Meeting Minutes-9/23

Info for art honor Society: website, facebook page, twitter page, announcements, emails, Twitter, Facebook

Art website available for updates.

Application Deadline- on website

December 16: gather art related activities (5)

2 Contests: Due Monday September 30 and October 14th

October 18th: Community Service Fair


Juniors and Seniors only, Grades in Art must be higher then a B+, Must be enrolled in at least your second year in Art classes, Have to currently be in an art class.
Need 10 hours of community service for this year from 2013. Cannot be used for National Honor Society, ONLY for art.
(Don’t have to be art related community service hours)
+5 art related activities beyond the classroom

*If you’re inducted already, you DO NOT have to reapply. You DO need 10 more hours of community service

Sign Ups:
-Art Inclusion
-Bake sales
Friday December 13: Big Brothers and Big Sisters Art Auction



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