Compositional TIps

Compositional Tips



Establish a Focal Point and Visual Path

Evidence of Consideration of  Compositional Devices:

-Golden Triangle

-Golden Rectangle

-Rule of Thirds

Evidence of consideration of

the Elements of Art

(Line, texture, pattern, value, shape, space)


the Principles of Design

(Emphasis, Contrast, Rhythm/Repetition/Movement, scale/proportion, balance)



Using a green screen in digital photography

How to Green Screen (ChromaKey) with Photography

How to make a cheap green screen at home

 How to Mask out the Green Screen in Photoshop

Some tips to remember:

-Light both the green screen and the subject

– Avoid including reflective objects in a green screen shoot

-Avoid your subject wearing green

– Place the subject 5 feet away from the backdrop to avoid shadows

– Use a low ISO and a low fstop (to blur the backdrop)

Creating a watermark in Photoshop

The youtube tutorials below will demonstrate how to create a watermark on your photos to protect them from being copied off of your website. Consider watching both videos.  They demonstrate not only two different approaches to embossing, but also recording an action and embedding copyright information into a photo file.

Tips for photographing in the snow

 It’s so tempting to take pictures in the snow, but how many of you have noticed that they always come out too white and washed out? Your digital cameras may have a setting for snow. If not, or if you’re shooting with your film cameras, here are some tips:

1. Make your f-stop the highest number possible. Light reflects off of all of the snow (even if you don’t see that happening) so you need to make the apeture in your camera lens as small as possible.

2. Take a light meter reading off of your subect (that means getting close enough to your subject so that minimal snow is in the picture frame, and then take a reading). After you’ve taken the reading, step back and take your picture at that setting, even if your light meter is telling you that it’s not the correct reading.

3. Bracket your shots. Don’t take all of your pictures at the same f-stop. For example, if your reading tells you that the proper setting is f8,take the shot at f8, but shoot two more at f11 anf f5.6.

Have fun!!!