Using our creativity to support a Charity Day Event for Habitat for Humanity

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Congratulations to student exhibitors: Dani Brand, Samantha Bruno, Rachel Mazariegos, Taylor Klink, Karishma Patel and Emanuela Maddalena

On Saturday, April 30 North students participated in a Rockland County High School Art Exhibit in conjunction with their Charity Day to support Habitat for Humanity. HFH’s vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live in order to help families break the cycle of poverty & build long-term financial security.

Visitors to Lord and Taylor were able to vote on their favorite works of art, as well as enjoy other events and promotions at the store.




Center for Safety and Change – Poster Contest – Deadline April 29th

This year’s contest theme is “Ending Violence Against Women and Girls.”

The purpose of this contest is to raise awareness and promote communities of peace and respect.

The contest is open to any and all students in grades 9-12 in Rockland County.

There is a $500 grand prize for the winning artist (along with five $100 honorable mentions), and all of the entries will be displayed at a ceremony later in the spring.

In the past the Center has used winning poster contest designs on greeting cards, flyers, t-shirts, etc.

For contest rules and entry form, click here

“IV Hero” – artistic creations help young children receiving IV treatments in hospitals

Tonite on News 4 New York, there was a story about a college student in Long Island who came up with this invention.  It is a cover for IV bags in hospitals.  Children who have to receive IV treatments in hospitals for cancer and other illnesses, are often scared of the fluids that enter their body through a tube and needle.  This creative invention covers the IV bag and helps children imagine that they are receiving super powers to fight their illness.


Bobby Lenahan, a junior at Molloy College is a hero! This simple invention has had a tremendous impact.

Fall Semester Chapter Report

This year, Clarkstown North’s very own National Art Honor Society has been busier than ever! This time around, we are working on expanding our horizons in both the school and in our surrounding community. Recently, we have been helping the theater club with our unified theater project, in which we help plan and produce a theater production along with students with mental and physical disabilities. Also, we are helping our town’s environmental society, “Keep Rockland Beautiful,” with the centerpieces for their annual gala, which helps to raise money to fund environmental cleanup efforts in and around our county. In our own school, we are continuing our annual turkey gram sales, and have designed art department tee shirts. We plan to donate the profits made in both of these fundraisers to the Hudson Valley Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. We have also helped make the homecoming decorations, a highlight of which was the Mermaid and Merman head cut out.
We have been so busy creating, helping, and giving, this year that we feel as if there couldn’t possibly more for us to accomplish. However, with every day comes a new idea, and with every meeting comes a new plan. We are having a great time here at the Clarkstown North National Art Honors Society, and there is still so much yet to come!

Make a Difference Rockland

Tues. Nov. 13 MAKE A DIFFERENCE ROCKLAND, a free event, Nanuet High School, 3:30-7 PM.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE ROCKLAND is an annual event sponsored by Nanuet High School Parents. It a public meet-and-greet event where various non-profit organizations in Rockland County and the community join together in providing the chance for everyone to learn about many non-profit programs and services, membership, and volunteer and donor opportunities.

Spring Semester Overview

Art Honor Society- Second Semester

By: Crissy Ramdat


Art Honor Society has been involved in countless activities this year. Just for the second half of the year, Art Honor society members have participated in the Memory project as well as the painting of the KinderNorth mural and the windows of Montefiore Children’s Hospital.

At the beginning of the second semester, the Clarkstown North PTSA awarded $2100 in the Innovative Learning Grants to teachers who proposed new programs or projects to improve the learning of their students. This year, the Clarkstown North PTSA awarded Ms. Borelli with an Innovative Learning Grant of $250. Upon being granted this money, Ms. Borelli approached the Art Honor Society to help paint the KinderNorth preschool. Without hesitation, many members jumped to this opportunity to revive the decade old preschool. On the morning after the Superbowl, members met in the preschool room and painted princess castles, Disney characters, Dr. Suess characters, and much more. Now, preschoolers are greeted with an environment that will make their preschool years more memorable.

The second project of the Art Honor Society was the Montefiore trip. Many members participate in this project every year because of the opportunity to brighten the hospital windows during the holidays. The tradition continued this year. Many of the children in the hospital were delighted to walk through hallways that were cheerful and stay in rooms where their windows were colorful and jolly.

The third project that Art Honor Society members and many students of the art department has been involved in the second half of the year is the Memory project. Introduced by Ms. Dunn, the Memory Project quickly became a popular project within the art department. Started by Ben Schumaker. this project provides schools with photographs of orphaned, neglected, and underprivileged children in countries throughout the world. Students then create portraits of the children from these photographs, and the finished portraits are sent back to the children as mementos of their youth. Many of the student-drawn portraits are hung, for all to see, in the showcase in the main by the chem wing as well as the showcase in the annex hallway.

As the end of the year approaches and graduation draws near, I’d like to say goodbye to my fellow classmates and good luck to the rest of the classes. I’ll especially miss the Art Honor Society’s members, officers, and, of course, Mrs. Diamond, and their kind hearted attitude towards every project that they were introduced with.  I know that next year, as well as the years to come, the Art Honor Society will continue using their gift of art to brighten the days of everyone around them and make changes for the better. I’d like to now welcome next years officers:


Co-president:…………….…. Maggie Andresen, Louis DeLucia

Co-vice presidents: ………Alexa Crispino, Stephanie Choulijian

Corresponding secretary:……………………….Marielle Holland

Recording secretary:……………………………….…Zoe Maisel

Historian………………………………………………Morgan Brill

Treasurer:……………………………………Samantha Streitman


Congratulations on your new positions!

Wht are we up to now?!




Over the past two months, the Art Honor Society has been involved in many activities and projects that you may have seen around Clarkstown North.

            One project Art Honor Society as well as the student council has been involved in is the 9/11 memorial. During lunch periods, members of AHS asked students: “10 years later, what does 9/11 mean to you?” Responses ranged from “hope” to “the niece of a survivor.” Pictures of students were then taken with their statement in front of either a red or blue background. Ultimately, all the pictures were gathered and put together to resemble the American flag.

            Another project Art Honor Society has organized is a summer clothes drive. Gently used clothes are being sent to Guyana (South America) through CrissyRamdat and her family. During their prospective trip to Guyana in April, they will be driving around villages in an open back truck and handing out clothes to people in poverty. So, as you are cleaning out your summer wardrobe, don’t throw away those shorts yet! Donate them! Help someone who is in need! We will be accepting gently used shoes and summer clothes (including jeans) until December 23, 2011 (the day before Christmas break.) Boxes are located in the Main and Annex offices, Art rooms in the X-wing, and rooms 239 and 214.

            The third project we are involved in is the Art Inclusion Project. Art Honor Society members worked with special needs teens, our own age, to create pinch pots out of clay. Despite the fact that some members that never worked with clay, they were still involved. All members and the advisors that participated in this activity are acknowledged in their willingness to become involved in community service, spending their time making new friends in the community, and keeping the company of those who need it most.

            By now, everybody has probably seen our last project on the wall of the main, which is currently in progress. The idea of the Inside Out project was first created by the artist J.R to make a statement about the “personal identities” of the people that participate in this project. Introduced here at North by Ms. Dunn, we adapted this project to make a statement against bullying. Our vision is “One face, One body” and we commit in the statement: “We stand strong and together against bullying. We believe in acceptance, tolerance, and celebration of diversity in our school community.” We are asking people, from all grades to participate in this opportunity. For $10, have your picture taken answering these questions: “What do you stand for? What do you represent? What makes you unique? What makes you special?” You can make your story heard, while at the same time, take a stand against bullying.  

            Using our common interest in art, Art Honor Society is collaboration between its members, other clubs in our school, and our community. Embodying the values of AHS, we continue to become engaged in many other services towards our community. All in which we will continue to update you with over the school year.