Concept Journal checklist 10/4

Class Standards

Image of Interest- Damon Winter

9-11 Reflection/memory

Principles/Composition Handout

Invention of Camera/Photo

Photo as Fine Art

Image of Interest – Steiglitz, Weston, Adams, Man Ray

Early Documentary Photography

Image of Interest- Riis, Hine

Later Documentary Photography

Image on Interest- Lange, Eisenstadt,

Contemporary Photography

Commercial Photography

Image of Interest- Arbus, Avedon, Longo, Liebovitz, McCurry

Camera Functions Handout

Anatomy of a Camera

Fstop Notes

Shutter Speed Notes

Light Meter

Vocabulary HW sheet

Battery Pledge

Shooting Notes Handout

Concept Journal Check Friday 5/30

Lighting/Experiments   Handout
Notes on   Web portfolio project
Artist   Statement Handout
Studio   Experiments Notes
Photo   Transfer Handout
Final   Project Handout
1000   Journals Movie Notes
1000 Journals Image of Interest
Artist   Statement
Final   Project Research
Question of   the Day
Daily   Gratitude
Independent   Pages (Minimum 1)

Concept Journal Checklist

Stolarik image
how to brainstorm ideas
National Geo movie 3,2,1
National Geo Image
Careers presenter questions and notes
Lighting Notes
Avedon movie 3,2,1
Photo Uses
Studio Shoot Project Guidelines
Fashion History Notes
Studio Shoot Job descriptions
Darkroom experiments
Photogram Image of Interest from Stock photo site
Paper Negative Image of Interest from Stock Photography site

Concept Journal Checklist – 11/1

Compositional Devices

Images of Interest (Weston/Madoz)

Completed Prompts Worksheet

Photo Retouching Notes

Photo Retouching Project Guidelines

Weston Project Guidelines

Close-Up Filter Notes

Weston Shoot Notes (settings used when taking pictures)

Critique Notes from 1st role

3,2,1 for one classmate

at least one sentence regarding each classmates work

comments made on yor work

Index print from Weston shoot (optional)

3 still lifes (labeled with fstop and shutter speed)

3 portraits (labeled with fstop and shuter speed)

Film Developing Notes

Reading your negatives

Test strip for weston contact sheet (labeled)

Reading your test strip

Darkroom Clean- up and etiquette

Concept Journal Check for Tues 10/2

Required Entries:

Class Standards

Principles of Design and Composition Vocabulary

Characteristics of an SLR

Taking vs. Making a Photo

Evolution of the Camera

Photos as Fine Art

Early Documentary Photography

Later Documentary Photography

Contemporary Photography

Anatomy of a Camera

Controlling Light in your Camera (f-stop, shutter speed, light meter)

CHSN shoot notes (still-life, portrait)

Shoot notes handout

5 Images of Interest:






Concept Journal Checklist 1/30-2/28

Liebovitz Notes

Liebovitz Image of Interest

Avedon Notes

Avedon Image of Interest

Self Portrait assignment test strips

Hockney Rubric

Self Portrait Rubric

National Geographic Notes 3,2,1

National Geographic Image of Interest, labeled

Bulb assignment notes

Bulb Assignment brainstorming (3 for each category; 5-10 light sources)

2 bulb images of interest labeled from the stock photography site they came from and what category they fit in

1 tape transfer

1 gel medium transfer

Darkroom Experiments-project Notes

Darkroom Experiments-photograpm and paper negative brainstorming

Darkroom experiments-Image of interest for photogram and paper negative

Bill Cunningham documentary notes

Concept Journal Check-11/7

CHSN shoot contact sheet (optional)

CHSN shoot critique notes

Developing film notes

Photo retouching notes

Reading your negatives

Into the darkroom notes

1000 Journals DVD notes (3,2,1)

1000 Journals Image of interest labeled why you chose it

Test strip for contact sheet, labeled with enlarger name, f stop and exposure time

rubric from CHSN shoot project

CHSN shoot images (optional)

Concept Journal Checklist through 9/16

Class Standards Handouts

Invention of the Camera Notes

Damon Winter Image

Principles of Design Handout

Photography as Fine Art Notes

Image of Interest from Photography as Fine Art Lecture

Earl Documentary Photography Notes

Image of Interest from Early Documentary Photography Lecture

Contemporary Photography Notes

Compositional Devices Notes

3 Compositional Guideline Drawings on Tracing Paper (Rule of 3rds, Golden Ratio, Golden Triangle)