9-11 Memorial Project- Generation 9/11, 10 years later we represent…

In commemoration of 9/11, the Art Honor Society, along with Student Council and the Japanese Club, created an American flag.  The flag is made up of photographs of North students and staff.  This flag represents our individual voices and how we come together as one.


 “Generation 9/11. Ten years later we represent … [dot, dot, dot].”



·         A survivor’s niece

·         Hope

·         Courage

·         Unity

·         Freedom

·         Determination

·         Resilience

·         Faith

·         Community

·         Pride

·         Humanity

·         Peace.

Pink Hair on the Rise in the Art Department!

No we’re not just being eccentric!

County Salons are running a fundraising event for BREAST CANCER AWARENESS month.  We have confirmed the two salons listed below:

Salon Atelier, Layfayette Ave in Suffern (near the movie theater)-845-357-1095

Bella V Salon-100 E. Railroad Ave-West Haverstraw-942-8690

Go to the salon, pay $10, the entire amount will go to a breast cancer research charity and you get a pink hair extension.  IT”S THAT SIMPLE!!!

At the end of the month the Art Department will take a photo of all of the pink hair participants.

Hazmat Drop Off dates

For those of you who have had me in class, you know how I feel about throwing batteries in the trash….BAD, BAD, BAD!!!

The fire training center in Pamona accepts hazardous waste (yes batteries are hazardous waste!) every day from 8am-1pm.

They also have weekend collection ddates once a month. OCt 17, November 13, and December 3rd are the next upcoming drop offs.