched the movie, Zeffirelli showed us the moment where Romeo fell out of love for Rosaline and in love with Juliet when he first sees her. This makes me think that his love is greatly influenced by appearance. He decided he is ready to marry Juliet after only speaking to her twice. And if Romeo was able to get over Rosaline just like that, then maybe it wasn’t really love. Friar Lawrence is rightly skeptical of the love between Romeo and Juliet.

  9. alexo

    Holy Saint Francis, what a change!
    Is the woman you loved so dearly, Rosaline,
    forgotten so quickly? Young men then do love with their eyes, not their hearts.
    Jesu Maria, what a deal of crying
    you have done for Rosaline!
    How many tears wasted
    of love you have not experienced!
    tears from Rosaline still lay on your cheek,
    If you were every yourself and your woes yours,
    they were all for Rosaline. And now you have changed? So, repeat this after me:
    Women may lose honor when men are not strong.

    The man that said this was Friar Lawrence, a priest of the Holy Church. He said all of this due to Romeo coming to him in need of a marriage to a woman that is not Rosaline. He is surprised by how quickly Romeo had changed his mind and is disappointed in him.

  10. briannag3

    Holy Saint Francis, what a change!
    Is your dearly loved Rosaline,
    So soon forsaken? Making true that young men
    Such as you love with their eyes,
    Rather their hearts.
    Jesu Maria, all the tears
    That touched your cheeks for Rosaline!
    How many tears wasted
    For love that you haven’t experienced!
    The sun not yet thy sighs from heaven clears,
    I can still hear your complaints in my ear;
    Why, you still have a stain on your cheek,
    The stain of a tear you haven’t washed yet:
    All your sadness and despair because of Rosaline:
    And have you really changed? Then say this,
    Women become weak when men are not strong.

    This quotation was spoken by Friar Lawrence when Romeo asked him to marry him and Juliet. He is appalled at the fact that Romeo has just switched from one woman to the next. He questions how real his love for Juliet is since he had moved on from Rosaline so quickly.

  11. arihantp1

    Holy Saint Francis, what a great change Romeo has had!
    Isn’t Rosaline the one you truly loved, so soon forgotten
    Young men’s love lies in their eyes not their hearts.
    How many tears have you wasted in pursuing Rosaline
    You season a love, that’s does not taste like love
    The sun hasn’t cleared the clouds made from your sighs
    Your old groans still linger in my ears
    Upon your cheek there are stains from tears that have not left.
    This sadness was all for Rosaline.
    And you are changed? Say this then:
    Women may be not as faithful as you, if you are unreliable.

    From this speech we can tell that Friar Lawrence is disappointed and fed up with Romeo. Romeo has clearly come to Friar Lawrence many times to discuss Rosaline, thinking that she is destined to be his lover, since the Friar claims to be still hearing his groans. Friar Lawrence is also angered by the fact that Romeo was so quick to forget Rosaline which shows that he judges by beauty. Friar ends the speech with valuable advice being that a girl could do this to him as well.

  12. alekhya

    Holy Saint Francis what is this sudden change of heart?
    Has Rosaline, the one you loved so dearly been forgotten so quickly?
    If this is true then the love of young men does not come from their hearts but from what they see.
    So many tears rolled down you cheeks for Rosaline
    So many tears for a love you claim you did not even feel
    Not even a day has passed since you cried for her
    I can remember your groaning and complaints for Rosaline
    I still see the dried trail of tears on your cheek.
    If you were ever truthful
    Then your sorrows and yourself were always meant for Rosaline
    Have you changed so much?
    Listen carefully then, when men are strong in will and faith so will women.

    The character who speaks these lines of wisdom and cogitation to Romeo about love is Friar Lawrence. Romeo approaches the man requesting him to join him with Juliet in marriage, skimming over the part of how he met Juliet and fell in love. Friar Lawrence replies in shock; only a some time ago Romeo had been pining for Rosaline yet now he wants to marry a Capulet.This helps us develop an idea of Friar Lawrence’s character and a perspective of love. Friar Lawrence seems to believe that young men like Romeo only love what they see which results in a love he does not believe comes from the heart. This also brings back this idea of a lack of constancy and persistence. We see that Romeo may have more in common with Mercutio in how mercurial his character is.

    1. francescaa

      Indeed. Mercutio and Romeo are different yet almost similar. Mercutio’s behavior and mood changes spontaneously and Romeo’s heart finds another woman to love every day. So yes, they are similar in some way.

  13. Toa Neil

    I believe this speech basically means this.
    You must be pure and proper and have a good heart or the ones you love will be disgraced

    This is because Friar Lawrence thinks Romeo is not marring for love and that it is not acceptable to do so.

  14. charlottes

    Holy Saint Francis! What has happened!
    How is Rosaline, the one you loved so deeply
    Forgotten so soon? Then, young men’s love is
    Not true to the heart, but only based on sight
    What a waste of tears
    To season love, which isn’t real love
    The sky is still cloudy
    And my ears still hear your groaning
    On your cheek
    There are still remains of a tear that has not yet faded
    If this was really your sadness
    Then your sadness was all for Rosaline
    And you have changed? And now speak these words
    Women shall fall when the men have no strength

    Romeo wishes for Friar Lawrence to marry him and Juliet. This whole section is just showing how shocked and confused Friar Lawrence is. He is saying so many tears were spent on Rosaline. So quickly, he just dropped her and he’s onto a new girl. This may imply that Romeo’s love isn’t real, and is based on looks and lust. Romeo may not know the real meaning of love yet. He is too young and naive. Romeo seems to fall in and out of love too easily, not holding onto any girl for that long. If this continues, would marrying romeo and Juliet be the right move for Friar Lawrence?

  15. francescaa

    Holy Saint Francis, you already changed your mind!
    Weren’t you in love with Rosaline,
    You can’t forget about love that quickly, it probably wasn’t even love at all
    You didn’t love her for who she was, rather you loved her beauty
    Jesus, how many tears
    All those years wasted over foolish love!
    For love changes, like the seasons do
    Even the sun couldn’t clear the sorrow of Rosaline’s clouds
    Yours groans are imbedded in my ears
    You have a stain on your cheek from crying
    Of something that you haven’t yet forgotten
    And son you will come to realize
    That all your misery was because of Rosaline
    Remember, a woman cannot love a man who doesn’t know what he wants

    During his speech, Friar Lawrence expresses his feelings about Romeo’s sudden request to get married. He brings up the fact that Romeo was literally just head-over-heels in love with Rosaline, and he is concerned that history will repeat itself. Romeo is known for falling and slipping out of love quickly, but once you’re married you cannot just bail out. Friar Lawrence pointed this issue out to Romeo and basically says “how are you going to get married to a girl you met yesterday, especially when you just where crying over a different one the other day?”

    The most important thing learned from Friar Lawrence’s speech is the type of character Friar Lawrence is. He is an idealist, someone who puts Romeo’s dreams in check. It is interesting that Shakespeare made both Juliet and Friar Lawrence very realistic people. Both are very much a part of Romeo’s life, (or will be) and look out for Romeo when his dreams are a bit too unrealistic. Friar Lawrence truly wants the best for Romeo, but is puzzled by Romeo’s love habits.

  16. Kat

    In these lines Friar Lawrence is talking to Romeo about his new love. From these lines it looks like Romeo speaks with Friar Lawrence often. Father Lawrence knows about Rosaline and how much Romeo clamored over her. In these lines Friar Lawrence is trying to warn Romeo of what might happen. Friar Lawrence knows that Romeo often believes he is in “love”, so any rash decisions could harm him. The Friar knows that Romeo is naive and he is unsure whether this love for Juliet is real or just another temporary fling. Romeo has clearly had many sorrows because of many girls and he might have come to thee friar to drown his sorrows. There was also the discussion of whether the Friar could have saved Romeo and Juliet. Some say that if he forbid them to marry they may not have died, but I think otherwise. Even if they were not married I think the same events would have happened. I think that the Friar means well and is only trying to reach peace.

    1. eshap

      I agree, the Friar was trying to make peace in a way he thought made sense. He thought that uniting the two families by having a marriage among them would make them see how they could benefit each other. However, as we know, the ancient grudge still stands, and the families are too stubborn to think otherwise.

  17. cameronl3

    Holy Saint Francis, what has happened!
    Was Rosaline really your true love,
    Who you easily forgot about? Boys’ love like yours are all lies
    Not meaningful, rather in the moment.
    Jesus! What a waste of tears
    That you cried for someone you never even truly loved.
    To season love, which doesn’t taste like it!
    The sun has not cleared its path through the clouds,
    I still hear your previous groans,
    For there is still a stain from a tear you still have not washed.
    If this was truly you and you were truly sad,
    This was all for Rosaline.
    And have you changed, Say this then,
    Women may fall when there’s no strength in men

    This was stated by Friar Lawrence, as he gave a speech to Romeo about his “true love.” This becomes a questionable topic as Romeo has already stated he’s found a “true love” in Rosaline. We learn much about Friar Lawrence as a character, for he is very realistic, and does not dream a lot. He is also very confused at the topic, as he also questions whether or not this is just another one of Romeo’s phases. He is debating whether or not to marry them, as he knows it may not be the right decision for himself, and for the two as a pair.

    1. margauxc

      I found your usage of the world confusion definitely interesting- Friar Lawrence does seem to be a bit confused and doubtful of Romeo’s reliability. Your analysis is definitely well-thought-out and well-written.

  18. margauxc

    Holy Saint Francis, such a sweeping change!
    Are you deserting Rosaline, the one who had once wrung out your heart, so hastily?
    If so, then young men do not truly fall with sincerity- they fall by mere looks.
    How many of your tears were wasted in mourning for Rosaline?
    All to nurture a love which never blossomed?
    Even the sun has not yet cleared the haze which was amassed from all your sighs,
    Even with my old ears, I can still hear your groans echoing.
    There, I can still see a stain upon your cheek,
    A tear for Rosaline which has not yet washed away.
    If sincerity was ever your suit,
    Then indeed your mourning was true-
    And it was all for Rosaline.
    Yet, you insist you have changed? If so, then validate
    That one cannot expect women to stay unfeigned when men are injudicious.

    Friar Lawrence’s exchange with Romeo brings to fore and emphasizes how mercurial Romeo tends to be. According to the friar, Romeo’s love for Juliet is merely another infatuation with idealistic beauty. The concept of love at first sight is ridiculed and deemed to be insincere by Friar Lawrence- therefore trivializing Romeo and Juliet’s relationship. Overall, Friar Lawrence’s monologue conveys how superficial Romeo’s vows to Juliet are- which leads the reader to question if what Romeo assumes to be love is actually lust.

  19. marinas1

    Holy Saint Francis, you have changed so much over the past few days!
    Is Rosaline, who you did love tremendously,
    So soon forgotten? Thusly, young men’s love is
    Not actually in their hearts, but in their eyes.
    Jesu Maria, what a great amount of tears
    Have washed your cheeks because of Rosaline!
    How many tears thrown away in waste
    To flavor a love that never took!
    The clouds of your sighs have not yet been dispersed by the sun,
    Your old groans still inhabiting my ancient ears.
    Here upon your cheeks the stain does sit
    Of an old tear that has not been washed away yet.
    If ever you were yourself, and these woes yours,
    You and all these troubles were for Rosaline.
    And are you altered? Speak this sentence then:
    Women may be excused for their immoral actions when there is no vigor in men.

    In this excerpt, Frair Lawrence is speaking to Romeo, obviously chiding him for falling in love with Juliet, when he had been completely infatuated with Rosaline just the day before. From his speech, we as readers again do see how Romeo falls in love too quickly. He cried and moped over Rosaline for days, and then suddenly fell in love with Juliet, completely forgetting and disregarding the love he had claimed to have for Rosaline. Clearly, Romeo is quite the romantic, for he can fall in love quite easily, also bringing up the topic of whether or not his lust has just been mistaken for love this whole time. After all, he never knew Rosaline personally, much less even talked to her. For him, Juliet can be seen as the same. When he is at the Capulet’s Party, he sees Juliet and immediately falls in love with her, without even knowing her name. This, evidently, is something akin to “love at first sight”, but just seconds later, Romeo is already trying to get her to kiss him. From this, we also see how impulsive Romeo is, for he does indeed act on how he feels, never completely thinking it through. This has been a reacurring theme so far throughout the play, from coming to her balcony to arranging a marriage between Juliet and him, without even asking for Capulet’s consent.

  20. eshap

    Holy Saint Francis, what a change of heart has come over you!
    Is Rosaline, who you loved so much,
    So easily forgotten? The love of young men is
    Not in their hearts, but in their eyes.
    Jesu Maria, what a tremendous amount of tears
    Have washed your cheeks because of Rosaline!
    How many tears were thrown away in waste
    For a love that didn’t last!
    The sun has not yet cleared away the clouds of your sighs,
    Your old complaints of Rosaline can still be heard in my ears.
    Here upon your cheek has a tear stained your cheek
    Of an old tear that has not been washed away yet.
    If ever you were yourself, and these woes were yours,
    You and your sorrows for all because of Rosaline.
    And have you changed? Speak of this sentence then:
    A woman’s morals decline when a man loses his moral sense.

    At this point of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo has gone to see Friar Lawrence in order to persuade him to marry him and Juliet. Upon hearing this, Friar Lawrence is shocked by Romeo’s sudden change in who he loves. Friar Lawrence addresses the point of how Romeo has cried over Rosaline for day, for not being with her. All of a sudden, he sees Juliet, and he loves her instead. This proves that Romeo’s love was simply lust, as Friar Lawrence says, “Young men’s love then lies not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes.” (lines 71-72) The love Romeo has had for both Rosaline and Juliet was by their looks. Both being beautiful maidens, Romeo immediately fell for them. But, when Juliet came along, who he claimed was even more beautiful than Rosaline, he loved her instead. How Rosaline could have been forgotten so easily by just the sight of Juliet is absurd. Romeo fell deeply in love with Rosaline, without even speaking to her, only to be deeply in love with Juliet that same day. The only way Romeo could forget Rosaline from the way he loved her is that his was lust. It was her looks that he fell in love with, not Rosaline herself. The same is true for Juliet. Romeo caught a glance of Juliet at the Capulets’, and was drawn to her by her looks. He spoke to her only after falling in love with her looks. Therefore, Romeo’s lust can be mistaken for love towards both Rosaline and Juliet.

  21. Tyler Newby

    Holy Saint Francis, what a change is here!
    You loved Rosaline so much,
    but you abandoned her so soon.
    Young men only love women for their looks,
    You cried so much for Rosaline,
    but all those tears of love have gone to waste.
    The remains of your previous grief still linger,
    And I still remember your groans.
    Have you really changed after all?
    If so, then say this;
    Women may fall, when there’s no strength in men.

    Friar Lawrence seems to have dealt with this tyler of situation before. He was around when Romeo had this problem, and he may have been around for many more. The Friar is also very surprised that Romeo forgot about Rosalind so quickly. He had shed so many tears just to forget about her in an instant.

  22. ivanl

    Holy Saint Francis! You change so quickly!
    What happened of Rosaline, so easily forgotten? You don’t know of what true love is, young men have love in their hearts, only in their eyes. You have wasted so many tears for a girl that didn’t love you back! And now you no longer even love her! The clouds of your sighs have not yet gone away. And I still hear your groans ringing in my ears. There is still something on your cheek. A tear, still left for Rosaline. And you think you have changed so quickly? If believe you have changed, say this: Women can’t return love, if the man is weak and unable to know what he truly wants.

    This quotation is from Friar Lawrence when Romeo approaches him to marry him and Juliet just after one day of meeting her. He believes that Romeo should wait to actually find true love, he has already had a bad experience with Rosaline, and Friar does not believe his relationship will last with Juliet in the same way as Rosaline did. Friar explains that Romeo is drawn to them because of lust, and not true love, and this is probably why Friar has qualms about marrying them.

  23. laurena2

    Holy Saint Francis, what a change you’ve made!
    Is Rosaline, the one you loved
    So soon forgotten about? It’s like young men only love
    women for their appearance, and not their hearts.
    You have cried many times over Rosaline!
    So many tears gone to waste
    For a love that was never true!
    The sun has not made you sadness disappear
    I can still hear that you are sad
    Your tears have remained
    And not washed off yet
    All of your sadness was caused by Rosaline
    Have you really changed? Repeat this sentence,
    Women will fall when men are weak.

    In this speech by Friar Lawrence, he is talking about how quickly Romeo recovered from loving Rosaline. Friar Lawrence explains how true love shouldn’t go in and out so quickly. There is more to love than looks. Love begins with the heart, and two hearts that are meant to be connected will stay together. Friar Lawrence is confused as well. A few days ago, Romeo was groaning and crying over Rosaline. Now Romeo has completely changed his mind and officially no longer is in love with Rosaline.

  24. Rebecca F

    Holy Saint Francis, what a change has come!
    Is Rosaline, who you loved so dearly,
    So soon forgotten? Young men’s love then lies
    Not really in their heart, but in their eyes
    Jesu Maria, what a great amount of salt
    Has washed your sunken cheeks for Rosaline!
    How much salt water was thrown away in waste
    To add flavor to love, that has no taste!
    The sun hasn’t cleared your sighs from heaven yet
    Your old groans still rings in my ancient ears
    Look, here is a stain that sits on your cheek
    Of an old tear that hasn’t been washed off yet:
    If you ever were yourself and these woes were ever yours,
    Then you and all your woes were for Rosaline:
    And are you changed? Say this sentence then,
    Women may fall, when men have no strength.

    This is a quote from Friar Lawrence. He tells Romeo this when Romeo reveals that he no longer loves Rosaline. In this passage, the Friar essentially calls Romeo on his bull dung. Romeo jumps from lady to lady, as the Friar well knows. Romeo’s love is shallow and usually only as deep as appearance. However, with Juliet, it may be a different case.

  25. adam

    Oh my, what a sudden twirst!
    Is the girl you loved, Rosaline
    Now gone? Has your eyes failed you?
    Oh lord, what a large fuss you had over her!
    You used to cry over her all the time.
    All these tears and sadness so unnecessary, when she is not the one you loved!
    I still remember
    When you were crying over her
    How could the sadness be gone so fast? Rosaline caused all the sadness, and you are over it now?
    Have you truly changed? If so, repeat this. Women may fall when there’s no strength in men.

    This is a quote by Friar Lawrence, when Romeo admits he is no longer infatuated with Rosaline. He is shocked at how quickly and painlessly he recovered from what seemed to be such a deep love. But now, he has doubt as to what true love is for Romeo, as he often hops from person to person. In just days, Romeo went from crying about another girl, to wanting to marry another. He does not like the rush of this, and thinks Romeo should wait to see if he really loves her, and to make sure what that really means.

  26. George

    Holy Saint Francis, what a change is here!
    Is Rosaline, whom thou didst love so dear,
    So soon forsaken? young men’s love then lies
    Not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes.
    Jesu Maria, what a deal of brine
    Hath wash’d thy sallow cheeks for Rosaline!
    How much salt water thrown away in waste,
    To season love, that of it doth not taste!
    The sun not yet thy sighs from heaven clears,
    Thy old groans ring yet in my ancient ears;
    Lo, here upon thy cheek the stain doth sit
    Of an old tear that is not wash’d off yet:
    If e’er thou wast thyself and these woes thine,
    Thou and these woes were all for Rosaline:
    And art thou changed? pronounce this sentence then,
    Women may fall, when there’s no strength in men.

    This speech shows just how fast Romeo falls in love. In one day he goes from loving rosaline to now wanting to get married to Juliet. The Friar expresses this and a lot of surprise by saying “Holy Saint Francis , what a change is here” and “So soon forsaken”. Also a lesson is hidden within the friar’s words. When he says “Women may fall when there is no strength in men” This could mean that women are held to a higher standard and when men fall in love with them (they don’t have the strength not to) then they too fall in love with the men. However that long winded idea could be completely wrong. Let me know by commenting on my blog.


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