Upcoming Event Dates

10/24 – Art Honor Society Meeting – after school, Main Chorus Room

10/25 – Work Due for student exhibit: Express Yourself

– Artist Express- Kakiat Elementary

10/26 – Turkeygram Workshop #1 – handprints

10/27 – Face painting volunteers needed at Woodglen and Lakewood Elementary

10/31 – Halloween Costume Contest – Judging in the Library

11/8 – Turkeygram Workshop #2-drawing turkeys

11/13-11/17 – Turkeygram Sales

11/16 – CHSN Visual Arts College Fair and Portfolio Review

11/21 – Delivery of Turkeygrams…GOBBLE,GOBBLE!


Show your school spirit by volunteering (or being a consumer!) for our spirit sales!

Theme week face painting in the Main Cafeteria during lunch periods


Selling/buying our purple and gold bandannas










Purple and Gold face painting at the Homecoming game friday night


Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Officers!

Executive Board:  Lily Shapiro, Phebe Grosser, Ailis Daly, Rebecca Straniere, McKenzie Sullivan, Olivia Hernandez, Harrison Garcia, Ally Early, Mona Tong, Lei Powell, Sophie Feldman

Exhibits Committee: Angela Camenisch, Kaitlyn Fudge, Juliana Feeney, Hannah Kim, Aanika Nawar, Sarah Placide, Luis Acosta, Haley Mednick, Corryn Mathis, Pooneh Kardgar Kayla Palandra, Lauren Michaels, Teresa Thuruthuvelil

Updates on Application Process and next meeting

Answers to questions about the application can be answered by going to the Induction Criteria and Application page and watching the video.
Student art exhibit – Inspiration Nation – deadline for submission 11/16
Selling Turkey-grams – you can pick them up from me on Wednesday
Reflections Contest – What is your story – deadline 11/22
Volunteering for Artist Express – after school, Wednesdays,  4:15-5:15 – Kakiat Elementary, contact Arlys Tineo, arlystineo@gmail.com, for details (this also counts as community service)

REMEMBER: YOU NEED A MINIMUM OF 5; more than 5 strengthens your application 
NEXT MEETING: Tentatively scheduled for Monday, 11/28
I will be available to : 
– collect scholarship page of application (art course grades in high school through first quarter)
-answer questions about community service hours
-remind returning members of their requirements

Artist Express – starting Wednesday, 10/26 – Volunteers needed

Artist Express is a an after school art program that was created by a former CHSN student, Heather Cazes.
The art program was created for students in the Ramapo School District, to have the opportunity to be creative and help them interact with the arts.The art program is still continuing to this day!
We will be starting up the program this year once again on Wednesday, October 26th from 4:15-5:15
During the program, we give students from 3rd to 7th grade, lessons on color, medium, crafts, etc. Every week is a different lesson. Volunteers are always welcomed to come and interact with the students in order to expand their creativitiy and knowledge of art. These hours will also count towards community service hours.
For any further information, please email Arlys Tineo at arlystineo@gmail.com

WHAT: Art Express After School Art Program, interacting with students from ages 3rd to 7th
WHERE: Kakiat Elementary School
WHEN: Wednesday’s @ 4:15-5:15
TRANSPORTATION: Volunteers will need to find their own method of transportation