NY Times Photo Contest Deadline 10/15, “Show Us Your Generation”

Click on the image above and watch the video for an introduction to this contest. It’s a great source of inspiration and idea generating! (Also, if you scroll down on this link, you will get to the entry form.)

What stereotypes about teenagers do the adults you know seem to hold? How does the media portray people your age — whether you’re called Gen Z, iGen or anything else?

We encourage them to think critically about how their generation has been portrayed by the media and why, and to identify what’s missing in that portrayal.

The NY Times challenges you to take photographs that round out adult stereotypes or misconceptions about Gen Z.

In this contest the NY Times invite teenagers — anyone 13 to 19 years old, from anywhere in the world — to take photographs that depict some aspect of teenage life that you think may be misunderstood, ignored or largely unknown, and, in a short artist’s statement, tell us why.

The NY Times hopes to be able to use some of the winning work in the print Learning section that will come out in early November.

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