D’s Blog Rules

This blog is an extension of our classroom.

-Treat communication on the blog the way you would communication in my room:

Be respectful of each others thoughts and opinions.  This does not mean you cannot disagree with each other.  It means that if you have varying opinions you will present them in a constructive way that encourages dialogue.

Be proud of your posts.  Remember, your posts are visable world-wide! Do not write in abbreviations that others may or may not understand. 

This is an educational venue. 

No personal information should be posted on this blog.  (This includes, but is not limited to, last names, e-mail +/or home addresses, IM names, facebook info, telephone numbers,etc) This page should not be linked to personal blogs.

No reference should be made to others outside of our class.  This includes students, teachers, administrators, etc.

No photos of individuals should be uploaded or linked to on the blog.

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