Low Light Shoot

Check out this link for additional tips:

Night photography cheat sheet

The bulb setting on your camera allows you to hold the shutter open for an extended amount of time

The bulb setting is used in low light situations (indoors without a flash or outside at night)

You do not use a flash when using the bulb setting

Set your camera to bulb by turning the shutter dial to the B setting

Set your camera to a high f-stop for a full depth of field (ex. f22)


Use color film (or DSLR)

Photograph a series of photos in each of the following bulb categories discussed in class:

Moving object or light– In this category you must include a still object as well as the moving object(s)

Still object in low light situation

Painting with light

Planning/Preparation HW:

-Brainstorm a minimum of 3 ideas for each category.  Be as specific as possible. Consider a range of unique light sources and interesting locations. LIST F-STOP FOR EACH.  Also brainstorm a list of 5-10 unique light sources.

Download free long exposure apps, such as LongExpo or Camera FV-5 Lite to use your phone to experiment with low light shoots.

-Research Youtube videos for how to shoot in low light

-Download and print 2 bulb images of interest from a stock photography site. Label each with the name of the site you found it on.







Close Up filters

Marco Photography- Close Up

Filters are an alternative to a macro lens

You can get as close as 3″-6″

(You can experiment on digital cameras using the macro feature designated with a tulip symbol)

Filters sets are usually +1, +2, +4, Macro

The bigger the number, the greater the magnification and the closer you can get to the subject.

REMEMBER: you must attain focus (it will be difficult), But, not everything may be in focus


Self Timer and Flash

NO SELFIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For self-timer

On most cameras look for universal symbol

On vivitar cameras:

There is a lever on the side of the lens, it is pointed upward. Pull lever down and take picture (you will hear a noise and see the lever moving) apx. 10 seconds

On all other cameras, look for the self timer icon:





set your camera on a tripod ( or bag of rice)

set the timer

put a prop or person in your space to focus on, take a meter reading of, and to set your composition with

notice visual guidelines in the composition

push shutter release button

go into the picture

listen for the audio cue on your camera/and or visual cues so you know when your picture is going to be taken

you can shoot inside with a tripod, but because it will be too dark you can drop your shutter speed below 60 to let more light into your camera (as long as it’s on the tripod)

*you do not have to use your flash



to set:

highest f-stop available

the flash overrides the shutter speed number, so do not read your light meter **

****sync: on your shutter speed dial turn it to your flash sync setting, it will be a different color or a lightning bolt symbol








Brainstorming a shoot- example from America’s Next Top Model

ANTM-Season 18, Episode 3- The women have to create an ad campaign, which includes casting, wardrobe, providing props and hair and make-up….sound familiar?!

The relevant footage begins at around minute 12 and runs for about 25 minutes.  Click here to access the episode and answer the following questions:

3 examples of direction given to the model from the photographer and assistant

2 descriptions of photo studio equipment used in the shoot that I have not shown you

1 insight or idea gained that may help you with your studio shoot