Spirit Week Pics

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Photos of the week

Harrison C. started putting his photography knowledge to work this weekend when he went on a self directed shoot to apply some of the compositional concepts learned in class.  Below are some of his top pics.

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Photo of the Week- 10/29-11/2

Some of us have had access to news, some of us not.  Some of us have been saturated with imagery of wreckage and some of us continue to live it in our daily lives.  For me, the daily pre-occupation with gasoline and where the next tank will come from has given me great pause.  I’m thinking of you all, hoping you are safe and warm.

Photo (or is it?) of the week 9/24-9/28

Stunning art mimics reality

With nothing but a pencil, paper and lots and lots of talent, German artist Dirk Dzimirsky creates works of art that eerily mimic reality–so much so, it’s hard to believe you’re not staring at a photograph. Using photos for inspiration, Dzimirsky describes his technique as both “representational and lyrical, using marks like words and textured areas like paragraphs” to tell the whole story. Improvisation is an intrinsic part of his overall process, allowing him to fill in the blanks and capture the emotional essence of his subjects. For more of the artist’s work, please visit http://www.dzimirsky.com