Congratulations to the 2019 NYS Media Arts Teachers’ Association Exemplary Award Contest

Congratulations to:


Samantha Gelb








Dani Krasny










Alex Levy








MacKenzie O’Brien








Anna Tom







and Alexandra Wang

for their winning submissions.








A special shout out to Ari Kleiner who won the Presidential Award for his entire portfolio of work!


















Object Abstraction – Close Up (Macro) Shoot

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Shoot Tri-x film

Content: Fruits, vegetables or objects and architecture

Work will be graded on use of close up filters, compositional devices, evidence of consideration of the elements of art and principles of design

To hand in:

Contact Sheet

All test strips

1 5×7 print created in the dark-room; labeled with f stop and exposure time

Plan to shoot multiple frames (approximately 6 or more) of each subject

Remember to document your f-stop, shutter speed and filter for each frame.  Use the shooting chart handout, you can download it here.

Shooting Notes Chart

NY Times Photo Contest Deadline 10/15, “Show Us Your Generation”

Click on the image above and watch the video for an introduction to this contest. It’s a great source of inspiration and idea generating! (Also, if you scroll down on this link, you will get to the entry form.)

What stereotypes about teenagers do the adults you know seem to hold? How does the media portray people your age — whether you’re called Gen Z, iGen or anything else?

We encourage them to think critically about how their generation has been portrayed by the media and why, and to identify what’s missing in that portrayal.

The NY Times challenges you to take photographs that round out adult stereotypes or misconceptions about Gen Z.

In this contest the NY Times invite teenagers — anyone 13 to 19 years old, from anywhere in the world — to take photographs that depict some aspect of teenage life that you think may be misunderstood, ignored or largely unknown, and, in a short artist’s statement, tell us why.

The NY Times hopes to be able to use some of the winning work in the print Learning section that will come out in early November.

Exemplary Awards from the NYS Media Arts Teacher’s Association

Congratulations to all who participated, and those winning awards below!

To see a video featuring the winning works, click here

2018 Exemplary Award Winners 2D Art

Clarkstown North High School Photography–Diamond  13 Ribbons

Dannie Dominianni Hockney
Anthony Elkommos Youssef Blue Skies Bright Flare
Juliana Feeney Shadow Life Striped Lake

Digital Photo

Kaitlyn Fudge Emptiness Nostalgia The End
Sarah Galvin Reflection Blowing In Wind


Taylor Haber Taylor Haber Mountains
Andrea Jakubowski Andrea Jakubowski – Broken Andrea Jakubowski – Self Portrait
Eric La Midnight Dream
Jessica Lander Jessica Lander Prague Jessica Lander Bubbles Jessica Lander Jack And Candle
Lily Medici Landscape Staircase
Marissa Sanfratello Self Portrait 1 Self Portrait 2 Self Portrait 3
Ronit Shah Coffee Shop Commute Side By Side Washed Out Winnings


Ronit Shah- Presidents Award- Criteria: Whose Entire Body Of Work Shows Noteworthy Content, A Creative Approach, Attention To Composition, A Command Of Craft,  Is Visually And Technically Outstanding


Hockney Character Portrait Project

David Hockney  ” Joiner” Photographs (documentary video link)

He was originally a painter in the 60’s

However, in the 80’s he switched to taking picture, because he felt like making painting was not telling the whole story

Pablo Picasso a painter in the 20th century, he style was cubism. Like Picasso Hockney takes multiple photographs of  one subject with a lot of small areas and joins them together .

Assignment: Take character portraits. This is about rethinking about what you know about taking portraits. This is about deconstruction.

When approaching the assignment you can take it as a joiner photograph or the “grid” / “Polaroid” photograph


  • Shoots with color film
  • Uses every frame
  • Shot in color
  • Portraits, still-life and landscapes

Photo Class  students:

  • Digital or color film
  • 24 frames
  • Shooting in color
  • Allowed to take pictures inside BUT with caution due to flash
  • Only allowed to work with portraits


  • 24 exposure in color
  • Consider using props, location
  • Must have an exaggerated and large focal point (eye level and zoom)
  • The photographer must connect with the object
  • Irony is an awesome photographic tool
  • Direct your shoot

Hockney Inspired Photography project Handout

Hockney Brainstorming worksheet

Click here for hockney samples

Compare and Contrast Compositional devices used in Photography and Video

While watching this video create a t-chart in your sketchbook.

On one side, list compositional devices we discussed so far in photography.  On the opposite side, list compositional devices we have not yet discussed.

Save space in the area below the chart to list three interesting facts from the video.


Mastering Composition + Cinematography with Will Smith

Iconic Photos

We recognize iconic photos (even if we’ve never studied them in art class) through:

History Books

English Books

Appropriation in other media forms (ex. Cartoons and memes)

They are part of our cultural fabric.

Eisenstadt                                  Lange