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The Honors Photography and Honors Advanced Photography courses are  affiliated with Project Acceleration at Seton Hall University. Students in these classes have the option of registering with Seton Hall for University credit.

complete the form found through this link:

Students need to fill out the “Student Information Page” on the website listed here:

The next day, the students will receive an email with their registration form. The must then:

  1. Print the emailed form
  2. Write in the courses that they intend to register for (ADIM3320-PCK, Advanced Photography)
  3. Attach a check
  4. Mail the form into Project Acceleration

You will also need to complete a registration form.

The fee for each of these 3-credit courses is $300.


College transcripts for these courses will be generated by Seton Hall for submission to prospective colleges for possible credit.

To request an official transcript for submission to your college, click here:

Please note, students must receive a grade of “C” or higher to earn credit from Seton Hall.  Prospective colleges may require higher grades in order to accept the transfer of credit.  Please plan to speak with your prospective colleges to find out their policy on transfer of college credits earned in high school.

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