November Art Honor Society Meeting


Collect Art Related Service Page of application for review.

Report back on October events and fundraisers

Discuss upcoming contest and exhibit opportunities

Discuss College Fair


Discuss Turkeygram fundraiser

Discuss optional t-shirt design workshop




11/5 – Visual Arts College Fair


11/12 – Volunteers needed to help make turkegram prints


11/17-11/21 Volunteers to sell turkeygrams



11/20 – T-shirt pick up; Design t-shirt workshop (optional)


11/20 – Work due for 2nd Art Exhibit


Meeting Minutes – 11/18

NAHS General Membership Meeting – November 18


This Week-

-Sell Turkeygrams!  Due Friday  (All proceeeds to go to a relief organization for the victims of Hurrican Haiyan in the Phillipinnes)

-Thurs – Arts Inclusion Workshop – Music and Painting

*- Friday – Barnes and Noble Exhibit Opening and Fundraiser (All proceeds to go to our field trip fund)


Coming Up-

– 12/5 – submit work the music/art collaboration project

–  12/11 – Bakesale to benefit the Phillipinnes (volunteers needed to make posters and work the sale)

– 12/13 – Big Bros/Big Sisters Auction (volunteers confirm)

-12/16 applications due for new and returning members

Meeting Minutes – 10-21-13

General Membership Meeting 10-21-2013


Volunteer Opportunities (can also count as art related service opportunities)

–         Arts Inclusion Workshops

10/24, 11/7, 11/21, 12/5, 12/19


–          at the Barnes and Noble Exhibit Reception



–         Working at the Art Auction



Exhibit Opportunities   (art related service)


–         Nov 8 – submit one framed work of art for the Barnes and Noble exhibit

–         Nov 11 – submit a work of art to be auctioned at the Big Brother, Big Sister fundraiser auction

–         Dec 5 – submit a work of art inspired by the music for this year’s band concert, to be projected behind the band during the concert



Additional contest opportunities listed on the Art Honor society website



Meeting Minutes-9/23

Info for art honor Society: website, facebook page, twitter page, announcements, emails, Twitter, Facebook

Art website available for updates.

Application Deadline- on website

December 16: gather art related activities (5)

2 Contests: Due Monday September 30 and October 14th

October 18th: Community Service Fair


Juniors and Seniors only, Grades in Art must be higher then a B+, Must be enrolled in at least your second year in Art classes, Have to currently be in an art class.
Need 10 hours of community service for this year from 2013. Cannot be used for National Honor Society, ONLY for art.
(Don’t have to be art related community service hours)
+5 art related activities beyond the classroom

*If you’re inducted already, you DO NOT have to reapply. You DO need 10 more hours of community service

Sign Ups:
-Art Inclusion
-Bake sales
Friday December 13: Big Brothers and Big Sisters Art Auction



Meeting Minutes: 1/23

Teens for Jeans

Next Bakesale 3/5; donation ideas

Art Inclusion- 1/24;  theater names

Kindernorth Mural 2/6

Induction Ceremony: Cords and Ideas for performance

  • Date: April 18th
  • MANDATORY rehearsal April 16th
  • everyone must submit a self portrait
  • everyone brings some kind of food
  • donation jars will be on food tables- what charity?
  • seniors get cords at induction ceremony and can wear them at graduation (not required)- $13 due FEBRUARY 1st
  • theme and project ideas?
  • tell art teacher which artwork pictures you want on your slide



Meeting Minutes 11/22

Take Attendance

Hand Out Pinwheel Permission Slips and explain the trip

Hand In:

Clothing Donations



***3 volunteers for TOMORROW to meet Mrs. Macias at Lakewood Elementary to judge their reflections contest. You must be able to meet at Lakewood at 10:15/10:30am.

 3 more volunteers for face painting at the Saturday Barnes and Noble (Nanuet) event:




Mark Your Calendars:

Meeting for Kindernorth Mural: 11/28

Art Inclusion-Ceramics: 12/1

Planning Meeting for those going to Montefiore Children’s Hospital: 12/7

Deadline for submission of 2011 Community Service Hours: 12/16


Ms. Dunn Presentation on 2013 COmmunity Service Trip to Nicaragua


Meeting Minutes 10-25

1) Volunter opportunities on website…..VOLUNTEER PLEASE!!

-Pizza Sale on 11/9

-Turkey grams week of 11/14

-Hanging Up Inside-out Project Pictures

-PTSA Book Fair

-Clothing Drive

-Arts Inclusion

-Kinder-North Mural Design

Contact Diamond if you want to be part of the e-mail group only if you want to do any of these volunteer services

2)New members– by end of next week letters will be sent to your teachers indicating whether you are applicable for art honors society

3)Returning members need:


-$10 fee

4)Everyone including new members and returning members should have volunteer hours by December 16th

5) Keep your ears open to announcements

-follow us on twitter

6) New Members– Make sure you are there for the induction rehearsal. THIS IS NONNEGOTIABLE! Your must attend!

Thanks guys 🙂


Meeting Minutes 2-28

Wednesday 03/02/11

BAKESALE- for those of you who haven’t done a bakesale yet

store bought baked goods and then hand wrapped (that ole’ homemade look)

MURAL- if you’re not working the bakesale, help with the mural!



Tuesday 03/29/11

NAHS Induction Rehearsal 2pm – 4pm in the Library

Group Picture

MANDATORY!!!!!!!!!!!! tolerate and help no matter what.

** if you cannot make it to the reharsal, you will not participate in the ceremony**

Wednesday 04/06/11

INDUCTION 🙂 in the library

reception upstairs with food (???) and inductee art work

Things to Do

1) Check the Art Honor Society Blog to see if your name is spelt right and if its on there

2) Approach your teachers and have 2 pieces of your work in mind by 03/15/11 so they can photograph the pieces and get them ready for the slide show that will be playing as names are called

3) Have a self portrait (preferably one from the past year and a half) matted and ready to be hung up in the libary by 03/21/11

4) If you are a senior, bring $13 in THIS WEEK for a graduation cord! Cash and checks are both acceptable. Make all checks out to Clarkstown Art Honor Society


A Garden for Dana

Mrs. Diamond has a meeting with the landscapers on Thursday 03/03/11

Dedication ceremony in June?

Anybody who has any connections with nurserys, landscapers, etc. for donations?



Meeting on 03/03/11 in room 515

Features writers, designers, and submissions editors are needed!!!!