North Alumni-Maggie Andresen- On Assignment in New Orleans


NOLA children








As many of us struggle to make sense of the senseless acts of violence in Baton Rouge, St. Paul     and Dallas over the past week, North alumni Maggie Andresen uses photography to lend a hand.

Maggie (daughter of our Librarian, Mrs. Dickerson) took this photo in New Orleans during a protest march this weekend. Maggie is interning with the Times Picayune newspaper for the summer. Her photo was picked up by Associated Press and was featured as the closing picture on last night’s ABC world news and CNN’s newshour.

Maggie graduated CHSN in 2013 and is studying photo journalism at Temple University in Philadelphia.

The Power of Photography

Over the past few weeks I have come across a few news stories that are great examples of the great ability of photography to champion those without a voice.  Check out the stories and images below:

The Animal Extinction Project – National Goegraphic Photographers had their “Photo Ark” images projected on the exterior of St Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

Picture of panda photograph being projected upon the facade of St. Peters Basilica


Animal Shelter Project

Shelter puts dogs in a photo booth to get them adopted



TEDxMaui Talk: Lisa Kristine- Photos that bear witness to modern slavery

Lost Soldiers: Social Commentary/War Memorial

The Magazine section of the NY Times had a very powerful photo essay yesterday that you may want to check out. The article was called Lost Soldiers and it memorializes fallen soldiers with photographs of their bedrooms back home.  Through these images, and the possessions we see in each room, the viewer gains an understanding and appreciation for who these young men were to the people they left back home. Very powerful.

Polaroid History for Sale

The Polaroid camera was developed in 1937, and ever since amateurs and artists have reveled in its use.  In this NY TImes article, From the Instant Thrill, Enduring Art, Now for Sale,

you can learn about artists such as Andy Warhol, Chuck Close, Ansel Adams, William Wegman, Robert Mapplethorpe, Robert Rauschenberg and David Hockney.  All of these artists used the Polaroid camera in their art.  Now, many of  these works will be auctioned off in June to recovery bankruptcy debt due to a Ponzi scheme.