Annie Lebowitz

Annie Lebowitz is an amazing photographer and inspirational person and that is why I choose her to be my final exam artist. Annie started her photo career at a young age with her car window because she had to travel a lot. She believed that her car window was a picture frame. She had to travel a lot because of her father being in the army. She received her first camera when she was a teen and her first subjects were her family. As she got older she had to move to Vietnam because of her father and that opened her to a new world. She photographed many of the locals and learned a lot. Then when she got old enough she went back to the US and went to school in San Francisco. Soon enough she was in the field photographing life and had to just keep up with all the other inspiring photo students. Then she received her first break with joining the photo staff of the Rolling Stones, which at that time was only a small magazine. There she learned a lot about what she wanted to take photos of. Some people who really inspired her were the rolling stones and john and yano. The rolling stones took her in when she traveled with them on tour to document them. She took millions of photos and took amazing photos of them because she became apart of them surroundings. Then a few years later The Rolling Stones moved to New York because they were becoming bigger. She was introduced to a new life. She was introduced to a woman named Bea who pretty much knocked her into shape. She criticized her and told her to take her work to a new level. She wanted her to edit her work, take opportunities with people, and just got for it. Annie did that with Bette Midler in the roses. After that she started taking photos in peoples natural environments. John and Yano on the cover in the 80’s with them kissing was a milestone for Annie because after John died that photo put her on everyone’s list. After a few years she was offered a spot on Vanity Fair and she took it to focus and stop the world of drugs. She started taking more and more photos of celebrities and humanized them. She did take a break and took photos of war and that brought her back to her roots. She has taken on more then Vanity Fair but she is most well known for that work.             Her Style: She is known for her celebrity and pop culture life. She takes many photos of them but in their surroundings.2. She uses a lot of studio lighting and puts a lot of props in the picture.3. She never does the “say cheese” photo she takes the photo of the moment. 4. She becomes an object when taking photos she will become a part of the environment and learn what she needs to focus on and then just go in and take photos.  My project: What I will be changing is that there wont be any studio lighting. My idea for the project was inspired by her Darfur Vanity Fair images. Instead I will be making it all about Charity water. The project will be shaped like a water droplet and there will be three levels of four and one level of two photos. In each level there will be one black and white and rest digital. I will be photographing people who have truly spread the word about charity water and they will be my “celebrities”. An arrow will connect each photo and the person in the image will be facing the person who will be hearing it next. So people will be looking left right up down and diagonal. As a result it will be a unified image about how the spreading of a word can change a lot.

This is one of the video clips from the six I watched which discussed the life of Annie

Digital Mosaic Project

For this project you will be using a digital camera!!

You will take a photo to be your focal point (Take more than one just so you have more then one to work with)

After taking your focal point picture you should take a bunch of photos which include pattern and color (This is when taking a salad photo is good) (Take a lot of different textures and shapes because some may work and some may not work.

With these photos you will develop a photo mosaic with a focal point. The salad pictures will direct the photo towards the focal point. You can use color paper in the project and another variation to the project is making a mosaic landscape like the example of the wolf in the city.


Think of different patterns and shapes and be creative!!!

When you are done taking photos do not print them out at home…bring your camera to school and you will print them in class. Almost all the wires are in class but if you have a dock then bring that in.Cool

I choose Sam B. as the next Scribe