Arnold Newman

Typical characteristics:

– mostly shoots in black and white

-Shoots person as focal point with a dimishing background with something important to them

-Shoots alot of painters, sculpters, photogrpaher, ect.

What i plan to do in my shoot:

– i’ll use his style of  a person as the focal point with diminishing background

– instead of doing just one shot of the person… i’ll do scenes of either how they got to this scene or from the scene back to the beginning of how it started

arnold.jpg   2835830405_bbf63e0068.jpg  newman1.jpg

Final exam project: Self Portrait

Ok so if your like me and are completely lost this should help….

For this shoot everyone is to use Film!!!! not a digital camera.

For this project you are handing in:

-3 photographs -> each one using a different portrait approach

***Half of your film should be shot with flash and the other should be natural light.***

Portrait approach choices:

– Enviormental self portriat-> In an enviorment that describes something about you.

– Yourself engaed in an activity-> dance positions, throwing a ball..etc.

-Head shot ->making faces, profile shot, different angles.

-Body part-> hands, feet, legs, different positions ,anything that is symbloic and gives a meaning.

-Something symbolic-> a group of items put together that describes something about you.

-With people that define you->family, friends but don’t fall into the trap of making it look like a snapshot

-Also while shooting think about…..

-Facial expressions

-Direction of eyes

-Gestures-> for emotional change

– Direction of camera-> birds eye, worms eye..etc.

Ok so hopfully this helps everyone….Good luck 🙂