Made Ya Look

What makes a photo interesting to look at?  What makes us want to keep looking at it?

In class today we looked at the photos we took on the 1st day, and had a group critique using the guiding questions below:

1. What drew you to the photo?  Consider: subject, composition and/or story

2. What elements (ex. line, texture. value, space) are most important in the selected photo?  Why?

3. Where is the photographer relative to the subject? Why is that important?

Photo of the Week- 9/18-9/20

This week’s submission is of landscape photography.  This image is particularly relevant for us as we start to look at how changes in f-stop and shutter speed can impact the image.  Here we see the moving water as a blur.  Would you need a slow (low number) or fast (high number) shutter speed to achieve this?

For more landscape photos like this one click below:

Photo of the Week: 9/10-9/14

Several students brought this photo to my attention this week.  It is a photo that started appearing on social networking sites on 9/11/12.  Many of you were moved by this photo.  Consider including this image in your sketchbook and analyzing it as we did with other images this week.  Consider focal point, visual path, the photographers vantage point and the feeling evoked. You may want to consider commenting on the technique used.

Influences of Photography (Photography Changes Everything)

Influences Perception (ex: how we viewed the civil war)

Influences Parks Conservancy Movement

Influences the Traditional Arts (ex: Moving away from Realism and towards abstraction)

Influences the American Spirit

The Smithsonian Institute hosts a great overview of “How Photography Changes Everything.”  Go to the link and read an article on how photography changes Who We Are, What We Do, What We See, Where We Go, What We Want and What We Remember.Be prepared to write/discuss the information you found.


Field Trip!

One of the artists that i really like today was Charles Ray.
When i searched the internet for his galleries and other work i couldn’t find any pictures of his galleries or work that was displayed in Chelsea, that we saw today.
But i found lots of other similar galleries, they are all very open and plain, and each gallery has a small amount of pieces in them. from what i’ve read about him, he is fascinated with the idea of transforming the observed world into something sculptural. His work is very different from any of the other pieces we saw today in the other galleries. i liked it a lot!

Here are some examples:



John Biever-Shanna Grandis


The artist i am chosing to emulate for my final exam project is Sports Illustrated photographer John Biever. He has taken many cover shots and has worked with various athletes. His style of Photography is appealing to me because I love that they are action shots and are very intense. His pictures show every aspect of the players, the game and hold alot of expression and feeling in each of them. The most important aspect of his photos are that they have a single large figure in the foreground and blurred backgrounds, also they are all of the object in action. In my shoot I am planning on doing most of my shots from eye level or from the ground up action shots because that is mostly what John does. Although many of his shots have been taken from what looks like a ladder ontop of the backboard of the basketball hoop and even though I would love to get a picture like that, for me it is impossible. For this project I will need to use a low F-stop (no higher than F8) and possibly a tri-pod.