Darkroom Experiments

Below are descriptions of darkroom experiments we will be exploring during 4th quarter.

Begin with Paper negatives and Photograms.


Paper Negative: Use a piece of xerox paper, not a film negative, to make a print in the darkroom.

Things to consider– use an image that you 1st alter in photoshop

include text (written or typed in photoshop) in the image

Photogram: Place an actual object on the photographic paper in the the darkroom.

 Other possible experimental techniques to try:

Double Negative:

Definition:  two film strips that are placed on top of each other in the negative carer and then they are printed


place both strips in the negative carrier, do a test strip and a print

Tips: at least one negative should be thin density because your stacking two negatives together your gonna need more light to pass through them .Lower f stop to have more light passing through. more time is another way .Think about how your combining the  images together.


Definition: Developing a picture then your exposing it to more light


Do a test strip and expose the image for the full amount of time.

Instead of developing for the full time ,you decide when to take it out of the developer.

Take out photo put in a small tray and bring it back to the enlarger and flash it with light.

Then birng it back to the devloper and the develop it more.no specific amount of time again for the 2nd time  ,then you do the rest of the process normally.




Rotating the print easel at intervals so that the image prints as a kaleidoscope or mirrored image.


Do a test strip to determine exposure settings.

Set timer for partial times. At each new time interval rotate the print easel once.

Things to consider-photograms can be combined with negatives or used without negatives

-consider the outline shape/silhouette of the object(s) being used

-consider choosing objects with negative spaces

-consider the density of the object and how light with pass through it, for example the lemon

-cut or ripped paper may be used as a photograph element


Darkroom Experiment Tips:

Paper negatives- test strip at f11

Photograms- f8 and 15 secs

Double negatives- teststrip at f 8

Technical considerations – negative density (ideally 1 thin); and negative alignment

Content/compositional considerations – filling negative spaces, size variation (ex. Head shot vs full body), flipping negatives

Image rotation

Solarize- on 2nd exposure, turn the f-stop all the way down to largest opening



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