Wht are we up to now?!




Over the past two months, the Art Honor Society has been involved in many activities and projects that you may have seen around Clarkstown North.

            One project Art Honor Society as well as the student council has been involved in is the 9/11 memorial. During lunch periods, members of AHS asked students: “10 years later, what does 9/11 mean to you?” Responses ranged from “hope” to “the niece of a survivor.” Pictures of students were then taken with their statement in front of either a red or blue background. Ultimately, all the pictures were gathered and put together to resemble the American flag.

            Another project Art Honor Society has organized is a summer clothes drive. Gently used clothes are being sent to Guyana (South America) through CrissyRamdat and her family. During their prospective trip to Guyana in April, they will be driving around villages in an open back truck and handing out clothes to people in poverty. So, as you are cleaning out your summer wardrobe, don’t throw away those shorts yet! Donate them! Help someone who is in need! We will be accepting gently used shoes and summer clothes (including jeans) until December 23, 2011 (the day before Christmas break.) Boxes are located in the Main and Annex offices, Art rooms in the X-wing, and rooms 239 and 214.

            The third project we are involved in is the Art Inclusion Project. Art Honor Society members worked with special needs teens, our own age, to create pinch pots out of clay. Despite the fact that some members that never worked with clay, they were still involved. All members and the advisors that participated in this activity are acknowledged in their willingness to become involved in community service, spending their time making new friends in the community, and keeping the company of those who need it most.

            By now, everybody has probably seen our last project on the wall of the main, which is currently in progress. The idea of the Inside Out project was first created by the artist J.R to make a statement about the “personal identities” of the people that participate in this project. Introduced here at North by Ms. Dunn, we adapted this project to make a statement against bullying. Our vision is “One face, One body” and we commit in the statement: “We stand strong and together against bullying. We believe in acceptance, tolerance, and celebration of diversity in our school community.” We are asking people, from all grades to participate in this opportunity. For $10, have your picture taken answering these questions: “What do you stand for? What do you represent? What makes you unique? What makes you special?” You can make your story heard, while at the same time, take a stand against bullying.  

            Using our common interest in art, Art Honor Society is collaboration between its members, other clubs in our school, and our community. Embodying the values of AHS, we continue to become engaged in many other services towards our community. All in which we will continue to update you with over the school year.

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