Artist Statement for Google Sites

When writing your required artist’s statement for your web-page, include the following information:

1- Goal Statement– this can be approached in a number of ways depending on the intent of your site. Consider the following as starting point:

-“What am I trying to achieve?”  This question may be answered as a graduating senior, a junior applying to colleges, or an art/photography student. If none of these seem relevant to you, consider a goal for the role photography and creativity may play in your life.

2- Influences– this may be approached as artistic/creative influences or life influences.  Your influences may  be people in your life, or famous people.

-Be sure to discuss how and why these people influence you.

3- Website overview– consider one of the following depending on the intent of your site:

-what your current work is

-what your current interests are (artistically, academically, etc)

-what the viewer can expect to see or gain from looking at the site





Customizing your google sites

Creating a custom header: When creating your header you can custom make it on photoshop.

  • 180 pixels high and 900 pixels wide.
  • Usually it is 36 pts depending on how long you header is going to be.
  • (Offers different fonts that you can download)
  • Save file as .jpeg!

Edit Sidebar/Site Appearance:

To get rid of the sidebar:

Click: Edit sidebar (Action-Manage Site-Change Site layout)

  • Unclick check boxes “Header” and “Sidebar”
  • Click OK
  • Save Changes

Creating Links:

  • Highlight the image
  • Click LINK-Dialogue box pops up
  • Link to the page you want or you can creat a new page from there
  • Click OK


  • #1 If you upload a picture, edit it then upload it again make sure you save that picture as a different names
  • #2When uploading pictures your uploading then to specific pages, NOT TO THE TOTAL SITE.

Google Sites: Home page and layout design

It is time to start designing your home page for your google sites.

Here are a few things to think about:

The home page is the equivalent of the cover of your book-what do you want it to say about you? What is the purpose/objective of this site?

Consider isome of the following autobiographical elements:

self-portrait from one of your art classes

goals statement


definition of art or creativity

favorite relevant quote


Also remember that with regards to design your site should be well organized and easy to navigate, while still showing your individuality.

Personalizing your site:

Select Edit Sidebar: Site Appearance

Please do not select a theme that will distract from your artwork

You may personalize fonts and colors in areas such as the header, content area, sidebar and background

You can also personalize the layout of each page by selecting the page you want to work on, then selecting a layout under the layout menu.