Characteristics of Weegee’s Photography:

  • Black and white photographs
  • The people he photographs make funny faces
  • Pictures are over-crowded with people

I plan to emulate Weegee’s style of photography by taking pictures of numerous people in one picture making silly faces in public places, such as a movie theater or in a park.

I plan to change Weegee’s style of photography to make it my own by photographing people in a more subtle enviornment, but still expressing a lot of character.

Barry Lategan



  • Lategan uses blank canvas backgrounds for his location
  • Models have bold eye make up and high fashion outfits
  • High fashion photography

I plan to emulate Lategan’s style of photography by shooting with a blank canvas background and doing extreme eye and lip makeup on the model I will be using. I will only use one model in all the shoots.

I plan to change Lategan’s style of photography to make it my own by shooting in a more busy atmosphere, like outdoors. My model will still have extreme eye and lip makeup done and I will still capture the high fashion photography style.

Mosaic Scenes

This is a second choice you can choose for the photo mosaic project.

In this project it is not required to have a focal point taken by a camera. You will take pictures using pattern and colors to create your focal point in the scence that you had come up with.

Steps to create this project:

  • Think up a scene/idea
  • Take photos to build the scene using pattern and color
  • Take around 10 pictures for your scene


Good Luck Laughing

the next person I chose to scribe is Alexis Goldwasser