Seton Hall Spring Registration Information for Advanced Photography

When completing the form use the following information for Advanced Photography:

Seton Hall Course Number/Section: ADIM 2141 PCK

Seton Hall Course Title: Special Topics

Credits: 3

Teacher: Nancy Diamond

Checks should be made out to Seton Hall University in the amount of $225

If you took a Seton Hall credit in the fall, then when completing the top of the form, you can use your Seton Hall ID #.  If you don’t know that number, you can get it from me.

If you are a new Seton Hall student, you must also register online at:

Click here for information on ordering official transcripts.  It is recommended that you wait to do this until you have completed all Seton Hall classes.  Once you decide on the college you will be attending, you can request a transcript be sent to the college.  You may not need to do this until the summer after graduation.