Service Opportunity – Warming Hearts of Rockland

The Art Honor Society will be holding a workshop to benefit Warming Hearts of Rockland. This not-for profit creates gifts for cancer and dialysis patients in the county. These gifts are deliver both in Nyack and Good Samaritan Hospitals.

Warming Hearts has asked of to create inspiration rocks (Rocks that are design with inspiration words).
This will be a one hour workshop. This activity may be used for either application requirement (engaged as an artist beyond the classroom or creative service hours)

Creating Inspiration quotes to benefit the Be Positive Foundation

The Art Honor Society, in conjunction with the PTSA, will be holding a workshop to create stenciled sayings on wood blocks.This workshop will be lead by Mrs. Lehner, PTSA parent and artist, who plans to use them as a fundraiser for  the Be Positive Foundation. This  organization provides financial assistance for childhood cancer research and financial assistance for families battling this disease.

This activity may be used for either application requirement (engaged as an artist beyond the classroom or creative service hours)

Students Rebuild – Self Portraits that will make a difference

Students Rebuild is a not for profit organization, begun in 2010,  that invites students world- wide to participate in art making for a cause.

Each year, Students Rebuild chooses an artistic theme, as well as a charity to donate to!  For each theme specific work of art that is created and sent in, the organization patrons, The Bezos family, donates $3 ( up to $600,000) to the designated , child specific, charity.
The Theme for this year’s creative challenge: Facing Differences. Create a self portrait (not smaller than 5″x5″) . that reflects what is unique about you.  You may use any media, and work in any style.
The Charity is CARE, to benefit children in Sri Lanka, Nigeria and the South Caucasus region.


Project Inspiration from Pinterest:
This opportunity is worth 2 service hours.  To count towards this year’s application, self portraits must be handed in to me by December 15.
For more . information on Students rebuild, go to:

Little Hats, Big Hearts to benefit the American Heart Association

Service Opportunity: Little Hats, Big Hearts

Join the American Heart Association in knitting/crocheting red hats for newborn infants and preemies.

I think it is reasonable to think that each hat would be worth 3 hours of service, and you can make up to two if you would like.
Please touch base with me if you plan to do this. I would like to look into sending all hats made as a group, so let’s plan that they will be brought to me for mailing.

Artist Express- After school art program at Kakiat Elementary School is underway!

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So today was a great start for the program!!

The kids loved experimenting with their new “sketchbooks” and promised to work on them during the week.

The director, Max, was very happy to have us in the classroom once again. He was extremely happy with all the donations we received, not only for the artist Express program, but also for the classroom. The volunteers really enjoyed interacting with the kids and assisting them in making their newly made “sketchbooks.”

Additional volunteers are always welcome to come assist on Wednesday afternoons from 4:15-5:15pm.

Artist Express – starting Wednesday, 10/26 – Volunteers needed

Artist Express is a an after school art program that was created by a former CHSN student, Heather Cazes.
The art program was created for students in the Ramapo School District, to have the opportunity to be creative and help them interact with the arts.The art program is still continuing to this day!
We will be starting up the program this year once again on Wednesday, October 26th from 4:15-5:15
During the program, we give students from 3rd to 7th grade, lessons on color, medium, crafts, etc. Every week is a different lesson. Volunteers are always welcomed to come and interact with the students in order to expand their creativitiy and knowledge of art. These hours will also count towards community service hours.
For any further information, please email Arlys Tineo at

WHAT: Art Express After School Art Program, interacting with students from ages 3rd to 7th
WHERE: Kakiat Elementary School
WHEN: Wednesday’s @ 4:15-5:15
TRANSPORTATION: Volunteers will need to find their own method of transportation

Burst of Spirit Homecoming Paint Event

Participants and volunteers wanted!
Volunteers: We need 12 volunteers between 5-7:30pm to help with set-up, tix sales and clean up (this can count as community service hours and art related activity)
Reply to sign up to volunteer
Participants: Participants showing their school spirit by being a part of the color toss can list the activity as art related activity. Cost- $1