Concept Journal Check 4th quarter

Test strip for studio shoots (extra credit)
Ted Talk notes-JR
JR Image of interest
Google Sites Notes: Artist Statement
Home Page/Drop Down
Darkroom Experiment notes: Double Negative
Paper negatives
Rubric from studio shoot

3 Darkroom Experiments (paper negative, double negative, rotation)

3 Studio Experiments (scratch tool, draw/paint materials, collage)

Concept Journal Checklist 1/31- 3/30

1000 Journals- 2 how and why questions and answers

1000 Journals Image on Interest

Types of Light

Direction of Light

Anatomy of a strobe

Photo Uses

Photo Shoot Job descriptions

Brainstorming for shoot

Studio Shoot Observations/Critique Notes

Studio Shoot Project Guidelines

Fashion Image of Interest

Photogram Project info

2 labeled photograms (w/objects, fstop and exposure time)

Tape transfer techniques

Gel Medium transfer Techniques

2 photo transfer pages

Labeled test strips for studio shoot