January 30 2017

How’s the research coming?

Dear Students,

Tonight, you should be researching your side of our debate topic:  Should mentally-disabled criminals be subject to capital punishment?

In the comment section below, please explain what work you have done tonight and what work you will be focusing on in class tomorrow.

Remember that we will begin the actual debates on Friday, at which point all position papers must be complete.

Enjoy the process!


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26 thoughts on “How’s the research coming?

  1. Toa Neil

    I have been reading up on sources and try to gain sources in order to defend my points well. I also have been composing opening statements.

  2. alexo

    For tonight’s work, I have read all of the 10 sources you’ve given to us from both sides, and will continue browsing the internet for more opinions on this topic.

  3. charlottes

    Tonight, I was working on the project very hard. I read through some of the articles you sent to us and took notes on a separate sheet of paper. I looked for more sources on google, maybe ones that would argue both sides and show the pros and cons of each. I also tried to read many articles so I could gain as much information as possible. Although I am on the cons side of the debate, there are good arguing points for my side and the other. Tomorrow, I plan to write my opening statements and practice defending my points. I want to be prepared to guard my points and be able to have good comebacks for the debate, no matter what the other side will say. Being prepared for any outcome is my goal for whenever we have the debate.

  4. laurena2

    Tonight, I found and read two articles on the topic of capital punishment. One of the articles was about the overall concept of capital punishment. It talked about IQ limitations and how some states have different requirements for the death penalty. By reading this article, I found basic information about capital punishment. The next article I read was written by somebody that is pro-death penalty for the mentally ill. By reading this article, I found an opinion that was opposite of mine, which strengthened my argument and gave me ideas to argue against. Tomorrow in class I plan on writing my opening statements, finding more articles and continuing to build on my knowledge of this topic.

  5. caias1

    Tonight, I am researching other criminals throughout history who might have been mentally unstable. I am also re-reading the Andrew Cohen article again. Tomorrow, I plan on working on opening statements.

  6. Tyler Newby

    Tonight, I am searching through articles and highlighting anything that supports my opinion or the opposing opinion. Then, I will try to argue against those points, including the points for my opinion. I want to be prepared to rebut against any and all arguments. I will continue to do this in class tomorrow.

  7. briannag3

    I,m going to look through the 10 articles you sent us. Then I will find articles that support my claim and others that support the opposing claim to help defend my argument with a rebuttal.

  8. maddy

    Tomorrow, I plan to begin drafting opening statement ideas. My research for tonight has focused on effectively utilizing the three rhetorical appeals, and I have also been scanning over some of the articles Ms. Quinson emailed us. I will be printing out resources supporting my claim as well as resources that oppose my claim. Personally, I view opposing resources as a very helpful tactic in accordance to this debate. They will help me understand the other team’s side better and construct more rebuttals.

  9. ilyssal

    Tonight I have read and highlighted the articles that were handed out in class today. I gained some information about the Atkins case and the court system. Also, I read some of the articles online that were in the shared document. Tomorrow my group and I plan to write our opening statements and plan on our rebuttals to contradict the other side.

  10. arihantp1

    I have been mainly trying to form and support my rebuttal argument. I have made an educated guess of what the main argument of the opposing side will be from what I heard during the “line up and debate” we did on Friday. I have also been trying to find facts and evidence to support my claims. Tomorrow I plan to show the rebuttal argument to my group members and add on to it.

  11. tarika1

    Today I found a couple of quotes that supported our claim. We also gathered our ideas about the topic and thought of counter arguments that we supposed the other side would use. I am rereading the articles to see if I have missed anything. Tomorrow I plan to start drafting ideas and a complete argument.

  12. sofiad1

    Tonight I read The slow death of the death penalty and tried to simulate an argument in my heading the article. I also did this with the article Execution saves innocents and did the same thing so I can be prepared with both sides of the argument.

  13. marinas1

    Today, I complied all my resources and annotated anything that helped me, making a case for both sides so that I could see how to respond to an argument the opposing team makes. I bulleted my annotations in an order to form a section for pathos and a different section for logos. Tomorrow, I will begin to draft my opening statement and the writing portions of the debate that come after that.

  14. francescaa

    Tonight I will be researching the backgrounds of the people who were mentally retarded and executed. I am focusing on their age, race, prior offences and IQ score. In addition I would like to read more about the mental capabilities of the mentally disabled. Do they know the difference between right and wrong? Hopefully in tonight’s research I will find out. As far as tomorrow’s class period, I believe that my group should work on the evidence we have gathered and how the presentation will flow. In addition we should consider the usage of ethos, pathos and logos.

  15. ivanl

    Tonight, I looked further into what specifically merits capital punishment. I found out certain states have also banned capital punishment. I also looked why the mentally retarded shouldn’t be executed, so I could come up with a rebuttal. Tomorrow in class I plan to share my ideas with my group, and start working on the specific argument from there.

  16. avae1

    Tonight, I will be continuing my research from today’s class period. I have read multiple articles from the list provided for us, and have learned information for both opinions. This way, I can better understand the opposing side and therefore be more prepared to argue against them. I have been writing notes and listing interesting points that may help me. Tomorrow, I plan on organizing my information and evidence to have a clear claim and a more efficient debate.

  17. willowm

    Tonight I read and annotated some of the articles Ms. Quinson shared wit us. I also read the annotations of the other people in my group to get a better understanding of the articles. Tomorrow I will work on opening statements and try to organize my information into categories for logos, ethos, and pathos to make sure I have an even amount of each.

  18. cameronl3

    Tonight I not only read and re-read all of the cases and stories that you have given us from the previous classes, I decided to look up some new ideas on these cases, not having to do with the Atkins, Wilson, or even Of Mice and Men. I feel it is just as important to have evidence from sources all around, not just from the handouts given in class. This will give my side of the pro-death penalty an upper hand as we will have more evidence than others who only used text given to them. Learning much more about the true laws about the death penalty is very helpful as I feel I can talk lots about the topic without having to second-guess myself.

  19. adam

    My group and I have done much preparation for the debate. We worked on forming a rebut to the predicated argument if the other side, as well as researching articles and citing examples to use as evidence to claims and points. Primarily , the focus is to rebut the other side and play a defensive war, and mke sure we have the right arguments.

  20. alekhya

    Tonight I read the articles assigned to me in my group and highlighted key pints for our argument. I also found some in information on sites that Ms. Quinson did not post on the document to see if I could find excess information. Tomorrow I hope to work with my group to organize the information and talk about how we plan to incorporate logos, ethos, and pathos into our argument.

  21. George

    My group has been working together and we have a plan to make a amazing argument. I personally have made progress in the Pathos sector. Neil has made considerable progress in the logos sector. Tomorrow we will make much more progress.

  22. Esha Pandya

    Last night, I read several articles to help with my argument, taking notes on key points that could argue for both sides. I went through the articles, taking out excerpts, and turned them into my own words to help with my argument. Today in class, I plan to write the opening statement, and form rebuttals based on what was heard from the debate on Friday. I would also like to combine our notes, and separate them by logos, ethos, and pathos.

  23. Rebecca F

    I have read some more articles regarding death penalty. I’ve been trying to look at why it is unconstitutional to execute a mentally disabled man. I have also been looking at why people agree with the death penalty and believe it is used fairly on the mentally disable. In class, I plan to focus more on the death penalty regarding the mentally disable rather than the death penalty in general.

  24. briannag3

    Tonight I’m researching arguments against my claim to make a stronger rebuttal statement. Tomorrow I will focus on making sure I have ethos, logos and pathos in my argument.

  25. christophert3

    “Tonight”, I read a few articles, mostly for the con-side of the argument, which is my side, but I also read a few articles for the pro-side because it would help me and my group know some of the opposing sides points. Tomorrow, my group and I will meet or have a google hangout to make our rebuttals and opening statements while I finish it all off, using our other points, to create my summation.


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