Art Opening to benefit United Hospice of Rockland

Opening Reception of our Spring Exhibit!

April 8th


Barnes and Noble at the Pallisades Mall

Mention Clarkstown North and 10% of any purchase will go to United Hospice of Rockland County.

Make online purchases during the week of April 8-13

and 10% of the purchase will go to United Hospice of Rockland County

Bookfair ID# 11061348 at checkout.

Congratulations to:

Louis DeLucia, Maggie Andresen, Stephanie Chouijian, Marielle Holland, Alexa Crispino, Samantha Streitman, Sammi Ollinsky, Rachel Adelman, Kathryn Kelly, Emily Salesky, Richard McKaba, Nora Mitchell, Anabel Katsnelson, Kim Fleury, Jessica Wolfe, Tara Thurthuvelil, Nicole Bard, Marie Yatsyk, Caroline Giraldo,Brian Seidel, Shelby Hougui, Tereka Amalathias, Caitlin Wolper

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