Show your school spirit by volunteering (or being a consumer!) for our spirit sales!

Theme week face painting in the Main Cafeteria during lunch periods


Selling/buying our purple and gold bandannas










Purple and Gold face painting at the Homecoming game friday night


Art Opening to benefit United Hospice of Rockland

Opening Reception of our Spring Exhibit!

April 8th


Barnes and Noble at the Pallisades Mall

Mention Clarkstown North and 10% of any purchase will go to United Hospice of Rockland County.

Make online purchases during the week of April 8-13

and 10% of the purchase will go to United Hospice of Rockland County

Bookfair ID# 11061348 at checkout.

Congratulations to:

Louis DeLucia, Maggie Andresen, Stephanie Chouijian, Marielle Holland, Alexa Crispino, Samantha Streitman, Sammi Ollinsky, Rachel Adelman, Kathryn Kelly, Emily Salesky, Richard McKaba, Nora Mitchell, Anabel Katsnelson, Kim Fleury, Jessica Wolfe, Tara Thurthuvelil, Nicole Bard, Marie Yatsyk, Caroline Giraldo,Brian Seidel, Shelby Hougui, Tereka Amalathias, Caitlin Wolper

Barnes and Noble Fundraiser and Exhibit

Anyone planning to submit work for the Barnes and Noble exhibit should plan to get framed/matted and label work to Mrs. Diamond not later than 3/22.

Due to limited space availabilty and overwhelming interest, work will be displayed on a first come basis.  Special consideration will also be given to members that have actively participated in NAHS fundraisers and community service projects this year.

Exhibit Dates: April 6- May 6, Pallisades Mall Barnes and Noble

Exhibit Reception and in store fundraiser (to benefit Hospice) – Monday, April 8, 4-5:30pm

Bookfair ID code: 11061348



Don’t throw away those shorts!

The Art Honor Society and the Spanish Club are hosting a warm weather clothing drive.

Boxes will be located in both offices, as well as art rooms in the x-wing and room 239 and 219 in the World Language hallway.

Clothing will be hand delivered to under-served villages in Guyana, South America.
(Crissy Ramdat, senior at CHSN, and her family will be traveling to Guyana in April and driving to various remote locations to make the deliveries.)

Gently used clothing and foot-wear in all sizes are greatly in need, so please consider donating as you turn your closets over to winter items.

We have attached a flyer that can be shared with students to encourage their participation as well.

Turkeygrams Raise $120 for Heifer International

Thanks to all who participated in our Turkeygram fundraiser. We raise $120 and spread a lot of Thanksgiving smiles.

We will be using the money we raised to purchase a sheep through Heifer International (see link to the right).

Shear Joy

Entire communities depend on wool and meat from sheep. Struggling families use sheep’s wool to make clothes, or sell it for extra income. Sheep often give birth to twins or triplets and can graze even the hilliest, rockiest pastures unsuitable for other livestock.

Some Heifer families use managed grazing techniques or zero-grazing pens to protect the environment and collect manure for fertilizer, which improves soil and pasture land.

Warm in winter, cool in summer, waterproof and durable – wool is a valuable product that struggling families can use for clothing or sell for extra income.

All over the world, Heifer partners are raising sheep to advance the cause against hunger and poverty. And, through the act of Pass on the Gift, they are also sharing training and animals with other families in need.