Close Up filters

Marco Photography- Close Up

Filters are an alternative to a macro lens

You can get as close as 3″-6″

(You can experiment on digital cameras using the macro feature designated with a tulip symbol)

Filters sets are usually +1, +2, +4, Macro

The bigger the number, the greater the magnification and the closer you can get to the subject.

REMEMBER: you must attain focus (it will be difficult), But, not everything may be in focus


Diane Arbus

As you watch this video:
1.identify aspects of Diane Arbus’ work that defy “the rules” of composition
2.make note of images that you find interesting. What, if anything, do they have in common? What images do you not particularly like? Why?

Light Meter

Light meter is a tool in your camera that tells you if you have enough light to take a picture

We use a reflected light-meter : reads light reflected off subject

Symbols: green dot=correct

red + = over-exposed (too much light)

red – = under-exposed (not enough light)

You are always aiming for “the middle.”  If your light meter is reading + or – you need to adjust the fstop and/or shutter speed to get a correct exposure.

Just because you have a correct exposure, DOES NOT mean it will be a “good” picture.

The light meter will change it’s reading based on:

-available light

-the value of the subject of your photo

To activate your light meter:

-put batteries in the camera

-turn the camera on

-look through the view finder

-focus on the subject

-depress the shutter release button half way to see the light meter scale