Save the Date- Upcoming October Opportunities

Mon 10/15 – Student Art Exhibit Opening – PD 5 – Library

Encourage your period 5 teacher to bring your class over- Especially if you are in the show!


Mon 10/15 – Service Project meeting- “More than 4”, rm 609 after school

Informational meeting on a long term Art Honor Society project involving fundraising and art making task.


Mon 10/15 – Engaged as an Artist –  NY Times Photo Contest – Deadline today

You don’t have to be a photography student to enter this! Check out our google classroom, or the link below for details.


Tues 10/16 – Leadership Teams ONLY –  Yearbook photo after school in the Mansion Courtyard


Wed 10/17 – Weekly Service Opportunity – 1st Artist Express at Kakiat Elementary School – 4pm

Limited spaces available each week.  Speak to Mrs. Diamond for details


Mon 10/22  – GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING -( will will confirm location next week- either Auditorium or CHorus Room)

Consider submitting drafts of your application (Art Related Service and/or Engaged As an Artist page) for review and advice


Tues 10/23 – Service Opp – help set up the Senior Mural – after school on the soccer field


Tues 10/23 – HALLOWEEN MOVIE NITE! -7pm – rm 609 – Limited space – Tix $1

Grab your sleeping bag and pjs! and let’s watch a movie together!


Fri 10/26 – Service Opp (Or engaged as an artist) – Face Painting at Elementary School Fall Festivals

Many of you have already signed up for this.  I will send a separate e-mail to confirm your availability.  


Mon 10/29 – Service Opp (Or engaged as an artist) – Handprint painting Workshop for Turkeygrams


November sneak preview:

*Engaged as an artist – two deadlines:

Student Art Exhibit – Social Commentary Projects – think about what yo have that you can submit! Submission Deadline 11/2


PTSA Reflections Contest – Theme- Heroes around Me – Submission Deadline 11/16


Former President Bush turns to painting for healing









NBC News reports:

The president commented along with the photo that, “Over the past several months, I’ve painted the portraits of 98 wounded warriors I’ve gotten to know – remarkable men and women who were injured carrying out my orders.”

One of the oft commented on aspects of President Bush’s personality has always been his concern and worry over the men and women who were put in harm’s way because of choices and orders he gave. This project is a lovely and fitting tribute from a Commander-in-Chief to his men and women who served under him.

The portraits will be a part of a book and exhibit called Portraits of Courage coming in 2017, with proceeds going to The Bush Center and the Bush’s Military Service Initiative.

Artist Express- After school art program at Kakiat Elementary School is underway!

img_2366 img_2365 img_2364 img_2367











So today was a great start for the program!!

The kids loved experimenting with their new “sketchbooks” and promised to work on them during the week.

The director, Max, was very happy to have us in the classroom once again. He was extremely happy with all the donations we received, not only for the artist Express program, but also for the classroom. The volunteers really enjoyed interacting with the kids and assisting them in making their newly made “sketchbooks.”

Additional volunteers are always welcome to come assist on Wednesday afternoons from 4:15-5:15pm.

Contest/Call for Artwork, image inspired by the American flag (for use during the Induction Ceremony) – Art related activity/contest

Artists throughout history have turned to the American Flag as a source of visual inspiration.  From Jasper Johns and Barbara Kruger, to Dave Cole and graffiti artists, the American flag is a powerful point of inspiration.
Now it’s your turn.
During the Art Honor Society Induction this year, I would like to project a student work of, including or inspired by the American Flag.
Anyone interested in submitting a work for consideration for this honor, please do so by April 10.  Works can be photographed and emailed to Mrs. Diamond at