Art Honor Society Induction – Thursday, April 11, 7pm

It is with great pleasure that we induct this year’s newest members!









Officers and Exhibits committee members should plan to arrive at 6:30pm, all other members and inductees not later than 6:45pm.

All members and Inductees, please remember to bring your donation of an art supply for the Artist Express Program.

There will be a fundraiser for Bead for Life in the Main entrance. Jewelry prices range from $10-$25. We hope you can support this great charity!


Now is the time to check your application to make sure that not only do you have enough hours and activities, but that you have them in enough different categories.  I recommend you print the application and check on this over the weekend.
Monday 12/3 – Knitting/Crocheting Workshop for Little Hats, Big Hearts
(You can also knit on your own if you don’t need the workshop credit. MUST BE AN INFANT OR PREEMIE HAT IN RED. You can earn  2.5 hours per hat with a max of 2 hats/5 hours)
Thursday 12/13– work due for Last Student Exhibit – “Escape to the Landscape” (Nature)
Note: All returning members are required to show in at least one fall student art exhibit
Sunday 12/16 – 12pm – 4pm Holiday Gift Wrapping at the Mall Community Service – You can sign up for the entire time or single hours.

Save the Date- Upcoming October Opportunities

Mon 10/15 – Student Art Exhibit Opening – PD 5 – Library

Encourage your period 5 teacher to bring your class over- Especially if you are in the show!


Mon 10/15 – Service Project meeting- “More than 4”, rm 609 after school

Informational meeting on a long term Art Honor Society project involving fundraising and art making task.


Mon 10/15 – Engaged as an Artist –  NY Times Photo Contest – Deadline today

You don’t have to be a photography student to enter this! Check out our google classroom, or the link below for details.


Tues 10/16 – Leadership Teams ONLY –  Yearbook photo after school in the Mansion Courtyard


Wed 10/17 – Weekly Service Opportunity – 1st Artist Express at Kakiat Elementary School – 4pm

Limited spaces available each week.  Speak to Mrs. Diamond for details


Mon 10/22  – GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING -( will will confirm location next week- either Auditorium or CHorus Room)

Consider submitting drafts of your application (Art Related Service and/or Engaged As an Artist page) for review and advice


Tues 10/23 – Service Opp – help set up the Senior Mural – after school on the soccer field


Tues 10/23 – HALLOWEEN MOVIE NITE! -7pm – rm 609 – Limited space – Tix $1

Grab your sleeping bag and pjs! and let’s watch a movie together!


Fri 10/26 – Service Opp (Or engaged as an artist) – Face Painting at Elementary School Fall Festivals

Many of you have already signed up for this.  I will send a separate e-mail to confirm your availability.  


Mon 10/29 – Service Opp (Or engaged as an artist) – Handprint painting Workshop for Turkeygrams


November sneak preview:

*Engaged as an artist – two deadlines:

Student Art Exhibit – Social Commentary Projects – think about what yo have that you can submit! Submission Deadline 11/2


PTSA Reflections Contest – Theme- Heroes around Me – Submission Deadline 11/16


Congratulations to all of our 2018 Art Honor Society Inductees and Graduating Seniors

Luis Acosta

Emily Cahill

Angela Camenisch

Celestine Castillo

Grace Chang

Samantha Chemerov

Paige Ciganek

Alexa Cutruzzula

Maris Daly

Dannie Dominianni

Allison Eisenberg

Brittney Fata

Juliana Feeney

Kaitlyn Fudge

Sarah Galvin

Alesia Garces

Melanie Gatchalian

Katie Gondakis

Taylor Haber

Andrea Jakubowski

Julia Jeon

Hannah Kim

Sabrina Leoce

Halle Medici

Lily Medici

Lauren Michaels

Aanika Nawar

Sarah Placide

Samantha Pollack

Estefany Rangel

Marissa Safrantello

Rayna Schiering

Aimen Shaadab

Jayden Solomon

Hannah Tipa

Danielle Tourloukis

Leigha Whitney

Katie Arciero

Catherine Barry

Ailis Daly

Ally Earley

Sophie Feldman

Harrison Garcia

Phebe Grosser

Brittney Hahn

Olivia Hernandez

Pooneh Kardgar

Kara Lau

Corryn Mathis

McKenzie Mayer

Haley Mendick

Kayla Palandra

Lei Powell

Josh Reyes

Lily Shapiro

Rebecca Straniere

McKenzie Sullivan

Teresa Thuruthuvelil

Mona Tong