Photo of the Week- 9/18-9/20

This week’s submission is of landscape photography.  This image is particularly relevant for us as we start to look at how changes in f-stop and shutter speed can impact the image.  Here we see the moving water as a blur.  Would you need a slow (low number) or fast (high number) shutter speed to achieve this?

For more landscape photos like this one click below:

Photo of the Week: 9/10-9/14

Several students brought this photo to my attention this week.  It is a photo that started appearing on social networking sites on 9/11/12.  Many of you were moved by this photo.  Consider including this image in your sketchbook and analyzing it as we did with other images this week.  Consider focal point, visual path, the photographers vantage point and the feeling evoked. You may want to consider commenting on the technique used.